Neco-Arc Chaos (ネコアルク・カオス, Neko-Aruku・Kaosu?) is a parody character, a Nrvnqsr Chaos-style Neco-Arc.



Neco-Arc Chaos is a member of the NEKO Spirit race, originating from the Great Cat's Village. He is even more enigmatic than Neco-Arc, and his connection to her is unknown. Like her, he may possibly be the "work of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg" as suggested by Aoko Aozaki, or something materialized by TATARI from a "certain urban legend" telling of six Neco-Arcs and a shady being that even exceeds them, Neco-Arc Chaos.[1]


Much like Neco-Arc, he is mostly nonsensical, spouting off non sequitur statements and breaking the fourth wall. When not manic, he acts suave and smokes a cigarette. Kohaku fears him as a "Monster Cat", and he antagonizes others much like Neco-Arc.


Neco-Arc Chaos has the same shape and dress as Neco-Arc, and has the coloration and facial pattern of Nrvnqsr Chaos. He describes himself as having a "swollen cookie-like face", and he keeps his eyes closed with the exception of one portrait.


Melty Blood Act CadenzaEdit

Melty blood neco chaos ending

Neco-Arc Chaos trapped in space

Neco-Arc Chaos has two arcade modes. The first is the same as Neco-Arc, with Neco-Arc Chaos saying all of her lines exactly the same. The ending differs slightly in that he quotes Metamorphosis by Kafka. Marveling over mankind's achievements in allowing him to record the season's anime and inventions like HD DVDs developed for NEETs, Neco-Arc Chaos receives the morning paper from Kohaku in his second arcade mode. He reads that MCMC's time slot has been bumped because of a baseball game, the eventual death of Nrvnqsr, a wedding congratulations, Jars of Happiness for sale, and an ad for Chaos to contact George Lucas in Hollywood. Surprised by it, he leaves to become a superstar.

He comes upon a field of cats and identifies it as "the party" due to the quivering whiskers of the first one he happens upon. It is identified as the audition hall for the next "CelebriCat", and Neco-Arc Chaos is the 666th entry. Neco-Arc Chaos reveals it as the abandoned factory used by Satsuki and points out the lack of movie equipment. The mystery cat reveals them to be the Damien Force that appears upon pressing "Down, Down, then B or C." Calling him the "former Original", they seek to usurp him at the top. Feeling horrified by the "nightmarish food cycle", they prepare to fight until only one is left in accordance with the "Great One's will."

As the lone survivor, he makes it to the "luxury liner to Hollywood", the Golden Dome. As it is just a chair on a torpedo, Kohaku blatantly calls it a Charon's ferry terminal with a "boat (trap) that will make you a star (send you to the stars)." Remembering it was a "read, then die" newspaper he received, she assuages his suspicions by mentioning that Shiki is fooled on a daily basis. He laments that Shiki is unfortunate in that he will stray from the path to become "Shiki the Killer" and that only the "main character's denseness" is what allows him to be an existence worth letting live. As Kohaku urges him to board, he realizes its true nature, causing her to reveal Neco Chaos Black G666. She reveals George's call was a ruse and the Damien rebellion to be her doing to ensure his defeat as the last one. He challenges G666 and wishes he had a new scenario ending graphic. After defeating the robot, he launches into space. Unable to be rescued because the International Rescue Agency does not have a "Thunderbird #4" and that the movie adaptation was canceled, he is left stranded.

Melty Blood Actress AgainEdit


Neco-Arc Chaos is a being exceeding Neco-Arcs who spontaneously mutates. He fights similarly to Neco-Arc using pokes and brief kicks as melee attacks, but is unique in his ability to use Nrvnqsr Chaos' various familiars and even copies of Nrvnqsr while fighting. He can turn his arms and legs into beasts, emit them from his back, and use them in other ways similar to Nrvnqsr. He has a "Space Shot Mode" that turns his dress into a rocket booster. While problematic, it is capable of propelling through the atmosphere into space, and while he can survive in a vacuum, he cannot return on his own. He can also use it at short range to propel himself horizontally at the opponent with I want to go to Doggy Land (ワンワンランドに行きたい俺?). He has a special move that allows him to attack at the speed of light to assault the opponent by travelling seven and a half laps around the world in a second, but his body will begin to disintegrate before then at around three laps.

Many of his abilities are similar variations of those performed by Neco-Arc, including his Chaos Beam (混沌ビーム?) and Opuba 666! (おぷばっ666!?) firing a black True Ancestor Beam from his eyes, one shot horizontally and the other shot diagonally into the air while yelling "Opuba!". His Cat Back From The Underworld P (Professor) (黄泉返りキャットP(プロフェッサー)?) is similar in that he moves underground away from the opponent, but appears with two dummy Nrvnqsrs rather than two other Neco-Arcs and becomes unable to use them as a distraction.

The ability Damien Armies (ダミアン・アーミー?) allows him to spit fully formed deer, crows, and Nrvnqsrs, and copies of himself from his mouth to charge at the opponent. Each copy of himself is a unique individual that can all be called "him" even if he is the "Original." They are the Damien Force, an Elite Cat Corps, also called the "Dark Chaos Corps", who act in battle.[2] Truly defeating him requires reducing their numbers to just one. Even if he is reduced to the last one on the Earth, he says "leave me with some jellyfish and I will multiply." When fought, Damien Armies is the same as Neco-Arc Chaos, but with four life bars that spawn a new ones as they are defeated. Unique personalities include:

  • Neco-Arc Black (ネコアルク・ブラック?): The "#1 All-American Cat", he wishes to defeat Neco-Arc Chaos and become the supreme Chaos.
  • Neco-Arc Noir (ネコアルク・ノワール?): The "favored frontrunner for the Macademy Awards", he wishes to defeat Black and monopolize all cat food.
  • Neco-Arc Schwarz (ネコアルク・シュバルツ?): For who "all of America weeps", he wishes to defeat Noir and receive a Pixar full CG animation.
  • Neco-Arc Nrvnqsr (ネコアルク・ネロ?): For who "all America trembles", he wishes to defeat Schwarz.
Nyampsey Roll

Nyampsey Roll~! JC

His abilities include:

  • Nrvnqsr Chaos Theater (Bird) (ネッロカオス劇場「とり」?) - He spits out fast moving crow familiars, either as a single projectile or a wave of them.
  • EM Wave Ultimate Technique - Necoesthetics (電波奥義ネコエステ?) - He attacks with numerous finger pokes.
  • Super EM Wave Ultimate Technique - Necoesthetics - Stamp Relay West Japan (超電波奥義ネコエステ・スタンプリレー東日本?) - He attacks with numerous paw slaps.
  • Six Segment God Chaos (六身分解ゴッドカオス?) - He splits into six segments, his limbs, torso, and head, and all are propelled at the opponent by rocket boosters.
  • Behemoth Burp (ベヒモス・ゲェップ?) - He emits a mid-range green gas at the opponent.
  • Elite Chaos Corps Damien Armies☆Beret (エリート混沌部隊ダミアン☆ベレー?) - He yells and creates long-range, large projections of his head that sprout over the battlefield. Another version emits three Nrvnqsrs that fly at the opponent.
  • Nyampsey Roll~! JC (にゃんぷしーろーる・JC?) - He spirals towards the opponent in a whirlwind fashion.
  • Dusk of the Cat (ダスク・オブ・ザ・キャット?) - Numerous Neco-Arc Chaos and one Neco-Arc rush the opponent.
  • Cat's Returning of a Favor (猫の恩返しスーパーカース?) - Numerous Neco-Arc Chaos, flying Neco-Arc Chaos, Nrvnqsrs, 999th Beasts, and one Neco-Arc rush the opponent.
  • Recall! Kaleidostick Strike (召還!カレイドステッキストライク?) - He summons a large Kaleidostick to drop on the opponent.

Neco Chaos Black G666Edit

Neco Chaos Black G666 (ネコカオス・ブラックG666, Neko Kaosu Burakku G666?) is a robot designed by Kohaku observing all of Neco-Arc Chaos's fights, even though that was a reluctant action in itself. It is an invincible "Monster Cat Annihilation Weapon" carefully produced to be a perfect copy of him. It wishes to destroy all Neco-Arcs on the planet and disappear into the sun. As it is "666", immortal, it must be defeated 666 times, but decides that two rounds are enough. After being defeated, it explodes like a "bomb that could blow up the Earth 666 times" that only has enough of an impact to "make a shrimp jump." This is due to using only the gentle energy of the planet, Kohaku having succeeded in developing low-cost man-made magical energy, "Dried Sardinium."

G666 moves slowly and has powerful punches and kicks. It can shoot fireballs from its mouth, form a drill with its hand and charge the opponent, launch the drill-hand, fire itself horizontally with rocket boosters, perform the Six Segment God Chaos move, and shoot Chaos Beams from its eyes.


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