Nanaki Moriyama (森山那奈亀, Moriyama Nanaki?) is a character in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.



Not much is known of Nanaki's past aside from how she is fellow classmate and friends with Illya, SuzukaTatsuko, and Mimi and later Miyu and Chloe.


While normally rather laid-back, lazy, and caring, Nanaki is not without a temper that normally snaps right to the surfaces whenever something displeases her. This side of her is usually shown whenever it involves her sister. This expresses how much she respects and cares her older sister. However, she is shown to be forgiving if not negligent whenever the source of her problem has to come to pass or apologizes.



While Nanaki has the standard attributes of a normal elementary School, it is hinted that Nanaki posses prowess potential. 

According to Nanaki, she claims how her family have been blessed with untapped physical capabilities for many generations.[1] This is proven when she was able to easily master a martial art skill called the Gakumazawa Style and easily defeat an adult who originally taught it to her. This indicates, and pointed by Illya, that she is a natural genius in learning combat despite her young age. [2]


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