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« As you command!”
“Aryāvalokiteśvara Bodhisattva, grant me power! By the early sun's radiance! "Oṃ Ālolik Svāhā"! »


Oṃ Arolik Svāhā: Mantra of the Aryāvalokiteśvara (真言・聖観世音菩薩オン・アロリキヤ・ソワカ, Shingon - ShoukanseonbosatsuOn Arorikiya Sowaka?) is the Noble Phantasm of Tomoe Gozen. The grief and sadness of not being able to meet her last moments together with Yoshinaka were coupled with her inborn abilities over flames and the monstrous strength of the Oni Kind, together sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.[1]

The Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva that acts as the honzon of the Gichu-ji, the temple that held the memorial services for her beloved Kiso no Yoshinaka—after confirming “the love towards Yoshinaka within herself” by chanting its mantra, she grabs and hurls the enemy, and fires an incandescent arrow into them, causing damage with a magical energy that resembles the sun which symbolizes her feelings for Yoshinaka.[1]


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