Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus GermanicusWP (ネロ・クラウディウス・カエサル・アウグストゥス・ゲルマニクスWP, Nero Kuraudiusu Kaesaru Augusutusu Gerumanikusu?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is the Saber-class Servant available to be chosen by Hakuno Kishinami in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War in Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



The Fifth Roman Emperor. She had the reputation of a notorious tyrant whose rule was made up of schemes and poison as she oppressed all religious forces, especially Christians, and the Roman Senate during the period from 50 to 60 AD. It is believed in one theory that the Book of RevelationWP was written as a reaction against said oppression. She was regarded in the same light as the devil as the assumed Hebrew pronunciation of her name as an emperor, Nero Caesar being pronounced as "NRVNQSR", equates with the "Number of the BeastWP". This name and the "Beast of Babylon" refers to Rome itself and it is not an alias given to her as an individual.[6]


Nero's childhood with her mother.

Nero's father was Gnaeus Domitius AhenobarbusWP, cousin of the Fourth Emperor, ClaudiusWP; and her mother, Julia Augusta Agrippina, was the younger sister of Caligula. Because Nero's father was considered to be a weak man, Nero was barred from succeeding to the throne. Agrippina eventually remarried to Emperor Claudius (Agrippina's uncle) and convinced him to adopt Nero as his heir, leading Nero down the path to becoming emperor by her own evil designs but started by her own mother's debauchery. Agrippina, through her plotting and manipulating, pressured Claudia Octavia (Claudius's daughter and Nero's step-sister) to marry Nero. Nero's relatives resented her illegitimate birthright and relations became strained. Nero had more affection for the nameless masses than her relatives.

During her youth, Nero was revered as a very competent judge who brought in several important lawsuits with her fairness and efficiency, though Claudius had forbidden her from doing so due to her young age. Nero eventually succeeded her stepfather after Agrippina murdered Claudius in the year 54 AD, she was enthroned emperor at the age of seventeen, which would have been extremely difficult with her origins.

After claiming the throne, Nero gave out money to all citizens in celebration. She then abolished all indirect taxes. Predictably, the public adored Nero's generosity. Nero attempted to reform a depraved government and the corrupt senate, but her reforms were stalled and met with hostility. Conflicts with the senate erupted when Nero tried to unify the Roman Empire with some troublesome provinces. In contrast, Nero boasted tremendous popularity from the citizens, thanks to her generous policies; her care for diplomacy caused BritanniaWP's relations in Rome to improve during later years, essentially making her the person who built the opportunity for the legend of King Arthur to be born. She was also highly praised by Persia, which lead to Rome being considered "the country of Nero" by Persia after her death.

Nero being poisoned by her mother.

Nero had to bicker between a corrupt Senate and her predatory mother who made policies in self-interest. Agrippina only saw Nero as a tool to become the mother of the emperor. Conflicts with her mother became more pronounced at this time. As a result, Nero hired an assassin to end her mother's life before she could deal with a troublesome senate. But the assassination failed, and the only thing she could do was cut her mother down publicly, proclaiming that her own mother tried to poison her. The year was 59 AD, that was the year that Nero's reputation as a tyrant was cemented. Nero states that since that day, she has been afflicted with headaches. Nero suffered from chronic hysteria, a result from constantly using a silver cup. Nero had been poisoned as a child, so as not to defy her mother she was given the antidote in tandem. When her mother died, she also took the antidote with her to the grave, so Nero lapsed into a fevered delirium.

Nero's life then took a radical shift after her ascension. Nero's wife, Octavia, committed suicide. Her younger stepbrotherWP was murdered in order to secure her influence and then drove her sole mentor, the philosopher Seneca, to suicide. Seneca's death affected Nero deeply, she considered him a father figure. According to Nero, she told him that she would forgive himWP over and over again, but Seneca was skeptical of Nero's word and he ended his life in Nero's house. It pained Nero that Seneca disbelieved her words. Through her selfish actions, Nero was a monster to her relatives, but she boasted popularity with the masses.

Nero enjoying her theater.

She established the "Nero Festival" in 59 or 60 AD, which was an athletic conference that took after the Greek Olympics and happened once every five years. She opened three fields for music, gymnastics, and horse riding and openly participated in the events herself. During July 19, 64 AD., there was a large conflagration that occurred to the extent of reducing Rome to ashes. The victims were contained to a bare minimum thanks to Nero's swift and adequate response as an administrator, and she earned immense popularity with the citizens by thoroughly carrying out her subsequent pledges. These measures are highly praised as "effective measures that exhausted the bounds of human intellect" even by the many historians who criticize her. She later established the Domus Aurea theater designed by herself. She was eventually driven out of her position during a revoltWP in 69 AD, lead by VindexWP in GalliaWP. At first, Nero ignored the situation, perhaps she still trusted Vindex, the inciter of the rebellion. More likely she was suffering from despair and she wished for the situation to go away. Two years later, Vindex would incite another rebellion and by then the senate had enough with Nero. The senate was so displeased with Nero's mishandling of the revolt that they called her a traitor and she was forced to escape from Rome. Nero was convinced that her popular policies and her popularity with the people would protect her from being forced to abdicate the throne. However, the public was silent and they did nothing to protect her. The Roman people had abandoned her, after she had devoted so much for them. She acknowledges that she had made an error in judgement in relying on the people. Still, Nero did not resent them, instead she was saddened by their lack of uproar, "it was my greatest error to love them in a way that they could not understand."

She eventually decided to kill herself, though such an end was considered unsportsmanlike by her. She stopped herself many times, having cried about "how can such a magnificent artist disappear from this world?", but as those who betrayed her closed in she quoted a line from Homer's Iliad, "Hark, now strikes on my ear the trampling of swift-footed coursers!", before finally stabbing her own throat with a knife. After Nero's suicide, a soldier delicately wrapped a cloak around Nero's body, "too late. This is fidelity," Nero said. Those were her last words.[6][7]


Nero is often called Red Saber (赤セイバー, Aka Seibā?) to distinguish her from other Sabers.[8] She is a blond-haired young girl of short but curvy stature with pale skin, yellow-ish blond hair with intake and bright lime green eyes. She dresses in a revealing red and white dress with long poofy sleeves, a transparent front, leotard, and knee high golden armored boots. Nero normally ties her long, flowing hair into a complex bun. She has a great resemblance to another Saber, King Arthur, though there is no blood relationship between them. King Arthur was said to be a fusion between two individuals, one of whom was the Roman general Artorius so there is some form of a link.[9] Self-styled, cross-dressing beauty.[3] She appears in a Santa outfit as Saber Santa (セイバーサンタ, Seibā Santa?) in the second TYPE-MOON MOVIE Ace 2nd episode.

  • Ball Dress of Rose (薔薇の舞踏服, Bara no Butōfuku?) is the default dress that Nero wears. Who typically appears dressed in a military-styled red dress with a translucent portion in the front of the lower skirt. She claims the dress itself is not see-through, but rather she is letting people see.
  • Bondage Bridal Gown (束縛の花嫁衣装, Sokubaku no Hanayome Ishō?) is Nero's Bride outfit in Fate/EXTRA CCC earning the nickname of Bride Saber (嫁セイバー, Yome Seibā?).[8] With a whole new get-up, the emperor of roses wrapped herself in a pure white outfit. Due the exchange of outfit, her tension has also changed and her combat-styled underwent a variation from its original condition. Even her favorite sword - Original Fire - has read the mood and converted its blade from red to silvery snow.[10]
    • Unshackled Bridal Gown (解放の花嫁衣装, Kaihō no Hanayome Ishō?)
  • Modern Costume of Crimson (深紅の現代衣装, Shinku no Gendai Ishō?) is Nero's modern frilly short dress. In Takeuchi original design, she had black stocking.
  • Red Lightning (あかいいなずま, Akai Inazuma?) is a sling bikini type costume.
  • Mythological Mystic Code of Emperor (皇帝の神話礼装, Kōtei no Shinwa Reisō?) is Nero's last costume.


Nero has a haughtiness that seems to more than compensate for her short stature, overlapping much with the personality of Gilgamesh.[11] She refrains from asking how privileged Hakuno feels by summoning her, and grants them the honor of being her Master. She feels that, as her Master, they can be allowed to act as her equal without having to use honorifics. Often when given the choice to answer to her, only a single affirmative choice is offered rather than allowing for a negative response. She believes that anything she does must be perfect down to the smallest detail, such as a number of flawless victories to make her feel on top of the world after displaying perfection in her swordplay. If Hakuno denies to be her Master, she claims she cannot understand what they are speaking about, believing it to be some form of Oriental humility. She refuses to accept the answer, and declares that her tolerance allows for a single mistake from them. When recounting the Servant Classes, she names some, and then claims that the rest are not of any importance. Only the Saber class has any worth, and as it is known as the best of the classes, it should be obvious that she is Nero.

Nero has a different definition for love as she understood it. According to her, her type of love was selfish. When she gave it, she expected something in return for it was not unconditional. To Nero, the more tender type of love was foreign and incomprehensible. She acknowledges that she has a different value system than the people. Nero's love burnt out offering and devoting everything. Her passion burned brightly, without regards to permanence. Nero loved her citizens as she thought was right. But, the love her citizens proffered was different, and the difference invited Nero's fall. Nero regrets that she could not share in the love that the masses embraced so naturally. Because she could not express her love in a way that can be understood, she did not receive love in return, "while this woman could love more than any other person, she could not experience the joy of being loved. Her lavish expressions of love were not enough to satisfy her people." The thought of dying without anyone loving her could be one of the reasons why she hesitated pushing the dagger into her own throat.

She identifies herself as being short, but claims it does not matter in determining superiority. As she does not mind it, she firmly believes others should also not mind as well, and declares that no comments about her height, especially the terms petite or short, should be made. She finds being addressed as "princess" to be an insult because she is a grown woman, and instead prefers to be addressed as empress by her enemies.

She gives off the impression of a valiant young man in crimson, and she has a masculine bearing and tone of voice, leading Hakuno to think she may have been raised like a boy. She acknowledges that the reason she wears men's clothes is not that she is trying to project an imperial image, but because she actually enjoys wearing men's clothes. While her brusque attitude and gallant actions would imply that she values valor above all, she actually identifies her core as a maiden due to her adoration for beauty. She still does not allow gender to sway her preferences, and believes the true orientation of her soul to be half and half. Firmly routed in the middle of the two genders, she personally finds her ability to go either way admirable. She becomes attracted to Hakuno regardless of their gender, and eventually even declares her love for them.

She often refers to her Master as Praetor, which was a title granted by the government of Ancient Rome to men acting in one of two official capacities: the commander of an army or an elected magistrate. She comes to develop feelings for Hakuno, and discloses her true identity to them for that reason. She is worried about the negative connotations that come with her identity, and does not mind if she is called a tyrant or the Whore of Babylon by them. Even if she is disliked, she will simply work hard to become worthy of Hakuno's love and take their heart. While she claims to be able to endure the pain, she looks like a child who is trying really hard not to cry while stating it.


She feels she is an artist before an emperor, truly thinking that she is the pinnacle of the arts and "an artist who rivals the god of arts ApolloWP." Citing it as her true calling, she boasts various accomplishments, such as writing and singing songs, painting, sculpting, writing, fashion design, architecture, acting, and metalwork. She cherishes the theater the most, but still prides herself on the rest of her works. She feels that only through art can she express what she feels, as she finds it difficult to do so in a normal way. It was said that in her final hours that she expressed her anguish that an artist such as herself had to die. Her main concern was that her act of suicide was punishing the public by having "such a magnificent artist disappear from this world." She is sensitive to praises and can be quite easy to manipulate when flattered.[6]

She claims to have been popular, citing a small girl laying a crown of flowers upon her head after returning from a triumphant battle even though that has all to do with her being an emperor. She acknowledges that not all of her works were masterpieces, but thinks some of them were quite good. She knows that not many people appreciated or understood her artistic talents, but simply suggests that her critics were not advanced enough to understand her artistic vision. She claims she mastered it all in the name of art, so even if no one valued them, she was satisfied just having them made. She was able to express her love for her people through her works. She eventually decided that no one understands genius, so, having grown accustomed to the public lacking understanding in her art, decided that faith in herself is enough.

Despite her "humility", she does not like to be criticized, and will go to great lengths to protect her artistic integrity. They were panned by her friends, and she was once told, "We are friends and I support your government, but I cannot understand eighty percent of your art!" by her dear friend TacitusWP. She almost murdered him in an outburst of rage afterward, but managed to stop herself. She would often perform for the masses at her Domus Aurea, but spectators would frequently leave midway through her performances. She was so enraged by this obvious act of disrespect that she ordered all entrances to the theater to be sealed, forcing the audience to sit through her entire performance until the final curtain fell.

She praises beauty above all, stating that "Beautiful young boys are good. Beautiful young girls are better. My singular preference is beauty!" She greatly expresses a desire to fight Greek Heroic Spirits like Atalanta, because of their beauty. She has a certain fixation on Heracles, causing her to create a legend after publicly strangling a lion with a rear naked chokeWP in an attempt to emulate him by reenacting his exploits. While she was trying to prove her own might was as great as that of Heracles, her citizens were left unimpressed by the display and attempting to view Heracles as a rival causes the protagonist to think of her as a megalomaniac. She felt the achievement could potentially have been surpassed by Hakuno if they had been in a public coliseum upon defeating a large number of rare enemies. She likes beautiful speech, commenting that Hakuno speaks with few, but beautiful words when she was first summoned, either that or she is greatly unconcerned with their laconic speech.


Her characteristic anecdote is that she was an administrator for the citizens. She believes herself that she was a tyrannical emperor who injured the lives of many and met an ugly end. She does not deny that is the truth of her rule, but she is not ashamed of it either. While she has regrets about her life and moments where she went too far, she feels all that matters is that she was true to herself in everything. She is not one to cave to others' assessments, but she values the opinions of Hakuno.

She doesn't like to be directly called a tyrant, even by her Master, and while the assertion is true, she would rather be thought of as an earnest emperor incapable of separating business and pleasure. It makes her slightly angry, but she quickly calms down once her position is understood. She claims that even a poorly regarded emperor is still an emperor, and that she will defend her Master proudly as the best of Servants. Due to her legend, others, such as Gawain, refer to her as the "Whore of Babylon" (バビロンの妖婦士, Babiron no Yōfushi?) as an insult.

She has great pride in herself and her actions. Even though she does not wish to give her name, simply being asked about it brings her great happiness. She claims that it is the pleasure of those with regal natures to dignify the queries of those around them with answers, and gets so caught up in the mood that she almost gives her birth name without even thinking about it. She feels that she must always speak with the air of an emperor, speaking according to her parents' expectations of her in childhood and how she was raised. She was never allowed to speak plainly since leaving childhood, and speaking casually would be denying what she has become, throwing away all that to which she has devoted herself. While doing so would allow her to regain her humanity, she speaks with certainty that such a day had never occurred and will never come.

She lived a luxurious lifestyle. She voices her disappointment over the scenery of the underwater arena, exclaiming that view it offers simply looks too much like the aquarium she owned during life. She has no direct interest in monetary gain, but admires the trappings of wealth and believes that treasure cannot be ignored.


Saber by a Hair's Breadth[]

Saber in the bath.

Saber by a Hair's Breadth (セイバー危機一髪, Seibā Kiki Ippatsu?) is a promotional flash game set during Saber's life. Wishing to take a bath after working up a sweat, she has an unnamed Roman soldier heat it for her. While he initially gets it right, he quickly breaks the oven and overheats it, causing him to run in after hearing her shouting and see her in the bath. She doesn't have any issues with him viewing her, and instead, asking if she fascinates him, comments that he must have a heart that admires beauty. She asks about his particular likes, and says that, as long as he has no wicked thoughts, that she will forgive him.

There is no need for her to run away or hide as his emperor, so she even offers to model for him. After she gets out of the bath to do so, the soldier faints from embarrassment, causing Saber to have him taken out. She chides him for causing her trouble, but says there is nothing wrong with having the spirit to admire beauty. Commenting that they would have gotten along, she says they may meet in another time and place, and says she will leave things to him at that time.[12]


Saber is one of the selectable Servants in Fate/EXTRA along with Archer and Caster. However, in the first place, there isn’t a Master to be found who would summon her. Her true name corresponds to great evil in a certain religion, and the end of her life was a miserable one. Just as much as she is an emperor, she is also an artist with unshakable faith in her own genius, and the only absolute justice to her is “beauty.” Whether ally, enemy, her citizens, or herself, she will not love anything that does not fit into that category. That holds true even for a Master. For sure, she will never obey someone she finds unseemly. There’s no magus who would want to make use of a weapon who judges matters based on something like “beauty.” Contracting with this Heroic Spirit is simply too risky.[8]

« ...Well, that’s only natural. Magi are clever and calculating creatures; certainly not fools who would entrust their lives to me. »


And so she spent her days in ennui in the Moon Cell's Throne of Heroes. Though she gets lonely, her pride overcame that. She decided not to settle for just anyone, planning on only contracting with a genius of her level. And so, at the end of another round of preliminaries. Just when she was about to leave, thinking that there was no one to call her this time either, she heard a faint voice. When she turned, she saw a nameless someone who, despite being on the verge of death, still fought to stand. Someone who was not strong, had no outstanding talent and wasn’t even a proper wizard. But Saber saw a kindling that twinkled like a star in the night, a kindling that refused to fade. Instantly, she rushed forward. What she had in her chest was not sympathy for that someone, but anger against the high heavens. She knew that it was the way of the world for the weak to remain weak and perish, their prayers to no avail. Precisely because she knew this, she couldn’t stand for it. What kind of heaven would ignore such powerful will? Even in the death throes, that nameless one chose not to give up but to fight. Rather than answering summons, Saber had come to the place of selection of her own volition. While groaning inwardly at the offering up of herself that she had disliked so, she speaks to the nameless soul.[8] She first appears upon hearing Hakuno Kishinami will to continue striving to live. She admires and respects their attempt to embrace the fear of death and fight on regardless of the fate that may await them. Deciding that she will hear it even if the world doesn't, she exclaims their destiny begins right at that moment.

« Answer me————are you my Praetor(Master)? »

(Saber talking to Hakuno)

She finds their first fight together against the effigy to be unsatisfying given how long she had waited for such a moment. After explaining the details of the Holy Grail War, she says she will keep her identity a secret for the time being to avoid having enemies find out. She will eventually reveal it as she gets to know them more. She turns the private room into her audience chamber to answer any grievances they may have for her.

They face Shinji Matou and Rider in the first week. She hates Shinji, and compares him to a talking rat. Once they finally reach the battle, she finds the Coliseum to be lacking, as it bears little resemblance to the Roman Coliseum and lacks even a single spectator. She believes she has to make up for the tackiness of the stage with a brilliant display of bravery. After Shinji and Rider's defeat, she claims that she wanted to hang Rider, but chooses to drop her ill will after she comes to feels pity for her instead.[13]

After the battle, she comforts Hakuno over their feelings towards Shinji's death. She understands the need to lament over Shinji's death even if their friendship was only brief. While someone like Rin will abandon her civility to be emotionless towards the deaths of others, she claims that she won't do such a thing. She has come to like Hakuno even more after their recent ordeals though she is unsure of the exact reason.[14]

She likes those who are kind, and while their tears have no beauty in them, she is still moved by them nonetheless. She encourages them to forge onward towards the end of the Grail War. The stronger wish is not that which triumphs in the end, but rather the wish that is more beautiful. Their wish may be a small and frail seed, but it will blossom beautifully by the end as long as they keep winning and let resolution bloom in their mind.

After the second round begins, she is wary of Dan Blackmore due to his great experience and Hakuno's lack of motivation. She dislikes Archer's style of battle, as she prefers direct combat and hates those who attack from the shadows without any refinement. She thinks his actions lack any beauty, and takes a particular dislike for his poisons, only for the fact that she thinks he could have used better ones.

She suggests that Archer and Dan cannot communicate soul to soul, so their defeat lies in observing the differences in their philosophies. She prefers Hakuno, who only relies on willpower rather than ability or philosophy, and she entrusts herself to it without question.

After defeating Gawain and Leonardo B. Harwey, Nero and Hakuno face Saver and Twice H. Pieceman.[15]

Last Encore[]

Saber was seen fighting against Saver, but she was overwhelmed and defeated by Saver.[16]

She was summoned by the male Hakuno Kishinami and Saber defeats the petrified, deteriorated and unrecognizable effigy of Archer.[16]

The pair enter the Moon Mile Ladder. As they wait for it to reach the first floor, Hakuno is slightly shocked when she decides to join him in the bath, unconcerned about being seen naked by a man. Slightly confused by his amnesia and ignorance of his situation, she explains the nature of their world and of the Holy Grail War, and becomes impressed when he agrees to fight despite the risk of dying. She tells Hakuno she will tell him her true name when the time is right.

When they reach the first floor, she becomes shocked that instead of a battlefield, it is a festive city, though she becomes taken in by the sights. The pair tour the city and eat at a cafe. At a bar, they meet a woman whom Saber mistakes for a Master and tries to challenge her to a fight, but the woman explains that all the Masters gave up their Servants to be able to live on this floor in peace, which upsets Saber. Outside, they are surrounded by women in police uniforms, which excites Saber as she explains she is attracted to both pretty boys and pretty girls.

The women take them to the mayor's office. Shinji Matou reveals himself as the mayor and explains that he has suspended the Grail War and created an area of peace, with NPCs to tend to a Master's every need. He invites Hakuno to become a citizen, as long as he gives up Saber. Saber becomes slightly scared when Shinji says the Servants become "recycled" for raw materials and energy, but Hakuno refuses the offer. Enraged, Shinji separates the pair with a firewall and summons Darius III, Fergus mac Róich and Leonidas I, explaining that he decided to save a few of the Servants and reformat them as Berserkers. Saber fights them while telling Hakuno, who is being attacked by the police women, to stay alive until she can reach him.

After dodging and parrying their attacks, she tricks them into breaking a hole in the firewall and reaches Hakuno, who passed out after defeating the police women. Rin Tohsaka arrives on a flying motorcycle and calls out to her, so she picks up Hakuno and jumps on the cycle to escape. Rin takes them to her apartment and treats Hakuno's injuries. When he wakes up, Rin gives them both mana-replenishing drinks and explains how Shinji came into power and suspended the Holy Grail War, thanks to a strange circle in the sky called Chakravatin disrupting SE.RA.PH.'s influence. Offended by the very notion of disrupting the Grail War, Saber accepts Rin as an ally in taking Shinji down.

The next day, Rin helps the two sneak into the mayor's office before staying behind to fight the Berserkers. They take the elevator and are shocked to arrive in a school setting. They find Shinji, who accepts their challenge and floods the city before calling upon Rider to fight her. She leaps from place to place, dodging Rider's gunfire and cannons from the Golden Hind, but is eventually knocked into the water. She finds a sunken ship and tries to take control of it with Imperial Privilege, but runs low on mana and starts to drown. Hakuno dives down to her and kisses her to restore her energy.

She rises from the water and reveals she figured out Rider's true name is Francis Drake, and Drake congratulates her. Saber takes control of the sunken ship and rams the Golden Hind with it, distracting Drake long enough to board the ship. She then charges Drake and impales her when Drake runs out of bullets. Saber looks on as Drake, Shinji, and Hakuno exchange some final words before Drake and Shinji die. After they die, the city reverts to ruins and Saber remarks that this was what the first floor was supposed to look like. The Moon Mile Ladder arrives to take them to the second floor, and Rin joins them.

She and Rin bathe together and she asks Hakuno to join them, but he declines. Rin marvels on how they seem to be underwater, and she explains there is an ocean between the first and second floors. She gets up and walks into the main room wearing only a ribbon and comments on Hakuno's willingness to fight despite having no real motivation, and says they will discover what he really wants in time.

They arrive on the second floor in what appear to be ruins in a forest. Almost immediately, they are shot at by a sniper. She effortlessly deflects the bullets, then runs with Hakuno to the cover of the forest. Hakuno amazes her by being able to tell the sniper was in a tower in the distance, and thanks her for all the times she saved his life. She says he should smile more often, and that no matter what happens, he should appreciate all the beautiful and fun things in life. Archer attacks them, angering her for interrupting her time with Hakuno. When Archer spreads a poisonous mist, she tells Hakuno to run as she deflects arrows from the concealed bowman. Archer taunts Hakuno on not having a real motivation to fight, which angers Saber as she tells him to stop hiding and fight her head on. She is eventually hit in the chest, which weakens her even as she pulls the arrow out. Hakuno uses a Command Spell to increase her power, allowing her to ignite her sword and destroy several arrows and trees at once, but the effort weakens her enough that she drops her sword.

Just as Archer fires another volley of arrows, Rani VIII arrives and destroys the arrows with magic, forcing Archer to retreat. Rani VIII takes them to her cabin and treats her wound. Around this time, Saber and Hakuno suddenly realize Rin is not with them and have no idea where she is. She finds Rani VIII familiar, but the woman claims they have never met before. The woman explains that she lost her Servant and that Archer's Master had been murdering every Master who came before them. Saber is exhausted and goes to sleep, bidding Hakuno good night.

The next morning, Hakuno is depressed and worried after learning from Rani that it is currently the year 3020 instead of 2020 like he thought. She tells him not to worry about such things, as she personally does not care what time period she is in. Rani tells them about how Archer's Master Dan Blackmore had previously lost and is not an actual participant in the Holy Grail War. The two had been killing every Master and Servant that came before them in a futile attempt to ascend to the third floor. Rani also explains that Archer is Robin Hood, and that his arrows are poisoned and he can detonate the poison at will after dropping his invisibility. The three form a plan where Saber will engage Robin while Hakuno and Rani head to the tower in Rani's motorcycle.

Saber admires the motorcycle as they put the plan into action. Saber battles Robin, boasting that Robin may be famous for stealing from the rich, but he will lose to her, the formerly rich. She calls him out on needlessly murdering the Masters when they will gain nothing from it. Robin retorts that all Dan has is his pride in battle, and he will not deny his Master. She eventually gets shot in the arm and Robin tries to detonate it, but she deliberately bleeds out the poison, using her Thrice-Setting Sun ability to survive the blood loss. She then mortally wounds Robin, who peacefully remarks that Hakuno had defeated Dan as well, prompting her to hurry to him.

The second floor starts to fall apart with Dan's death. The Moon Mile Ladder arrives and gives them two minutes to get in. Hakuno wishes to retrieve Rani, who had been wounded and left in the forest, but Saber tells him to leave her behind, as they have no time and Rani had earlier wished to stay. Hakuno reluctantly leaves Rani behind and they enter the Moon Mile Ladder, which ascends to the third floor as the second floor is destroyed. Inside, they find Rin, who remarks that Rani got what she wanted even in death. Annoyed, they ask where she had been.

The third floor features a strange forest. Saber traverses the floor alongside Rin and Hakuno. Unlike them, Saber does not experience any strange visions. The floor appears to be abandoned except for a monster that attacks the trio sometime after their arrival. Once Saber kills it, however, the day is reset, leading Rin to deduce that the monster is the Floor Master's Servant. A second encounter with the monster leads to the monster's permanent defeat and the trio are able to leave the floor.

The fourth floor, in Saber's own words, isn't even worth mentioning and she and Hakuno successfully go through it.

The fifth floor is guarded by Julius B. Harwey and Li Shuwen. Saber recalls fighting the pair and winning, but it took a lot of luck. Saber tries to take on Li Shuwen for a time. When Rin comes to her rescue, Saber opts to leave Rin to deal with Li Shuwen while she goes to help Hakuno fight Julius. However, Saber finds her Master badly injured and demoralized. Before Julius and Li Shuwen can kill them, Rani appears and rescues them.

It turns out that Julius had revealed Hakuno's true identity to him, revealing to him that Hakuno is not the same Hakuno Kishinami that was Saber's previous Master, but a amalgamation of dead Masters known as a Dead Face. Saber is not at all bothered by this revelation and encourages her Master to accept who he is, something she had done for her previous Master in the past. Saber willingly tells Hakuno her real name so she can utilize her Noble Phantasm.

Upon their rematch, Saber easily defeats Li Shuwen by using her Noble Phantasm. Hakuno, or HAKUNO, also defeats Julius by himself. The two then proceed to the next floor.

On the sixth floor, Saber discovers that Rin and Rani have been trapped in an endless battle between their copies, and the two had lured HAKUNO to their floor in hopes of being freed from their misery. HAKUNO manages to revive Rin while Rani perishes.

On the seventh floor, Saber re-encounters Gawain, the Servant of Leonardo B. Harwey. Gawain chooses not to fight Saber or her allies and offers the trio a drink instead. Saber later asks permission to pick a flower from the garden. When HAKUNO decides to meet Leo, who had gone into a slumber centuries ago, Gawain leads the trio up the mountain. Along the way, Saber leaves the flower on the spot where her former master, Hakuno Kishinami, had died, and apologizes for leaving her alone for so long.

When Leo awakens, he instantly recognizes Saber and refuses the trio an easy passage to the final floor. He orders Gawain to attack Saber. Gawain uses his Noble Phantasm and successfully sends both Saber and HAKUNO plunging back down to the first floor. The two survive the fall thanks to HAKUNO and using a special item, are able to teleport back to the seventh floor and resume the fight with Gawain, who is defeated the second time round by Saber.

Leo and Gawain accept defeat and allow Saber and HAKUNO to travel to the final floor, where they encounter Twice and discover he too is a Dead Face. A battle ensues between Saber, HAKUNO, Rin, Leo and Gawain vs Twice and Saver's Chakravartin. Leo and Gawain sacrifice themselves to buy Saber time to destroy Chakravartin. Saber is successful, and having used the last of her strength, Saber is ready to die until HAKUNO appears. HAKUNO promises not to leave her all alone, much like how Hakuno had promised not to let Saber die alone. Saber opts to give her sword to HAKUNO so he can enter the core of the Moon Cell, where he will reset everything at the cost of his own life. Saber fades away shortly after her Master accomplishes his goal.

Medical Play and Saber[]

Saber while sick.

Medical Play and Saber (セイバーとおいしゃさんごっこ, Seibā to Oishasangokko?) is a promotional flash game for Fate/EXTRA CCC. Hakuno helps Saber while she is sick, first checking that her temperature is at 39 °C. She remarks on having had no appetite, though Hakuno offers to feed her rice porridge to her joy. Eating proves to make her feel better, but she is drenched in sweat. Having not had a bath recently, Hakuno wipes down her body until she feels better. Before she can take the time to fully rest and recuperate, the time spent with her causes Hakuno to also fall sick, and she claims that it is her turn to care for them and provide a special lullaby. After the story, Saber promotes Fate/EXTRA CCC and mentions that the game had absolutely nothing to do with the main game.


In the prologue, Hakuno hears Saber's voice who begs Hakuno to wake up and remember her, but Hakuno has no memory on who the voice belongs to. Once Hakuno is devoured by BB's shadows, Hakuno once again hears Saber's voice and reaches out to her. Saber breaks the barrier to save Hakuno and took Hakuno to the new school. When she reached to the Far Side of Moon Cell, she wore her new costume "Saber Bride."

In Chapter bad end, BB separates Hakuno from Saber. Hakuno travels to the World of Logo to search for her. Hakuno eventually regains Saber, unseals her noble phantasm and they both face BB's shadow Requiem.

She develops a rivalry relationship with Elizabeth Báthory. In chapter 7 Hakuno enters inside Saber's Innercore Harmonics. Hakuno temporary formed a contract with Elizabeth, they fought against the Zero Model of Saber.

In Saber's ending, Hakuno returns to the Moon Cell Holy Grail War as seen in Fate/EXTRA. Before Hakuno gets deleted, Saber saves Hakuno from the process, intending to keep their promise to get married. She activates Aestus Domus Aurea, which takes the form of a church and Saber appears in a wedding dress.[17]


In Fate/EXTELLA, Saber and Hakuno are the winners of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Her main party consist of herself, her adjutant No Name, Gawain, Cú Chulainn, and Li Shuwen.

Flame Poem[]

Greeting the newly awakened Hakuno, Nero is concerned for their health upon seeing their troubled face. She dramatically reintroduces herself, but Hakuno remains confused to Nero’s concern. She regrets letting Hakuno enter the Moon Cell core alone. Since they slept for an entire upon returning, Nero asks Hakuno what transpired at the core. Hakuno doesn’t remember, however, so Nero takes them to her room to help them feel more relaxed. She then reexplains the Moon Cell, the Holy Grail War, and their victory in said war. Afterwards, she tells Hakuno to rest before explaining things further. Before falling asleep, they ask Nero about the ring on her finger. It is the Regalia, the symbol of their victory and sovereignty in SE.RA.PH.

The next day, Nero introduces her generals to Hakuno. She then orders them to go to their posts before preparing to depart with Hakuno. However, Cú Chulainn asks her why Hakuno sits on the throne instead of her who hears the Regalia. Nero answers that her current obligations on the front lines are why Hakuno sits on the throne in her place and her rule is thanks to their victory in the Grail War.

Afterwards, she shows Hakuno how SE.RA.PH. is reshaping itself. Enemy Attack Programs then spawn. To Nero’s shock, Hakuno is absorbed into the Regalia after they expressed their desired to aid her in battle. She eventually encounters Elizabeth Báthory, the leader of the invasion, and defeats her to stop the invasion. Afterwards, Hakuno is suddenly assailed by pain. Nero prepares to take them to her room for treatment when the two are confronted by Tamamo-no-Mae. Nero is shocked Tamamo also possesses the Regalia, even more so when she sees another Hakuno. Tamamo doesn’t explain why there are two Hakunos, instead declaring herself ruler of SE.RA.PH, and declares war.

Returning to her throne, Nero uses the Regalia to survey all of SE.RA.PH to confirm that Tamamo had conquered half of SE.RA.PH. She then attempts to access the Moon Cell core to get more information on the other Regalia and Hakuno, but she’s denied to her frustration. Archimedes then appears and introduces himself as the system engineer. He reveals an unknown being attacked Hakuno at the core. Said attack divided the Regalia, causing the Moon Cell’s 14,000 year scheduled system update to be incomplete. He asks Nero’s permission to use the Regalia to complete the update, explaining it as the cause of the hostile programs spawning. Archimedes claims he rescued Hakuno, for which Nero commends him. He explains the Regalia’s sundering caused Hakuno’s amnesia as their being was split with the ring; their mind with Nero; their soul with Tamamo. Archimedes then offers his services to Nero, who accepts by naming him her strategist. Afterwards, she and Hakuno both decide to retake their lands from Tamamo and unite SE.RA.PH.[18]

On the battlefield, Archimedes explains to Hakuno and Nero about the hidden power of the Regalia, Moon Crux. Medusa, who casts Blood Fort Andromeda to weaken Nero’s forces, ambushes Nero. Nero dispels the bounded field, and defeats Medusa and Lu Bu. With the enemy territory conquered, Nero and Hakuno prepare to return home when Elizabeth suddenly appears. She proclaims that SE.RA.PH belongs to her, and every sentient being shall bow to her. Calling herself Dark Eliza, Elizabeth declares she has come to conquer SE.RA.PH. Nero is unconcerned and instead offers to have a collaboration concert with her once SE.RA.PH is united. Elizabeth rejects her offer and demands the Regalia under threat of Hakuno’s painful death. But Nero once again ignores her, and returns home with Hakuno after Elizabeth leaves.

The next day, Nero listens to Archimedes’s report that her forces have conquered approximately 80% of SE.RA.PH. She declares now is the time to assault Tamamo’s main stronghold has come, but Gawain reports he felt a powerful source of mana while scouting. It is similar to his sword, Excalibur Galatine, thus he advises Nero to be cautious. Returning to her room, she and Hakuno talk about the other one with Tamamo.[19]

After resting, Hakuno enters Mare Luxuria with Nero. Breaking through Tamamo’s army, Nero and Hakuno defeat Tamamo in her palace. Nero prepares to finish her off, but the other Hakuno stops her. Sheathing her sword, she demands Tamamo to surrender her Regalia and be her subject. Archimedes appears and explains the Hakunos will reunite once the Regalia is rejoined, shocking both Nero and Tamamo. However, before any discussion can be had, Elizabeth suddenly appears and steals Tamamo’s Regalia. Elizabeth puts the ring on, but it soon goes out of control, as she is unworthy. The ring then disintegrates, prompting Tamamo to retreat with her Hakuno. After Elizabeth leaves, Nero listens to Archimedes contemplate the impossibility of the Regalia breaking and how the system update will be completed with it gone. She advises him to regroup and think of a new plan. Suddenly someone appears through a break in the world wearing yet another Regalia, and seemingly destroys Archimedes with Void Cells. She proclaims herself to be destruction itself and destroys Tamamo’s castle with her sword. Nero then hears Hakuno from beyond the break call the Servant, Altera. Then, to her shock, another Hakuno emerges from the break. Nero asks them why they don’t remember her when the others did. However, Altera attacks again, forcing Nero and Hakuno to retreat to base.

The following day, Nero is relieved to see that Archimedes had escaped. She asks him about the third Hakuno, who Archimedes assumes is the body.. The three Hakunos are independent digital lifeforms, usually requiring their mind, body, and soul to be connected. However, Archimedes warns the mind is the least stable of the three as it will fade away without a dedicated vessel, like a body or a soul. He confirms restoring the Regalia will restore Hakuno if they place the mind in a new cyber-frame. Delighted by his answer, Nero boasts Altera will yield to the full force of her army, but Cú Chulainn cautions her to be careful. He warns normal rules can’t explain Altera’s Noble Phantasm based on his brief encounter with her. He explains that while Nero and Hakuno were sleeping, Altera’s forces conquered 80% of SE.RA.PH in half a day. Nero’s generals sealed off the remaining 20% to prevent the enemy from storming the palace. After Hakuno prevents her from dwelling even further on her losses, Nero declares they will reclaim their lost lands and unite SE.RA.PH.

Returning to the battlefield, Nero breaks through Altera’s forces to confront Altera herself. After a brief clash, Altera demands Nero to hand over Hakuno and the Regalia, saying she’ll spare both of them if she does. Nero refuses and attacks Altera, but she is fended off and left fatigued. Elizabeth suddenly appears and makes Altera retreat when asked why she’s showing mercy. She reveals her new powers were granted by Velber, the alien threat that appears every 14,000 years.

Heeding Elizabeth’s advice, Nero returns to her palace and asks Archimedes about Velber. Archimedes explains Velber is the only being that the Moon Cell considers a threat, appearing every 14,000 years to destroy all of human civilization. It stole some of the Moon Cell’s data when it passed by the moon 14,000 years. Archimedes reveals the purpose of the system update was to defend against Velber, and the holder of the Regalia protects SE.RA.PH. After declaring she’ll protect SE.RA.PH, Nero returns to her room and contemplates Altera’s identity.[20]

Meeting with Archimedes, Nero learns Velber is why Hakuno was attacked at the core and Altera is Velber’s agent. Atera is a Heroic Spirit from Earth recorded in SE.RA.PH as a Servant chosen to be Velber’s agent. Nero asks Archimedes for Altera’s True Name, but Archimedes claims there are no records of her among the known Heroic Spirits. He agrees to investigate the matter further though after Nero said discovering Altera’s True Name would aid in combating her. Before leaving, he reveals that the entity that attacked Hakuno at the core was the same titan that laid waste to the Earth and Moon 14,000 years ago. Same said titan slept in the Zero Dark following the last invasion, but awoke with Velber’s approach. The titan was near death though so Velber ambushed Hakuno and Archimedes while they were registering the Regalia to acquire a new agent. Archimedes saved Hakuno’s mind and soul after they were split after, but the body was taken and forced to summon Altera. He reconfirms to Nero that restoring the Regalia will restore Hakuno, answering that the soul will be drawn to the mind and body once reunited. Nero worries the soul may refuse a new vessel, but Archimedes answers that the body will gain a new mind and soul if the originals are lost. Nero realizes Altera holds the advantage with Body, only needing to destroy the other two to gain a perfected Hakuno.

Later in her room, Nero senses Altera’s presence, and a fight soon erupts between them with Altera again emerging victorious. Commending her strength, Nero asks her why she’s happy and has yet to destroy her despite calling herself destruction itself. After Altera leaves confused about herself smiling, Nero meets with her generals and Archimedes before setting out to defeat Altera’s froces.

On the battlefield, Gilgamesh bombards Nero’s forces with Gate of Babylon. Nero defeats him, and eventually breaks through to Altera’s castle. She confronts Altera, pleasantly surprised to learn she is Atilla the Hun before fighting her. But as Nero nears victory, Altera launches Teardrop Photon Ray at her. However, Nero uses Moon Crux, focusing her resources on full defense at risk of breaking the Regalia to defend against the blast. She then deploys Aestus Domus Aurea, causing Altera to be enamored by its beauty. Seeing her reaction, Nero tells her that there is more to her than destruction before finally defeating her. Afterwards, the fatigued Nero and the defeated Altera admire each other’s abilities. Body then emerges from Altera’s Regalia; Nero learns Altera is truly a devoted Servant like herself. She makes them both subjects, deciding not to fuse their Masters as originally intended. Archimedes then appears, revealing himself to a servant of Velber. He forces Altera to transform into Sefar, who goes to attack Hakuno, but Nero saves them.[21]

Failing to reach out to Altera, Nero is concerned when Hakuno is assailed by pain because of Body being broken down by Sefar’s presence. She then fights her in to protect both Hakunos. After destroying Sefar, Nero watches as Body disappears. Archimedes then appears and reveals that Hakuno’s time is shortened with the body now gone. Seeing he’ll need to redo his plans, he ignores Nero’s challenge, as he knows she has used all her power. After Archimedes slides into another world before a Quantum Time-lock activates, Nero grieves as Hakuno begins to die without their body. However, she completes the Regalia and uses it to create a new body for Hakuno. But they remain unconscious for an unknown period of time as Nero waits for them to one day finally awaken.[22]

Orchid Words[]

After her invasion is suppressed, Nero confronts Tamamo, who defeated Li Shuwen to her surprise. She announces that the true threat to SE.RA.PH. is approaching. She is disappointed when Tamamo refuses to help and fights her. However, neither can overpower the other, even Tamamo in Moon Crux form. Nero then leaves after expressing her disappointment in the fox.[23]

During Tamamo’s invasion of Mare Aurum, Nero orders Gawain to use his Numeral of the Saint to kill Tamamo. However, she soon confronted by her in the palace, and declares she’ll free the other Hakuno from the fox. After defeated by Tamamo, Nero declares she must save both SE.RA.PH. and the earth. Hakuno then appears to protect when Tamamo goes to finish her off. Her Regalia is then taken and calls Tamamo a monster when she declares she’ll conquer SE.RA.PH. Nero afterwards leaves, telling Tamamo that she’ll temporarily lend her the Regalia.


Late in Altera’s conquest of Mare Male, Nero orders Cú Chulainn to fight to her to weaken her for herself. After he retreats, she introduces herself to Altera and compliments her strength and beauty. Deciding not to fight her, Nero tries to talk with Altera, but is attacked by anti-cells summoned by the latter. She dodges it and tries to ask for Altera’s name, nearly retrieving another attack in response. The attack is stopped however by the third Hakuno, who reveals Altera’s name. After they emerge from the regalia, Nero identifies them as her Master’s body. Lamenting that the other Hakuno has no memory of her, she uses the regalia to evade another attack.

As Altera prepares to conquer Mare Aurum, Nero is advised by Archimedes to send Gawain to the core once they’ve hacked through to it. Later she fights Altera in her Moon Crux form, but she is repeatedly led away to enemy sectors. However, while Gawain is fighting Altera, Nero takes her remaining army to invade the enemy base near the core.

Eventually, once Archimedes hacks through to the core, Nero enters and later confronts Altera there. She explains to Altera that her generals didn’t pledge loyalty to Velber but her out of respect. Stating she feels the same way, Nero fights Altera even learning her identity as Atilla the Hun during. However, she is defeated and destroyed by Teardrop Photon Ray.[24]

Golden Poem[]

After Hakuno wakes up, Nero does what she did in the Flame Poem arc. Archimedes then suddenly appears and says what he said in the Flame Poem arc. But Hakuno reveals Archimedes plans to call forth so it may harvest all the Moon Cell’s data. To do so, Archimedes needs to destroy the restored Regalia to undo the Moon Cell, which prevents Velber from entering the galaxy. Hearing this, Nero declares Archimedes as her enemy and forces him to retreat. Afterwards, she asks Hakuno to tell her everything they know. Hakuno explains their Body from a parallel world transferred their memories to them as data, which is why they knew of Archimedes’ plans. They continue that in the current world that their other-selves (Soul and Body) are with Tamamo and Altera, respectively. Nero then asks them to show her their inherited memories in order to understand Altera more. After witnessing the memories, she admires the Body‘s dedication, and agrees with Hakuno to unify all of SE.RA.PH against Velber. The first part of their plan is to retrieve Tamamo’s Regalia and gain her corporation.[25]

After resting, Nero and Hakuno are alerted to an attack by Tamamo’s forces. She then introduces her generals, though Hakuno already knows them thanks to Body’s memories. Nero orders her generals to stop the current invasion of her territories. She tells the goal is to eliminate the enemy, revealing they need the completed Regalia to stop Velber from coming to Earth. With her generals agreeing with her, Nero tells them she’ll send them data on Archimedes and Velber.

Suppressing the invasion, Nero asks Medusa to join her, though the latter rejects the offer for the moment. Medusa leaves after Nero promises peace for SE.RA.PH. Karna then reveals to the Nero that the invasion was to test if she was worthy of negotiating with Tamamo, and to stop Lu Bu’s rampage. He then gives her Mare Luxuria’s coordinates to her before departing.[26]

Arriving in Mare Luxuria, Nero and Hakuno breakthrough Tamamo’s Attack Programs to reach her palace and confront her. Nero argues with Tamamo until Hakuno reminds her of their purpose for coming. Tamamo, however, insists that they fight to prove who’s more worthy of the Regalia, but Hakuno convinces her to stop. Nero and Tamamo then watch as the Regalia, along with their Masters, become one. After the merger is complete, Nero and Tamamo argue over Hakuno until Hakuno hits them both with a Code Cast. Altera then suddenly emerges from a break in the world as Hakuno and Nero expected. Altera surrounds them all with anti-cells and introduces herself. Nero and Tamamo protect Hakuno from her, even though they fear Altera’s power. They fight her until Hakuno emerges from the Regalia to speak with her. Altera refuses to believe their words and leaves. Nero declares she will not give on her.

Returning to Mare Aurum, Nero and Tamamo meet with their generals to form a strategy against Altera and her forces. Tamamo reveals to Nero that the Regalia can no longer produce Attack Programs after the merger was done. Nero accepts this as relying on an endless supply of Attack Programs would be unwise without considering the consequences. Cú Chulainn and Nameless report that Altera’s army has Top Servants and they’re preparing to assault the Roman territories. Following her speech to the generals, Nero permits Tamamo and her generals to defend the palace and departs.

Arriving in Mare Origo, Nero and her generals struggle against vast groups of Attack Programs, bombardment from Gate of Babylon, and Top Servants. Eventually, Nero encounters Iskandar. Before fighting him, she asks him his reasons for joining Velber’s forces. Iskandar answers he wants to show Altera a reason to fight beyond destruction by showcasing his way of conquest. Realizing their goals are the same, Nero states that she and her Master will save Altera. After defeating Iskandar, she is suddenly confronted by Elizabeth. Seeing her corrupted state, Nero asks her how she was corrupted so easily. Elizabeth denies the corruption and makes shallow threats that only get her Nero’s pity. Angered at being pitied, Elizabeth boasts of her power while also threatening Hakuno and goes to fight Nero. Though she can hold her back, Nero realizes Elizabeth is now far stronger than any Top Servant. Elizabeth invites her to come to the Zero back, opening a portal to it after leaving. But Nero doesn’t go through the portal as she isn’t ready yet and is too fatigued to continue fighting. Nameless reports the portal is stable, and tells Nero and Hakuno to get some rest.[27]

Nero and Hakuno discuss the latter’s dream of Altera’s past as Sefar. They also discuss the where the Ark of the Stars, the piece of Velber quarantined by the Moon Cell, and Sefar are said to be. Nero expresses her desire to save Altera, with Tamamo not disagreeing with her wish to do so. Tamamo asks her to protect Hakuno while she stays behind to protect their home.

Nero arrives in Mare Origio and fights through Altera’s forces, defeating Gilgamesh and Jeanne. Before entering Altera’s palace though, she discusses with Hakuno on how to save Altera whilst also stopping Velber. Hakuno suggests they destroy the Ark of the Stars, though Nero worries Altera will be harmed because of her link to the Ark. She decides to defeat Altera and figure out how to save her afterwards. Elizabeth then suddenly appears and suggests taking Altera’s sword, the Sword of Mars.

After Elizabeth leaves, Nero enters the palace and confronts Altera. Altera ignores Nero’s attempts to convince her she is more than Velber’s Servant and attacks her. As their fight continues, Altera launches Teardrop Photon Ray at Nero, though it was at a decoy. Nero then deploys Aestus Domus Aurea which overwhelms Altera with its beauty. She then offers a helping hand to her, causing Altera to express her wish to stay with her Master as a human. She thanks Nero for understanding her and prepares to give her sword to Nero when she requests it. However, to their surprise, Body begins to disappear as their disappearance after sending their record back in time is a fixed point in time. But before disappearing, they give their Regalia to Nero. Altera disappears with her Master gone, but she is able to give her sword to Nero.[28]

Afterwards, Nero and Hakuno are confronted by Archimedes. He reveals defeating Altera made her titan self vulnerable to being sealed by him. Disgusted by his mockery of Hakuno and Altera, Nero prepares to fight Archimedes, declaring she’ll destroy the Ark after defeating him. Archimedes however reveals he now controls the Ark and calls it forth to descend and corrupt the Moon Cell core. Nero then fights him, believing his defeat will stop the Ark’s descent. Though she is victorious, Archimedes calls down the Ark as he begins to disappear. Nero implores Hakuno to use the Regalia to stop its descent, but they’re unable to due to it being foreign to the Moon Cell. As the Ark continues its descent, Nero realizes they need to pierce the Ark’s armor, which Archimedes says nothing can pierce. Before the Ark impacts, however, Titan Altera stops it to the surprise of all present. After she reveals Elizabeth accidentally freed her, Archimedes enters the Ark to plummet it and Zero Dark into the core. As they plummet, Nero thanks Altera for help before using the Regalia and the Sword of Mars to fuse herself with Venus’ power to become Saber Venus. She then goes forth to destroy the Ark.[29]

As advised by Nameless, Nero destroys the tentacles blocking the way into the Ark. She then enters the Ark and flies towards the core while dodging and smashing through the partitions in her way. Before she deals the final blow to the core though, Archimedes deploys a multidimensional shield around it. Nero then unleashes Cartias Domus Aurea to destroy the core.

Nero thanks Altera again before the latter disappears as a result of the Ark’s destruction. She and Hakuno then watch as the core of Altera’s cyber frame falls and disappears to reveal a child Altera. Nero reveals she severed the Ark’s command line to Altera when she destroyed it. She continues that Venus’ power exists not to destroy one’s enemies but to save those you love. She claims the Altera laying before them is the true Altera as the shell of the White Titan continues to disappear. Altera wakes up, greeted by Nero, who tells her to smile as her upcoming days will be full of love.[30]

Some time later, Nero oversees the reconstruction of her territory as the number of NPCs increases along with many Spiriron Hackers migrating to SE.RA.PH. Later, Nero and Tamamo prepare to compete for Hakuno’s love. They present Hakuno with a feast, both arguing for their Master to eat their individual cooking. They stop arguing though when Altera enters the room; Nero tells her she set her food aside. Altera expresses concern over which portion of food is good or bad civilization. In response, Nero tells her bad civilizations don’t exist and that all civilization represents the culmination of human care and effort. Because of that all the food before Altera is delicious and good for her, something Nero and Tamamo can guarantee. Deciding to call off their competition with a draw, Nero and Tamamo enjoy the feast they prepared for Hakuno and Altera.


First Route[]

Day 1[]

Together with Tamamo, Nero waits in Mare Aurum’s palace for Hakuno and Altera to return. She is upset at them for leaving without telling her or Tamamo. Tamamo tells her to stop worrying, but Nero insists she gets terrible headaches if she stays in one place. She accuses Tamamo of hiding Hakuno and Altera. She then says she doesn’t want either her or Tamamo to miss the day Altera returns to her adult form. Tamamo insists, though, that Altera would want some privacy when that day comes. Tamamo then criticizes Nero for her daily parades, but Nero insists the crowds always smile at her recitals. Tamamo tries to tell her the truth when Hakuno returns. Hakuno tells Nero and Tamamo about Attack Programs attacking them and that Altera disappeared. Nero accuses Tamamo of being the culprit, but Tamamo insists she abandoned her evil ways. She also states her mana running Mare Aurum leaves her unable to create Attack Programs even if she wanted. Accepting her answer, Nero wonders if Gilgamesh is responsible, while Tamamo wonders if Iskandar is responsible. Charlemagne then appears and praises Mare Aurum, which Nero thanks him for. After Charlemagne introduces himself, Nero asks him why he revealed his True Name to Hakuno. He answers it was to pledge his loyalty to Hakuno and to save SE.RA.PH from danger. He then reveals an army of Attack Programs already surrounds Mare Aurum, shocking both Nero and Tamamo as they look outside. Nero prepares to take on the army when Charlemagne explains there are Servants alongside the programs. She accepts his aid and pronounces him as a Roman citizen, as he’s an admirer of hers. Charlemagne corrects her though that he came to Mare Aurum to take her and Hakuno to his fortress, not to admire her. Taken to Charlemagne’s floating fortress, Charles Patricius, Nero is surprised at the existence of such a Noble Phantasm. Charlemagne states they can use the fortress to attack the enemy, which the others all approve of.

Hakuno's party returns to Mare Aurum to oust the enemy army. After Nero announces their arrival, Karna appears and reveals himself to be the enemy commander. Nero is confused when Charlemagne says it’s his first time being a Servant, which he promises to explain later. Karna then attacks the group with Brahmastra, but it doesn’t hit anyone directly. After Tamamo says Karna’s army has copies of Servants, Nero asks him how he amassed such an army. Karna answers it is the power of his liege, Rex Magnus. Nero calls him foolish for calling someone else by that before her. She then boasts of herself when she notices Hakuno isn’t beside her but in a different sector due to Brahmastra splitting the sector. She apologizes for not noticing earlier and rescues them with Tamamo and Charlemagne. Afterward, Nero sees Culverin Cannons and realizes Francis Drake is in the enemy army. She asks Drake what grievances she has against them, but Drake answers treachery is natural for a pirate. Nero and the others then go to defeat Drake and stop her from raining cannon fire on Hakuno. After Drake retreats, Tamamo’s Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu empowers Nero and her allies when Karna sends out facsimiles of Medusa and Lancelot. The group defeats the facsimiles and Drake while protecting the exhausted Tamamo. Nero then helps Charlemagne to fight and defeat Karna.

Hakuno's party returns to Mare Aurum’s palace. Greeting them, Nameless explains Mare Aurum is surrounded and that Karna is regrouping quickly. Nero then demands Charlemagne to explain why the enemy attacked Mare Aurum. He explains that they desire to conquer all of SE.RA.PH, which is very possible as they possess the power of the Oracle. Nero wonders Oracle is a type of brainwashing. Charlemagne explains it’s similar, except it doesn’t change one’s core values. He also confirms her assumptions that Rex Magnus is responsible, saying he was summoned to defeat him. The palace alarm then goes off. Everyone witnesses Rex Magnus' armies invading Mare Luxuria and Mare Mellum. Understanding they lack the resources, Charlemagne ponders ignoring them all, but Nero refuses to abandon her people. She prepares to go into battle, but Nameless stops her and explains they’re outnumbered. The group then ponders who could be their new Servant commander when a Servant offers his help. Nero is shocked he entered her palace without alerting anyone and asks for him to identify himself. He introduces himself as Arjuna, and offers his aid to the group. Accepting him, Nero announces they need to decide who to attack and who to defend.

Day 2[]

If Hakuno does a guerrilla raid on Karna, the group goes to Mare Luxuria and sees Shadow Servants upon arriving. Nameless describes them as degraded copies of Servants. Nero compares them to illegal piracy, fearing the prospect of Tamamo being copied. The group then notices Gawain, who tells them he already evacuated Mare Luxuria’s citizens to safety. However, a Shadow Servant is alerted by the group’s presence and runs off to call for reinforcements. Fax. Gilles de Rais orders another Shadow Servant to call for reinforcements. The group eventually stops the Shadow Servants from escaping, but Fax. Gilles sends out Karna. Fax. Gilles reveals the soldiers the group was fighting were Oraclized citizens. The group disables Mana Point empowering Karna and defeat him. They then defeat Fax. Gilles to stop his monsters from attacking Hakuno. Afterward, they defeat the enemy general, an Oraclized Lu Bu.

If Hakuno splits their forces, the group travel to Mare Mellum. Nero recognizes it as a recreation of a certain city and understands why no Servants call it home, sensing the city is steeped in death. Nameless and Charlemagne agree with her, but Nero notices new blood has been split and demands those responsible to show themselves. In response, Medusa reveals herself. Nero stops Charlemagne from arguing with Medusa when she calls slaughtering of innocents not senseless. She continues Medusa isn’t the Heroic Spirit they knew and tells Charlemagne to defeat her to save the citizens. Medusa sends a Shadow Servant to call for reinforcements, but the group stops it. They then kill Fax. Darius III to keep his undead army from overwhelming them. After defeating Fax. Lancelot, and the remaining Shadow Servants, the group track down and defeat Medusa. Although Medusa escaped, Nero tells the others they should evacuate the survivors to Mare Aurum.

If Hakuno chooses to secure Mare Aurum, the group goes into battle after they evacuate the citizens to the outskirts. They encounter Fax. Gilles, who mistakes Nero for Jeanne, when Gawain arrives to help. During the battle, the group prevents Fax. Karna, Fax. Gilles and his monsters, Fax. Darius, and Shadow Servants from killing Hakuno. After defeating them all, the group is confronted by the enemy general, Drake, who bombards Hakuno’s location. Drake tells Nero Rex Magnus paid her handsomely to invade Mare Aurum. Nero asks her to join their side, but Drake refuses to breach her contract. Understanding Drake’s business integrity, Nero asks her about Oraclization, but Drake refuses to say anything regarding that. The group then defeat Drake.

After completing one of the preceding missions, the group return to Charles Patricius, where Gawain joins them. They then discuss whether to secure Mare Luxuria, or to rescue the other territories.

Day 3[]

If Hakuno chooses to secure Mare Luxuria, the group arrives there to find Gilles trying to recruit Robin Hood into Rex Magnus’ army. After helping Robin escape from the enemy, Fax. Lancelot kidnaps Hakuno under Gilles’ orders. Hiding himself among the Shadow Servants with For Someone’s Glory, he tries to escape with Hakuno. The group eventually finds him and rescue Hakuno. However, enemy reinforcements arrive, along with a facsimile of a Drake, who bombards Hakuno’s position with cannon fire. After defeating Fax. Drake, the group defeat Gilles. They then return to Charles Patricius with Robin, and find Arjuna has recruited Cú Chulainn, Elizabeth, and Astolfo.

If Hakuno chooses to save Mare Origo, Robin arrives in Charles Patricus, and tells Nero a Servant is currently fighting Rex Magnus’ army there. The group then travels to Mare Origo to rescue the Servant there. They discover Cú Chulainn fighting Darius upon arriving. With Cú Chulainn’s help, the group conquer Mare Origo while defeating facsimiles of Nameless and Karna. After defeating Darius, they return to Charle Patricus with Cú Chulainn, and find Arjuna recruited Elizabeth and Astolfo.

If Hakuno chooses to scout Mare Mellum, the group travels there after Robin tells Charlemagne that Astolfo needs help. Upon arriving though, they discover Astolfo has been Oraclized. He’s unable to persuade them to become Oraclized, so he decides to coerce them by sending for reinforcements. The group defeat Astolfo’s messengers, and force him to retreat temporarily. A fascimile of Lu Bu then arrives though, strengthened by the mana points Astolfo activated, to ambush them. The group disable the mana points and defeat Fax. Lu Bu. Afterwards, they defeat Astolfo, and thus undo his Oraclization. They then return to Charles Patricus with him and find Arjuna has recruited Elizabeth and Cú Chulainn.

If Hakuno chooses to secure Mare Aurum’s borders, Nero agrees with the decision when Robin suddenly arrives. He then asks for the group’s help in securing the Arjuna’s army’s supply division from Rex Magnus’ troops. The group follows him at night to the enemy’s location in Mare Aurum. They quickly discover Elizabeth there, and that she’s been Oraclized. But she’s resisting the Oraclization, and asks the group to save her. The group tries to help Robin and Nameless escape, but Fax. Medusa arrives and weakens them with Blood Fort Andromeda. After disabling the bounded field, the group defeat Fax. Medusa and Fax. Gawain while Robin and Nameless escape. They then defeat Elizabeth, thus undoing her Oraclization. Afterwards, they return to Charles Patricus with her, and find Arjuna has recruited Astolfo and Cú Chulainn.

Regardless of which mission is completed, Robin, Astolfo, Cú Chulainn, and Elizabeth are recruited into the group. The group then discuss whether to intercept or ambush Rex Magnus’s army, or to hunt down independent troops.

Day 4[]

If Hakuno chooses to intercept Rex Magnus’ army, the group intercepts them at Mare Origo. Soon after arriving, they’re forced to find and defeat Lancelot, who under Medusa’s orders, disguised himself as one of the Shadow Servants. After the group defeats Lancelot twice, Medusa orders Darius to attack them with his undead army while she activates Blood Fort Andromeda. The group then disable Medusa’s Bounded Field and defeat Darius to expel his undead army. Eventually they defeat Medusa, and then Lancelot soon afterwards.

If Hakuno chooses to ambush Rex Magnus’ army, the group travel to Mare Luxuria. They’re soon confronted by Lu Bu and Li Shuwen. Nero wonders if the woman Li Shuwen desires to duel is Altera, but he doesn’t answer. During the ensuing battle, the group disable the mana points to deactivate Fax. Gilles’ strengthening spell on Lu Bu. After defeating Lu Bu, they’re forced to find Li Shuwen, who hid himself with his Sphere Boundary skill, before he can ambush them. They find and defeat him twice, but Fax. Gilles and Fax. Drake appear to attack Hakuno’s position with monsters and cannon fire. After those two, along Fax. Karna, the group fight and defeat Li Shuwen.

After either intercepting or ambushing Rex Magnus’ army, the group return to Charles Patricus to celebrate their victory. Nameless is however concerned, as Rex Magnus can seemingly create soldiers and Servants. He then confronts Charlemagne about Rex Magnus’s identity, having realized that they’re the same person.

Day 5[]

Charlemagne reveals Rex Magnus to be Karl der Große. He continues his class is derived from Charles’ golden age as a swordsman while Karl’s class is derived from Charles’ golden age as a king. He isn’t sure why they were summoned simultaneously as separate Servants, but Charlemagne is confident he was summoned to stop Karl’s Oraclization. Though still suspicious of him, the group trusts Charlemagne because Hakuno trusts him. When Nameless and Tamamo decide not to judge Charlemagne’s origin because of their own suspicious origins, Nero does the same, as she recalls how history remembered her. She continues that regardless of their different origins; they are all together now as Servants of Hakuno. After fully accepting Charlemagne, the group decides to attack Karl before he can assimilate all of SE.RA.PH.

The group travel to Mare Origo to pass through onto Karl’s base. They’re ambushed however by Scáthach, but with Cú Chulainn’s help, they defeat her. After she disappears, the group return to Charles Patricus to plan their attack on Karl’s base, Carolus Patricius. Nameless explains that, according to Robin’s report, giant cannons protect Carolus Patricius at its east and west gates. Robin explains Lu Bu protects the east gate while Darius protects the west gate. The group leave the decision which gate to attack while Arjuna’s army attacks the other to Hakuno.

Day 6[]

Upon arriving at Carolus Patricius, Nero is impressed by both its sheer size and its ability to fly. Arjuna explains to the group that Carolus Patricius is continuing to expand, and at its current rate, it will consume both Mare Aurum and Mare Luxuria. Nero agrees with Nameless’ assertion that the burden of a ruler becomes greater as their country expands, though she believes her experience brought her to where she is now. She then vows to bring down Carolus Patricius for the sake of her people.

If Hakuno chose to attack the east gate, the group is confronted by Lu Bu and Karna. Immediately as the battle begins, Fax. Medusa activates Blood Fort Andromeda to weaken the group. They eventually deactivate the Bounded Field while beset by the Karl Cannon. They take out the cannon, but Karna activates another cannon in an isolated sector. Fortunately, they’re able to escort Arjuna to the cannon and destroy it with Pashupata. Afterwards, the group defeat Medusa, and then Karna soon after.

If Hakuno chose to attack the west gate, the group is confronted by Gilles, Drake, Fax. Darius, and Karna. They take out the Karl Cannon while fighting Drake, but Karna activates another cannon in an isolated sector. Fortunately, they’re able to escort Arjuna to the cannon and destroy it with Pashupata. Afterwards, the group defeat Gilles and Fax. Darius, and then Karna soon after.

Day 7[]

With 72% of Carolus Patricius conquered, the group proceeds to its center, the Great Cathedral. There they’re welcomed by Karl, and proclaims himself as the World’s final savior after introducing himself. He continues he will bestow eternal peace in the name of God and the World by bringing equality through unity. Nero criticizes Karl’s unity, as it denies those who choose to reject that unity. She continues she would rather hear her citizens’ individual praises. Karl rejects her and Tamamo’s rejection of his unity, and proclaims he will assimilate all existence into himself under the pretense of love. Charlemagne tells him that his dream of eternal peace is a broken fantasy that must be stopped. Karl however claims he now has the power to make his dream come true. After the group defeats his troops, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Auctoritas to assimilate all. The group destroys the mechanized armor after a grueling battle, taking Karl with it. After he disappears, Hakuno, Nero and Tamamo are reunited with Altera. Upon returning to Mare Aurum, they scold her for leaving with permission. Everyone then holds a celebration party, which Hakuno suspects Nero is responsible for.

Second Route[]

Day 4[]

If Hakuno to hunt down Karl’s independent troops, the group track them down to Mare Mellum. Upon arriving though, they find their path to Fax. Cú Chulainn blocked by a shield deployed on his order. The Shadow Servants powering the shield try to escape, but the group stop them. They then proceed to Fax. Cú Chulainn’s location and defeat him. They then reactivate a transfer device and travel to Ryuudou Temple. There they find Gilles trying to recruit Artoria Pendragon into Karl’s New Holy Empire. Nero tries to recruit Artoria onto their side, though mostly because their faces are so similar. However, the group is forced to fight both Gilles and Artoria when she gets enraged at everyone for judging her based on face, and attacks them under the pretense that their petty judgement cause chaos on the Moon Cell. Though they’re able to force Gilles to retreat, Artoria proves far too strong. She apologizes for the misunderstanding, and hands a bag of blue particles that Gilles dropped to Charlemagne. She declines to join the group, opting instead to discover the truth on her own. Confident Artoria will never be Oraclized, the group return to Charles Patricus.

Back at Charles Patricus, Gawain reports that with Tamamo’s help, they have finished analyzing the blue particles. Tamamo explains it is material to create Facsimile Servants, which are created from Karl replicating Spirit Core data. She then reveals the blue particles are conceptually similar to the mana that composes a Servant’s body. Gawain explains Karl creates Servants if his faction had the blue particles, the Spirit Core data, and enough mana. Tamamo and Charlemagne realize Karl must have a large source of mana and particles hidden somewhere. Nameless reports that Elizabeth had found two possible locations: Mare Luxuria or Mare Origo.

Day 5[]

If Hakuno chooses to go to Mare Luxuria, the group finds it covered in a strange fog that disrupts their senses. They find and destroy the Plant creating the fog, but Fax. Jeanne activates devices dispensing blue particles. The group then works to locate and destroy the devices before the area becomes too dense with the particles while destroying other fog producing Plants. They eventually destroy all the Particle Dispersion Devices, but Fax. Jeanne orders Fax. Tamamo to activate Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu to empower her troops. After defeating Fax. Tamamo, the group defeat Fax. Jeanne.

If Hakuno chooses to go to Mare Origo, the group finds it covered in a strange fog that disrupts their senses. They’re find and destroy the Plant creating the fog, but Fax. Jeanne activates devices dispensing blue particles. The group then work to locate and destroy the devices before the area becomes too dense with the particles while destroying other fog producing Plants. They eventually destroy all the Particle Dispersion Devices, but Fax. Jeanne activates a mana point to strengthen facsimiles of Nero and Artoria. After disabling the mana point, the group defeat Fax. Saber, and then defeat Fax. Jeanne.

After completing either mission, the group return to Charles Patricus, having found vestiges of mana and collected blue particles. However, they could not discern the enemy’s movements, so Elizabeth suggests asking Archimedes, whose hiding in Mare Luxuria, for help. The group then travels to Archimedes’ hideout, and he agrees to help them. Returning to Charles Patricus, Archimedes reveals the blue particles are Spiritron circuits made from Servants’ residual data. He continues the particles inhabit the digital body and produce the assimilation phenomenon. Nero realizes Gilles was trying to recruit Artoria so the New Holy Empire could turn her into blue particles. She and Charlemagne ask if the Servant converted into particles can be saved, so Tamamo resurrects them with Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu. The resurrected Servant is revealed to be Jeanne whose pleased to see everyone again. She then prepares to attack Charlemagne after recognizing his Spirit Core as the same as Karl’s. She stops though when Hakuno asks her to, and she realizes none of the Servants have been Oraclized. Asked by Charlemagned of what happened to her, she reveals she fought Karl, but his power reduced her into the blue particles. Afterwards, he used her as the core of the Spirit Core Replication Factory. Nero believes that without Jeanne, Karl can no longer assimilate others, nor produce Facsimiles. But Charlemagne senses Karl still has power, and Jeanne reveals Karl already had the blue particles around him when she was assimilated. She then joins the group.

Day 6[]

The group travel to Mare Mellum after learning from Robin and Astolfo that Karl is there, along with a massive amount of troops. Upon arriving though, they’re confronted by Altera who wishes to protect Karl, and transforms into her adult self. Nero is confused on how Charlemagne and Altera seem to know each other, to which Charlemagne they met once in the past. The group then confronts Altera at Ryuudou Temple. After she’s defeated, Altera reverts into her child form. Karl then appears and reveals the Monolith cannot be stopped. He and Charlemagne briefly fight, but with a single tough, Karl drained nearly all of Charlemagne’s mana.

Day 7[]

Upon returning to Charles Patricus, Nero and Tamamo put Altera to sleep. Nero compares her to Charlemagne, as they’re both keeping secrets. She continues she could threaten both of them if they were the treacherous types. She agrees with Tamamo they need to achieve victory, and despite her pity for Altera, states Karl needs to be defeated.

The group proceeds to Carolus Patricius, and they fight through Karl’s forces. While the others hold them back, Hakuno, Nero, Tamamo, Charlemagne, and Jeanne enter the Great Cathedral. They find it dense with blue particles, but Jeanne uses Luminosité Eternelle to stop the Oraclization. In response to this, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Dimitte, and sends his troop against the group. The group quickly defeats Karl’s soldiers before they can be assimilated. In response, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Auctoritas to forcibly assimilate the group along with the rest of SE.RA.PH. After a grueling battle, the group destroys the mechanized armor, taking Karl with it. After he disappears, the group escape before Carolus Patricius collapses.

Everyone returns to Mare Aurum and holds a celebration party. When Robin prepares to hunt for food, Nero agrees to pay him triple if he returns with a worthy beast. While some of the other Servants are hunting with Robin, Nero allows Charlemagne to speak privately with Hakuno.

Final Route[]

Day 2[]

After learning the enemy’s name is Karl from Hakuno, who learned it from Archimedes, Nero ponders to herself who and what Charlemagne is. Charlemagne reveals he and Karl were Charles the Great in life, but as a Servant, he only has memories of Charles’ childhood dream of being an honorable hero. While understanding he never lived that, Charlemagne states he truly wished to live like that. He then surmises his current existence is thanks to the bard that told stories of him when they heard his dream. After accepting him, the group proceed to Carolus Patricius to save Altera and defeat Karl.

Upon arriving at Carolus Patricus, the group spot Astolfo surrounded by enemy Attack Programs. Empowered by Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu, they defeat Karl’s troops while keeping Tamamo safe. However, Lancelot uses For Someone’s Glory to disguise as one of the Shadow Servants to ambush the group. They find and defeat Lancelot twice when Tamamo’s mana depletes. No longer empowered by her Noble Phantasm, the group protect Tamamo while fight Fax. Drake to stop her cannons from firing at Hakuno’s location. After defeating Fax. Drake, they defeat Lancelot one last time. Afterwards, they return to Charles Patricus with Astolfo.

Day 3[]

At Charles Patricus, Astolfo reveals Karl has been using strange ruins to replicates the Spirit Cores of Servants to create Shadow Servants and an infinite number of Attack Programs. Nero says they never knew of such ruins before Karl arrived, and given only he knows of them, she surmises he discovered them on Earth in his previous life. The group then decide to go to the ruins, the Spirit Core Replication Factory.

The group arrives at the Spirit Core Replication Factory where they’re soon confronted by facsimiles of Elizabeth and Lu Bu released by Gilles. After defeating the facsimiles, they head towards the center of the factory. There Gilles creates a facsimile of Gilgamesh to fight the group. Nero considers wearing golden armor like his, but decides not to as she would become a laughingstock. She then realizing how flawed of a replica he is when Tamamo points out he is far less talkative than the real one. The group then fight and defeat Fax. Gilgamesh and Gilles. They then find the real Gilgamesh trapped in some sort of contraception, though Nero mistakenly believe he’s enjoying it. When Tamamo says the machine is draining Gilgamesh, Nero says she thought it was a new art form, and wonders if it feels good. After Gilgamesh flies off in Vimana after Tamamo freed him, the group fight their way out of the factory.

At Charles Patricus, Nero is shocked their numbers are too few when Nameless points it out. She nonetheless agrees with him, so the group decides either to find Cú Chulainn or Gawain.

Day 4[]

If Hakuno chooses to find Cú Chulainn, the group travel to Mare Origo where they find Cú Chulainn and Robin surrounded by Scáthach and her forces. The group goes to help Cú Chulainn and Robin, defeating facsimiles of Nameless and Astolfo on the way. However, Fax. Darius appears and summons his undead army and Fax. Medusa appears and activates Blood Fort Andromeda to weaken the group. Unfortunately, the center of the bounded field is in an isolated sector, so Robin offers to help destroy it. The group escort him near the isolated sector, and he discovers a portal to it. After destroying the bounded field, the group defeat the facsimiles of Darius and Medusa. Afterwards, they help Cú Chulainn to defeat Scáthach. After she disappears, Archimedes appears and delivers a message from Altera that Karna asked him to deliver to Hakuno. In the message, Altera tells the group that she waiting in Mare Luxuria to tell something important about Hakuno and Charlemagne.

If Hakuno chooses to find Gawain, the group travel to Mare Mellum where they find Gawain and Elizabeth surrounded by Iskandar’s army. Nero is surprised Elizabeth is there, considering she’s been gone for a while. She also sees Elizabeth isn’t Oraclized. Iskandar himself then appears, to the astonishment of Nero, prepared to fight the group. Archimedes then appears acting as Iskandar’s tactician; Nero is jealous that there no such intellectuals on her side. At the start of the ensuing battle, Archimedes activates mana points to strengthen Iskandar while the latter summons his army. After disabling the mana points to remove the spell, the group force Iskandar to retreat momentarily. However, Fax. Drake appears to rain cannon fire on Hakuno’s location from an isolated sector. Fax. Robin steals the activation key to the portal to the isolated sector, then hides himself with No Face May King. The group eventually finds him and takes the key back from him. They then activate the portal with the key, and travel to the isolated sector to defeat Fax. Drake. In response to Fax. Drake’s defeat, Archimedes fights the group himself. The group defeat him and then defeat Iskandar soon afterwards. After he leaves, Nero calls him an existence that causes chaos wherever he goes. Archimedes appears and delivers a message from Altera that Karna asked him to deliver to Hakuno. In the message, Altera tells the group that she waiting in Mare Luxuria to tell something important about Hakuno and Charlemagne.

Day 5[]

The group travel to Mare Luxuria where they meet Altera. Nero and Tamamo plead with her to return to them, but she wants to protect Karl. She then transforms into her adult form, then Karna and an Oraclized Arjuna appear beside her. Altera reveals Karl had touched the remains of Sefar during his previous life, and he saw his destiny to pacify Europe. Feeling a familial connection with him through their pain, Altera fights against the group to protect Karl. The group then fights Karna and Arjuna, and defeating them, the group fight Altera. After she’s defeated, Altera reverts to her child form, and collapses from the strain. The group then returns to Charles Patricus with her.

At Charles Patricus, Nero and Tamamo put Altera to sleep. Nero surmises Altera exhausted herself by changing to her adult self because of the state of her Spirit Core. Charlemagne explains Karl felt a familial connection to Altera because of their shared solitude, and he always thought of her during his campaigns ever since he saw her in the ruins. Outside, Karna and Arjuna decide to join the group together in their fight against Karl. Nero worries about Altera overexerting herself when she appears in her adult form, ready to join the fight. Altera thanks Nero for her concern, but decides to fight anyway as atonement for Karl touching Sefar’s remains that began his tragedy. Nero and Tamamo accept Altera’s convictions, knowing they cannot stop her. Nameless reports Drake’s army is approaching Mare Aurum, which Nero assumes is a diversion. The group then let Hakuno how to split their forces to attack Carolus Patricius again and repel Drake’s invasion of Mare Aurum.

Day 6[]

If Hakuno chooses to attack Carolus Patricius, the group travel there. Upon arriving though, they’re confronted by Gilles, facsimiles of Iskandar, Gilgamesh, and Artroria, and an Oraclized Jeanne. At the start of the ensuing battle, the group begin to escort Altera and Arjuna near the isolated sectors where the Karl Cannons firing upon them are located. Fax. Iskandar summons his army, but the group defeat him while continuing to escort Altera and Arjuna. After the cannons are destroyed, Gilles appears and activates mana points to strengthen Fax. Artoria. The group deactivate the mana points and defeat Fax. Artoria, Fax. Gilgamesh, and Gilles. Afterwards, they fight and defeat Jeanne. After she and Gilles disappear, the group continue onto Karl.

If Hakuno chooses to repel Drake’s invasion of Mare Aurum, the group is confronted there by Drake and facsimiles of Nero, Tamamo, Charlemagne, and Astolfo. As the battle ensues, Drake activates Jamming Plants to produce jamming fog and orders Fax. Tamamo to activate her Noble Phantasm to empower her troops. The group eventually finds Fax. Tamamo in the fog and defeat her to dispel her Noble Phantasm. After they destroy a Jamming Plant, Drake orders Shadow Servant saboteurs to activate Virus Dispersal Devices. The group then works to defeat the saboteurs and destroy the devices before the virus consumes them. Afterwards, they destroy another Jamming Plant. Afterwards, they defend their defensive points against Drake’s troops, Fax. Nero, Fax. Charlemgane, and Fax. Astolfo. They then fight and Drake after defeating the Facsimile Servants. After she disappears, the group continues onto Carolus Patricus for the final battle with Karl.

Day 7[]

Hakuno, Nero, Tamamo, and Charlemagne enter the Great Cathedral in Carolus Patricus. Karl reveals he’s already absorbed the power of the Monolith and activated Carolus Patricius Dimitte. He continues the Servants allied with Hakuno are the only ones not assimilated to him. He also proclaims himself as the embodiment of God and the World. He laments the world’s contradictions prevented his dream of universal peace in his lifetime, and blames Western European Conglomerate for the world’s current state. Enraged by Charlemagne telling him his path is wrong, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Auctoritas to assimilate all. After Charlemagne denies Karl’s salvation, the group have a grueling batlle against Karl’s mechanized armor. Unlike the previous routes, Karl breaks off the bottom half of his Noble Phantasm before the mana reactor explodes from the damage inflicted on it by the group. Switching to the backup reactor, Karl continues fighting the group with only the top half of Carolus Patricus Auctoritas. After Carolus Patricius Auctoritas is destroyed, Karl duels Charlemagne, as Nero and Tamamo are now too exhausted to help. After Charlemagne disappears following Karl, Hakuno, Nero, and Tamamo escape the collapsing Carolus Patricus. Sometime afterwards, Nero and Tamamo work together to rebuild Karl’s kingdom.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Second Singularity: Septem[]

Nero is the living and current Emperor of Rome. She is engaged in a war with the United Roman Empire, established by the many emperors summoned by Lev Lainur Flauros with the Holy Grail. However, Nero’s forces are also aided by Servants, although she is initially unaware of their nature as Servants.

Nero first meets Ritsuka and Mash when they arrive in the era during a battle between her forces and those of the United Roman Empire. She thanks the two for their help following a battle. She asks where they're from, though she is skeptical of their answer of being from the future. Soon the group encounters the enemy commander, Caligula. Nero is shocked when Caligula turns into spirit form to retreat. She is also confused by hearing Romani Archaman‘s voice from Ritsuka’s comms Mystic Code, though she can recognize it as Magecraft. She then properly introduces herself to Chaldea’s surprise.

Arriving in Rome, Mash explains to Nero that they’re searching for the Holy Grail, saying it is the cause of the damage done to Rome. Nero says to continue the conversation at her palace when the marketplace comes under attack.

After repelling the attack, she tells Ritsuka and Mash about her war with the United Roman Empire. Recognizing how dire the war is, she implores Ritsuka and Mash to help her, saying she’ll help them acquire the Grail. Agreeing to help, Mash asks her if she heard about Lev Lainur. Nero doesn't recognize the name, so Mash explains who he is. Nero recalls hearing a mage in the United Roman Empire was seen on the frontlines. This prompts Romani to request she deploy Ritsuka and Mash to the front lines. Nero agrees and prepares to give the pair a feast when a soldier reports the eastern gate is under attack. Nero has Ritsuka and Mash repel the enemy assault.

The next morning, Nero permits Ritsuka and Mash to go to Mt. Etna so they can establish a link to Chaldea with the leyline there. She can't go with them since she is busy investigating the enemy. Once the pair return, she has them join her in rendezvousing with her Gaul expeditionary force.

On the way, the group is ambushed twice by enemy forces. Afterward, they arrive at the expedition camp. There Nero gives a rallying speech to the soldiers while Ritsuka and Mash meet the expedition’s generals, Boudica and Spartacus. Nero spaces out a bit, not noticing Boudica talking to her. She then tells her to inform the pair about the situation in Gaul while she lays down to ease her headache.

Later, the expedition force begins their battle to retake Gaul from the United Roman Empire. Eventually, they encounter the enemy commander, Julius Caesar. The group fights him under the pretense he will tell them the location of the Grail. They struggle against him, and he properly introduces himself to Nero’s shock. Caesar reveals the Grail is in the palace of the United Roman Empire’s capital, held by the court mage. After being defeated, he wonders how Nero will react when she finally meets the United Roman Empire’s leader. Nero is confused when Caesar suddenly disappears, believing it to be some sort of magecraft. Mash and Romani then explain what a Servant is to her. Though saddened they had to kill Caesar, Nero nonetheless commends their victory in retaking Gaul.

On the way back to Rome, Nero becomes concerned about the rumors that a god has appeared on an island in the Mediterranean. She decides they should investigate, especially since she can’t let the United Roman Empire have them. After spacing out again, she orders a ship to be readied.

Sailing to the Shaped Isle, Nero, Ritsuka, and Mash meet the rumored god, Stheno. Nero requests Stheno to return to Rome with them to help defeat the United Roman Empire. Stheno refuses since she isn’t suitable for combat. Instead, she offers the group a reward that they'll find at the end a cave down the coast. The group fight through the cave for no foreseeable reward, however.

Upon exiting the cave, they’re welcomed back by Stheno, along with Elizabeth Báthory and Tamamo Cat. Caligula soon arrives on the island to kill Nero under Lev Lainur’s orders. After he disappears, Stheno reveals the United Roman Empire’s capital.

Later, everyone marches back to Roman when they're attacked by Leonidas After he disappears, the group return to Rome.

At her palace, Nero receives a report that the special expeditionary force, Jing Ke and Lu Bu is returning. However, enemy forces are delaying their return. Nero requests Ritsuka and Mash to save them, which they comply with.

After discovering the location of the United Roman Empire’s capital, an exact copy of Rome, Nero marches her forces toward it. They defeat the initial enemy forces, but more arrive and catch them in a pincer attack. Nero orders Ritsuka and Mash to save Lu Bu and Spartacus in the rearguard, as they’re integral to capturing the enemy capital. Afterward, they encounter and defeat Darius III and his undead troops. A soldier however reports that Lu Bu and Spartacus left the battlefield to chase after the remnants of an ambush on the rearguard. Another pincer was launched on the rear, resulting in Boudica's capture. Nero recognizes from this report that she underestimated the enemy. She then goes to rescue Boudica from an enemy fort that Jing Ke located, believing Lu Bu and Spartacus will return.

Arriving at the enemy fort, the group is confronted by Alexander and El-Melloi II. Alexander reveals he drew Nero to the fort to talk with her. Nero then comes under attack by enemy troops targeting her, but her army holds them off. She doubts Alexander intends to talk with her, given that his troops are currently killing her’s. He asks why she didn’t pledge allegiance to the United Roman Empire since she could’ve avoided many unnecessary conflicts. Nero is insulted and refuses allegiance to the enemy for only she is fit to rule as emperor. Then, with Ritsuka and Mash’s help, she defeats Alexander and El-Melloi II. After rescuing Boudica, Nero's forces continue onward to the enemy capital.

Reaching the enemy capital. Nero gives a rousing speech to her troops before beginning the assault. However, Romulus speaks to her from the palace, revealing to her disbelief that he is the enemy leader. She refuses his request for her to join him and joins the assault with Ritsuka and Mash.

Later, while Mash is taking a restroom break, Nero confesses to Ritsuka the self-doubt she briefly felt upon learning Romulus is the enemy leader. She admits she wanted to surrender to him, but she refused to do so because she believes Romulus is mistaken. She then points out how none of his people are smiling, believing a reign cannot be perfect if there is no laughter. Ritsuka reminds her not to stray from her path, for which Nero thanks them. Mash then returns and reveals Jing Ke found a way into the palace.

Inside the palace, Jing Ke leads the group to the throne room. Nero remarks how the city and palace are an exact copy of Rome down to the last detail. She wonders when it was built and if it was from a spell. Romani guesses it is the power of the Grail.

The group soon reaches the throne room and defeats Romulus. Lev Lainur then appears, congratulating them on their victory. Nero recognizes he is the court mage and sees he holds the Grail. He explains his original plans and how he manipulated events behind the scenes. He then transforms into the Demon God Flauros and fights the group. Following his defeat, Lev Lainur returns to his human form and uses the Grail to summon Altera. She however bisected him and absorbs the Grail into herself. She then destroys the palace with her Noble Phantasm, but the group survives thanks to Mash and Boudica’s Noble Phantasms.

Outside the city, Romani tells the group that Altera is heading to destroy Rome. Mash doubts they can defeat her, but Nero reminds her of Romulus’s words: Rome and therefore the world is eternal. Even if its name is forgotten, Rome will continue on in different forms. Nero states it is mankind’s innate nature to thrive, believing it’s that “humanity” that Ritsuka wishes to protect. Boudica and even Nero herself aren’t sure what she’s saying, but it encourages Mash to fight nonetheless. The group learns from Jing Ke that Altera is slowly advancing toward Rome. They try to hurry to her position when they're stopped by wyverns inadvertently summoned by the Grail. Boudica and Jing Ke stay behind to fight the wyverns while the others go on ahead, despite Nero’s initial protests.

Ritsuka, Mash, and Nero eventually catch up to Altera. Nero asks her why she wants to destroy the world since it brimming with beauty and especially her love. Altera only answers she is destroying the western world, which Nero finds sad yet beautiful as well. She feels great pain and contradiction in Altera’s life. She accepts Altera is stronger than her but proclaims Altera cannot beat her in love.

After defeating Altera, Nero notices that Ritsuka, Mash, and Fou are disappearing. She realizes it is what happened to Altera and Romulus, and that the same will happen to Boudica and Jing Ke. She is sad that her memories of fighting the United Roman Empire will disappear when the era is restored. She tells Ritsuka that all roads lead to Rome, for Rome is the world like she and Romulus believe. Thus she will not say goodbye, but thanks for their efforts before they return to Chaldea.


Nero, EMIYA, and Tamamo interrupt Artoria Lily's training when they come to investigate the crash site of Mysterious Heroine X‘s ship. Exhausted from the trip, Nero demands the group to prepare a feast for her. Thanks to EMIYA, she believes they're aliens and decides to speak with them first. She also convinces herself that the ship's owner is a civilized person who hates war. She and her companions are forced to fight the group however when X suddenly attacks her. After the fight, Nero is glad to see Ritsuka and Mash again. But since she's confused if it's their first meeting or not, she introduces herself just in case. Then, admiring Artoria Lily's swordsmanship, she offers to be her training partner. X rejects the notion since all Sabers except Artoria Lily are enemies, claiming she defeated Nero in their earlier fight. But Nero says she and her companions held back when they saw their opponents were Ritsuka and Mash. She recognizes X as the ship's owner while feeling a sense of déjà vu about her identity. X eventually allows Nero to stay when EMIYA offers to be Artoria Lily’s training partner instead.

After seeing X attack Okita Souji and Siegfried on sight, Nero asks her why she despises the Saber class. She wonders if X hated them while alive, but X reveals her mission to hunt Sabers came when she became a Heroic Spirit. Nero is shocked that X considers it more of a personal hobby of hers. She considers it foolish for Servant to obsess over their past regrets or their Master’s purpose to be foolish. She believes X plans to be the strongest Saber, understanding they'll have to fight each other in the end. X points out however that it’s Artoria Lily who strives for a dream. Liking the idea of a Servant dreaming of the now, Nero decides to help Artoria Lily achieve her dream to shape her ending. She claims only Heroic Spirits who live in the now like Artoria Lily can alter the past and the future.

Charles Babbage, Nikola Tesla, and Sakata Kintoki later arrive to destroy X’s ship, having heard that it’s a source of evil. The group defeat them and wonder about X’s true objective.

X reveals she traveled from the future to save it. Tamamo wonders if Nero holding a world tour in the future is the cause. Nero is insulted, believing her concert would save the future. But X reveals it destroyed Space Rome, adding that it even caused Altera to flee. X then reveals that the future is in economic crisis due to the oversaturation of Sabers. Thus she came to the past to destroy the Saber class before that can happen. Nonetheless, she will spare Artoria Lily since they’re alike, unlike Nero. She is then shot by Ultra Heroine Z while protecting Nero. Z is a paradoxical version of X and fights the group. Eventually, with Nero and the others supporting her, Artoria Lily defeats Z.

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Nero is summoned in her Bride form. She eventually comes to Alexandria, which is where Robin Hood met her. Observed by Ritsuka's party, Nero treats the deserted town like a movie set. Though disappointed she can only do a western, she believes her acting skill will earn an Academy Award. She declares she'll concurrently be producer, director, writer, composer, leading actor. But she lacks a cameraman, so she contemplates trying to summon one. She believes her talent is profound enough to summon a legend, thinking she'll have to choose between Clint Eastwood and Randolph Scott. She then senses Fergus mac Róich‘s presence, who has come to kill her. When Fergus prepares to fight her, Nero calls out to the hidden Robin. After Fergus is killed, Nero reveals she plans to build Hollywood to the astonishment of Ritsuka and Elizabeth. She then declares she and Elizabeth are rivals and friends who appreciate the same art. She wonders if the group will help with her plan, saying she’ll promote Mash to sub-heroine in that case. But Mash points out to Nero that she'll have neither a camera crew nor an audience with the Celts destroying America. This convinces Nero to join the group to defeat the Celts, telling Elizabeth that their showdown will be postponed until then.[31]

That night in the forest, Geronimo informs the others that the Celtic stronghold is the White House. He then assigns the group into two separate teams; One with Florence Nightingale to rescue Sita; another to infiltrate the White House and assassinate Medb. Nero convinces Elizabeth to go with Ritsuka, Mash, Florence Nightingale, and Rama to rescue Sita, while she goes to Washington with the others, saying they’ll do their idol showdown afterward.[32]

The next morning, the two parties prepare to split off for their respective missions. Elizabeth and Nero promise to successfully return from their missions and have their showdown.[32]

At Washington, Geronimo’s group goes to assassinate Medb during a parade. Sneaking up on her with No Face May King, they isolate her in Nuptiae Domus Aurea. However, Cú Chulainn Alter suddenly appears when Medb calls for him and attacks Nero. Confused by his strength inside the theater, the group learns Medb created him from her wish on the Grail for Cú Chulainn to be a strong and wicked king who’d stand beside her. Nero asks Cú Chulainn Alter how he'll rule. Cú Chulainn Alter answers he'll rule through violence, declaring he'll destroy himself once he’s destroyed everything else. Nero compares him to a mindless beast and considers him unfit to be king for wanting to deny prosperity since everything is pointless to him. Medb counters he is fit to be king since he’s strong, and the weak always follow the strong. Nero admits she likes the strong, comparing them to lions, but she doesn’t like mad dogs. Calling Medb a dog who seduced a lion, she prepares to fight Cú Chulainn Alter. The others go to join her when Arjuna arrives at Medb’s behest. Nero and Geronimo convince Robin to escape and rendezvous with Ritsuka, declaring she must stay behind to teach Cú Chulainn Alter how to conduct himself as a king. She then fights him while Geronimo and Billy the Kid fight Medb and Arjuna.[33]

Geronimo and Billy are killed by Medb and Arjuna respectively. After her theater is destroyed, Nero realizes Cú Chulainn Alter feels nothing from his actions. He isn’t a king admired by his people, nor one striving for a dream. She wonders what he seeks then. Cú Chulainn Alter answers nothing. Nero is disappointed, finding it contradictory for a king to want nothing. She is then finished off with Gáe Bolg, and disappears regretting she can’t do her showdown with Elizabeth.[34]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Nero is amongst the "Septem" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[35]

AnimeJapan 2016[]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Nero and Tamamo visit Ritsuka’s room, both excited that spring break is here. Nero suggests they all go to the beach, excited at the prospect of finally getting to wear a swimsuit. Tamamo is surprised she doesn’t have one, wondering if she's self-conscious about her figure. Nero dismisses her words, claiming she gave up her place for Mordred‘s sake last time. She then boasts that her swimsuit figure will be like a bolt of lightning, and spring break is merely a test. She decides to bide her time on the same deserted island Ritsuka was on for a month in 2016 until summer. Tamamo warns her it wasn’t nearly as fun as she might think. EMIYA then enters the room and reprimands Nero and Tamamo while offering to continue Ritsuka's magecraft training. Nero and Tamao agree his crafty nature is why he’s still Ritsuka’s tutor. Everyone then hears Mash over the intercom announcing Chaldea will receive their regular report from Seraphix. Nero asks what Seraphix is, so Tamamo and EMIYA explain what it is. They all then go to the command room when Ritsuka wishes to visit Seraphix.[36]

Chaldea attempts to contact the facility, but they receive no audio or visual, despite both feeds being active. They receive an SOS message (sent by a staff member with BB’s help), saying everyone is being digitized. When the connection is abruptly cut, Leonardo da Vinci authorizes the use of SHEBA to observe that Seraphix no longer exists. Chaldea soon receives a video message from BB, who instructs them to check the Mariana Trench in 2030 A.D. The staff confirms Seraphix is 200m below the surface, along with the existence of a Singularity. BB tells Chaldea to save Seraphix's staff before the facility sinks 10,000m while dealing with the Singularity manifesting there. While rayshifting to the future is normally impossible, Da Vinci realizes BB can verify the existence of Ritsuka's party since 2030 is her present. BB warns Seraphix will reach the bottom of the trench in a few hours, at which point the water pressure will destroy it. Ritsuka, Nero Claudius, Tamamo, and EMIYA then rayshift to Seraphix. However, BB supposedly hacks the rayshift to separate the group to random locations in the facility (in truth, it was Kiara who was responsible for the separation).[36]

Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA are captured by BB/GO and made into her Sentinels. They're eventually freed from her influence by Ritsuka.[37] Everyone then goes to the central area after a series of adventures which EMIYA claims couldn't be shown due to "time constraints". Confronting BB/GO, Nero expresses her frustration at her for not getting a part in the Kiara incident. The group then defeat BB/GO, and return to Chaldea after she yields her Spirit Origin to BB in order to let BB merge with her.[38]

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race![]


Nero notices a flyer for Ishtar’s race and praises her own chariot racing abilities. While she finds a race nice, she promised she would to go to the beach with Ritsuka this year, even procuring a swimsuit for the occasion. She then notices Ritsuka and tries to invite them to come with her to Hawaii. Ritsuka however easily convinces her to participate in Ishtar’s race instead.

Changing in her swimsuit, she enters Da Vinci’s workshop and gives Da Vinci a blueprint for her vehicle. She demands it be done tomorrow and offers to compensate Da Vinci handsomely for it. Looking over the blueprint, Da Vinci says she could build the engine and frame with Sherlock Holmes‘ help. But the rest requires a welder, an artisan, and an engineer. Artoria Alter arrives in her swimsuit, declaring she will find these people. Nero tells her to leave until Artoria Alter points out each racer is required to compete in pairs, with one driving and one supporting. Nero questions why Artoria Alter wants to ally with her. Artoria Alter answers she needs to win, so she needs a skilled race instead of a familiar subordinate. Nero accepts Artoria Alter’s proposal, saying the latter can have the reward. She explains she is racing for the honor of victory, not for a physical reward. But she will keep the reward for herself if it will help Ritsuka. She and Artoria Alter then shake hands to confirm their alliance. They then duel to determine who will be the driver.

At the racetrack, Nero tells Ritsuka and Mash that all drivers are required to wear swimsuits. They are both driver and assistant, as it isn’t against the rules for them to have concurrent rules. They both wanted to be the driver, but neither of them would permit the other. However, there wasn’t enough time to reach an agreement, so they compromised to share the role of driver. Ritsuka asks why they both wanted to be the driver, to which they answer the driver gets the glory. Ishtar then shows everyone the ritual tools, which are key to erasing the Singularity and indicate a team is a legit participant. They’re designed to integrate into the vehicles, and any vehicle trying to race without them is automatically disqualified. After commentary on each team from Ishtar, the race begins.

A group of thugs soon appear before the racers. Nero and Artoria Alter start the battle with their Noble Phantasms. After the thugs are defeated, their leader, Atalanta, arrives. Nero asks her why she is interfering with her driving, and who the thugs are. Atalanta answers the thugs are her children to the racers’ confusion. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples. They are essential to her children‘s future, so she cannot permit them to be destroyed in the race. Everyone ignores her but soon learns she planted land mines to protect the seed apples. Eventually, though, Atalanta is defeated, and the racers move on to the next area.

The race brings everyone to an active volcano, where they meet Boudica at its crater. She offers to cook them something, only to turn hostile. Nero asks the reason for her hostility, recalling Ritsuka said this has happened before. Boudica explains it’s because of what happened to Britannia, and the fact she doesn’t have a playable swimsuit version this year despite modelling in one last year. She has become an Avenger, believing she must utterly break the racers’ spirits to protect her homeland. She will do so through a game of chicken to the mouth of the volcano. Until the racers defeat her, they cannot cross the volcano since she set it up that way. The racers accept her challenge; Nero is grateful to Artoria Alter for letting her be the driver for this time. After several racers drop out, Nero and Artoria eventually Alter near the mouth of the volcano. Artoria Alter says they won’t be able to brake in times. Nero says they will slam the accelerator instead, intending to win Boudica’s challenge. As she struggles against Boudica, Nero tells her she is enjoying herself. She tells Boudica she has every right to hate Rome, even giving Boudica permission to denounce her. However, the battle now is between them, not one where Boudica, her daughters, and her people are humiliated without Nero’s knowledge. Nero wishes they could be friends, so she asks Boudica not to sacrifice herself for victory. She steps on the brakes at the last second, but she notices Boudica isn’t reining her horses. She and Artoria Alter save her before she can fall into the volcano with her chariot. As Boudica disappears, Nero asks her who won her challenge. Boudica answers Oda Nobunga and Mysterious Heroine X did since they went into the volcano. After Boudica disappears, Nero is disappointed in how things ended, but she is glad the former was smiling. She and Artoria Alter then retreat when the volcano starts to erupt.

Eventually the racers arrive at a river. Penthesilea appears and explains to the racers that the more beautiful they are, the faster they will go. She introduces the judges: Mister B, who judges personal beauty, and a disguised Da Vinci, who judges the vehicles’ beauty. As the race continues, Nero and Artoria Alter notice they aren’t going fast enough, so Nero dives into the river to let the spray of the water to highlight her beauty. She calls herself the manifestation of Venus, saying she has done nothing special to achieve this beauty. She is insulted though when Mister B judges her and Artoria Alter to only be decently cute. Everyone soon beats him up after noticing his double standards, revealing him to be Blackbeard in disguise.

The racers soon enter the fourth area, which has breast-shaped hills. Artemis and her copies fire upon them, warning they cannot go through Artemis Valley as they please. She will allow them to pass if they can find the real Orion among his copies and return him to her. Nero determines this whole thing is the result of a lover’s quarrel between Orion and Artemis. While admitting it’d be entertaining to watch, she wants to win the race, so she’ll drive through the valley without Artemis’ permission. However, the Artemises fire a volley of arrows that force Nero and Artoria Alter to crash it into the hillside. Nero notices they’re soft, but says bigger isn’t always better.

The racers reach the final area, a bridge over a large ravine, with the Ishtar Temple at the finish line. Nero notices the others are close behind them, so she tells Artoria Alter not to take her foot off the accelerator no matter what. However, everyone is sent plummeting when someone cuts down the bridge.

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

The racers find themselves at the bottom of the ravine. They’re attacked by the Hessian Lobo security system, which overwhelms them. Medb then arrives and arrests the racers for placing weird textures on her land without permission. The racers fall unconscious and wake up in Medb’s prison. Nero and Nobunaga attack Medb, but the prison negates their powers. Medb tells the racers that she locked their vehicles up somewhere outside the prison after sensing a strange power from them. The racers are then brought to their cells, where they soon meet Ishtar’s avatars. They then encounter Carmilla working as a prison guard to Nero’s surprise. She calls her role dull and gloomy compared to her idol rival, Elizabeth, but Carmilla says it suits her. She determines the racers are too weak to escape and opens their cells.

In the courtyard, the racers meet Gorgon, who's only brought out of solitary confinement, exercise. She agrees to tell them about the prison if they help with exercises. However, the fight is soon interrupted by Florence Nightingale, who leaves after Gorgons says none of them are injured. Minamoto-no-Raikou deduces Gorgon is a projection of her real self inside her cell. Gorgon confirms thus then reveals it's impossible to destroy the prison’s barrier from either the outside or the inside. However, the racers can take advantage of Medb’s overconfidence in her Prison Field to find blind spots to escape. Carmilla then brings the racers back to their cells. There, Nero and Artoria Alter agree with Ishtar that they need to escape first if they wish to reach their vehicle before the others.

The next day, the racers still haven’t found an escape route. They see Quetzalcoatl training other prisoners to be luchadors. Nero wonder if goddesses merely have a lot of free time, to which Quetzalcoatl replies it’s her duty as a good deity to rehabilitate evil prisoners. After some sparring, the racers are sent back to their cells. They then follow Ritsuka’s advice to dig their way out of the prison; Nero compares their advice to morning dew on a bay laurel.

However, the racers' tunnels all converge onto Gorgon's cell, chained there by divine steel. Gorgon asks the racers to stop Nightingale from spraying her with reptile sanitizer. But the racers remind her that they were never friends and that she only used them to vent her frustrations. Gorgon replies that she'll help them if they defeat Nightingale. After Nightingale is defeated, Nero determines they can use Gorgon’s acid to clear any obstacles that bar them while digging. Since they had a deal, Gorgon spews her acid into special magical containers for each team.

Unfortunately, while digging, they discover the Prison Field extends underground. They return to Gorgon's cell, who seems to be enjoying their predicament. After venting their frustrations, the racers realize they have no choice but to kill Medb to disable the Prison Field. Nero notes they need to assassinate her since she is invincible inside the prison. She happily declares she knows a lot about assassination, as she has been on both sides. Gorgon reveals there was another prisoner who tried escaping by killing Medb. She defeated them and revealed she has a conceptual weakness to projectile cheese. Nero understands the importance of the element of surprise in assassination, but Medb’s weakness confuses her. The problem with the plan though is that Medb is always protected by her warriors. Gorgon reveals Medb always takes a shower in her warden’s office at the same time every day. James Moriarty, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla point out they need someone intelligent as them and Charles Babbage, who also knows the prison’s layout if they want to successfully snipe Medb from outside her bathroom window. Gorgon reveals there is a prisoner who knows everything about the prison, despite being in solitary confinement. She then gives the racers general directions to that person's cell.

They dig into the prisoner’s cell, who turns to be Enkidu in tight restraints. Nero is surprised that they’re handling their circumstances well; she also wonders what their gender is. After Raikou cuts their restraints, Enkidu asks the racers to spar with them to see if they’re fully functional. Nero realizes prisoners in solitary confinement are bereft of playmates, though she isn’t surprised given the disgusting state of Enkidu’s cell. She then agrees with Enkidu’s request, boasting she’d make children run home crying after beating them at games while in town incognito. After sparring, Enkidu agrees to provide the racers with the necessary calculations. Carmilla arrives to feed them, and attacks everyone after seeing Enkidu unrestrained. After defeating Carmilla, Enkidu, Babbage, Edison, and Tesla make blueprints for their cheese-apult.

After building it with the materials Ritsuka provided, the racers use the cheese-apult to assassinate Medb while she’s in the shower. However, Medb kicks the cheese away thanks to training her body to automatically react to incoming cheese. Nero sympathizes with Edison’s upset that all their planning was dismantled in such a manner. She then notes they’ll now have to wait for Medb to drop her guard, even if it takes months or years. Enkidu then reveals there is another way to remove the Prison Field besides killing Medb. Nero accuses Gorgon of lying them, but Enkidu says only they know of this alternate method. They reveal the control device for the Prison Field is a stone above the ground. The racers soon realize it’s in the statue of Medb in the courtyard. Enkidu then reveals there is a prisoner who is master of disguise that the racers can use to trick Quetzalcoatl into disable the Prison Field. The racers then dig their way to the prisoner’s cell.

They arrive in the prisoner's cell, only to find Carmilla there to their shock. They fight her, but in the midst of it, she turns into Nightingale. After being defeated, she reveals herself to be Yan Qing in disguise. He agrees to disguise himself as Medb to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field in exchange for fighting him. But Raikou has him sit in the corner and lectures him until he gets sore. Afterward, Yan Qing (disguised as Med) gets Quetzalcoatl to disable the barrier underground, allowing the racers to reach their vehicles in the warehouse.

The racers escape to the outside, where Medb and Quetzalcoatl confront them. Medb deflects shots from X's cheese blaster and decides to execute the racers, accusing them of covering Connacht with textures of another place. Nero declares she will imprison her inside her theater. The racers defeat Medb and Quetzalcoatl, then return to the race once they disappear.

If Nero and Artoria are in the lead for the race, they come neck and neck with the teams whose vehicles can match theirs: Team Nobunaga and Team Fran. They eventually get ahead of them though thanks to Artoria Alter’s defensive maneuvers, for which Nero praises her. Though she can’t understand her with the popsicle in her mouth, she knows they both want to win no matter what. She then realizes she has enjoyed racing alongside Artoria Alter more than any other race in her life. She happily declares Artoria Alter is the greatest enemy she must defeat.

However after the race, an enormous storm moves toward the track as if it has a will of its own. Ishtar reveals this was her plan. Unbeknownst to the racers, their vehicles’ tires were carving magical energy into the Venus textures she placed on the land. She then reveals her temple to be a giant ATM called the Ishtar Quantum Power System. The racers confront her when the relics she had them install in their vehicle are suddenly removed. The relics converge at the Ishtar QPS, which gathers the magical energy expended in the race. At the same time, the relics were storing the heat created by the friction of the racers’ tires running across the Venus textures for each relic to reach an excited state. The purpose of all this was for Ishtar to create a new Gugalanna. After using the relics and the Ishtar QPS to do so, she declares she can use him to destroy the Singularity. Da Vinci points that would work, but it’d also destroy Connacht. The racers then fight Ishtar and Gugalanna before he’s completely formed, but they struggle against him. Nero describes Ishtar as the type who’d self-destruct by betting everything she mistakenly believed to be a winning hand, which everyone vigorously agrees with. Quetzalcoatl then arrives to attack Gugalanna, revealing the her that disappeared before was Yan Qing in disguise. After she destroys Gugalanna, the racers and the race’s administrative staff get their picture taken by Georgios.

If Nero and Artoria Alter won the race, the former wants the latter to bask in the glory and celebrations alongside her. However, they argue when Artoria Alter wants to give the Holy Grail to Ritsuka herself. They then recall how Ritsuka passionately asked them to race individually, saying the experience caused their Class Change. They decide to punish Ritsuka for their trickery before proceeding to duel each other for the Grail.

Valentine Event The Bountiful Chocolate Gardens of Valentine[]

When he and the other Lancers are having trouble harvesting cacao mandrakes due to their screams, Cú Chulainn brings Nero in and convinces her to sing by saying music helps plants produce a greater yield. With Nero's song countering the screams of the cacao mandrakes, and their ears protected by runes, the Lancers are able to her harvest the plants. Everyone soon finishes and Nero leaves, satisfied that she could help


First Sailing, Once Again,[]

Nero sails Ritsuka and Mash to an island in search of treasure. After landing on the island they eventually reach a cave, where they encounter werebeasts. After killing them, Nero has Mash open the treasure chest, but most of the treasure has already been taken from it. Nero then takes the remaining treasure, saying that she needs more capital for a surprise that she's preparing.

A Golden Business[]

Nero reveals that her treasure gathering from before was to rebuild her theater more extravagantly, thereby improving her Noble Phantasm. Golems then attack the group, but Nero reveals that she had her patrons draw them to their location so they could take the materials from them. However, she decides against using the golem materials to build a statue of herself due to them being too brawny for her. But, she says that she will use them to make her theater even stronger.

No Matter How Many Times The End Comes

Nero reveals her living counterpart in the Singularity has passed away and she as a Servant must continue to protect the peace in her place. She asks for Mash and Ritsuka's help dealing with a mysterious problem that she doesn't seem to want to talk about. They travel to a remote wasteland near Rome where Nero recounts her memories of her last moments in life,: driven out of Rome as a tyrant, she had delusions of hearing the people caling her name, and survived on the brink of death in this spot for three days. Only after a passing soldier found her and covered her with a cloth to protect her dignity did she pass on, happy that her final moments were spent with another. At this Nero's ghost appears before them and attacks. They defeat her and Nero urges her ghostly doppelganger to disappear. The ghost makes the cryptic remark "...Oh... I can hear it... The call from the Capital... the Sixth " before fading away. Nero mourns "the girl who never went back to being me", but when questioned by Ritsuka says that she was just muttering to herself.

Carnival Phantasm[]

Saber makes a brief appearance in Episode 8, during Taiga Dojo segment. She is called Red Saber (赤 セイバー, Aka Seibā?). Like in Fate/EXTRA, she is arrogant, proud and shamelessly flaunts her sexuality, noting that her transparent skirt does not bare her flesh, but rather 'deliberately allows others to see it'. She was also disappointed that the delayed release of Fate/EXTRA made her too late enjoy the huge carnival she had rushed to join and that she will not be in the third season. She makes another brief appearance in the bonus episode, citing it as her debut even though Rider points out her previous appearance. She later asks if she will soon get her own show, and becomes disappointed that her screen time is ending.


She first appears with a tied Elizabeth and later with Gilgamesh, both using their swimsuit outfits in Exciting Splash.

Other appearances[]

She appears in TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater (Type-Moon Ace おまけ劇場, Type-Moon Ace Omake Gekijou?):

  • Fight!! Ms.Blossom Cost Chapter (「たたかえ!!ブロッサム先生 コスト編, Tatakae!! Burossamu-sensei Kosuto Hen?) - Saber, Archer, and Caster fights Sakura, in order to save Hakuno.
  • Let Me Hear!! Ms.Blossom Merry Chrismas Chapter (きかせて!!ブロッサム先生 メリクリ編, Kikasete!! Burossamu-sensei Merikuri Hen?) - The Servants and Sakura celebrate Christmas.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2013, she appears in Back Alley Satsuki. Saber is a gold heroine of Tiger to protect the third temple known as the "Zoo" and she is known as Idol Emperor Red Saber (アイドル皇帝赤セイバー, Aidoru Kōtei Aka Seibā?).

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2014, she appears in TM-channel. She has her live stream channel and she is seen playing Kantai CollectionWP.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, she is the most popular artist in the Imperial Roma talent agency. She debuted in the 22nd July 2010 and she is known as the Red Saber or Nero. Her class is Idol Emperor and she is from Rome. She says she can do anything as her Skills and Hobbies. Her Tmitter user account is @tmtt15_nero.


In life, Nero was a megalomaniacal emperor who viewed herself as rival to Heracles. One of her legends tells how wishing to prove she was as mighty as him, she strangled a lion, while nude, in front of a public. Although Nero claims that she snapped its neck, in truth, she only managed to make it faint, which according to her is victory enough. Nevertheless, taking into account that the bones of a lion are rather solid, along with her lithe, slender body, and that she accomplished this feat before she became a Heroic Spirit, there is no doubt that Nero was an ancient pro wrestler.[15] She would normally not be qualified for the Saber class with her parameters, however she took care of that part somehow thanks to her Imperial Privilege. It is said that those of the Saber class are far superior to other Servants. Thus, it is obvious that she would make anything in her power to manifest as such.[13] She would be more suitable as a commander-type Servant.

Throughout a large part of the Moon Holy Grail War Nero could not access her full power. Due to Hakuno Kishinami's deficiencies as a "pseudo-magus", Nero was unable to manifest her full glory. Although all of her parameters are an extremely low E rank at the beginning, with Aoko's and Touko Aozaki's help they gained a medium growth rate. By performing an Alteration of the Soul, Aoko was able to link Hakuno's and Nero's souls.[13] Through Hakuno, they are able to modify Nero's magic circuits,[39] so that as long as Hakuno increased her rank as a Master, they would be able to strengthen their link by hacking into each soul and choosing what to improve.[13] Sculpting their spiritual bodies maximizes the flow of Magical Energy from Master to Servant.[39] Following Hakuno's example, Nero also decides in the 4th week to increase her mana consumption through improved skills. Her power ripens as a result, but she still expects to receive a tithing of items from Hakuno's hands.[40]


Aestus Estus

She wields a scarlet long sword called Aestus Estus: The Original Flame (原初の火(アエストゥス エストゥス), Gensho no Hi(Aesutusu Esutusu)?, localized as "Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame"). It is a hand-crafted crimson sword, made from meteor metal, brought with her when summoned under the Saber Class by a Master. It has the following inscription carved on it: regnum caelorum et gehenna (the kingdom of heaven and hell). She feels it is the ultimate instrument, and that muses would bow before the sound it makes.

A Noble Phantasm is the symbol of a Heroic Spirit. Thus, using it would disclose Nero's identity. Thoughout most part of the Moon Holy Grail War Nero refused to use her Noble Phantasm due to this, and the lack of a big Magical Energy supply. Although it would be usable in time, Nero was reluctant to expose it on those she considers "small fry" in the first few rounds. Even with this disadvantage, Nero is surprisingly strong, being able to defeat most of her opponents who did use their own Noble Phantasms against her. Although Rin Tohsaka had initially assumed that Hakuno Kishinami and Saber had relied on a really potent Noble Phantasm to defeat Francis Drake and her Golden Hind, learning this made her rethink her opinion of them.[14]

Against stronger opponents such as Lu Bu or Cú Chulainn, Nero is greatly outmatched, forcing Hakuno to boost her with a Command Spell just for them to survive. This is enough for them to hold their own for a round, long enough for the SE.RA.PH's forced termination to activate.[39] In the 5th week, Li Shuwen is said to be their strongest opponent thus far, due to the overwhelming difference between the two. Even when Li Shuwen restrained himself while fighting them by forcing himself to only use a total amount of 3 strikes throughout the entire fight, Nero is barely able to hold her own against him. With Rin's help, they were able to reveal Li's presence with an Anti-Spirit trap which nullified his Sphere Boundary skill that made him invisible. Even then, Nero estimated that she would very well lose in their final confrontation. This was not due to Hakuno's fault, who had matured sufficiently by this point, but Nero's. In order to defeat Li Shuwen, Nero needed her full strength, her Noble Phantasm.[41]

When Nero fought Gawain for the first time, they were left struggling for breath, having to thank SE.RA.PH's intervention for their lives. His power surpassed even Hakuno Kishinami's expectations. Even though Hakuno and Nero had overcome a lot of powerful enemies, such as Li Shuwen and Lu Bu or Cú Chulainn and Arcueid Brunestud (Berserker), it was beyond their capabilities to make even a scratch on Gawain's silver armor.[15]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Nullifies minor spells consisting of chants of two verses or less. Cannot defend against large-scale magecraft such as Great Magecrafts and Ritual Spells. Because Nero herself has a negligible resistance to magic, the effectiveness of this skill is pathetically low, even by the normal standard of the Saber class.[2][6]
  • Riding (B Rank): The ability for riding. One can manage most vehicles and beasts with above-average skill, but they cannot manage beasts of the Mystical Beast and Sacred Beast rank. Nero’s field of expertise is with chariots, but given that her butt gets sore when riding them, said person is avoiding them when she can.[2] While she is a skilled charioteer that "rivals the solar deity Sol", she feels that she would not be suitable for the Rider class because of her general dislike for them.

Personal Skills[]

  • Migraine (B Rank): A curse that was inherited from her place of birth during her mortal life. As a result of the crushing headaches inflicted by this condition, the effectiveness of mental skills decreases considerably. Due to having this Skill, it is difficult for Nero to perfectly demonstrate even her valuable talent for the fine arts.[2][6]
  • Imperial Privilege (EX Rank): With the person themselves asserting that they have it, even Skills that are essentially unable to be possessed by them can be acquired only for a short time. The relevant Skills are Riding, Swordsmanship, Arts, Charisma, Tactics, and so forth. In cases where the Rank is A or above, even those that are a burden to the body (such as Divinity) can be acquired.[2][3][6][42] The compatibility between this Skill and Nero, with her passionate soul, is extraordinary.[3] It could be said to be the ultimate unfair advantage, but it could also be called a form of vanity. The Roman Emperor was no different from the Gods. All skills converged at Rome... no, converge at the Emperor. If the Emperor called white black, then it was black. However, even so, one could not acquire skills without basis. Since Saber was a polymath with ample curiosity, she had experience in most of the skills. Let's say one day Nero decided "I can pilot a jet! It is nothing, just adjust the plane according to altitude, not too different from the jet chariot I invented!" And just like that, she would figure out how to pilot the plane.... but because of her short attention span and headache, she would soon forget what she learned.[42]
  • Invictus Spiritus: Thrice, Even Though I Welcome the Setting Sun (A Rank): Invictus Spiritus (Unconquerable Spirit). A Skill born from the anecdote of Emperor Nero’s last moments. Three days after Nero committed suicide, a Roman soldier discovered her. The soldier felt that Nero’s end was pitiful and covered her remains with a cloth, and at that moment, it is said that Nero opened her eyes for just a brief moment and thanked the Roman soldier.[2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Her Noble Phantasm is unavailable to her for a number of rounds in the war. It is Aestus Domus Aurea, she performs three powerful strikes and implants her sword into the ground thus activating it. It is an "absolute imperial zone" that resembles a Reality Marble and allows the owner to achieve their aspirations. It boosts Saber's parameters and negates an opponents defense, though its true effect as a phantasm is unclear.


The skills she develops include powerful sword blows and support skills. Her skills appear to be named after aspects of her personality such as her love of flowers and her status.

Fate/EXTRA / CCC - Saber Skills list
  • Rosa Ictus: Pavilion of Falling Flowers (花散る天幕(ロサ・イクトゥス), Hana Chiru Tenmaku(Rosa Ikutusu)?, localized as "Veil of Petals") - It is a sword technique that uses 30MP and it inflicts physical damage on an enemy.
  • Tre Fontane Ardent: Fountain of the Blazing Saint (燃え盛る聖者の泉(トレ・フォンターネ・アーデント), Moesakaru Seisha no Izumi(Tore Fontāne Ādento)?, localized as "Fount of the Saint") - It is a self skill that uses 20MP, it strengthens Saber's physical attack.
  • Tre Fontane Curatio: Fountain of the Saint Who Tends Wounds (傷を拭う聖者の泉(トレ・フォンターネ・クラーティオ), Kizu wo Nuguu Seisha no Izumi(Tore Fontāne Kurātio)?, localized as "Fount of the Healer") - It is a self skill that uses 30MP, it absorbs enemy HP when using BREAK.
  • Gladii Sanus Plausorum: Acclaim is the Equal of Weaponry (喝采は剣戟の如く(グラディサヌス・ブラウセルン), Kassai wa Kengeki no Gotoku(Guradisanusu Burauserun)?, localized as "Artillery Applause") - It is a sword technique that uses 40MP and it inflicts physical damage on an enemy.
  • Pari Tono Plausorum: Acclaim is the Equal of Roaring Thunder (喝采は万雷の如く(パリテーヌ・ブラウセルン), Kassai wa Banrai no Gotoku(Paritēnu Burauserun)?, localized as "Thunderous Applause") - It is a sword technique that uses 60MP and it inflicts physical damage on an enemy. This Skill will replace Artillery Applause.
  • Invictus Spiritus: Thrice, Though I Welcome the Setting Sun (三度、落陽を迎えても(インウィクトゥス・スピリートゥス), Sando, Rakuyō wo Mukaete mo(In'wikutusu Supirītusu)?, localized as "Thrice-setting Sun") - This is an ability to revive herself if she falls in battle that uses 50MP, it is similar in nature to God Hand, but it must be prepared beforehand and will only bring her back once per activation (meaning in order to use it again she must prepare it once more).
  • Tre Fontane Tempus Texit: Fountain of the Saint Who Weaves Through Time (時を纏う聖者の泉(トレ・フォンターネ・テンプスティス), Toki wo Nuu Seisha no Izumi(Tore Fontāne Tenpusutisu)?, localized as "Fount of Chronos") - A self apply skill that uses 50MP. It inflicts Stun on an enemy when using GUARD.
  • Laus Saint Claudius
  • Fax Caelestis
  • Imperial Privilege - Gold Rate (黄金率・皇帝特権, Ōgonritsu - Kōtei Tokken?) - It increases the item drop rate after battle.
  • Imperial Privilege - Swordsmanship (剣術・皇帝特権, Kenjutsu - Kōtei Tokken?) - It strengthens the power of chain attacks.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK - Saber Skills list
  • Rose Ichthys - Burst Attack Skill - A curtain of falling flowers (Rose Ichthys) blasts a shockwave forward.
  • Fervence Ardeo - Close-Range attack Skill/class Skill (Saber) - Holy Fountain of Fire (Fervence Ardeo) - Slam your sword into the ground, causing an explosion.
  • Tempestus Primevere - Close-Range attack Skill/class Skill (Saber) - Spring Wind Carries Flowers (Tempestus Primevere) - Perform s four-hit zig-zag combo.
  • Tres Fontaine Tempestes - Action Restriction Skill - Fountain of the Time-Weaving Saint - (Tres Fontaine Tempestes) - summon Rose thorns, which stun any enemy they strike.
  • Tres Fontaine Claudio - Area Attack Skill - Fountain of the Wound-Healing Saint (Tres Fontaine Claudio) - Whips a tornado or roses around you, damagin the enemy while also healing you.
  • Tres Fontain Ardent - Stengthening skill - fountain of the blazing Saint (Tres Fontain Ardent) - Breifly lights your blade on fire, adding the flame element and extra damage to attacks.
  • Gladiusanus Blauserum - Burst Attack skill - Applause is like Crashing Swords (Gladiusanus Blauserum) - A three-hit combo, which includes a flame shockwave.

Alternate forms[]

Mythological Mystic Code of Emperor[]

In the final arc of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Nero Claudius unlocks her Origin in order to fight BB, just like Hakuno's other servants (No Name, Tamamo-no-Mae or Gilgamesh depending on the player's preferences) do in their respective paths.[17]


The moment BB gained complete control over the core of the Moon Cell, there was nothing Nero and Hakuno Kishinami could do against her, and they were forced to retreat immediately the moment she started erasing the space they were on.[43] Although they didn't find a way to seal BB's "Ten Crowns", the student council was able to devise countermeasures. As a result of analyizing the data from the Ten Crowns they gained from Robin Hood, Rani VIII and Rin Tohsaka acquired rights to access "original power" from the Moon Cell. The Ten Crowns is the beginning of human history, the dawning of the light of civilization. To summarize, it is the power of the Origin that began the human genome. It is something all human beings hold within them. By entering Nero's virtual mind/body to access the Heroic Spirit core directly, Hakuno was able to reach the heroic spirit's root that the Moon Cell had sealed away, and release the Mythological Mystic Code. This is an origin that even the person themselves, in this case, Nero, can never know. The farthest point that became the cause of the birth of the entity known as Nero. In other words, zero.[17]

By removing the limiter placed on her, Nero would be able to acquire the same level of "fundamental truth" as BB due to now being able to raise her spiritual rank according to her will. With this power up alone, the student council estimated that Nero and Hakuno would have a 0.9999% chance of victory against BB. In order to help Nero and Hakuno in the final battle, even if just a little, Rin Tohsaka redirected all the power that had been previously protecting the school building to stop BB and the Alter Egos from entering, and all the resources that comprised the building were transferred to Nero, to further empower her. By the point Nero finally faces BB, her power is increased to the same rank as hers. Being able to match BB in capability and rank of powers wielded, the battle between the two becomes rather competitive. In the Bad Ending, where BB gets to use her Noble Phantasm Cursed Cutting Crater, Nero loses and is vanquished. Hakuno blames herself, saying they were just one step short, and that she's sure that if they were given another chance, they'd definitely be able to corner BB. In the good ending, Hakuno and Nero are successful in preventing BB from using her Noble Phantasm by severing her connection with the Moon Cell, defeating her in the process.[17]

She becomes capable of feats like moving faster than light.[44]

After defeating BB, Nero and Hakuno face Kiara Sessyoin, who by absorbing Passionlip, Meltryllis, BB, and Sakura Matou to form her core, taking complete control of the Moon Cell, and Hans Christian Andersen pouring all his Noble Phantasm into her, metamorphosed into a divine Daemon, becoming a similar existence to a True Daemon and Buddha. Although Kiara Sessyoin had ascended to the position of a god after gaining complete control of the Moon Cell, she ended up defeated by Hakuno Kishinami, a mere human, and Nero. Being regarded by Andersen as an omnipotent being, there surely was no reason for her to lose against them. Surprisingly, Hakuno just happened to be the only person she couldn't use her "omnipotence" against. Kiara had not only based her powers in BB and Sakura, but the Alter Egos as well. It was because those girls whom she had taken as her core kept opposing her desperately inside her to protect their own love that Kiara lost. She fought head-on all confidently while being unaware of her own weak points. Had she know this beforehand, Kiara claims that she would have just blown them away to some random realm, just to later destroy that realm alongside them.[17]

Because the Mythological Mystic Code a very powerful engine, its power places much burden on the Servant. Sakura claims that the basic Servant frame is not capable of withstanding the power output of the Mythological Mystic Code, and she asks Hakuno Kishinami to limit its use to one time only.[17] When discussing how to free Altera from the shackles of the Umbral Star, Nero stated that this power would be enough to face Velber, although she feared that her Cyber Frame would not be able to handle that amount of pressure for long. However, taking into account that they also had the Royal Authority of the Regalia, Nero claims to have the power to make miracles happen. Although Nero says that using this Mystic Code is not a bad idea, Hakuno isn't entirely sure it would work. The Mythological Mystic Code is just the "manifestation of a Hero's Origin", so it wouldn't be enough to influence Altera, whose strength was backed by the Umbral Star, which is on a whole different level of power. To do so, they would need power on the same level as Altera. Even if they were to use the incredible power of the Royal Authority, and even if Saber were able to release her full power with the Mythology Mystic Code, the formats of the Moon Cell and the Umbral Star are too different. Hakuno states that this solution doesn't address the root of the problem. Since its power is ultimately just a function of the Moon's Holy Grail, all they could hope for at best would be to destroy Sefar, and even that wasn't guaranteed.[28]

Noble Phantasms: Nero's Noble Phantasm is Aestus Domus Aurea.

Moon Crux[]

Nero possesses a Spiritrons-enhancement Mystic Code that can wear with the power of the Regalia in Fate/EXTELLA. Moonlight Mystic Code. The Moon Cell version of the “Big Crunch.” It is made by collecting all of the pseudo-spiritrons (light cells) within the Moon.[45]


Nero's Form Change is made in the image of a Roman gladiator, combined with the princess of a new empire. Her legs really do look beautiful in those red tights. There was a helmet as well for maximum cool factor, but it was super-hot when she tried it on, so she ended up taking it off immediately.[45]


The Regalia is an Anti-Velber defense mechanism created by the Moon Cell. At the core of its concept, the Moon Cell is built to survey and observe, not to fight or defend, even if it can see a threat coming. That's why it chose Nero, the winner of the Moon Holy Grail War, as its defender.[20] This transformation is a hidden power from the Regalia with which Nero temporarily gains special admin access to the Moon Cell, drawing Magical Energy from it to power herself.[18][21] It is also infused with Anti-Velber technology.[21] Due to Archimedes' plot, Nero only has access to one third of the Regalia's Authority throughout most part of Fate/EXTELLA.

This form greatly enhances Nero's strength, allowing her to defeat Lu Bu, and later on Medusa even inside Blood Fort Andromeda, where her power is cut in half.[18] In the Golden Poem Arc she defeats Lu Bu yet again, and Hakuno Kishinami states that it was only possible due to her strength and good luck. After seeing it, Medusa decided to withdraw from fighting Nero for the time being.[26] Although Tamamo-no-Mae states that Nero in this form is strong, she claims that with her own Regalia and her husband by her side, there would be nothing to fear from her.[23] However, despite Tamamo having her own Moon Crux form, she still lost to Nero.[19] According to Archimedes, due to Nero’s superior experience and skill, her defeating Tamamo was a mathematical certainty.[21] As the Umbral Star's apostle, Archimedes's power rivals Nero's too, however, he is defeated all the same.[25]

Nero states that she hurls herself against all odds, heedless of consequences, making her passion in battle unstoppable. Despite her function and statistics giving her no advantage over Iskandar, but far from it, she was able to defeat him. Altera was surprised by this, saying that he was certainly not holding back.[20] In the "Golden Poem" Arc, Nero with now two pieces of the Regalia fought and defeated Iskandar yet again. This time, she states that Iskandar was a fearsome opponent, and that without the power of the Regalia and the support of his Praetor she wouldn’t have been victorious.[27] She further states that she’s not confident she would win if they were to fight again.[28] After defeating Iskandar, Elizabeth Void arrives to battle Nero, and by this point, her Magical Energy surpasses Nero over ten times. Despite being exhausted from her previous fight, Nero is still able to hold her own against Elizabeth Void, even gaining her praise.[27]

Normally, Nero's chances of victory against Altera are well below 20%,[21] as her Noble Phantasm, Teardrop Photon Ray, would simply crush Nero, not leaving a single fragment of her Spiritron energy behind.[24] However, in the "Flame Poem" Arc, Nero was not only able to survive this attack, but overpower Altera, despite her shortcomings.[21] By expending all the resources of her Royal Authority on full defense,[21][22] Nero was able to endure Altera's Noble Phantasm, although the Regalia was destroyed in the process. Nero then summoned her golden theatre, Aestus Domus Aurea, and left Altera amazed by its beauty, taking that chance to sneak attack her.[21]

In the climax of the story, Nero retrieves all three Regalias, regaining control of full Royal Authority. She battles Archimedes once again. Here, Archimedes claims to hold the answer of all things. His knowledge is perfect, complete, an unbroken cycle. Accurate and precise to the last detail. He knew how much Magical Energy she had, the value of her Spirit Core... Although he pulled exactly enough energy from the Umbral Star to destroy her, and put it into his Noble Phantasm, he still lost. He claims that the combined power of the Royal Authority alone shouldn't have grant her so much strength. Nero replies by saying that Archimedes had underestimated her passion and unyielding heart.[29]

In this form, Nero can fly.[24]

Alternate Saint Graphs[]

Alternate Saint Graphs that affect the Servant's abilities and class.

Saber Venus[]

Saber Venus (セイバー・ヴィーナス, Seibā Vīnasu?) is a form taken in Fate/EXTELLA through Heroic Spirit Apotheosis, which makes her the most powerful Servant in the game by summoning the goddess Venus into herself.[46]


In order to prevent the arrival of the Umbral Star to Earth, the Ark of the Stars within The Zero Dark should be destroyed first. Even with all three parts of the Regalia fused together, it would be impossible to shatter the Ark's core.[28] Even though the Ark is just a fragment of the Umbral Star, it still remains a hyperlight spaceship, made of unknown alien technology. To destroy it, Nero states that they would need a long-distance attack or a skill capable of conquering the sky itself.[29] However, with Altera's sword Photon Ray, which houses both the power of the God of War and the Umbral Star itself, such a feat became possible.[28]

By using the Sword of Mars as a Catalyst, the gods of Olympus gave Nero a new heavenly form. Although it is unheard of a Heroic Spirit having summoned a Divine Spirit, they were able to access a higher plane by combining the entirety of the Regalia's resources and the Sword of Mars. To summon a Heroic Spirit, they would have accessed the Throne of Heroes in a similar way, gain a Cyber Frame for the Servant, and bring them into SE.RA.PH. However, that is only possible because of the incredible stable connection between the Moon Cell, the supercomputer that records everything on Earth, and the Heroic Spirits, whose existence are deeply rooted in human history. In order to reach the gods, Nero claims that her compatibility with them is important. Since the power of war ill befits Nero, she asked for the power of Venus instead. That which she holds more dear in the deepest depths of her heart. The power of love. Truthfully, she would have preferred the Muses, but the Ark of the Stars wouldn't be defeated with glorious music alone. By manifesting a Divine Spirit in Nero's body, she achieved a new form transcending her class known as Saber Venus.[29] A form proving the strength of her unity to the Moon, the gods, and the Umbral Star alike,[29] with a convergence of Magical Energy from a higher plane.[30]

Noble Phantasms:

  • Saber Venus' main Noble Phantasm is Charitas Domus Aurora, an Anti-Planet evolution of Aestus Domus Aurea performed with the Sword of Mars. Although this form greatly enhanced Nero's strength, No Name states that it wouldn't still be enough to destroy the outer armor of the Ark of the Stars, and advises Saber Venus to destroy it from within instead. Once she reached the core through an entrance, Archimedes used the matrix computing function of the Ark, which is on the same level as the Moon Cell, to run an analysis on Saber Venus and create a multidimensional defense capable of surely deflecting Saber Venus' "ultimate play". However, Nero rebutted saying that love always continues to evolve in the face of the unchanging and that analyzing it would be futile. By firing this Noble Phantasm, which is the culmination of all human hopes, and dreams throughout the ages, the fruit born of human efforts of their life and civilization, Saber Venus completely destroyed the Ark of the Stars, saving the Moon Cell in the process.[30]


  • Saber Venus can be unlocked in Free Mode by completing the Golden Poem arc. She maintains almost the same moveset as her normal form but some combos are changed into more powerful attacks. However, the most drastic changes are Saber Venus can't use her Noble Phantasm, activate Moon Crux, and is unable to raise her Bond Level.

Nero Bride[]

« This time it is you, the player, who is her favorite. »

(Kinoko Nasu)

Nero Bride (ネロ・ブライド, Nero Buraido?), also known as Saber Bride (セイバー・ブライド, Seibā Buraido?), is a variation of Saber present in Fate/Grand Order. Differing from being only an alternate costume in Fate/EXTRA CCC, Nero Bride possesses different parameters, different skills, and a new Noble Phantasm. While the regular version of Saber in Fate/Grand Order possesses traits from Fate/EXTRA, Nero Bride is a "what-if" version who went through an adjustment to fit with the Fate/Grand Order setting. She has never interacted with Hakuno Kishinami, so she becomes attached to Ritsuka Fujimaru.[10][48]


Class Skills:

  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Negates magecraft with a chant of two verses or less. It can’t block larger scale magecraft, like greater magecraft or Cursing Rites. Since she herself has no innate Magic Resistance whatsoever, she boasts a rank unbefittingly low for the Saber Class.[47]
  • Riding (B Rank): Talent for riding. Can ride most mounts better than most people but can't mount beasts on the ranks of demonic beasts or holy beasts.[47]

Personal Skills:

  • Powerful support skills: They grant various buffs to one party member of her choice. The blessed hymns from the bride who, in the apex of joy, sees the world filled with light. Using them as support Skills is the correct way to use them, but when Nero Bride is the only one left, she can use all of them into herself alone, ascending these into an absurd set of Cheat Skills. Truly a Super Egotist.[47]
  • Migraine (B Rank): A curse inherited from one's origins in life. Due having chronic headaches, the success rate of Skills with regards to mental aspects declines considerably. Nero was a (self-styled) artist, but it is difficult to perfectly exhibit her rare talents because of this Skill.[10]

Noble Phantasm: Her Noble Phantasm is Nupitae Domus Aurea and Fax Caelestis.


« Speaking of Summer, it's about resorts. Speaking of resorts, it's about extravagant hotels. Speaking of extravagant hotels, yes, a specially set up arena! Now, the Golden Theatre changes for an everlasting summer, and the Emperor Nero, Prism--In to the summer sea! That is so! Let the sunlight be carried by flowing water! Now, my opera shall resound through Chaldea! »

(Nero Claudius Caesar)

Self-proclaimed, all-rounded genius. A cross-dressing beauty of the Saber-class (so she regards herself as) but this time, she has chosen to reveal herself as a beautiful lady, boldly enjoying the summer sea. She loves herself very much, but also adores the people around her. These are the majestic values of the Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire, which are a result of her combined narcissism and philanthropy.[49]


Nero was extremely displeased with having been uninvited to the Southern Island in the previous summer. This round is especially why she has procured a brand new swimsuit, and is brimming with excitement to proceed with the Summer Event. The Ishtar Cup had opened there, and she euphorically entered the race. However, a teammate was necessary, and as such, she called out to Artoria Alter who happened to be walking by, and a miraculous team was formed.[49]

Her beloved car is the Red Venus.[49]

Her approach towards the race is extremely oriented to the offensive. Anyone blocking her path is forcefully overcome, and even after countless clashes with the other vehicles, she is satisfied with getting past them through speed. Because Nero sees all the other teams as "Good Rivals", she enjoys witnessing their strengths, and aims towards surpassing them. Alter doesn't really care, and is only aiming towards being the top. As the end-result is the same, they don't fight with each other, which is why they are a miraculous team.[49]


There is actually a rumor that she has better compatibility than when she is of the Saber class.[49]

Surprisingly, even though she has turned into the Caster-class, her parameters remain the same as when she is of the Saber-class (excluding Noble Phantasm).[49]

Applying the teachings from Simon MagusWP to the fullest degree, Emperor Nero has completed a theatrical garment that can only be seen as a specialized Mystic Code for herself. The pipe organs floating by her sides converts her alluring song into an attack, and lasers, fireworks, flame projectiles and the like are grandiosely and randomly fired. Speaking of which, why does her singing voice produce damage? That cruel truth is something Nero herself is oblivious to.[49]

Class Skills:

  • Territory Creation (A+ Rank): As a magician, she can construct a territory beneficial to her. This time, she got it on an extraordinary rank due to the stories of making the theater and her good administration of the Colosseum.[50]
  • Item Construction (Strange) (EX Rank): Talent to make a variety of tools. There is nothing the self-proclaimed, almighty genius Emperor Nero can’t make. Since her aesthetic sense doesn’t match the ordinary people’s tastes, all tools she creates can only be qualified as EX (non-standard/unquantifiable).[50]
  • Riding (B Rank): Talent for riding. She can ride most mounts better than the average person, but can’t mount Demon Beasts, Holy Beasts or other beasts of the same rank. Her specialty are chariots, but they make her butt hurt, so she avoids it as she can.[50]

Personal Skills:

  • Rampaging Privilege (EX Rank): A Skill modified from Imperial Privilege. Comes from the stories of her once running her chariot out of control in Olympia. You could say it’s learned from personal experience. It’s a Skill that promises her first place no matter what happens. Even if she falls from her horse in the middle of the race, some Deus Ex Machina will make her first place in the end.[50]
  • Dreams for the Summer (A Rank): Beach Flower: Nero edition. While she shows off her beauty, this beauty is for all of those who smile at the beach. But... (However, this Skill was lost)[50]
  • Seven Crowns (C Rank): Her fragrance thickens her sword and sharpens her armor. Her state becomes ambiguous and the disadvantages brought by her class lose their meanings. The ???? comes out of the sea. Behold, the seven necks smoldering in the roaring sea. Earth’s amassers of fortune, it is time to pour your desire into the golden goblet.[50]
  • Undying Magus (A Rank): Magecraft taught to her by her once magus mentor, Simon Magus. Simon sentenced himself to decapitation, then revived. It’s said that, due to her special mana, Nero as a magician can grant one-time immortality to a person and grant them physical strength like that of a beast.[50]

Noble Phantasm:

Nero's Noble Phantasm is Lauda Lentum Domus Illustrius.


Creation and Conception[]

Saber was given a personality similar to Nasu's original idea of Iskandar. Nasu enjoyed Gen Urobuchi's rendition of the character, so Saber may have been born out of his drive to surpass him and create a different tyrant from Iskandar.[51] She was made to look like Saber because they wanted to trick people into thinking they were the same character and surprise them upon actually playing the game.[52]

Nasu wrote her scenario in Fate/Grand Order.[2] </ref>



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    • Master: Hero
    • Identity: Nero Claudius
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 150cm/42kg
    • Alignment:Chaotic Good
    • Strength: D
    • Endurance: D
    • Agility: A
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: A
    • Noble Phantasm: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C

    Personal skills
    Imperial Privilege: EX

    Migraine: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-team
    Range: 30,60,90
    Maximum number of targets: Hundred People, Five Hundred People, Thousand people


    • マスター:主人公
    • 真名:ネロ・クラウディウス
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:150cm/42kg
    • 属性:渾沌・善
    • 筋力:D
    • 耐久:D
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:A
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    • Height: 150cm
    • Weight: 42kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: December 15
    • Image Color: Red rose
    • Talent: I can do everything!
    • Likes: Herself, Praetor
    • Dislikes: Moderation, Rebellion, Downfall
    • Natural enemy: Seneca, Her mother


    • 身長: 150cm
    • 体重: 42kg
    • 血液型: 不明
    • 誕生日: 12月15日
    • イメージカラー: 薔薇の赤
    • 特技: なんでもできるぞ!
    • 好きなもの: 自分 奏者
    • 嫌いなもの: 節制・反逆・没落
    • 天敵: セネカ 母親

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    Name: Saber (At this time, calling me Saber is fine. You will remember my true name, which you have lost, when that time comes.)
    Height: 150 cm (You, do not ever speak what you just thought. Even a sneeze will anger me!)
    Weight: 42 kg (Mmm. My body is a work of art, but being asked about my weight, as a maiden, makes me a bit uncomfortable...)
    3 Sizes: B83/W56/H82 ([Some Latin?] Not showing lines like these would be a loss for mankind, wouldn't it not?)
    Home: (Embraced by the Mediterranean sea, the place where all roads lead, which was my castle, the capital of flowers, in other words, the Empire of) Rome
    Birthday: Unknown (Do you refer to the day I let out my first cry or the day I came to the crown? My apologies, I said something ill-natured. Do not make such a darling face.)
    Weak Point: That I possess headaches, and that I was not blessed with someone who understood me, I suppose. (Well, it does not bother me much now. You are here. Praise and pamper me, one hundred, no, one thousands more than those people!)
    Fetishism: I cannot cite only one! (It's for that reason I need a harem!)
    What do you seek from your partner?
    Now is the time when I protect you, Praetor. Therefore, I do not desire much. (As long as you are healthy, that is enough.)
    Favorite underwear color?
    When I exposed myself to the people, I was generally wearing red. (I suppose you could say that it is my image color.)
    How do you spend your free time?
    I take baths. Those with flowers floating in the water are especially fine. (On occasion, it would be fine for you to wash my back out of gratitude.)

    Love of Harems
    Saber's first SG.
    Her true name is unknown, but either way, this is one of the deeds of her life, where she did as she liked. Basically, calling it the privilege of an emperor, she kept beautiful boys and beautiful girls.
    It seems that she indulged her whims as much as wanted: listening to them singing, having them model for sculpture, receiving massages from them, and occasionally having them be her companion in fashionable games.
    Besides the harem, she opened tournaments crowned with her own name, appear in Olympia (the root word of olympic) and become the champion, boast that she was an artist that rivals the god of music Apollo, declare that she was a charioteer that rivals the god of the sun Sol; whether now or then, her love of flashiness hasn't changed.
    However, unexpectedly, before she became emperor, she was appreciated as an impartial judge. This flashy life all came about after she became emperor. Or maybe, she considered an emperor a "light which, like the sun, is necessary and essential to the people and the world," and maybe she was performing that role with all her strength.

    Laurel Wreath Veil
    Saber's second SG. Its other name is "Desire for Marriage."
    Rather than a secret, it is a desire, a dream. As she became emperor as a girl, she was unable to welcome a wedding ceremony as a single human being. From her admiration of that, this SG was given form.
    Though her birthplace of the peninsula of Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is a region of especially vigorous volcanic activity and a zone of reoccurring earthquakes. Regions like this...of course, Japan is included as well...as an often seen peculiarity, attached importance to symbols that have to do with fertility and symbols of living motion.
    The greatest of these is a crown of bay laurel--the laurel wreath.
    Since Ancient Greece, within the scope of Mediterranean civilization, the laurel wreath is a tradition, a symbol of glory granted to the victors of all games. This is the reason that the successive generations of emperors had their heads crowned with laurel wreaths.
    Of course, Saber, as the emperor or maybe as the winner of a tournament, has been crowned with a laurel wreath countless times. There is no mistake that a veil in the shape of a laurel wreath is reflected in her mind as a treasure that has no superior.

    Love for the People
    Saber's third SG.
    The way of her heart. It is said that while Saber personally criticized herself as self-righteous, she pursued the beauty to forgive ten thousand people--the ultimate beauty. That wish was not granted even to the end, of course.
    "Whether is it a single gold coin, the sport of a single night, a single shard of a dream.
    Nevertheless, the ten thousand people who saw that were people who showed flower-like smiles--that, I think, is the form of ultimate beauty,"
    she said, as if she were dreaming. Stars for the sky. Flowers for the earth. And love for people. That this way of living is ultimate beauty, Saber is unaware.

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    Class: Saber
    Master: Player
    True Name: Nero Claudius
    Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Deranged
    Keyword: Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame, The Great Fire of Rome
    Strength: -, Defense: -, Agility: -, Magic: -, Luck: -
    Anti-Magic: C, Royal Prerogative: EX, Migraine: B


    01 - Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Deranged
    A theater based on the palace Nero had built after her original one burned to the ground. Called the Domus Aurea, it was a grand villa built upon the ruins of the homes of the aristocracy that once covered the famed Esquiline Hill.

    Historical accounts paint Nero as somewhat delusional, and she herself has claimed that she herself has claimed that she was an artist and performer of such incredible gifts that only the god Apollo could match her skills. She would often perform for the masses, but those spectators for the would frequently leave midway through her performances. She was so enraged by this obvious act of disrespect that she would order all entrances to the theater in which she was performing to be sealed until the final curtain fell.

    This Noble Phantasm is based on the highest and most difficult principles of thaumaturgy and superficially resembles a reality marble, though its effects are far more pronounced. It creates a reality in which one's imperial aspirations can be fully realized.

    02 - Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame
    The hand-crafted crimson sword wielded by Saber when summoned by a Master. The following inscription has been engraved on the blade: regnum caelorum et gehenna.

    03 - The Great Fire of Rome
    July 19, 64 AD.
    A devastating fire erupted in one of the poorer districts of Rome and quickly spread throughout the city, reducing most of it to ashes. Contrary to popular belief, Nero quickly responded to the disaster and even contributed to relief efforts out of her own personal funds. While she became immensely popular with the common citizenry, her populist policies combined with her sometimes bizarre predilections earned her the ire of not only the higher castes, but also of historians who insist on painting her as a tyrant.

    01 - 招き蕩う黄金劇場(アエストゥス・ドムス・アウレア)



    02 - 隕鉄(いんてつ)の鞴(ふいご)「原初の火」(アエストゥス エストゥス)
    regnum caelorum et gehenna(レグナム カエロラム エト ジェヘナ)

    03 - ローマの大火


    Anti-Magic [C]
    Nullifies minor spells consisting of chants of two verses or less. Ineffective against high-level thaumaturgy and the greater rituals. As Saber herself has a negligible resistance to magic, the effectiveness of this skill is pathetically low, even by the normal standard of the Saber class.

    Royal Prerogative [EX]
    In response to the demands of a Master, skills that would otherwise be impossible to perform can be used for a short period of time. Some of the skills that can be acquired through this ability include those related to riding, weapons mastery, fine arts, military strategy, and diplomacy. Should an A rank be achieved, more esoteric skills becomes obtainable.

    Migraine [B]
    A curse that was inherited from her place of birth during her mortal life. As a result of the crushing headaches inflicted by this condition, the effectiveness of mental skills decreases considerably. Another side effect that seems to concern Saber most is the fact that it prevents her from demonstrating what she considers her divine talent for the performing arts.





    01 - Character Background
    Nero reigned as emperor during the years 54 to 64 AD. Although most surviving contemporary accounts paint her as a vicious tyrant who disregarded the Senate and violently oppressed the nascent Christian movement, many scholars believe that these accounts were an attempt to discredit her, as she incredibly popular with the citizenry.

    Whatever the case, her infamy is such that some theorize that the Book of Revelations found in the Vulgate Bible was written as commentary on and reaction to her supposed repression of the Christian faith, and have gone so far as to make the case that Hebrew pronunciation of her imperial name (Caesar) -NRVN QSR- is the same as the phrase "Number of the Beast."

    However, this has been proven to be patently false, as that term commonly referred to Rome itself, and not to any one individual, royal or otherwise.

    02 - "Nero the Tyrant"
    Taking the name Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus upon her ascension to the imperial throne, she was the fifth emperor of the Roman Empire and the last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, who had ruled Rome since its inception.

    The daughter of the cousin of the fourth emperor Claudius, she was put on the throne at the age of seventeen as a result of the devious scheming and possible matricide by her mother, Julia Augusta Agrippina. Once on the throne, she immediately began to demonstrate her talents at administration as well as her ability to navigate the often murky political situation inherent in Roman government.

    In addition to the above, Nero was generally acknowledged to be a consummate diplomat who preferred discussion and compromise to warfare and conflict. She was held in especially high esteem by both the peoples of Brittania and the leaders of the nations of Persia, who continued to refer to Rome as the "country of Nero" long after her death.

    While popular abroad and with the lower castes at home, the Senate and the higher caste members of the empire grew weary of her populist policies, extravagant expenditures on public entertainments, and occasionally irrational repression of religious expression. In the year 68 AD, a series of revolt drove Nero from the throne and eventually to suicide. It was said that in her final hours she continually expresses her anguish that anguish that an artist such as herself had to die, but as those who betrayed her closed in she quote a line from Homer's Iliad ("Hark, now strikes on my ear the trampling of swift-footed coursers!") and then drove a dagger into her throat.

    01 - 人物背景

    彼女を皇帝(カエサル)としたヘブライ発音NRVN QSRを「666の獣」とし、悪魔と同一視された。


    02 - 『暴君 ネロ』







  7. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Nero Interlude I

    @ Nero

    Sorry to trouble you, Gudako.
    We have summoned you on this occasion entirely as a matter of personal business.
    ... the Federation of the Emperors is defeated,
    and Roma has again attained a transient peace.
    However, the one who guides Roma as her princeps civitatis ...
    Nero Claudius is already departed.
    Or rather, more correctly, the Nero that lived as a human is no longer.
    Such is the result of our contract with Gudako.
    She who once as a human existed is per the fact of history is departed now from Roma.
    She who presently occupies the seat of the Imperator stands now before you.​

    @ Mashu

    The Restorative Force (修復力, Shuufuku-Ryoku?) of the Era (時代, Jidai?) ... no, the Corrective Force (修正力, Shuusei-Ryoku?).
    Because the Nero-san who is a Servant is extant within this time period,
    it would be strange if the Emperor Nero weren't already deceased.
    In normal space-time, a living person can coexisting with an iteration of themselves that's become a Servant after passing on,
    but within the context of a Singularity (特異点, Tokuiten?), "that which is presently appropriate" and "that which is of greater potency" holds priority.
    Thus, as of Sempai's contract with the Heroic Spirit Nero,
    the "Nero-san" that lived within Septem was replaced by the "Nero-san" before us ...​


    @ Gudako

    1: 'Was replaced by' is unnecessary, Mashu.​

    @ Mashu

    ... sorry. I misspoke.
    Though I truly didn't mean anything by it ...
    My sincere apologies, Lord Nero.​

    @ Nero

    'Tis no issue. That which provoked Mashu's melancholy
    is the passing of the we who was, yes?
    If such be the case, we forgive you. Rather, we are thankful.
    We thank that Mashu would mourn the passing of we who were reputed merely to be a tyrant.​


    @ Gudako

    2: Is that necessarily a bad thing?​

    @ Mashu

    Ah ... that's right. Sorry that I misspoke, Lord Nero.
    I wasn't being considerate of company,
    and so I've said something incredibly negative ...
    Lord Nero -- no, Nero-san. I didn't mean to imply that there was anything wrong with you being present in Roma like this.
    I thank you for honoring us with your presence, Imperator.​

    @ Nero

    Umu, Mashu is a good and honest girl!
    In guilt, you offer condolences,
    and express your joy upon elation!
    On account of the smile that you just now displayed, I shall deign to forgive the darkness of your words!
    Indeed, should you truly wish to express your apologies, I permit that you accompany me to the baths upon our return!​


    @ Nero

    ... and with that, we've gone astray.
    It would appear that in Gudako's presence, we are excessively relaxed.
    But to speak it forthright, we have on this occasion come to Septem for a certain purpose;
    we desire that our Master would lend us her aid.
    You recall that during your previous visit, a leg of our travels was conducted by ship?
    We happened at the time to overhear a certain rumor.
    Beyond the perimeter of Rome, there is said to lie a cursed waste haunted by a Wraith (亡霊, bourei?).
    We have our suspicions regarding the nature of the Wraith in question.
    Though it may be that we are abusing our standing as a Servant to better fulfill the obligations of our station,
    understand that we act in ignorance of the time at which our contract is to end, or when again we shall depart.
    ... thus, before then,
    we wish that by our hand, we might put a close to one amongst the sorrows of Rome.​

    @ Gudako

    1: If it's something like that, I'd be happy to help.​

    @ Nero

    -- umu.
    We leave ourself to your care, O contractor.​


    @ Mashu

    ... the sun's setting, Sempai.
    Even though the landscape is familiar, it feels very lonely ...
    ... almost like an uninhabited world;
    a stage that everyone's forgotten ...​

    @ Nero


    @ Gudako

    1: Is it really around here?
    2: You said that you have suspicions?​

    @ Nero

    Umu, it is indeed somewhere near.
    The form of the stones; the sound of the wind; the withering tint of the twilight sun.
    The entirety of this place is engraved within our recollection;
    the doom of a certain Emperor, whose path did in this empty waste reach its end.​

    @ Mashu

    -- !
    Nero-san, this is --​

    @ Nero

    Umu. 'Tis indeed the place of my death.
    Here did Nero Claudius pierce herself through the throat.
    For her people, Nero bore the utmost devotion.
    It was a love in the manner of a flame, ever burning for all to witness --
    but not of a variety that could be characterized as 'warmth.'
    It was a love that demanded in the extreme; bestowed in the extreme; that moldered in the extreme.
    Such was the only avenue by which Nero knew to express her devotions.
    'Twas excessively obtrusive, it might be said --
    and to the people, it was as a poison;
    Nero was, to the end, unable to recognize this.
    By a certain error of judgment, she eroded her standing,
    and was driven from the Seat of the Imperator by the designs of the Senate.
    The military turned against her -- and yet Nero still believed:
    for in her mind, the citizens to which she had so dedicated herself would inevitably come to her defense.
    ... the outcome of such goes without saying.
    The citizens offered no salvation to the foolish tyrant.
    Escaping from her pursuers,
    Nero chose in sorrow to end her life.
    -- as to the matter of Nero's sorrows, we shall not here detail.
    Simply, her life came in this place to its terminus.
    ... and yet,
    Nero could not so easily die;
    could not so easily bring herself unto death.
    ... with her throat in agony; a breast full of anguish; and eyes ablaze,
    those final days were as a time cut adrift to the currents of fever.
    Escaping the sight of her pursuers,
    Nero thrice welcomed the sunset.
    It was only as the sun inclined upon the horizon that Nero came to consciousness;
    for from afar, she could faintly make out the sound of voices calling to her.
    These were the voices of her beloved citizens.
    The Emperor Nero is blameless, they said;
    and they chanted in Nero's praise.
    Fufu. Truly, indignity is upon indignity piled.
    Nowhere could such adulation exist; nowhere has it ever existed.
    ... but even so,
    so as perhaps to know her folly, Nero parted her eyes.
    Upon the first twilight, she derided the absurdity of her illusions.
    Upon the second, she chewed her lips at the voices unheard.
    And then, upon the third twilight --​

    @ Mashu

    ... yes.
    There, the Emperor Nero left her final words.
    When the legionnaires that had been set upon her found her body,
    they took pity that her flesh had been left to the battering of the elements, and so covered her with a cloth.
    The Emperor Nero awakened then, and spoke:
    "Too late! But, ah, what fidelity!"​

    @ Gudako

    1: ...​

    @ Nero

    Umu. Our fate came there to its severance.
    That which in those final moments entered Nero's mind
    is in truth to us unclear.
    But Nero had by then obtained her solace.
    Though it had come not by the hand of her beloved citizens --
    as of the drawing of the curtain upon her final hour, she was able to recieve of the warmth of humanity;
    and so the tyrant was heartened.
    This is the Deus Ex Machina that appears even now within our dreams.
    A "happily ever after" visited upon the ending of this tale, irrespective of its unlikelihood;
    a final miracle.
    Had those legionnaires not arrived, it is likely that I would have even now remained adrift,
    awaiting yet within these wilds a voice that could never be.
    Thus and therefore,
    we are by obligation bound to cut you down!
    Dream of the tyrant that wanders yet the empty waste!
    Bloom of prosperity that has forgotten of wilting!
    We shall have you make your exit here, mine Wraith!
    Manifest, and draw your sword!​

    @ Wraith (Shadow Servant Nero)


    @ Mashu

    A potent aggregation of mana ... !?
    This is --
    This isn't just the shade of Servant, or a Wraith ...
    It's almost as if ... it's something like a Demon God Pillar --​

    @ Nero

    The Fifth Emperor, Nero Claudius here entreats!
    O Master of ours; O Gudako!
    We ask that you lend us your strength! Though it be far too late --
    Let that we might square away our debts by the edge of our sword!​

    @ Gudako

    1: Aah, leave it to me, Nero ... !
    2: Happily, Lord Imperator!​

    @ Nero

    Wretched thing!
    What purpose bears a player that refuses their exit!
    We are that which hath abundantly thrived and thereon come to annihilation!
    Death cannot be averted! The end is ever invariable!
    It is thus that we sing!
    It is thus that we shout!
    We love therefore without regret; without surrender!
    And ever yet, we welcome the curtain!​

    @ Wraith (Shadow Servant Nero)

    ... aa ... I hear it ...
    The voices of the city ... the Sixth ...​

    @ Nero

    ... Farewell,
    maiden who could not to "me" return.​

    @ Gudako

    1: Nero ...
    2: "Me?"​

    @ Nero

    ... umu.
    'Twas a meaningless thought, spoken aloud.
    Pay it no mind.
    More importantly --
    We must commend you, Gudako.
    Much as we expected of our contractor! Your reliability is matchless!
    By your aid was a disturbance to the peace of Rome ...
    No, we suppose that it wasn't precisely 'qwelled' ...
    If anything, it may have been disregarded outright ...
    What loneliness ... 'twas somewhat a hollow victory, mayhaps ...
    Nay, it is rather that --
    unmistakeably, the citizens recognized the ill humour that we displayed, and so pretended ignorance to our toil!
    Much as expected of our august self, and of the citizens of Rome!
    Such is surely a feat of synergy yet unmatched within the History of Man!​

    @ Gudako

    1: Regardless of what happens ... positivity!
    2: ... you're putting up a strong front!​

    @ Nero

    Fuu. Would it befit my standing as an Emperor if I were not so?
    So long as the slightest hope exists, we shall laugh as if all is well.
    Such is our way!
    Be that we are ceaselessly struck down, we shall until all is exhausted climb again upright!
    Hereon, we will offer to you the proof of this claim!
    O Mashu; O Gudako.
    'Twas by thine aid that this victory was earned.
    In answer to the granting of this boon, we shall upon the stage of battle claim our glory as recompense.
    Is it not yet time that we return to Chaldea, Master?
    We endeavor that the land shall by our acts resound with an applause of ten thousand thunders!​

    @ ネロ


    @ マシュ



    @ ぐだ子


    @ マシュ


    @ ネロ



    @ ぐだ子


    @ マシュ


    @ ネロ



    @ ネロ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ



    @ マシュ


    @ ネロ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ


    @ マシュ


    @ ネロ


    @ マシュ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ


    @ 亡霊


    @ マシュ


    @ ネロ

    余に力を貸してほしい! あまりにも遅すぎたがーーー

    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ

    死は避けられぬ! 終わりは変えられぬ!

    @ 亡霊


    @ ネロ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ

    さすがは我が契約者! 頼もしい事この上なかったぞ!

    @ ぐだ子


    @ ネロ


  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3
    [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Saber [Servant], p.192-194

    Saber [Servant]
    One of the Servants who contracts with the protagonist.
    A (self-proclaimed to be) crossdressing young swordswoman clothed in a bright crimson dress. Often called Red Saber to distinguish her from other Sabers.

    [pronoun stuff]

    A headstrong emperor who calls herself an omni-talented genius and actualizes (by force) most of the things she wills.
    Though often mistaken for a tyrant because of her arrogance and confident proclamations, as a rule she acknowledges the ways of existences of all manners of people, without rejection.
    She judges not by society's standards of good and evil, but by the human beauty.
    Having dabbled in plays, song, painting, sculpture, and such various arts, upon creating a new work,
    “How’s this? It is quite good, no? T-true, it may be a little on the maniacal side, but is it not good nonetheless?”
    A little miss attention seeker who tearfully begs for appraisal like so.
    Though she would normally not qualify for the Saber class with her parameters, well, she took care of that part somehow with her Imperial Privilege. She would properly be a commander-type Servant.

    As a Servant, she has no particular contentions or wishes.
    That is because she is perfect by simply existing.
    At least, Saber herself says,
    “I am consummate simply by thinking, speaking, and sleeping while being myself. No matter the era, the mere fact of my existence symbolizes the might of Rome.”
    Since she’s already perfect, there remains nothing more for her to seek.
    She has reached the conclusion that simply being herself is the finest reward in itself.
    Since she has absolute beliefs and tenets within herself, she isn’t offended by much.
    To Saber, the one unacceptable thing is to “for her to not be able to act as herself.”
    The reason why the egocentric Saber is fine with being used as a Servant is because a Servant is contracted as that which “must prove her supremacy.”

    “Hmm? I am to prove my supremacy, yes? That I have no complaints about. I shall simply fight a fight not shameful to myself.
    Even if I had a frog for a Master, if I can fight together with the frog and emerge the victor without shame, it would become a pride of mine.”

    Such is her amazingly optimistic outlook.
    And so it’s rare for her to scold the inexperienced protagonist. Though she does grumble about the protagonist’s timidity and fecklessness, in her heart she does not truly look down on the protagonist.
    To her, saying that the protagonist is “feeble” is simply an honest appraisal.
    Thus, when the protagonist grows as a Master and builds the bond of trust, she becomes more straightforwardly affectionate.

    “Confound it all, pay more attention to me!
    Since you are contracted to me, you shall put me first of all things!”

    Thus the attention-starved puppy emperor came to be.

    However, in the first place, there isn’t a Master to be found who would summon her.
    Her true name corresponds to great evil in a certain religion, and the end of her life was a miserable one.
    Just as much as she is an emperor, she is also an artist with unshakable faith in her own genius, and the only absolute justice to her is “beauty.”
    Whether ally, enemy, her citizens, or herself, she will not love anything that does not fit into that category.
    That holds true even for a Master. For sure, she will never obey someone she finds unseemly.
    There’s no magus who would want to make use of a weapon who judges matters based on something like “beauty.” Contracting with this Heroic Spirit is simply too risky.

    “……Well, that’s only natural.
    Magi are clever and calculating creatures;
    certainly not fools who would entrust their lives to me.”

    And so she spent her days in ennui in the Throne of Heroes.
    Though she gets lonely, her pride overcame that. She decided not to settle for just anyone, planning on only contracting with a genius of her level.
    And so, at the end of another round of preliminaries.
    Just when she was about to leave, thinking that there was no one to call her this time either, she heard a faint voice.
    When she turned, she saw a nameless someone who, despite being on the verge of death, still fought to stand.
    Someone who was not strong.
    Someone who had no outstanding talent.
    Someone who wasn’t even a proper wizard.
    But―――Saber saw a kindling that twinkled like a star in the night, a kindling that refused to fade.
    Instantly, she rushed forward.
    What she had in her chest was not sympathy for that someone, but anger against the high heavens.
    She knew that it was the way of the world for the weak to remain weak and perish, their prayers to no avail.
    Precisely because she knew this, she couldn’t stand for it.
    What kind of heaven would ignore such powerful will?
    Even in the death throes, that nameless one chose not to give up but to fight.

    “If it would not answer that purehearted wish, the will of the heavens matters not! How can I not answer the cry of that noble soul―――?!”
    Rather than answering summons, Saber had come to the place of selection of her own volition.
    While groaning inwardly at the offering up of herself that she had disliked so, she speaks to the nameless soul.

    “Answer me―――are you my Praetor(Master)?”

    She appears in a white bridal dress for CCC, earning the nickname of Bride Saber. Since there’s another Red Saber in Apocrypha now, I feel like we need another nickname for her to cover both Extra and CCC.
    Tange Saber……no? Okay, I guess not.

    Her rival in CCC is Red Lancer.
    One hopes that they can become friendly rivals as idols.
    After all, having both experienced similar reactions to their performances, it seems like there’s plenty they can talk about.
    Also, her voice when the player acquires her swimwear is a must-listen. Therein lies the max endearing charm of the Tange Saber.


  9. [v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
    Q: Why are Red Saber and Blue Saber so similar? Are they related?

    Q: Why are Red Saber and Blue Saber so similar? Are they related?

    A: They are very different!
    They are different like Takeuchi Takashi and Arco Wada. Or like buckwheat noodles and udon.
    The model of King Arthur were said to be a fusion of two individuals, and one of them is the Roman general Artorius. I guess there are some relationships.



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    Nero Claudius (Bride) - Saber

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Sakura Tenge

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A
    Mana: E
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: B+

    Personal Skills
    Star in Heaven: A
    Flower on Earth: A
    Love for People: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C
    Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Fax Caelestis: Star-Rushing Rose of Closure
    Rank: B+ → B++
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    With a whole new get-up, the emperor of roses wrapped herself in a pure white outfit.
    Due the exchange of outfit, her tension has also changed and her combat-styled underwent a variation from its original condition.
    Even her favorite sword - Original Fire - has read the mood and converted its blade from red to silvery snow.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 154cm・42kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Rome
    Alignment: Chaotic Bride  Gender: Female
    Umu, an ace in the hole wedding dress!

    Level 2 Bond

    • Headache Affliction: B

    A curse inherited from one's origins in life.
    Due having chronic headaches, the success rate of Skills with regards to mental aspects declines considerably.
    Nero was a (self-styled) artist, but it is difficult to perfectly exhibit her rare talents because of this Skill.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Star-Rushing Rose of Closure"
    Rank: B+  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Fax Caelestis
    An unique Skill that derives from "The Charmingly Beckoning Golden Theater".
    It is merely a sword-technique, but "from its gaudiness, loveliness and the overwhelming marriage-ness released by the wedding dress; why not call it a Noble Phantasm already? Right?" - it came to be treated as Noble Phantasm because of such statement from the concerned person.

    By no means, it is not like there were feelings of rivalry towards the new Skill of the blue, fox-ears Caster.

    Level 4 Bond
    In A.D 59 (some views say A.D. 60), following the example of the Greek Olympics, she established the quinquennial athletic meet "Neronia".
    It held three divisions of music, gymnastics and riding, and she herself performed in a number of those.
    Due the rebellion that occurred in A.D. 69, she was chased out of the throne of emperor and fled from Roma. In the midst of it, she understood that it was impossible to get away and resolved herself to commit suicide.

    Level 5 Bond
    Enthroned emperor at the age of 17 years old, Nero boasted tremendous popularity with the citizens due her generous political measures.
    She also paid attention to diplomacy, the popularity towards Roma in the England (Britannia) of later years had her political measures as its cause.
    It has been said that Persia would abundantly give high praises to Nero and, even after her death, there was a great concern in Roma about Persia "given it was Nero's country".

    Passing away without meeting her fated spouse, this pure white Servant continued to fight despite not having her fated meeting even after becoming a Servant.

    In other words, a figure that vanished in dreams, without ever participating in the Holy Grail War of a certain virtual world.

    ネロ・クラウディウス〔ブライド〕 - セイバー



    天に星を A
    地に花を B
    人に愛を A

    対魔力 C
    騎乗 B

    ランク:B+ → B++


    属性:混沌・花嫁  性別:女性


    ランク:B+  種別:対人宝具
    ただの剣技だが、その派手さ、麗しさ、花嫁衣装が放つその圧倒的マリッジさからもはや宝具といってもよいのではないか? ん? という本人の申告による宝具扱いとなった。

    59年(60年説も)には、ギリシャのオリンピックにあやかって5年に一度開かれる競技会「ネロ祭」を設立 。
    69年に起きた反乱で皇帝の座を追われ、ローマから逃亡。その最中で逃げ切れないと悟り、自決 を決意した。




  11. Saber Fate/EXTRA CCC promotional video

    Though there also seems to be a new Servant with flashy gold armor......
    Praetor, surely you are not thinking of cheating on me, are you?
    That one is annoying, super annoying, okay?
    After all, his character has too many overlaps with mine!

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    The skill of Red Saber.
    The acquisition of skills that one should not possess in a short period of time, due to personal wishes.
    Skills available included Riding, Swordsmanship, Artistry, Charisma, Military Tactics, etc. With A rank or above, alteration of the corpus (Divinity etc) was possible.
    It could be said to be the ultimate unfair advantage, but it could also be called a form of vanity.
    The Roman Emperor was no different from Gods. All skills converged at Rome... no, converge at the Emperor. If the Emperor called white black, then it was black.
    However, even so, one could not acquire skills without basis. Since Sabre was a polymath with ample curiosity, she had experience in most of the skills.
    Let's say one day Sabre decided "I can pilot a jet! It is nothing, just adjust the plane according to altitude, not too different from the jet chariot I invented!" And just like that, she would figure out how to pilot the plane.
    .... but because of her short attention span and headache, she would soon forget what she learned.


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    Moon Crux [Armament]

    A spiritron-enhancement Mystic Code that Servants can wear with the power of the Regalia.

    Moonlight Mystic Code. The Moon Cell version of the “Big Crunch.” It is made by collecting all of the pseudo-spiritrons (light cells) within the Moon.

    Nero’s Moon Crux is made in the image of a Roman gladiator, combined with the princess of a new empire. Her legs really do look beautiful in those red tights. There was a helmet as well for maximum cool factor, but it was super-hot when she tried it on, so she ended up taking it off immediately.

    Tamamo no Mae’s Moon Crux combines the luxuriousness of a dangerous beauty with the duality of yin and yang. No matter how you slice it, she looks like the boss of an expensive Ginza hostess club. Back in the planning stages, there was also a yakuza wife-themed outfit, a kimono with chest bindings and tattoos from the neck to the shoulder, but that was unfortunately scrapped.</poem>

  46. [v] Fate/EXTELLA material - Encyclopedia: Saber Venus [Servant] [T]

    Saber Venus [Servant]
    The final surprise of this title.
    Fate/EX is always pushing boundaries, but this is definitely the furthest the team has ever pushed it in the history of Extra.
    In Tamamo-Cat’s words: “Her attack is through the roof.”
    It’s very much in character for Nero to beseech the aid of the Goddess of Love (Venus) and not the God of War (Mars). We went with Venus instead of Aphrodite just because Venus rolls off the tongue better.
    We salute Wada Arco, who took on the “bikini armor” motif that’s fading into obscurity, and, without a shred of embarrassment, finished it up into something so beautiful!

    Saber Venus

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    Q: Having the "black" one as the main character and the "white" one as the villain is a refreshing idea. Then, how about the red Saber (Saber Extra), who appeared in Fate/EXTRA?

    Q: Having the "black" one as the main character and the "white" one as the villain is a refreshing idea. Then, how about the red Saber (Saber Extra), who appeared in Fate/EXTRA?

    Uro: That character is completely disconnected from the other Sabers. Personally, she looked like a female Gilgamesh to me.
    Nasu: If I had written Fate/Zero, then Iskandar would have been a character like Red Saber. In my mind, I can only see Iskandar as a worthy opponent to Gilgamesh, but the Iskandar Urobuchi created was an excellent, wild, and unprecedented character that I could have never thought up. But I want to surpass him somehow, so maybe Red Saber was born out of my drive to create a different tyrant from Iskandar.

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