« If you send in this card, you could be one of 100 lucky winners to receive a replica of a knife with Jack the Ripper's signature on it! (sheath included) »

(Night Wars of the British Empire survey card)

Night Wars of the British Empire

Replica knife

Night Wars of the British Empire (大英帝国ナイトウォーズ, Daiei Teikoku Naito Wōzu?) is a Japanese video game based upon the exploits of Jack the Ripper. It is an adventure game where the protagonist wanders the streets of London while battling his own maddened personality and occasionally fighting demons. Due to not differentiating between "knight" and "night" in Japanese, Lord El-Melloi II orders the game shortly before the False Holy Grail War, thinking it to be a war game based upon legendary English knights. Still completing the game, he sends in a survey card with his opinions and becomes entered to win a Jack the Ripper replica knife. He later wins it, but has no interest in actually owning it. It is a small knife with a "sinister-looking design" tinged in red and black similar in nature to those used for rituals by magi. It has Jack the Ripper's signature upon it and comes with a sheath.

Due to a mistake on Flat Escardos's part, he comes to believe it to be a catalyst for summoning a Servant, despite the idea of the murder having engraved his own name on the knife being ludicrous. He uses it to summon Berserker even though it is a not a true relic, and it draws forth a more powerful Servant due to being "an imitation designed for public consumption" in the same manner as the legend of the murderer.

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