Nahin Denge: The Nation That Withstood Colonisation (侵奪泳えぬ拒絶の王国
, Shindatsu Oyoge'enu Kyozetsu no Ōkoku
Nahin Dēngū
?) is Lakshmibai's Noble Phantasm.

A Noble Phantasm through which her strong will and wish to “never handing over her fatherland” takes form. Originally it was a Bounded Field Noble Phantasm that generates an absolute territory that protects from attacks/penetrations of the opponent. Rather than with the definition of “She protected and risked her life for the kingdom of Jhansi”, it activates by connecting with the causality of “What she protects is her kingdom”.

Since she was summoned as a Saber this time, it functions as an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that converts the concept of “rejection against foreign enemies” into an attack. Her sword flash carrying all her feelings is the determination to carry the country’s destiny on her back itself. Therefore, as a blade that will never bend or break, it’ll mow down the enemy with the radiance and weight of a country’s future.

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