Oda Nobukatsu (織田信勝(WP), Oda Nobukatsu?, Oda Nobuyuki(WP)), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Oda Nobukatsu was the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga.

Unlike Nobunaga who was known as 'the Fool of Owari', Nobukatsu was known for his intelligence even from a young age, and was very loved by their mother Dota Gozen. It was expected that Nobukatsu would be the one to inherit the duty of leading the Oda house as its head.

Eventually Nobukatsu became sure he was meant to lead the Oda house, gathered every vassal that was loyal to him, and launched an attack on Nobunaga.

This act of rebellion was carried out on two different occasions, and in the end Nobukatsu was killed by Nobunaga.

He was Nobunaga's younger brother, nothing more and nothing less than that. That is the entirety of Oda Nobukatsu's existence.



Nobuyuki is apparently a cold man as he willingly sacrificed his niece, Chacha, to merge Andras into "Golden Demon Taiko Hideyoshi". Despite this, he holds great affection for his older sister, committing such acts in order to create a preserved world for the two of them to live in eternal happiness and enjoy the pleasant times of their youth together, and finding it unforgivable that the Oda Elders didn't acknowledge her because she was a girl. He also acknowledges he is weaker than his sister, commenting there was no way he could have led the Oda Clan and that he is small fry who was never a match for her. He shows regret in his rebellion against Nobunaga in life, but accepted his death at her hands, saying only "---I'll leave the rest to you, Sister.".

He usually acts as a sociable young man.

His skills and talent as a military commander are actually quite impressive, but due to his sister being just too abnormal in that regard, he was never able to judge himself correctly.

He considered his sister to be his everything, and he grew to hate the world of the Sengoku period which rejected her. Eventually he deviced an insane plan to get rid of everyone in the Oda house who would become an obstacle for his sister, fully knowing that it would end with him being purged as well.

This is just a hypothesis, but had the Oda siblings been born not as feudal lords, but as regular civilians, maybe they could have lived their lives and future harmoniously as brother and sister.


Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

Nobukatsu was summoned by Andras to be the Demon God's servant.[1] Andras informs Nobukatsu of his plan to grant all mortals eternity within the Singularity, which Nobukatsu agrees to help achieve so Oda Nobunaga can be freed of the Oda clan, and they can return to the carefree days of their childhood.[2] But requiring a Heroic Spirit, which Nobukatsu doesn't qualify as, Andras summoned Chacha and attempted to fuse with her. She escaped the Singularity, however, so Andras ordered Nobukatsu to capture her.[3][4] While waiting for Chacha to return, Nobukatsu overthrew the Tokugawa Shogunate while pretending to be Nobunaga and created the Oda Shogunate a week before Chaldea's arrival.[4] His forces are regularly opposeed by the Shinsengumi led by Hijikata Toshizou.[5]

When they come to Kyoto, Ritsuka's party witness the Oda and Shinsengumi clashing with each other. Nobukatsu invokes his sister's name, leading the group to question if the Nobunaga with them is actually an impostor or not. However, upon closer inspection, Nobunaga sees "Nobunaga" is none other than her brother. She immediately demands an explanation as to why he's using her name and why he created a new Oda Shogunate. Nobukatsu claims he did so to save the people from their decadent ways. Nobunaga prepares to punish him for taking her name when Hijikata stops her, as Nobukatsu is his prey. Okita Souji stops them before a fight can ensue. Nobunaga then has Nobukatsu take her to his camp.[5]

Nobukatsu meets with Saigou Edimori and Katsura Tesla later that night at Ikedaya Inn, collaborating with them to manufacture weapons. The two inventors however start arguing about whose company (United Satsumi Comapany and Chousu Industries) is better for mass production. Nobukatsu convinces them though to join forces for the sake of their common goal, forming the SatChou Alliance. Okita and Ritsuka then burst into the room, prompting Nobukatsu to escape. Outside, he admits out loud that he's been conspiring to usurp Nobunaga's position as head of the Oda. Nobunaga and Chacha overhear this and prepare to punish him when Tesla attacks with Nobbu UFOs, allowing Nobukatsu to escape.[6]

The next day, he meets with Edimori and Tesla at Tobi-Fushimi, where they have amassed an army of Mecha Nobbus and Nobbu UFOs, sure of himself that Nobunaga's reign will end.[7] But to his shock, his sister and the Shinsengumi easily devastate the forces of the SatChou Alliance. He realizes it was thanks to Ritsuka and contacts  Andras, who tells him to kill Ritsuka. Nobukatsu is then alerted to Chacha's presence when his mentioning of Taikou audibly shocks her. He tells her he was summoned to be Takiou’s servant, and he’ll send her to the castle. Chacha refuses to believe Taikou is alive, but Nobukatsu replies death hasn’t affected either of them due to the Singularity’s nature. Rendering Chacha unconscious, he shows her to Ritsuka's party and claims his true master is the Great Gold Demon Taikou, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Taikou's castle, the Sun Fortress, then emerges. Nobukatsu heads there with Chacha, telling Nobunaga that he will see her there.[1]

Andras summons Sanada Emiyamaru, Gotou Setanta, Mouri Medinaga, Mysterious Chousokabe Heroine X, Akashi Ex, and puts them under Nobukatsu's command. Referring to them as the Sun Fortress Five, Nobukatsu leaves the group to defend the line while he sacrifices Chacha to Andras. Ritsuka's party soon slays the Sun Fortress Five, which disappoints Nobukatsu that they weren't useful except for buying time. He then declares that Taikou has been revived with Chacha's sacrifices and shifts space to a cavern.[8]

Andras is revived as Golden Demon Taikou Hideyoshi and announces the creation of an eternal golden paradise. Nobukatsu then confesses his true intentions were to create an eternal paradise where he and his sister can live carefree, free of the Oda's influence. He acknowledges that he is far too weak and incompetent to lead, but believes that it is unfair that Nobunaga had to live through the chaos of the Warring States period and wishes for her to be free of that. However, Nobunaga rejects him, so Nobukatsu sends waves of his soldiers to force her to understand.[2]

With his forces defeated, Nobukatsu laments his weakness. But as the loser, he invites Nobunaga to kill, only asking her to make it quick. Nobunaga prepares to execute her brother, only to shoot past him on purpose. She admonishes herself for being lenient when it comes to family. Nobukatsu bursts into tears and clings to her.[3]

When Andras is destroyed, Nobukatsu starts to disappear. He doesn’t qualify as a Heroic Spirit, so he could only maintain his Spirit Origin thanks to Andras. He disappears with the final words, "I leave the rest to you, Sister."[3]

GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail[]

Because of their previous encounter, Nobukatsu’s Spirit Origin was inscribed near his sister’s. Nobunaga, who cut off a piece of her Spirit Origin before she became a Servant to avoid becoming the Grail’s puppet, noticed this and took her chances to borrow it. Though normally unable to materialize thanks to his Spirit Origin, Nobukatsu could, thanks to adding his Sister’s Spirit Origin to his own. It was only possible because they are actual siblings. Nobunaga has been biding her time ever since.[9] Nobukatsu. in the meantime, became the assistant of his sister properly summoned as a Servant: Kaiser Nobunaga.

When Akechi Mitsuhide has an agreement of cooperation sent to her, Kaiser has Nobukatsu read it aloud. It calls for a ceasefire between Kaiser and Akechi until all Servants except them are eliminate them. Once that is done, Akechi will give the Grail to Kaiser. While she and Nobukatsu are suspicious, Kaiser accepts Akechi’s terms and sends his messenger on his way. After the messenger leaves, she admits she is going to kill Akechi, regardless. Nobukatsu agrees and admires his sister’s capacity for evil. Kaiser threatens to kill him if he addresses her as sister again.[10]

After Akechi incapacitates Nobunaga and takes away her body with the intent of making it into his ideal version of her, Nobukatsu allows his sister’s consciousness in him to take control of his body. She rescues Sakamoto Ryouma, who was defeated by Kaiser, and takes him back with her to his office. There she waits for Ritsuka to come back. When they arrive with Okita Alter, she and her brother both explain their situation. She and Leonardo da Vinci also explain that the Grail War is a ritual by Akechi to forge a Spirit Origin of the highest purity in a similar vein to Kodoku Ritual. Afterward, the group leave to locate Akechi with the help of Okada Izou.[9]

The group invades the Magus Facility, where they are confronted by many Heroic Spirit Soldiers. While Ryouma, Oryou, and Izou stay behind to deal with them, Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Nobukatsu/Nobunaga proceed into the Grail’s chamber. There, Akechi reveals twisted and obsessive feelings towards Nobunaga, justifying his actions by claiming he understood the real her better than anyone else. Nobukatsu, having remained silent up to this point, angrily declares in opposition that nobody understands his sister better than he does. Nobunaga then demands Akechi return her body. Akechi responds by ordering Heroic Spirit Soldiers to kill the group.[11] They struggle against the soldiers until Hijikata Toshizou bursts into the chamber followed by Ryouma and Oryou. As Hijikata, Ryouma, and Oryou kill Akechi’s soldiers, Izou stabs Akechi through the back. Nobunaga uses this chance to take back her body.[12]

Later, after the Singularity is resolved with Akechi’s defeat, Nobukatsu surprises his sister by showing up in Chaldea as well. He decides to stay until he disappears, knowing it could happen at any moment, and asks his sister where her room is. Nobunaga yells at him that she didn’t invite him and to get lost.[13]

Nobukatsu later joins Chacha as one of her Seven Imperial Spears.[14] He is the first Spear that Ritsuka’s party that encounters, with him declaring that he is the rightful heir to the Oda estate. Nobunaga, tired of him bringing that up, questions if he’ll always be there for her like he said. Nobukatsu is shocked to see her, having thought she was stuck in the bathroom from drinking too much coffee milk. Nobunaga answers she was until Ritsuka asked for her help after learning Okita Alter doesn’t do well against Sabers. Though in truth, she just showed up. Nobukatsu, thinking his sister is being insulted, decides to demonstrate their invincible teamwork and calls upon his Super Mecha Nobu Mk. II that he built from scraps in a cave. Ritsuka’s party then defeats his mecha along with a rather baffled Nobunaga.[15]

GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji[]

GUDAGUDA Yamatai-koku[]


Nobukatsu uses a sword, a gun, and bombs as his main armaments in combat. He is capable of summoning Nobbus for attacks as either remotely detonated explosives that cling onto a target or using shooting at enemies with rifles. Nobukatsu can also summon Oda Nobunaga for his attacks while he restrains the target.

He is not qualified to be a Heroic Spirit, only initially summoned due to the influence of Demon God Andras and later sustained by the Saint Graph of his sister Nobunaga. By the way during this summoning, maybe because of some remaining fragment of Nobunaga's Saint Graph or something, Nobukatsu is able to summon those 'mysterious little things' to aid him. According to Nobukatsu they have received some minor renewals, so you might be able to kill some time if you compare them to the older ones to see what's different.


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Clumsy Schemes(D Rank): Nobukatsu carried out two acts of rebellion in his life. He gathered all the dissatisfied members of his house and failed in his rebellion both times, but all of this was just to lay the foundation for that person to become the Demon King.
  • Fruitless Flower of the War-torn (C Rank): Nobukatsu was like a non-fruit-bearing flower of his time. One that produced nothing even after blooming. Whether his life was meaningless or not, is something only his sister Nobunaga knows.

Noble Phantasm[]

Archer's Noble Phantasm is Demon King Turns the Heavens - Red Spider Lily.


pako is the character designer for Oda Nobukatsu.


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