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Oberon Vortigern (オベロン・ヴォーティガーン, Oberon Vōtigān?), Class Name Pretender (プリテンダー, Puritendā?), is a Pretender-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Prior to his True Name Fusion, he possesses the True Name OberonWP (オベロン, Oberon?).



Oberon Vortigern was summoned by the planet into the British Lostbelt in order to destroy it, but his Saint Graph was partially corrupted into "Oberon" upon his arrival by the Welsh Fairies. While in his persona as Oberon he is a charming man, in truth, as the King of the Mors, Vortigern is a Threat to Humanity who desires the destruction of both Lostbelt Britain and Proper Human History.[3]

"My name is Oberon. Oberon Vortigern. Now it's time to raise the curtain upon this tragedy!
The pilgrim's journey ends here!"[3]

Oberon is a Servant, as well as a doomsday device (Vortigern) brought into existence by the British Isle. He has appeared in various forms of "malice" up to now (the King of the Mors being one of them), leading the British Isle to its destruction, but having been stopped twice by Morgan who constructed the Queen Calendar, "Oberon" was created as the third output attempt.[1]

"It's disgusting how this practically dead history has survived for more than 10,000 years. I want to eliminate all traces of this island, including everyone who lives here," he said. Nothing more than an insect who was born (ended up being born) from the vomit and excretions of the island's "disgust for living things."[1]

Ironically, the British Isle produced the "Ancient Faerie King Oberon" (古妖精オベロン, Koyōsei Oberon?), but due to Proper Human History's influence infused by Morgan, his Spirit Origin ended up being overlapped with "Oberon, the King of Fairies" (妖精王オベロン, Yōsei ō Oberon?). That is why "his purpose as a doomsday device" and "his nature as Oberon the King of Fairies" coexist within himself.[1]


A Servant who was summoned by the land of Britain to defeat Morgan, the ruler of Faerie Britain. He is a fairy who has been around since ancient times in the British Isles, but this Oberon is heavily influenced by the fairy king from William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer's Night DreamWP. His wife in the play, Titania, is a purely fictional creation of Shakespeare's,[4] whose inspirations were Mab, Diana, and Titan.

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oberon is described as having great power, but his character is selfish and unmanly. He has a falling out with his queen Titania over her new changeling, and in retaliation, he creates a potion that makes a person fall in love with the first living thing they see when they wake up in order to make the changeling his. However, because of Oberon's attendant Robin Goodfellow's tendency to slack off, the potion was also given to the humans Lysander and Dimitrius...[1]

There are also other stories that exist involving Oberon. In the 15th century poem Huon of BordeauxWP, he was portrayed as the king of the fairy forest and a magic user with the ability to grant all wishes.[1]

He is competent in combat, but he truly excels in gathering intel and providing combat support. A hardworking person who flits around with all his might to ensure that Chaldea succeeds in their mission. He is our reliable fairy king who will do everything in his power for the right future of Britain.[1]

He is popular because his appearance makes it look like he hails from the Wind Clan or the Wing Clan, clans considered elegant in the Fairy Country, but he is not actually a fairy.[1]

When acting as Oberon, his Saint Graph is Ruler.


His true identity is not that of a Heroic Spirit from Proper Human History, but a Servant who was born in Faerie Britain. A doomsday device that curses the world, born from the legend of destruction spoken of in Faerie Britain, the Insect of the Abyss that returns everything back into nothing. The name Oberon comes only from Proper Human History.[1]

The physical embodiment of Faerie Britain's will to destroy itself, as it is a land that was built on the sins of fairies and should not exist. His name in Faerie Britain is Vortigern. He shares the same name as the Vile King Vortigern, who led to Britain's destruction by selling out Britain to different races in Proper Human History.[1]

The Autumn Forest, located on the outskirts of the Fairy Country (Wales), is where the fairies who have been bullied and fled home as a result, and fairies who have been persecuted for simply existing and "spreading poison", come to gather and die soon after. Insect fairies with no power whatsoever. Small fairies who couldn't join the circle of fairies in the Fairy Country that mimic human society, due to their innocence and low intelligence.[1]

In the midst of this forest inhabited by those who have nowhere else to go, and those who end up dying in obscurity hated and forgotten, the Vortigern of this era…Oberon was born.[1]

This is the second time the planet summoned Vortigern to try and destroy the Lostbelt. The first time was 1000 years ago, when he led the Mors in a war against Morgan's army. He was defeated back then by Woodwose. As long as Cernunnos continues to exist, Vortigern cannot fully utilize his power.


Oberon has moth wings and sometimes puts on a cap with moth antennae accessories while in his Robin Goodfellow form. In his true appearance, he has dragonfly wings, and his legs and right arm take on a black insectoid appearance. The legs and body of centipedes, flies, and other vermin can be seen beneath his black cloak. When using Lie Like Vortigern, he transforms into a monstrous worm-like creature.



A gentle, engaged, and kind-hearted pacifist. Because of his thoughtful nature, he is cautious when it comes to carrying out his plans and strategies, but he never misses a chance to make his move. He can dominate any situation with strong aggression (or savagery, depending on how you look at it). A perfect prince of light, as if he were a character straight from a fairytale.[1]

At any rate, he is a sly story protagonist.[1]

He has the smile of an adult but still retains his boyish mannerisms; the power and executive function of an adult despite being a boyish dreamer. He is well-educated but doesn't boast about it, carries lofty ideals but doesn't force them on other people, is weak but does not submit to violence.[1]

"I like being happy. Just as insects need clean water to live, fairies can't live without being happy."[1]

Artoria Caster describes Oberon as very Merlin-esque.[4] He has a reputation in Faerie Britain for borrowing money and not returning it. He brought millions in counterfeit money to an auction.

Similar to Shakespeare, Oberon will do things because he thinks it fits the narrative. For example, he waited before finding Protagonist and Artoria Caster because he thought it would increase their Relationship Values. Unlike Shakespeare he's not doing it because it amuses him but because that's how he thinks stories work.

Even though Titania is a fictional character who Shakespeare invented, Oberon is searching for her. Even if it's a pipedream, he wants to meet Titania, the only person who could love the eccentric King Oberon.[5]


Oberon the Great Liar. His existence, even his name, is a lie. When he revealed his true nature, he declared boldly, "I have nothing I like," the edges of his mouth curling upwards. Of course, this is also a lie. There isn't a single thing that he says that is true.[1]

A beautiful man with hair dark as a shadow, sunken blue eyes, and sharp bony limbs. A perfect blight, as if he were a villain straight from a fairytale. A prince of darkness.[1]

Since everything he says and does is a lie, there is no need for him to tell the truth. He says his purpose in life is to watch people fall to ruins, but there is no way to tell whether he is speaking the truth or not. The reason why he looks down on others and causes misfortune isn't because he loves only himself and wants only himself to be happy. It is because he thinks everyone is simply disgusting. He has no love for others, nor for himself as well. Because Fairy Eyes can see the truth, he looks down on everything he sets his eyes on, and smiles sweetly to hide the discomfort constantly rising in his chest.[1]

His public persona is entirely an act, but Oberon's lies are so perfect that they are not considered "fiction." If he is so inclined, he can live like that and have that be his "true persona." However, since he is cursed and anything he does is considered a lie, it being true holds no meaning to it.[1]

He will never harbor love for any living thing, any human. To Oberon, humans and fairies alike are targets of exclusion that are "unimportant but unpleasant, disgusting but appear happy." Since Oberon can never feel "happiness" all his life, he considers other lifeforms that can achieve happiness just by being alive without any effort or intelligence, to be an eyesore and incomprehensible to him.[1]

"Damn bastards. I'll destroy everything one of these days." Oberon's aggressiveness was not born out of jealousy or hatred, but rather out of his love for Titania. But that is something Oberon will never admit.[1]

Oberon-Vortigern's desire to destroy Proper Human History actually comes from his Oberon side. As Oberon is a fictional existence, he is repulsed by how Chaldea culls away the Lostbelts, since they are fabricated existences as well. He spites humanity and the Proper Human History system for "rejecting" them, and while Vortigern wants to destroy the Lostbelt, Oberon wants to destroy Proper Human History for the stance they take towards "stories". Despite this, he comes to take a liking to Ritsuka. As he dies he says that the sky they wish to protect really is beautiful, and admits he was doing it for Titania, a being that could only exist in "stories".


Oberon is accompanied by a fairy in the form of a moth named Blanca, his advisor and friend. Blanca is tidy, smart, and above all, a hard worker.[6] The princess of the Autumn Forest of Wales, Blanca fell in love with Vortigern when he first appeared. Knowing what the prince really hated, the princess kept in her heart that she would flutter for him until the end. She believed that it was the only fire that could warm his cold limbs.[7] Blanca dies by absorbing the poison of the Mors that were flowing to Vortigern from across Britain, and Vortigern drops her off the side of the Storm Border.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fae Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fae[]

Vortigern was summoned to the Lostbelt once again in the same year that Ainsel’s Prophecy gained traction. He was summoned as the Servant Oberon, but thanks to the influence of the Proper Human History brought on by Morgan’s rule, his identity was mixed with the Oberon written by William Shakespeare. When he materialized in the Forest of Wales, though, Oberon was essentially a living corpse, unable to move or even close his eyes. The Welsh fairies, who thought he was their king, swarmed on and around his body until he gained the strength to move on his own.he understood his function was to destroy Britain, though he didn’t much care for it.[8] But because of Cernunnos’ existence, he couldn’t reach his full potential. Morgan had sealed the dead god away instead of destroying it, so Oberon’s first priority was to ensure her death, to break the seal. From there, he would have someone destroy Cernunnos. Without the means to kill Morgan himself, Oberon had to wait for someone to arrive, capable of undoing the seal on Cernunnos and destroying the dead god.[9] He also used what knowledge of the Proper History he possessed to research the story of King Arthur, Morgan’s archenemy, all so he could manipulate the new Fairy of Paradise.[8]

Leaving the forest, Oberon traveled all over Britain to learn about its current state of affairs. Through his lies, perpetrated by his knowledge of the Proper History, he convinced everyone he came across that he was a Servant from the Proper History and that his character was that of a pauper prince. He eventually discovered many fairies and humans wished to see Ainsel’s prophecy be fulfilled, particularly Morgan's dethronement. Garnering support from leaders like Aurora and Muryan, Oberon used Ainsel’s prophecy, particularly the misinterpretation the Child of Prophecy would become the new ruler, to gather fairy and human alike to form the rebellious Round Table Army, basing themselves in the ruins of Londinium. But understanding he himself has no mind for military stratagem, Oberon had Percival become Round Table’s leader.[10] Percival agreed to lead, believing overthrowing Morgan would free his sister from the queen’s servitude.

At an unknown point, Oberon confronted Barghest in Manchester while she was on the verge of succumbing to her curse out of grief and self-loathing from accidentally eating her sickly human lover Adonis. But considering it too early for that to happen, he sealed her memories and made her think Adonis was still alive.[9]

Oberon, at some point, discovered the new Fairy of Paradise, Artoria, was residing in Tintagel. He first contacted her when she was six years old, projecting his voice through her Staff of Selection. Immediately expressing his disgust at her mistreatment by the village’s fairies, Oberon claimed to be Merlin and decided to teach Artoria magecraft. Artoria wished to learn to fly, so she could finally escape the confines of the village. But Oberon told her such magecraft was too advanced for a beginner. Artoria instead asked him to teach her a spell to keep herself warm because where she is forced to sleep, the stables, is cold at night and particularly during the winter. She confessed she had already two of her toes from frostbite, leaving Oberon speechless. Oberon would then go on to teach Artoria magecraft, though his lessons were rather hackneyed since he also had to teach himself. His lessons ended the following year, however, when the village found out and confiscated the Staff from Artoria until he turned sixteen.[11]

As the Collapse begins, Oberon tells a confused Mash that there is still a threat to Britain, one that was overlooked since it's been there from the beginning. He then reveals the "Insect of the Abyss" mural was a prophecy left behind by Cernunnos' priestess foretelling the planet's destruction. He notices Blanca has died from absorbing all Britain's malice aimed at him in his stead, then nonchalantly throws her off the ship. An enormous winged worm-like creature then appears in northern Britain and begins devouring the island. Oberon calls it a conceptual insect, an infinite hole that will consume Britain and the planet. It is also him, though he isn't sure which is the main body. Ritsuka demands Oberon to reveal his True Name. Heeding Ritsuka's request, Oberon proceeds to change his form. Not only is his appearance different, but so is his Spirit Origin. He reveals he couldn't reach his full potential if Cernunnos continued to exist. But Morgan had sealed Cernunnos away instead of destroying it, so ensuring her death to break her seal became Oberon's first priority. Without the means to kill Morgan himself, Oberon waited for someone who could undo the seal on Cernunnos and defeat it. It was for that reason that he helped Artoria complete her pilgrimage. He reveals himself to be a fantasy born from the Proper History: Oberon and the embodiment of Britain's will to destroy itself. His name is Oberon Vortigern, the Insect of the Abyss that came to destroy Faerie Britain and humanity.[9]

Oberon admits he seeks to destroy humanity out of pure disgust. He then reveals Faerie Britain's destruction required a variety of factors to be fulfilled, which is why he decided to use Ritsuka as his pawn upon finding them on the beach. His side as Vortigern's purpose is to destroy the false Britain that continued long after its death, while Oberon's purpose is to destroy the Proper History. Chaldea then falls into the Insect of the Abyss.[9]

Inside the Abyss, Oberon is surprised to see Ritsuka alive and awake, saying it will only to lead a more painful death. Ritsuka demands to know where Mash is. Oberon answers she is next to them, though she lacks form because she hasn't awakened yet. That includes everyone else on the ship. Then, describing the Insect of the Abyss as an infinite void, Oberon explains everything swallowed by it will continue to fall for eternity. It is impossible to escape from unless he is killed. But Ritsuka is the only one with form since they're the only one awake. It is also impossible to summon Heroic Spirit inside the Abyss as it is a void never witnessed by human history. Oberon then gives Ritsuka the choice of going to sleep or die fighting him to try and save the world. Ritsuka decides to fight, believing a chance at victory is on its way. The distant star then shines brightly as Ritsuka calls forth Caster. Artoria arrives in a new form in response to Rtisuka's summons, having found her resolve and become a Heroic Spirit. She admits to Oberon that his destruction of Faerie Britain was correct, but she cannot allow him to destroy the Proper History for it still has a future. Mash then wakes up, thereby regaining her form. Oberon realizes it's Artoria's doing and suspects everyone else is awake now. Artoria then asks for Mash's assistance in destroying the source of the Insect of the Abyss before it can propagate beyond Britain. Oberon accepts the challenge and fights the group.[8]

Ritsuka falls asleep amid the battle and encounters Oberon in their dream. Asked by Ritsuka for his true feelings, Oberon admits he despises the Proper History for rejecting fantasy as wrong and meaningless. He believed those fantasies should have the right to continue to exist, and thus he sought to destroy humanity. He then urges Ritsuka to wake up.[8]

Artoria and Mash defeat Oberon, plummetting him down into the Abyss. As he falls for eternity, Oberon finds it strange for him to be so calm. He then sees the sky of the Proper Human History, considering it both beautiful and disgusting.

Other appearances[]

In Lord El-Melloi II Case Files and Melty Blood, Zepia Eltnam Oberon, the director of Atlas, chose the name "Oberon" for himself. In the World of Magecraft, where a resemblance of names holds a deep meaning, the relationship between him and Oberon is a story only he knows.[12]

In Fate/Grand Order Gaius Julius Caesar's profile mentions legends of Caesar having a child with a fairy,[13] referring to how in some stories Oberon is the son of Caesar and Morgan le Fay. Oberon himself claims to have taken advantage of this to get Caesar to lend him money under the pretense of "child support".


Oberon claims he can't fight[14] but that's a lie; he's competent in combat, but he truly excels in gathering intel and providing combat support.[1] Several of his projectiles decay into a suspiciously dark-looking mud-like substance after they connect with the target. He can summon butterflies and bombard the enemy with their glistening dust. Oberon Vortigern can summon all kinds of bugs, including things like beetles, wasps, giant centipedes, and a pillbug the size of a small car. He can also conjure a scythe that is seemingly made out of an insect's leg.[15] His real fighting style is much more snappy and aggressive than the more whimsical one he used as Oberon.

Oberon is also capable of altering memories, such as when he manipulated Barghest's memories to make her think that Adonis was still alive after she accidentally ate Adonis.[9]

Oberon's wings are essentially nothing more than decorations as he is unable to fly with them. He playfully laments this after being defeated, falling for eternity in his own Insect of the Abyss form.

Artoria Avalon states her holy sword is both a source of nourishment and a poisonous hazard for Oberon Vortigern; its light can feed him, but wounds caused by the blade will impair him.

Every time Oberon is used as NPC Support for a fight in the English Lostbelt, he has a different Class, which is perhaps a Class ability of the Pretender class. Archer, Rider, and Caster have been observed. His abilities are the same in every one.


Class Skills[]

  • Anti-Human Order (D Rank): An ability that puts a stop to everything created by Humanity, as well as the laws that work in humanity's favor. It is a skill originally possessed by the Beast Class. Oberon has acquired the same skill possessed by the Evils of Humanity after deceiving and remaining in hiding for so long. He bears no hatred or resentment toward humanity. He merely wants to eradicate them, an action as instinctive as breathing. To put it simply, it is a form of malice that subtly directs people's hearts (the general atmosphere) to evil, low and cheap tendencies.
    In addition, Oberon is fatally incompatible with Merlin, another resident of the "Dream World", and refuses all support from him. There is a disconnection caused by a difference in stance regarding stories, and Oberon allocates almost all of his camouflage abilities towards Merlin. As a result, Merlin cannot perceive Oberon. When Merlin sees someone talking to Oberon through his Clairvoyance, said person appears like they are talking to themselves.[1]
  • Territory Creation (E- Rank): The ability to create one's own workshop and base as a Mage. He used to be the king of the Fairy Forest, but his territory was lost over time and he has now become nothing more than a wanderer in stories. As a result, his Territory Creation skill is the lowest rank possible. Paradoxically, this skill shows that Oberon is now "all but a king in name only." Oberon keeps this a secret, and does his best to hide the fact that his Territory Creation rank is low.[1]
  • Item Construction (A+ Rank): The ability to create items. He is the highest-ranking craftsman when it comes to items that deceive the mind such as the Tricolor Field Dew, which has even managed to curse the Fairy Queen Titania.[1]
  • Riding (A Rank): History regarding British Fairies states that fairies ride on insects when they travel. Oberon is a king so he travels gracefully using his own wings, but when he is out of people's sight, he rides a hawk moth (at 130 km/h), speeding through the land and leading people's hearts.[1]
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (EX Rank): A curse that Oberon has carried since he came into existence. "Everything is a dream illusion. The events that transpired here is not worthy of truth―" That is how the world's most famous play about Fairies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, closed the curtains, but on the other hand it represents Oberon's nature. In Human History, his words and actions were labelled as lies no matter what he did, so as a result, a curse where nothing about him is true and nothing he says is true has been engraved into him.[1]
  • Divinity (— Rank): Oberon's consort, Titania, is a Fairy created as a composite of various fairies and goddesses (Mab, Diana, and Titan) and has divinity as a result. But since Oberon is purely the "King of the Fairies" and not a composite being, he has not acquired any divinity.[1]
  • Fairy Eyes (— Rank): These are not Mystic Eyes that humans possess, but are rather a type of vision that Fairies are born with that allows them to "alter worlds." These eyes, which see through all lies and reflect the truth, allow Oberon to clearly see the malice, shortcomings, and nature of intelligent beings.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Morning Lark (EX Rank): Morning breaks, greatly uplifting the party's mental state and increasing self-esteem. One-time forced doping. It increases the target's magical output, but only for a short amount of time. This power-up will be lost over time, so plan how you will use it for your Noble Phantasm accordingly.[1]
  • End of a Dream (EX Rank): A dream of the end times. An enhancement skill applied to a single ally. The affected Servant will gain an unparalleled rise in strength, but at the end of the turn they will lose all of its effects and sleep for eternity. ―Those who have lost their dreams, will never, hold the power to wake up back into reality again.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Oberon-Vortigern's Noble Phantasms is Lie Like Vortigern. While pretending to be Oberon, his Noble Phantasm is Wry Rhyme Goodfellow instead.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Robin Goodfellow[]

Robin GoodfellowWP (ロビングッドフェロー, Robin Guddoferō?) is an alternate form of Oberon he uses to travel around Britain. By recruit moths for reconnaissance and shrinking himself to join them on their infiltration, he manifests this form. He becomes a bit more airheaded in his shrunken form.[16]


Oberon travels around Britain in a Mach-speed Hawk moth. His Class is Rider.[5]

Insect of the Abyss[]

Oberon Vortigern's true essence is the Insect of the Abyss (奈落の虫, Naraku no mushi?), a giant Dragon that embodies Britain's will to destroy itself. Oberon Vortigern states he can no longer discern whether he or the Dragon is the true body.[citation needed] The Insect of the Abyss exists everywhere the concept of "hole" exists, even in Proper Human History, but nothing that vicious will ever manifest there.[17]

When summoned as a Servant of Chaldea, the Insect of the Abyss manifests in Oberon Vortigern's Noble Phantasm Lie Like Vortigern.

Main article: Lie Like Vortigern


Oberon is illustrated by Chica UminoWP. She was introduced to Fate/Grand Order by Mafia KajitaWP and became hooked on the game, and then Kajita introduced her to Kinoko Nasu, getting her the job designing Oberon. Oberon was her first time illustrating for a video game.

After their first meeting Chica Umino drew a bunch of rough sketches, asking if any of those would work for the character, and all of those could easily go in a picture book without needing any extra editing. She has a fear of insects, but despite this still bought an insect reference book while designing Oberon because according to her, if she wants her drawings to mean anything, she has to learn the real version's biology before she draws. Nasu could see her in pain every time she looked at a bug, but admired her work.[18]

Nasu's original plan for the British Lostbelt was a simple good vs evil story where Chaldea defeats Morgan and leaves, the end. But when Umino was introduced to him, he decided it was his "now or never" chance and asked her to make Oberon. Oberon's creation was the catalyst that caused him to rewrite and expand his plans for the Lostbelt, turning it into the giant chapter it is now. Since that's where Nasu was using Oberon, he had to take the story one level deeper, and that's how he added to so many new elements that he oversized the story.[18]


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    Level 3 Bond

    • Incitement: EX

    Caesar's Personal Skill.
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    Especially, when employed against an individual, it functions as a sort of mental attack. Extremely powerful.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Yellow Death"
    Rank: B+  Type: Anti-Unit
    The golden sword.
    In regards to close-range combat, it is endowed with such a power that power that victory is assured from the moment the enemy is seen, but he himself does not feel like drawing his sword.

    Level 5 Bond
    He loves woman. He also loves Rome, so naturally he also loves Nero.
    He loves the world. He also loves Cleopatra.
    Despite showing a bold behavior towards his Master, he fundamentally will not betray him. Even the words spoken with mingled sarcasm are advices from the bottom of his heart.

    His wish for the Holy Grail is to "reunite with Cleopatra and recognize both her and Caesarion".
    Enough of conspiracy. Just let me hug my boy, my boy.

    ガイウス・ユリウス・カエサル - セイバー



    軍略 B
    カリスマ C
    扇動 EX

    対魔力 C
    騎乗 B
    神性 D



    属性:中立・中庸  性別:男性






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