Natural Born Killers: Thou Art Unworthy of a Tragic Demise (其は惨劇の終焉に値せず
, So wa Sangeki no Shūen ni Ataisezu
Nachuraru Bōn Kirāzu
?) is the second Noble Phantasm of the Berserker-class Jack the Ripper.

A Noble Phantasm based on the theory that Jack the Ripper was a group. Enables the creation of multiple bodies according to the Master's magical energy. The last remaining body automatically becomes the main body. It can also be said that every body is the main one. The maximum number of bodies depends on the quantity of the Master's magical energy. Berserker can take on a maximum of 520 bodies with Flat as its Master. The number of bodies decreases in proportion to the strength of the entity transformed into.[1]

Berserker can also use this Noble Phantasm together with From Hell, creating over 200 demon bodies in order to fight True Archer.


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