Norma Goodfellow (ノーマ・グッドフェロー, Nōma Guddoferō?) is the Master of Saber in the Labyrinth Holy Grail War of Fate/Labyrinth. Manaka Sajyou possesses her body for part of the story.



Norma was born into a clan that specializes in investigating magic ruins, she follows her family traditions and pursues that path. She was hired to investigate Caubac Alcatraz's labyrinth, the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. However, upon entering the labyrinth, the crew which she had hired to help her were killed by a monster, and she soon became lost within it; that is until Manaka took possession of her body.


Norma appears to be a average girl in her late teens. She has long orange hair and purple eyes. She wears a blue jacket, white sleeveless vest, black shorts and black boots.


Norma is a smart, yet, timid girl, who becomes easily frightened in unexpected situations. She has the typical personality of a girl her age, though she is also quite a bibliophile. She highly respects her grandfather, having both learned from him and having inherited his book collection.



The instant she summons Saber, Norma is possessed by Manaka Sajyou and spends much of the remainder of the war as a subconscious viewer through Manaka's eyes.

Norma regains control of her body, after the defeat of the Dragon Golem on the 3rd floor of the Labyrinth. Fearing retaliation by the Servants because of Manaka's sudden disappearance, she runs away and ends up accidentally triggering a pitfall trap. She falls into a small cavern, only to end up being attacked by Man-Eating Fairies. She is then rescued by Gray and during their initial meeting, Norma mistakes her for a Lancer-class Servant.

During a rest stop, Gray introduces Norma to her mystic code, Add, after he makes an outburst about eating sandwiches made from parts of the labyrinth's creatures.

Norma and Gray eventually reach the room where the Holy Grail is stored, however, before they can try to find a way out of the room, they encounter Wolfgang Faustus who introduces himself. After some conversation, Norma and Gray get into a battle with Faustus. However, due to being unable to move out of fear, Norma takes on the role of the observer and spends most of the battle observing Gray's fight with Faustus. It is only after Gray is revealed to be human by Faustus, that Norma finally gains the courage to try and help her. Though she is captured in the attempt.

As she is about to killed by Faustus, she is rescued by Assassin and the other Servants. Assassin takes Norma to safe spot where she watches the battle between the 3 Servants (minus Saber) and Faustus who has also summoned a pseudo-Berserker class Servant called Asterios to help him. However, just as it seems like Faustus and Berserker are going to beat Gray and the 3 Servants, Norma hears Manaka's voice in her mind. After some chiding by Manaka, Manaka then helps Norma destroy the Subcategory Holy Grail which not only causes Berserker to disappear, but enables Gray and the three Servants to finally defeat Faustus.

After defeating Wolfgang Faustus, Norma manages to escape the labyrinth with Gray and the three Servants' help. Caster, Assassin and Archer then give Norma the bracelet mystic code that Saber had wanted to give her, and say their thanks and farewells before disappearing. Norma then notices that she has fully regained control of her body. She then meets up with Gray and her Master, Lord El-Melloi II who wants to question her about the incident.


Being an explorer, Norma specializes in investigating tombs and ruins, thus she knows how to deactivate traps, and has some skill in using mystic codes. She also has an explorer's bag which has protective enchantments on it, meaning that she does have some skill for magecraft.

Norma also possesses a type of Mystic Eyes called Fairy eye
Glam Sight
, Yōsei gan
Guramu saito
?) which enables her to easily perceive and adapt to any information that can't be normally processed by the brain e.g. high-speed movements.


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