Nrvnqsr Chaos
Tsukihime (2021)

Nrvnqsr Chaos (ネロ・カオス, Nero Kaosu?) is the tenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.



Originally, he was a human known as Fabro Rowan (フォアブロ・ロワイン, Foaburo Rowain?) living in the Common Era. He was selected to join the Wandering Sea around 1000 AD and passed behind Ganne, Gate of Rebirth, one of the Wandering Sea's Five Gates.[1]

One day, Roa and Nrvnqsr Chaos had a discussion about immortality, with Nrvnqsr Chaos asking him about his answer to the question of eternal life. Nrvnqsr Chaos was impressed at Roa for finding the "Wandering Sea" they've met in, but Roa praises him back for his 800 year old still-functioning magecraft. Nrvnqsr Chaos asks Roa about what happened in the North Sea, but Roa says it can wait, for now, there is someone he wants help with capturing.[2]

Nrvnqsr during the Crusades

Dead Apostles were active during each of the Crusades, descending upon the battlefield to wreak havoc against both sides of the conflict. During the First Crusade, Nrvnqsr Chaos was the attacker, unleashing his beasts against both sides and "stained the desert with blood."[3]




Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-[]

Nrvnqsr is shown to be listed as one of the Ancestors on the list possessed by Arcueid Brunestud.

Nrvnqsr and Roa converse in the Wandering Sea in a flashback.[2]


Nrvnqsr Chaos's Principle of his Idea Blood is currently unknown.

Roa praises him for his 800 year old still-functioning magecraft.[2]


Differing from the original release, Nrvnqsr doesn't directly appear in the remake. His role is replaced by Vlov Arkhangel. The flashback scene in which Nrvnqsr and Roa have a discussion remains, but some details are changed.


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