Mystic Eyes (魔眼, Magan?) grant the power to interfere with the outer world. There also exists a similar form of ability called Mystic Face (魔貌, Mabō?), one of which is utilized by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.[1][2]


Acquisition of Mystic Eyes happens when there is some sort of mutation in the Magic Circuits located in the area around one's eyes. Mutations like that can be done artificially through a process similar to forging a Magic Crest. However, only Mystic Eyes of the Binding, Charm and Whisper types can be produced like this. On the other hand, while inborn Mystic Eyes are rare, there are known cases of it happening and they are said to be powerful enough to intervene in destiny itself. Mystic Eyes usually work like Single Action spells and are activated through the use of magical energy. The proof of a first-class magus since it grants great power while being easy to conceal.

Fujino Asagami is a special case since her Mystic Eyes were the result of her family's psychic ability evolving to a point that it is in par with Magecraft. Still, this raises the possibility that other Mystic Eyes are also just a powerful type of psychic ability. In the case of effects like petrification, recognition of the nature of the Mystic Eyes weakens the effect they have on targets. It is not enough to render them ineffective, but surprise attacks are not as effective, making the rate at which the effect progresses slower. The target still has to be on their guard, else the effect will be magnified.[3]

It is possible to suppress the power of Mystic Eyes with a magical construct called Mystic Eye Killers (魔眼殺し, Magan Goroshi?). They are commonly made into glasses because Mystic Eyes are a power derived from the oculus. They are able to block more unique ones like Death Perception and Petrification, allowing someone to live a normal life without affecting themselves and those around them with the abilities of their eyes. Those of Shiki Tohno prove to be not enough for his eyes on occasion, causing him to see death even when wearing them.[4]

There are even ways to divert a mystic eyes by use of certain objects like Trisha Fellows pendant.

Both the Lehrman family and Touko Aozaki are shown to be craftsmen unrestricted by the traditional limits in forging mystic eyes. The Lehrman family magecraft allows them to use a specific cut of gemstones to create artificial mystic eyes for their own use. While Touko herself, was able to create an exact replica of her mystic eye of enchantment within her original eye, as well as a variety of other mystic eyes to arm her puppets. 

Known common types of Mystic EyesEdit

  • Binding (束縛, Sokubaku?): casts a suggestion spell that cripples the target upon eye contact. In Fate route Shirou guesses that Illya acquired some sort of Binding using a Magecraft because this is the most common Mystic Eye,[5] while in Heaven's Feel route he says that nobody can gain it artificially.[6] The magus Barzan also possesses these eyes.
  • Charm (魅惑, Miwaku?): It distorts the target's perception so they sees the caster as someone of great sex appeal. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne's Mystic Face skill worked under same concepts.
  • Compulsion (強制, Kyōsei?): Grants the ability to forcibly take control of a target's body against their will and compel them to follow the user's commands. Faker has Noble Color eyes of this type.
  • Contract (契約, Keiyaku?)
  • Enchantment (魅了, Miryō?): The eyes possessed by vampires, capable of high-level hypnosis. Arcueid and Nrvnqsr have eyes classified as Gold under the Noble Colors system. Alice Kuonji and Touko Aozaki possess left eyes of this type in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. Suzuka Gozen's eyes are classified as 'Enchantment' with a small text 'Charm'.
  • Flame (炎焼, Enshō?): Yvette L. Lehrman possesses an artificial one cut from ruby. Hers projects a symbol of three overlapping triangles on a target before setting it aflame.
  • Illusion (幻覚, Genkaku?)
  • Jinx (凶運, Kyōun?)
  • Whisper (暗示, Anji?): Allows the user to subtly manipulate others to a limited extent, hypnotizing them into not doubting the words that the user says, unless there is direct evidence otherwise. The eyes of Ciel.

Special Mystic EyesEdit

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are cases of Mystic Eyes truly unique in power. Among them include:

  • Clear Sight (透視, Tōshi?, localized as "Penetration"): The Mystic Eyes possessed by Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova's familiar Viy, which can see through everything and distort even the principle of causality to create a weak point.[7]
  • Cybele: Petrification (石化, Sekika?), unique to Medusa and has the ability to absorb the lifeforce and magical energy of any organic target in her view while transforming them into stone.
  • Death Perception: Extremely unique Mystic Eyes possessed by Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi.
  • Distortion (歪曲, Waikyoku?): Creates an axis of revolution in a certain area of space. Allows one to change the trajectory of flying objects, even those with great supernatural power. The eyes of Fujino Asagami.
  • Glam Sight: Fairy Eyes (妖精眼
    , Yōsei gan
    Guramu saito
    ?): The eyes of Norma Goodfellow, which enables her to easily perceive and adapt to any information that can't be normally processed by the brain e.g. high-speed movements. Wills Pelham Codrington also possesses a pair of Fairy Eyes, which allows him to perceive Fairies which are normally invisible to Humans and Magi and give him a connection to the fairy world.
  • Heavenly Eye (天眼, Tengan?) which is the ability that permits the resolution of a desired result as 'inevitable', by way of committing the entirety of the user's existence to the act of achieving the outcome. Possessed by Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Premonition (未来視, Miraishi?): Eyes that allow the user, like Trisha Fellows, to see visions of the future.
  • Retrocognition (過去視, Kakoshi?): Eyes that allow one to see the past.
  • Reversion (遷延, Sen'en?): The right eye of Ophelia Phamrsolone. A Jewel-ranked Mystic Eye which has the power to reverse strengths and weaknesses by observing a target's possibilities and then forcibly culling them - restricting the advancement of events to a single course.
  • Seeing Emotions (感情視, Kanjoshi?): The artificial right eye of Yvette L. Lehrman which allows her to see human emotions. Made of malachite.
  • Transience (泡影, Hōei?): A Jewel-ranked variant of Mystic Eyes of Retrocognition possessed by Karabo Frampton, which shows him visions in the form of bubbles. They are also capable of bringing past effects (such as a "slash") into the present and have a physical effect on a intended target.
  • Usurpation (簒奪, Sandatsu?): The eyes of Doctor Heartless that can usurp at will the vision of any eyes, regardless of whether the target is a human or a Divine Spirit. Once linked, Dr. Heartless can even make use of his victim's Mystic Eyes.
  • The unnamed eyes possessed by Balor, the ancient Celtic god of darkness and great-grandfather of Cú Chulainn. It is the predecessor of Shiki Tohno's Eyes of Death Perception. It could actualize the death of the target by just glaring at him.
  • The (unnamed) supreme Mystic Eyes that Brunestud of the Crimson Moon had. They were designated as Rainbow under the Noble Colors system.
  • The unnamed Mystic eyes possessed by Reines El-Melloi Archisorte who specialize in precision analysis. When her eyes come into contact with Magical Energy, they turn red and cause a burning sensation, akin to an allergic reaction.
  • The unnamed eyes possessed by Roa. Similar to Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and originally falsely considered as ones, they are fundamentally different in effect. Though Roa believed they were a result of his numerous contacts with death due to his reincarnation ability, they in fact originated from his host, SHIKI Tohno. They allowed Roa to see and destroy the life of other living beings.
  • The unnamed right Mystic Eye of Tatsumi Kitano. Stops the movement of anything that enters his field of vision, turning red when activated. Similar to the Mystic Eyes of Petrification, it can be activated even without eye contact, such as through the viewfinder of a camera.
  • Finding: The eyes possessed by Hishiri Adashino and originally Doctor Heartless which have the ability to find lost things.

Pure EyesEdit

Pure Eyes (淨眼, Jōgan?), also called Eyes of Purity, are the psychic ability to see that which normally cannot be seen. They are similar to Mystic Eyes in that both are inheritable, however while Mystic Eyes are traits of the body, something like inheriting the traits of a parent's body, Pure Eyes are like inheriting fate and destiny, the offspring continuing the parent's will and quest. They are a more common occurrence than Mystic Eyes and can only be inherited by "humans" with high spiritual power. They can be said to reflect the parent's karma in the offspring, and they are an ability saints may often possess.

The Nanaya were able to consistently acquire Pure Eyes by having incestuous relationships. Kiri Nanaya displays the ability to read intentions and emotions through color, and Shiki Tohno can see that which is not supposed to be seen, such as Akiha Tohno's Origami. Both his and Shiki Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can be called a hybrid power, combining both Pure Eyes and Mystic Eyes.[8]


As seen by Kiri Nanaya's Pure Eyes, various colors are associated with certain beings.

  • Blue (青, Ao?) - Color of those under Shinto. Judging by Kiri Nanaya's Pure Eyes, there are those in the Demon Hunter Organization who follow its beliefs. Pure Eyes have also this color.
  • Silver (銀, Gin?) - Color of those under Shinto. They have yet to appear in any kind of form, but according to Kiri Nanaya there are a few of them in the Demon Hunter Organization.
  • Gold (金, Kin?) - Color representative of the demonic. Arcueid Brunestud's eyes turns into this color. Also, Nero's eyes were depicted as golden.
  • Red (赤, Aka?) - Color representative of the demonic. Judging by Kiri Nanaya's Pure Eyes, those who fall under the classification of 'demon' will likely be inclined towards this color. Similar beings are also likely to possess this color.


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