Norikata Emiya (衛宮 矩賢, Emiya Norikata?) is the father of Kiritsugu and fourth head of the Emiya family.



Known as a genius who, despite the relatively shallow generation of his family line, was given a Sealing Designation, Norikata was constantly hiding from the Mage's Association for more than twenty years. He was married during this period, but lost his wife to the Association's hunters. Norikata escaped with his recently born son, Kiritsugu, who had no memory of it. They settled on the small Alimango Island years later, residing there for a year.[1] Norikata took a local inhabitant, Shirley, as an assistant to his research, preferring to stay out of town for the most part in their purportedly haunted home.[2] He prepared a means of escape from the island in advance.


Norikata is an eccentric and strict man, but Kiritsugu views him as as very gentle and a great father in their personal life. He shows concern for Kiritsugu's safety during the incident on the island, waiting until Kiritsugu returns before attempting to flee and showing his normally hidden feelings upon seeing Kiritsugu safe. Norikata cares little for the residents of the island, refraining from interacting with them and showing no care for the incident his experiment caused. He views Shirley as having great potential, saying it would be a shame to leave her on the island. Upon her death, he says it is a pity, but shows no regret or shame in his words.[2]


Norikata finds that a someone has entered his workshop without permission, first asking Kiritsugu if he was the one who did it. Upon learning that it was not Kiritsugu, he tells him not to leave the house and starts making preparations to escape from the island. Shirley, out of curiosity and desperate to validate Norikata's work, drinks his experimental Dead Apostle potion, transforming and infesting the whole island when Kiritsugu refuses to kill her. Kiritsugu is saved by Natalia Kaminski, and upon learning that his father is the culprit, resolves himself to put an end to it.[2]

Norikata is relieved upon Kiritsugu's return, revealing that he knew what would happen upon discovering the theft of the potion. He says it is a pity, but Shirley could not win over her own curiosity. He explains the necessity of the research to Kiritsugu, but says he must abandon his current method because it proved to be a failure. Despite the sacrifices, he intends to continue his research until reaching a satisfactory conclusion. In the novel, he tells Kiritsugu that they need to leave and turns his back to his son, allowing Kiritsugu to shoot him in the back of the neck and then twice in the head.[2] In the anime adaptation, he stabs Norikata in stomach with Shirley's knife and then shoots his bewildered father three times.[3] His body is given to the Association, which takes most of the Emiya Magic Crest. Natalia is able to negotiate for a section to be inherited by Kiritsugu, although only a fragment.[2]


Norikata is a genius magus whose research has deemed him necessary of a Sealing Designation despite the pedigree of his family not being exceedingly great. He followed his family's path of Time Manipulation magecraft, accelerating or stagnating the flow of time within a Reality Marble. He perfected the craft, bringing about the idea to shrink a Bounded Field until the resistance was almost zero and then accelerate the flow of time without limit to witness the end of the universe and arrive at the Root beyond it. Although a promising theory, he believes it would require several hundreds of years of research.[2][1]

The other part of his research involves him attempting to "come up with a solution for aging" for himself or at least Kiritsugu so that the necessary time to complete the formula will be available.[2] One attempt is to halt the flow of time in a living being, successfully performing it on one hundred flowers. They never age or wither, but he is unsure about being able to perform it on a human.[3] Another part of his research has him reluctantly studying Dead Apostles, having created a potion that can turn a person into one.[2] Although it is potent enough to bypass the normal steps and make the person directly into a Dead Apostle, Shirley going out of control and succumbing means it is still a failure.[4] Deciding that the whole theory is a failure, he plans to abandon his current line of experiment and start from the basics.[2]


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