Oda Nobukatsu (織田信勝, Oda Nobukatsu?) is a Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



The Servant's True Name is Oda Nobukatsu (織田信勝, Oda Nobukatsu?), also known as Oda Nobuyuki, the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga.



Nobuyuki is apparently a cold man as he willingly sacrificed his niece, Chacha, to merge Andras into "Golden Demon Taiko Hideyoshi". Despite this, he holds great affection for his older sister, committing such acts in order to create a preserved world for the two of them to live in eternal happiness and enjoy the pleasant times of their youth together, and finding it unforgivable that the Oda Elders didn't acknowledge her because she was a girl. He also acknowledges he is weaker than his sister, commenting there was no way he could have led the Oda Clan and that he is small fry who was never a match for her. He shows regret in his rebellion against Nobunaga in life, but accepted his death at her hands, saying only "---I'll leave the rest to you, Sister.".


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

GUDAGUDA Meiji RestorationEdit

Chaldea first encounter Nobukatsu in a small singularity centered in Kyoto during the Meiji Restoration. He is representing the Oda shogunate and standing off against Hijikata Toshizo, representative of the Shinsengumi. As he invokes the name of Nobunaga herself, the group questions whether Nobunaga really was a man after all, until Nobunaga begins to heatedly scold Nobukatsu for his deceit. He quickly apologizes and cedes his role as shogun to her, and she says that she'll let it slide for now. She can think of a way to punish him later.

After the Oda shogunate and the Shinsengumi split, the Oda siblings retreat to the Sun Castle. It is soon revealed, however, that Nobukatsu is conspiring with Saigou Edimori  and Katsura Tesla to claim his position as the head of the Oda clan, exactly as he did during his lifetime. To that end, he kidnaps Chacha, planning to sacrifice her to the demon pillar Andras.

Nobunaga and the Shinsengumi rejoin forces to fight Edimori and Tesla and lay siege to the castle in order to rescue Chacha, but by the time they arrive it is too late. Nobukatsu fuses Chacha with Andras in order to resurrect Toyotomi Hideyoshi through the demon pillar, creating Demonic Golden Taikou Hideyoshi. It is then that he reveals his true intentions: to create an eternal paradise where he and his sister can live out the peaceful days of their youth, free from the influence of the Oda clan. He acknowledges that he is far too weak and incompetent to lead, but believes that it is unfair that Nobunaga had to live through the chaos and destruction of the Warring States period and wishes for her to be free of that. However, Nobunaga rejects him, and so the group fights his forces.

After he is defeated, Nobukatsu laments his weakness. Still, because he lost, he invites Nobunaga to kill him, but only asks that she does so gently. Just as she seems about to shoot him, though, she fires a bullet past him instead, having decided to spare his life. She admonishes herself for being lenient, and he bursts into tears, throwing himself into her arms.

When the demon pillar is destroyed, Nobukatsu begins to fade anyway. His spirit origin normally isn't strong enough to manifest on its own, and the demon pillar was the only thing anchoring his existence to the singularity. He vanishes with the final words, "I'll leave the rest to you, Sister."

GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai KitanEdit

Nobukatsu appears during the Imperial Holy Grail War in Tokyo as an assistant to Nobunaga. Normally he isn't able to manifest on his own due to the weak nature of his spirit origin; however, Nobunaga used data from her own Saint Graph to recreate his and give him a physical form.

After Akechi Mitsuhide incapacitates Nobunaga with the intent to reform her into his own vision of Oda Nobunaga, she moves her Saint Graph into Nobukatsu's body and flees. Although Nobukatsu's consciousness is still present, he allows her to be in control as she makes her way to meet with the Chaldea team in order to get her own body back.

During the final confrontation with Mitsuhide, Mitsuhide reveals twisted and obsessive feelings towards Nobunaga, justifying his actions by claiming he understood the real her better than anyone else. Although he had been mostly quiet up to that point, Nobukatsu breaks his silence to angrily declare that nobody understands his sister better than he does. Then, when Mitsuhide is distracted by the arrival of Okada Izou, Nobukatsu is able to run and retrieve Nobunaga's body, and she moves back into it. The group then works together to defeat Mitsuhide, bringing the Grail War to an end.

Once the conflict is over, the group is back in Fujimaru's room in Chaldea. Nobukatsu appears there too, against all odds, implying that Nobunaga's decision to use her Saint Graph data to bring him back into existence was one that would have lasting consequences. 



pako is the character designer for Oda Nobukatsu.


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