Narbareck (ナルバレック, Narubarekku?) is the head of the Burial Agency of the Church. In the continuity of the original Tsukihime series, she is ranked as its First member. In the continuity of the Tsukihime Remake series, she is instead ranked as its Director, separate from the normal seven members of the Agency.[1]



Narbareck is descended from the co-founder of the Burial Agency, Narbareck from the 12th century. It has been that the director of the agency has always been a member of the same family since its formation.[2][3]


Narbareck appears as a young woman with back-length light hair. She wears a long white robe with loose sleeves similar to Merem Solomon's.


Narbareck is considered to be a homicidal maniac. She is currently shut away in the executive office, but it's treated more like she is under house arrest. When the members return from missions, she regularly bullies them, so they have all come to hate her to the point where they wish she would die.[2]


Narbareck has yet to make a major appearance in a story, though in the manga adaptation of Tsukihime she is shown overseeing the torture of Ciel, as well as explaining her immortality to her and recruiting her into the Burial Agency.[4] In talk., she chooses Ciel to hunt the Forest of Einnashe despite it being the worst match up for she who relies on Magical Energy for her abilities. As Ciel had lost her immortality, she treats it as test of her usefulness, but more so that Narbareck is telling her to die. Merem Solomon says it shows Narbareck's rotten spirit, but says that she must like Ciel's stubbornness as well.[5] In Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, Noel mentions that the head of the Burial Agency is Director Narbareck,[1] and Ciel mentions that she personally recruited her into the Burial Agency.[6]

Narbareck and the Burial Agency’s cameo in Carnival Phantasm.

Narbareck has an extremely minor cameo in the first episode of Carnival Phantasm, appearing on one of Kirei Kotomine’s playing cards alongside six silhouetted figures that represent the Burial Agency.


Narbareck is a "powerhouse" whose job is to keep hold over all the "freaks" of the Burial Agency, spreading her infamy even as far as the Association. Although young, she is considered a "monster" who has managed to capture three of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.[2]

As head of the Agency, she is permitted to make use of El Nahat.

Her ancestor is mentioned as possessing stigmataWP in Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, but it is unknown if her descendants inherited anything as a result of the miracle.[3] Her record of having captured three Dead Apostle Ancestors is not credited to her in the Remake continuity, leaving its current canonicity up in the air.


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