• Nameless Card
  • Nameless Axe Include
  • Nameless Claw Include
  • Nameless Shield Include
  • Nameless Spear Include
  • Nameless Sword Include

The Ainsworths have created a number of failed Class Cards that are not related to any Heroic Spirits, possessing little power when Included. The cards also evaporate after one usage, but they make up for it by using a large amount of them. The weapons are nameless black Noble Phantasms, called "Nameless Phantasms" by Sapphire, that quickly dissipate after being used. They can be used one at a time, or many can be used at once.

  • Cards utilized by Rin and Luvia include:
    • Nameless Axe (無名・斧むめい・おの, Mumei Ono?)
    • Nameless Claw (無名・爪むめい・つめ, Mumei Tsume?)
    • Nameless Shield (無名・盾むめい・たて, Mumei Tate?)
    • Nameless Spear (無名・槍むめい・やり, Mumei Yari?)
    • Nameless Sword (無名・剣むめい・けん, Mumei Ken?)


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