The New Five Great Mafias (新五大マフィア?) are five crime syndicates active in New York during the late 20th century in Chaldea Case Files.[1][2]


Due to increased public security and internal strife, the Five FamiliesWP, the Italian mafia crime families who had ruled New York for decades, gradually weakened over the years, providing temporary peace. It would not last as soon after, filling the power vacuum left behind by the Five Families, new criminal organizations would rise and become known as the New Five Great Mafias. And their conflicts made public security even worse.[2]


  • Scladio Family (スクラディオ・ファミリ?) - based in Lower ManhattanWP, they are a heretic clique that expands its power amassing estranged mages.[2] Their leader is Galvarosso Scladio. Also exists in the world of Fate/strange Fake.[3]
  • Cascade Family (カスケード一家?) - based in MidtownWP, they are the dark horse who took control of all the city's smuggling routes through plotting and scheming.[2] Their leader is Kate Caroline Cascade, who is grooming her son Kevin into her successor.[1]
  • Jam Bullets (ジャム・バレッツ?) - based in HarlemWP, they a massing of street gangs united under the leadership of a charismatic black man.[2]
  • Badgers Alliance (穴熊同盟?) - based in Upper East SideWP, they are a collusion of three Russian mafias, boasting forces comparable to an army.[2]
  • Zafu Association (雑斧会?) - based in ChinatownWP, they are a brutal group specialized in guerilla, with no qualms about murder and torture.[2] Members can be identified by a burned tattoo on their ankles.[2]


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