NPCs (Non-player character) are virtual life forms existing in SE.RA.PH.


The NPCs within the Moon Cell are humanoid virtual lifeforms created to manage the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. They are artificial intelligence configured according to the program, things treated as "functions of programs" and "do not exist as actual beings." They perform only one task, and though they respond with personality, they are nothing more than puppets. They are merely mechanisms for the sake of allowing human lives to progress smoothly, and they are "not there" even when they "are" in front of someone's eyes. They are created from the Moon Cell's records of real humans that have lived in the past, and they simulate the personalities of them.[1]

Advanced AIEdit

It also generates AIs and Advanced AIs, beings granted the capability for self-judgement. Advanced AIs are given the management of a section like "managing the health of the Masters." Advanced level AIs are created to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation." They have been programed with souls to act as perfect reproductions of humans, but while they "are there", the contents of the souls are colorless. They have the ability to manipulate the Moon Cell in certain ways, such as repeating a day dozens of times. They cannot delete their memories, so they can only be transferred and reset.[2]

It is possible for NPCs to become self-aware, and it is even possible for them to gain the powers associated with Masters. Twice H. Pieceman speculates that his interactions with Masters and his skill as a Spiritron-Hacker pushed him into consciousness, but he also mentions the possibility of it being an anomaly born from a single near-impossibility. He also gained the advantage of being recreated once he died unlike regular Masters, but he cannot interact with the core of the Moon Cell because he is still considered an irregular data stream. He can fool low-level processes, but the core would detect him as an NPC instantly.

Both AIs and NPCs are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed of along with its completion, as the fact that only one Master will be left alive at the end even applies to the virtual lifeforms. They are recreated by SE.RA.PH with each new round of the Holy Grail War, and having been returned to zero, the Advanced AIs are allowed only to retain their personae. Any memories they gained are reset, and they are made to pretend that they never existed. Their absolute rule is "Improving one's functionality is not allowed", but BB manages to become a "hyper level AI" through her modifications.[3]

Sakura Matou is an Advanced AI in charge of the health of Masters, and BB also takes on that role. There is a successor in case Sakura is deleted, Caren, who has a problem in her algorithm that makes it so she does not prioritize Masters' lives. She believes ordeals are more important than living, so Hakuno Kishinami's survival rate would drop to less than three percent in the first week if she were to be put in charge.[4]

Cyber GhostEdit

Cyber Ghosts (サイバーゴースト?) are Ghosts appearing in SE.RA.PH. SE.RA.PH is a world where Souls are transformed into information. On Earth, one cannot live without "Mind" or "Soul". However GHOSTS can survive in SE.RA.PH. They are records reproduced of their last moments before dying. The regret etched in them won't go anywhere.[5]They are beings without bodies, wandering to seek life.[6] Cyber-Ghosts are bugs of the dead's dream, they would be instantly deleted if found by Moon Cell.[5]

GHOSTS are similar to Dead Face but they are different. If you had to compare Dead face to something, GHOSTS are more like Zombies. To which they are driven by negative emotions. They can't create anything, simply existing to despise the living. Numerically speaking, they're zeroes. But neither GHOSTS or Dead Face has any kind of future, they can never return to how they were before, nor can they die or move on. They simply loiter, stuck in place and stuck in time.[7]

Known NPC CharactersEdit


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