No Face May King: Faceless King (顔のない王
, Kao no nai Ō
Nō Feisu Mei Kingu
?), called Faceless King (顔のない王
, Kao no nai Ō?) in Fate/EXTRA, is Robin Hood's hidden Noble Phantasm, magic clothing that erases any sign of the wearer. Robin Hood is an incarnation of nature, introduced and inherited as a custom of the Celts from the Beltane Festival (Spring Festival) after the establishment of the "May Festival", where participants in the festival pray to the forest spirit Jack in the green for the arrival of spring. In the May Festival, they make a circle and dance around a pillar built in the center of the village square where a boy and a girl on the cusp of adulthood would impersonate the "May King" and the "May Queen". The "May King" is a metaphor for Robin Hood, a "transparent king" who added brown accents to his green clothing so that his figure would not be seen.[1]

At the festival, the May King magic costume of green skin is just clothing with ordinary brown accents. Needless to say, with these leaves and brown stems (the Green Man) of the costume, Robin Hood is definitely the incarnation of nature. Wearing the May King costume erases any sign so that those who wear it will naturally melt into that appearance. With this, Robin Hood holds the same level of ability as the Fairy Puck. It is said to be stronger than the Bow of Prayer on the back of his hand as a one-sided victory cheat item, disabling the readings of both of the combatants in battle.[1] However, Robin Hood cannot use both the Yew Bow and No Face May King at the same time.[2]

It does not hide magical energy, but it does completely conceal the wearer's sound and scent. It allows for Robin Hood to be a sniper who hides his figure in this cloak, exhibiting Assassin-like behavior.[1] If he begins to attack, his targets can sense that he is following them, but are unable to actually detect his location. Because such tactics aggravate his chivalrous Master, Dan Blackmore, the use of "Faceless King" was strictly forbidden outside of combat. It can be given to another, such as to Passionlip in Fate/EXTRA CCC in order to conceal the File Folders, but the results were disappointing in Passionlip's hands.[1] She breaks it while attempting to use it as a ribbon due to finding its green color to be pretty, citing how fragile it was for her.


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