Noel (ノエル, Noeru?) is an Executor of the Holy Church posing as a teacher at Metropolitan Souya High School in the Tsukihime Remake series.



Noel appears one day as Shiki Tohno's homeroom teacher and both the English and PE teacher after his previous one died suddenly, going by the name Noel Aizome (愛染ノエル, Aizome Noeru?).[3][4] She is the pupil of Ciel, who had taken her in as a student five years earlier after she had run afoul of a bishop.

Thirteen years before the events of Ciel's route, on 2001 Christmas Eve, Noel was a normal young girl who worked at her parents' café in a small town. Recently a special guest has been visiting them, a foreign student from the far east. He talks to the girl, grateful for her family helping him out. Eventually he leaves the café, but Noel didn't go out. During that night, Roa (then using Ciel's body) and a group of his Dead Apostle Ancestor allies attacked her hometown, surrounding the city with an unsurmountable wall, leaving her the sole survivor in what is known as the French Incident. There she witnessed as her mother and many others tried climbed the giant wall only for another wall to appear behind the people trying to escape as it started to closing in upon them, crushing them between the walls; as well as witnessing Roa periodically killing and torturing the people of her hometown who were imprisoned in her local church building, including her own father.[5] This left her with a deep hatred of both Roa and Ciel, who she blamed as much as Roa himself for the massacre she survived. It is due to this that she became an Executor.[5]

Since she was a totally ordinary person to begin with, Noel had no talent as an Executor and spent three years training at a monastery to become one. Even after her training, Noel considered herself sub-par, and thus did not even consider herself a proper Executor until after she had already worked for two years as the apprentice to another one. It was only a year after this that she got in trouble with the Church and went to Ciel for protection, becoming her partner, which she has been for the last five years.[6]


Noel is a woman with brunette hair, brown eyes, and a mature look about her. She keeps her hair in a side ponytail with a pink elastic tie. When undercover as a teacher, she wears a blue blazer and pencil skirt over a white dress shirt, black tights, and high heels. When working as an Executor, she wears a button-up nun’s habit with a cutout that exposes her legs and knee-high combat boots. Occasionally, she also wears the traditional coif and veil of a nun with this outfit.

As a result of her vampirization, Noel physically regresses to her fourteen-year-old self because that was when she was happiest and at her strongest, her once brown hair becomes a magenta hue, while her eyes are turned crimson from their original brown. She trades out her church uniform for a purple sleeveless butterfly-esque coat held together by a large bow around her collar. Underneath her coat, Noel wear what appears to be a matching corset and thigh-high stockings. She has a pair of floral wrist cups and a pair of similar looking heels that each possess a single thorn protruding from their ends. Rather than exactly resembling her appearance when she was younger, Noel’s face is changed by her vampirization.[2]


Noel gives off a friendly impression from her cheerful expressions and is quite flirtatious, especially with Shiki and others who are younger than she is. At school, she exists exploits her appeal as an older woman to gain popularity with the boys. The girls, however, don’t seem to like her. Judging the way she idolizes love and marriage, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have much luck with either.[3]

Noel desires to return to her life as a “normal” woman, and makes an effort to appear as one while undercover as a teacher for her own happiness. Even when working as an Executor, she tries to act like an ordinary woman, doing her hair and nails in a fashionable way before hunting vampires and putting small decorations on her polearm weapon. She frequently takes breaks from her work to do things like taking a drink from a vending machine, something Ciel looks down on. Mario Gallo Bestino describes her as an ordinary person with bad luck who is half-hearted at both being an Executor and a normal person.[7]

However, her friendly and cheerful demeanour belies her cowardice and twisted pleasure in inflicting pain on anyone she considers to be weaker than herself, both humans and vampires. While her darker tendencies are not immediately apparent, her fear and paranoia about becoming a Dead Apostle herself after Vlov Arkhangel bites her in Ciel's route leads her to commit various erratic and sadistic acts towards vampires in hopes of somehow finding "redemption". These range from luring newly-turned vampires to a warehouse promising them a cure for vampirism before slaughtering them in droves, to simple cold-blooded torture. She uses sacraments to re-awaken the ability for her undead victims to feel pain just to make her torture more horrific for them, and smiles maniacally while they cry out in suffering.[6]

When she becomes a genuine Dead Apostle, becoming known as Dead Apostle Noel (死徒ノエル, Shito Noreu?), these sadistic tendencies become directed towards Ciel and Shiki, and she proceeds to attempt to use the Mystic Eyes of Roses on the both of them. She is driven by a strong inferiority complex due to her sub-par skills as an Executor and jealousy towards Ciel, who she considers a "monster" no different from the vampires she hunts thanks to her immortality, and it is due to this that she allows Dr. Arach to transform her into a Dead Apostle.[5]

Growing up, Noel had few friends besides a foreign exchange student from the far east. It's heavily implied that Shiki reminds Noel of an exchange student from the far east she had a crush on when she was 14. The same exchange student who tried to use Noel as a decoy when they were surrounded by the Dead, when everything went to hell in Noel's town. The boy she liked all those years ago betraying her to save himself left a deep scar in her heart. Shiki reminding her of the boy and being to Ciel what she wanted that boy to be to herself fuels her hatred for the both of them later in the route.[5]



Noel is introduced early on in the common route, taking the place of Shiki's class' previous teacher who has disappeared under unclear circumstances. The boys of the classroom are instantly smitten with the young teacher, while the girls feel ill-will towards the amount of attention she is getting. After school, Shiki is approached by Noel, who claims she has something she wants to tell him. However, it appears to be a sexual advance, which transfixes Shiki, especially on her neck. When she asks for him to remove his glasses, the spell breaks, and he rebukes her. She claims it was a simple joke. She warns Shiki to not pry too much during the night, unless he wants to become like his former teacher.[4]

Arcueid Route[]

In Arcueid's route, she quits working at the school due to Vlov being taken care of and no longer needing to monitor for potential Roa hosts.[8]

Ciel Route[]

Noel about to be bitten by Vlov.

In Ciel's route, Noel is bitten by Vlov Arkhangel;[9] while the bite was not deep enough to turn her and she lacked the potential to become a true Dead Apostle,[10] her fear slowly drives her insane and she begins torturing other vampires to death in an attempt to find salvation.[6]

Noel, still half paralyzed, and her wound from Ciel suffering necrosis, falls down the pit that was once Vlov's lair. She can't return to Mario and have her wound looked at. They'll find out, and then she's as good as dead. A "spider" observes her from the shadows. She thinks back to her fight with Ciel. It was over in an instant. She thought that her last few years of training would've at least made the difference between them a bit less, but it was the opposite. Ciel is strong, so she gets to live. Noel is weak, so she is going to die. It's unfair, after all the sins Ciel has commited, she's forgiven just because she's strong.[10]

Noel as a Dead Apostle.

During her desperate prayer to God for strength, Dr. Arach suddenly appears, claiming to be able to grant weak people the strength they desire. She tells Noel that Vlov did not turn her into a vampire, and offers to do so herself. She injects Noel with multiple shots of a serum called Idea Replica, which allows Noel to ascend to a higher stage as a Dead Apostle. After six injections, Noel reaches the VI stage.[10]

Noel and Ciel ready to fight each other.

The newly vampiric Noel goes on a rampage with the intent to kill Shiki and torture Ciel as revenge for what she suffered. It reaches the point where she corners Shiki and an unconscious Ciel in a circular iron fence 40 meters in diameter, challenging Shiki to a cage match. After Shiki's right shoulder gets injured, the two converse for a little while and Noel reveals to Shiki that she wanted to kill him and Ciel just for the fun of it, as she knows that killing Shiki won't kill Roa. After being beaten by Shiki and Ciel, she uses Arach's final injection, which proves to be too much for her to handle and causes her body to burst into a mass of thorns. She attempts to make one final attack while screaming at Ciel to "save" her, but is destroyed by the Seventh Holy Scripture.[5]

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]



Noel is an Executor, but compared to others she is not an exceptionally powerful one, referring to herself as "weak against the strong, but overwhelmingly strong against the weak".[3] While she can easily wipe out large groups of the Dead and eliminate normal Dead Apostles, stronger vampiric beings such as Dead Apostle Ancestors or True Ancestors are far out of her league. Her primary weapon is a halberd-like polearm, but she also makes use of a variant form of Black Keys as a sidearm. These Black Keys take the form of stake-like swords rather than thin blades with red hilts, and are specialized towards thrusting rather than cutting. Like Ciel, she makes use of the Iron Plate Effect when throwing them, though her use of it is not strong enough to inflict injuries on a being as powerful as Arcueid. Her polearm is extremely heavy so that it is able to inflict much greater damage on foes, weighing around a metric ton. However, she cannot comfortably swing the weapon even with her training as an Executor, so she must use a Sacrament that lowers its weight in order to be an effective fighter. Her boots are soaked in holy water, allowing her to test whether someone is a vampire or not simply by stepping on them.[11]

She has been educated in the use of the Church's sacraments as part of her Executor training, making use of holy barriers known as Temple strong enough to completely contain fourteen Stage III Undead. Merely touching the barriers causes the vampires' bodies to melt as if they were exposed to sunlight. The boundaries of these barriers are demarcated by her Black Keys, a technique she shares with Ciel, and activated with the incantation "O temple, appear".[11] In Arcueid's route, she traps Shiki in a similar Temple Bounded Field composed of white light that causes the bodies of any who make contact with it to be transformed into a pillar of salt.[12] She is also capable of using a spell that forcibly makes a Vampire experience pain like a human being in order to more sadistically torture them.[6] Noel is able to use the Cremation Rite with her Black Keys, making use of it in both Melty Blood: Type Lumina and during her clash with Ciel the day before Arach transforms her into a vampire.[10]

In Arcueid's route, she allows Mario to control her limbs, with his assistance allowing her to fight against Arcueid briefly.[12]

Dead Apostle[]

While normally unqualified to become a Dead Apostle due to lacking the potential, only managing to become a mere Rank II vampire, Dr. Arach was able to artificially induce her transformation into a powerful Rank VI Dead Apostle.[10][5] As a Dead Apostle, Noel can create large, spikey red stake-like metal spears (bells) that look more staves/javelins, using one as her primary armament and can also manipulate others as projectiles. These spears (bells) can be chained together and used to attack a target with a large number of them at once or trap her target in a cage of spears without any chance of escaping. She additionally can manifest a large number of these spears (bells) in midair and command them to fall like rain on her enemies.[5] She is also able to manipulate these large number of spears (bells) in a battle style evocative of a dancing butterfly.[13] She can also summon large numbers of The Dead by ringing the spears (bells) to attack her opponents.[5] In Type Lumina, Noel is also able to use the dazzling echo of ringing her spears (bells) to damage the opponent near her. Aoko considered her someone with a lot of potential but unpolished skill.[14] As a Dead Apostle, Noel is able to float and hover above ground.[5]

Dead Apostle Noel using her Mystic Eyes of Roses.

Upon being turned by Dr. Arach through the scientist's experiments through her special drug Idea Replica, Noel also gained the Dead Apostle Ancestor Rita Rozay-en's Mystic Eyes of Roses (薔薇の魔眼, Bara no Magan?), the world's most beautiful, most unsightly Mystic Eyes; Rita's Idea Blood.[5] The eyes allows her create a telepathic connection between herself and her target and make the target experience anything she can think of, allowing her to either attack her target by projecting her traumatic memories into their minds or by sealing the victim's mind within her own.[5] She is able to forcibly remove the soul of her target and lock them away in her Mystic Eyes of Roses, where they experience an unending nightmare.[13] When activated, her eyes turn to crimson and roses fill her target's vision. However, as Noel's Mystic Eyes of Roses are merely a replica of Rita's, all Ciel needed was enough magical energy and mental strength to deflect the eyes, while Roa in Shiki's body was able to deflect it immediately though he admits that the original would have been effective.[5] Her Last Arc Sleeping Rose Princess Rozay-en (睡薔薇姫ロズィーアン(こんすいばらひめ)?), has Noel use her Mystic Eyes of Roses on her opponent, which is visualized as trapping them inside a giant present before skewering them with countless giant spears, Noel then becoming a giant herself and deals the final blow with a thrust with her spear in hand.

Noel growing thorns as a rush attack at Ciel.

It is implied that Dr. Arach's procedure granted Noel some of Rita Rozay-en's other abilities due to the final injection causing Noel to sprouted thorny vines from her person. After having been mortally wounded by Ciel, Noel injects herself with the Idea Replica shot that Arach warned would kill her, causing her body to erupt into a storm of thorny vines that Noel tries to lunge into Ciel.[5]

She is able to materialize the church from her traumatic past and its surrounding area into reality, calling it her Principle Bells of Nostalgia (望郷の鐘, Bōkyō no Kanae?). Roa praises Noel on this accomplishment as a result of it being a complete recreation of the original, noting that not even the scent of the blood staining its floors has changed, even starting to speculate that she might be a Rank VII vampire due to how quickly she materialized it.[15] Aoko initially confuses it for a Reality Marble but after noticing the magical energy in the flowers, saying that it is a dream world that's spilling out onto reality.[16]

In Melty Blood: Type Lumina, it is revealed that the Idea Replica-based Dead Apostle form she took on is still at a prototype stage. The more she keeps relying on the said artificial Dead Apostle powers and takes her victims' bloods, her body will progressively break down and disintegrate, then die in the process.[17]


Creation and Conception[]

Noel was developed to fill the previously absent role of a teacher in the school. She was first revealed in TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 10 in 2015. She was designed to have a more “adult” appearance than the main heroines, but as a character turned out to be more like “an adult who sucks at being an adult”.[1] The concepts behind her design as a vampire were a “butterfly fairy, but still visibly Noel” and “Noel’s dark passions hatched”.[2]

Noel was initially created just to replace Ciel early on in the Arcueid route as a small surprise, but Nasu later decided to expand her role into a character that brought Ciel’s sins closer to her. She is similar to Ciel despite being weak and untrustworthy, and is just doing what any other person placed into her situation would have. She is not the kind of character who could be a protagonist, but merely a victim who had to become an Executor as there was no way to return to her old life. Nasu considers her to be a highly difficult character to portray that nobody but Ai Kayano could have properly pulled off. Takeuchi was instructed by Nasu to design Noel’s Dead Apostle form to “look like it’s in the wrong place in the wrong time”. The theme of the design is a "butterfly caught in a spider’s web”, reflecting how Noel views herself as the protagonist of the world and others as merely “guest characters".[18]


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    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 27
    • Blood type: B
    • Height: 169cm
    • Weight: 59kg
    • Birthday: December 25th
    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Likes: Gifting herself, social media, antiques, younger lovers
    • Dislikes: Unwieldy weapons, dentists, younger bosses
    • Natural enemy: Ciel

    Comment from the illustrator: A new teacher transferred to Shiki’s school and an Executor working with Ciel. The main idea was designing her more adult than the heroines. Well, she turned out to be more like an adult who sucks at being an adult.


    • 性別:女性
    • 年齢:27歳
    • 血液型:B
    • 身長:169cm
    • 体重:59kg
    • 生日: 12月25日
    • 属性:混沌・中庸
    • 好きな物: 自分ごほうび、SNS、アンティーク、年下の恋人
    • 嫌いな物: 扱いの難しい武器、歯医者、年下の上司
    • 天敵: シエル


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    Dead Apostle Noel

    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 27
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Height: 143cm
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Birthday: December 25th
    • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • Likes: Her puny, audacious, and pathetic enemies; her best self
    • Dislikes: Ciel
    • Natural enemy: Ciel

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    • 性別:女性
    • 年齢:27歳
    • 血液型:不明
    • 身長:143cm
    • 体重:35kg
    • 生日: 12月25日
    • 属性:秩序・善
    • 好きな物: 弱っちくて生意気でみじめな敵、絶好調な自分
    • 嫌いな物: シエル
    • 天敵: シエル


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