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The Nine Fox Foundation (ナイン・フォックス・ファウンデーション?), abbreviated as N・F・F and NFF Services (NFFサービス?), is an organization run by Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya.


NFF headquarters (NFF本社ビル?)

Publicly known as Global Kitschy Business Consultants (グローバルでキッチュな営業コンサルタント?),[1] NFF Services was founded in January 2017,[2] and poses as a private military company, specialist mercenaries who "have never met a job they didn't like." NFF Services became the world-leading private military company in a mere month after it started its activities,[3] and six months prior to the takeover of Chaldea Security Organization in December 2017, they made headlines in Russia for their work.[1] They have a subsidiary company, Tamamo Heavy Industries (タマモ重工?), which produces weapons.[3]

For the purpose of infiltrating Chaldea, Tamamo Vitch came into the employ of Goredolf Musik and brought the organization to his attention.[4]

Tamamo Vitch still uses the brand to mark the various creatures taken from the Lostbelts, training them how to live and fight together and unleashing them to attack Chaldea's forces.[5]


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