Nanako (ななこ?)[1], also known as Seven, is the spirit of the Seventh Holy Scripture[2][3] . While originally only referred to as Seven, even by Ciel, she was named Nanako by Arihiko Inui after the Scripture was thrown into a river and found by him.



The Seventh Holy Scripture was created from combining the horn of a dead Unicorn that had turned into a nature spirit and the soul of a young woman, who gave her life willingly in order to achieve this. The spirit of the human was of a much lower rank than the nature spirit and was thus absorbed in, but as a result, it acquired knowledge as a human, and gradually acquired a human's value. She saw her own funeral and her mother die of sadness, as the spirit of the unicorn, after her mother had been compensated for the death of her daughter she had felt guilty and did not survive much longer despite her ability to financially. Struck by this loss, the human spirit withdrew into the unicorn spirit. It took her a few hundred years to gain control of herself, and it took another few hundred years to gain a body. As a result, even though it took her a thousand years, she still has a large influence on her visual appearance by the unicorn, as seen by her tail and hooves.



She complains a lot about her current master and how she is treated, but she is still fairly loyal to her, as she has never had a master strong enough to make her materialize. Plus, that master was the first one to speak with her. It seems that only those who have formed a contract via blood can see and hear her at times, yet at other times others have indeed witnessed her, making this unclear. Also, some of the 'modifications' that Ciel added to the weapon appears in her design, like the dots or the ring.


Kagetsu TohyaEdit

Nanako appears in the Kagetsu Tohya sidestory, Nanako-chan S.O.S.

Melty BloodEdit

  • Powered Ciel's Ending

Carnival PhantasmEdit

She appears in the Sharing Table segment of Episode 6, sharing a table at Ahnenerbe with Archer. Both joke with each other about the failings and foibles of their respective masters, only for an irritated Neco-Arc to guide said masters to the neighboring table. The next shot only shows the damaged table, presumably the result of Tohsaka and Ciel violently objecting to their servants' mockery.


Nanako is a spirit that can only be viewed by someone with a connection to the scripture. Arihiko, after getting his blood on it, is able to see her until it is wiped off. She can interact with the world and eat food.


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