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Oda Nobunaga (織田信長, Oda Nobunaga?), Class Name Demon Archer (魔人アーチャー, Majin Āchā?), is the Archer-class Servant of Artoria in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story Memoirs and Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story of Fate/KOHA-ACE. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Identity[edit | edit source]

The King of Innovation and legendary warlord of the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama Periods of Japan, and older sister of Oda Nobukatsu. Her moniker "Devil King of the Sixth Heaven" (第六天魔王, Dairokutenmaō?) was based on the severe acts of destruction carried out during her campaign.[3]

The soldier of fortune from the Warring States Period, she was called the "Big Fool of Owari" (尾張の大うつけ, Owari no Ōutsuke?) in her childhood. She made a name for herself in the world upon defeating Imagawa Yoshimoto in the Battle of Okehazama.[3] Responsible for the de facto downfall of the Muromachi Shogunate, Nobunaga had great influence during the closure of the long, turbulent war period lasting since the Ōnin War.[3]

One of the first to assimilate western inventions and tactical concepts into the art of war, she wielded both a technological and economic advantage against her foes, with efforts focused on the control and development important hubs of industry and the establishment of policies emphasizing the promotion of results and individual merit. Her Noble Phantasm is based upon the rotating volley tactics employed by her troops, and its anti-army nature is drawn from her skilled leadership.

Between 1560 and 1583, she eliminated many formidable enemies one after the other and even had the unification of the country within reach. Her campaign ended in Kyoto, at the temple of Honnō-ji, thanks to the insurrection of Akechi Mitsuhide. The one who succeeded her was her former vassal, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Her clothing that looks like a military uniform is something she prepared herself out of hobby upon being summoned as a Servant.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

« It cannot be helped! »

(Oda Nobunaga)

Haughty and self-confident, she possesses a flexible way of thinking that loves new things and is not bound by conservatism and common sense.[3]

Nobunaga had worked vigorously towards the unification of the country, but her end came from the insurrection of a vassal. She shows no regret about that in itself, saying it was "something that couldn't be helped". Does not particularly have a wish for the Holy Grail, but it is very likely that, due her tendency for unusual ideas, she may use the Holy Grail itself to make some sort of mess.[3]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Okita Souji

Role[edit | edit source]

Koha-Ace[edit | edit source]


She emerged as a new Servant in the Koha-Ace following after Sakura Saber.

Fate/KOHA-ACE[edit | edit source]

Demon Archer appears in the Koha-Ace's Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail. She is one of the "Patriot heroes" summoned by the Greater Grail. She is expected to be the strongest enemy and Saber is her minion.

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[edit | edit source]

During the Holy Grail War in her world, Nobunaga attempted to turn the Holy Grail into a bomb. However, her attempts failed when she fell into it, resulting in the creation of a bizarre singularity.

Nobunaga with Okita travel from their world to Ritsuka and Mash's world chasing a bizarre creature resembling her called Mini-Nobu. After Romani reports that a Singularity colliding with Chaldea is the source of the creatures, Nobunaga and Okita join forces with Chaldea to destroy the source of the creatures. Arriving in the Singularity, she states that the Imperial Holy Grail had seemed to have lost control, resulting in the creation of the Singularity. After Okita tells the group that the Grail of her world went out of control when it was tampered with strange technology, Nobunaga says that her involvement in it resulted in her subconscious materializing and beginning to corrupt reality. She then continues that as result she has lost most of her power. Nobunaga then confirms Mash's assumptions that the Mini-Nobus were created from her subconscious, though she doesn't fully understand what they are. Afterwards, Mash gives her a bowl that she found during their earlier battle, to which Nobunaga says that the magical energy leaking from the Grail copied what's "valuable" in her mind. Later, Nobunaga and the others observe Musashibou Sessai and Imagawa Yoshitune with an army of Mini-Nobus, which she suspects to be brainwashing the Servants. Nobunaga then orders a night raid on Sessai and Yoshitune's army, which the group agrees with. However, Okita's illness alerts Matsudaira Arash to the group's presence, which irritates Nobunaga for Okita making so much noise. Though she and the others defeat Arash, they decide to run when he prepares his Noble Phantasm.

Later, the group encounters Takeda Darius and Sanada Medusa, then after defeating them, they encounter and defeat Uesugi Artoria. After the two battles, Nobunaga realizes that factors of generals she considered her enemies had become mixed up in the Servants when they were summoned. Then, After Romani reports that a particle is contaminating the Servants, the group encounter Shimazu Setanta, Chousokabe Emichika, and Mouri Medinari, and end up falling for their ambush. However, when Okita recovers from her illness and dons the Coat of Oaths in anger after hearing the enemy's names, Nobunaga reveals Okita's True Name to Romani's surprise. Then, after Okita collapses after defeating the enemy, Nobunaga tries to reveal her True Name but is ignored.

Later, Nobunaga expresses her exhausation of the current incident, to which a recovered Okita reprimands her for being the cause of the incident. The group then arrive in "Osaka", where they encounter and defeat Toyotomi Gilyoshi, Takenaka Andersen, and Kuroda Mephisto. However, she betrays the group when she uses the teapot transformed core of the Grail left by Kuroda to restore her power. Nobunaga then reveals she plans to use the Grail to take over the singularity, and then proceeds to her reveal her true name though Ritsuka and Mash aren't surprised. Okita explains that Nobunga revealed her name during lunch, another Nobunaga appears, who reveals reveals that the Nobunaga that came with the group to Osaka is an impostor that had tied up her when she took a bathroom break. In reponse the other Nobunaga reveals that she wanted to get rid of the real Nobunaga so that she could become the real Nobunaga. After the group decides to call impostor: Bad Nobu and the real one: Good Nobu, Bad Nobu activates her Demon King of the Sixth Heaven and proceeds to fight the group. With the singularity collapsing as the result of Bad Nobu's defeat, Nobunaga tells Ritsuka that her powers at their disposal should they ever summon her before returning to her world after saying goodbye. However, she and Okita reappear in Chaldea asking for help dealing with Bad Okita, but Mash asks both of them to leave. Later events show that they ultimately ended up squatting in Chaldea's boiler room.

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple[edit | edit source]

She is amongst the "special event" Servants to assist the Chaldea against Demon God Pillars. She has trouble fighting the Demon Pillars since her attacks were ineffective and she accuses them of lying about being Demons and Gods.[6]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[edit | edit source]

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~[edit | edit source]

Nobu Team Summer Event.png

Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~[edit | edit source]

GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai Kitan[edit | edit source]

Fate/type Redline[edit | edit source]

Day 1[edit | edit source]

In Fate/type Redline, Nobunaga observes Saber's battle with Lancer on a train. When Saber wins, she appears and challenges her, complimenting her eyes as those of a real killer and saying this battle and Holy Grail War should be fun. Saber's Master, Kanata Akagi, recognizes her as a character in the light novel he was reading. Saber orders Kanata and Tsukumo Fujimiya to run, then charges at Nobunaga.

Their battle is interrupted when the Mysterious Officer tries to shoot Nobunaga in the back twice. She blocks both bullets with a rifle, then the officer furiously rants that they are just monkeys and that he and the Third Reich will win the Holy Grail War and claim the world. She and Saber are both annoyed by his rant and she shoots him in the head. Kanata is completely horrified by her casual murder, causing her to call him a coward. She tries to shoot him and Tsukumo has to pull him out of the way. She mocks Saber for not being able to protect her Master, infuriating her.

Saber parries a barrage of bullets from her. She tries to distract Nobunaga by hurling Lancer's helmet and lunges, only for Nobunaga to fire with one of her floating guns and graze the top of her head. She mocks Saber for thinking a simple trick could fool her, then lines up several guns and fires. The attack ends up destroying a large portion of the train, and Saber gets thrown into the car Kanata and Tsukumo are in. When Nobunaga catches up to them, she tries to shoot Saber again, but is shocked when Saber uses Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust to dodge the bullets and stab her in the shoulder.

Nobunaga admits she underestimated her and pulls the blade out, then admits she came to confront Lancer and did not expect her. When they are about to fight again, she is called away by her Master, so she leaves while promising to kill her next time.

Later that evening, there was an air raid and she shoots the bombers and their escort fighters down. She remarks that she would like some bombers when she eventually takes over Japan. Her Master calls her back and Nobunaga meets with another Master of Imperial Japanese Army, Major Magatsu, who thanks her for saving Japan, but she berates him and his officers for leaving Japan vulnerable in the first place. She says some of the bombers made emergency landings and orders the officers to seize them. The officers ask her what to do about Saber and her comrades, and she says to leave them alone for now, then goes into spirit form to rest.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Archer can be seen on her throne, completely naked while holding an hourglass that looks like the one Kanata used to time travel.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Nobunaga Oda was referenced by Flat Escardos in Fate/strange Fake.[7]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Her armaments are Matchlocks and a Katana (Heshikiri Hasebe). She is shown to be able to levitate and surf on top of her rifles and fly at high speed enough to surpass and overwhelm a squadron of German Bombers and Fighter Planes.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Class Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Nullifies all magic that requires less than three verses. It is hard to damage her even with great thaumaturgy or ritual spells.[1][4]
  • Independent Action (B Rank): The ability to act independently for a period even if Magical Energy supply from the Master is severed. At B rank, even if he loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 2 days.[1] Seriously Nobbu, that a scout ability ain’t it![1][4]

Personal Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Tactics (B Rank): The ability to perceive things such as diplomacy and logistic in a large perspective, assuring victory before the battle begin. In the history of Japan, during the Battle of Okehazama she had executed an unparalleled form of surprise attack; however, it had been a fluke. In Nobunaga’s lifetime, it had been the one great battle that overturn strategic defeat into tactical victory, but that fight had been a desperation on her part. Even now she still reflects on it.[1]
  • Charisma (B- Rank): The ability and disposition in commanding armies. Improves the ability of her own army during group battle. Charisma is a rare talent, and it can be said that B rank is sufficient for a leader of a country. It is B- rank due to the inconsistencies in its efficacy.[1]
  • Demon King (A Rank): A monster that had her past’s way of being distorted later on due to the image she had when she was alive. Her abilities and figures ended up transformed. In Archer’s case, it is possible to voluntarily activates and deactivates it due to it being her own self-proclamation while alive. She is able to receive all the benefits and none the demerits. A Skill falsely similar to Innocent Monster.[1][4]
  • Unifying the Nation by Force (A Rank): A unique skill belonging to Nobunaga, revolutioner of the era. A conceptual revolution that imposes the new upon the old. It grants modifiers leaning more in one's favor the higher the opponent's rank in Divinity or Mystery or the more that opponent is a Heroic Spirit who is a guardian of the establishment. With this, Nobunaga is able to fight advantageously against Heroic Spirit and Noble Phantasm possessing “divinity” and “mystery”. On the other hand, against the likes of modern Heroic Spirits with thin mystery it displayes no effect whatsoever. The efficacy of her own Noble Phantasms and all of her Skills drops instead.[1][4]

    Demon Archer is a Servant whose abilities and effectiveness differ depending on factors about enemy Servants, making it the "ultimate game of compatibility" when facing her enemies. King Arthur, known for her interactions with the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur, Jack the Ripper, whose unknown identity and various unsolved mysteries, Sasaki Kojiro, who did not exist, and Jeanne d'Arc, who heard the "Voice of God", all have mysterious elements to them. Others include Solomon ibn Gabirol, Nursery Rhyme, Spartacus, and Mordred. This also applies to servants with high Divinity like Gilgamesh and Karna, even though they are strong heroes able to match her directly.

    Those that became heroes without achieving, learning, or obtaining mysterious or supernatural powers include Li Shuwen, Francis Drake, Hans Christian Andersen, Shakespeare, Lu Bu, and all nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbah, all fundamentally remaining "normal" human beings. When identifying if a Servant has Divinity, Mystery, or both, her best method is simply to "just shoot them" and find out afterward.

Noble Phantasms[edit | edit source]

Nobunaga's Noble Phantasms are Three Line Formation and Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. Whereas Demon King of the Sixth Heaven provides further advantage over Heroic Spirits with high Divinity and Mystery, Three Thousand Worlds also provides benefits against Servants possessing the Riding skill. Tenka Fubu also grants bonuses against heroes who were "guardians of the establishment" due to it being a skill granted to those who brought about a revolution and a "conceptual revolution of subjecting the old with the new."

Forms and Alternate Versions[edit | edit source]

Swimsuit[edit | edit source]

The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven of the Beach, thunderously descends! Lavishly including this summer trend of Owari, that Nobu has returned with a wonderful look![8][9]

"Eh? Aren't you embarrassed at that super lame T-shirt?"[8]

"Fu... the present me is different from the me of before! Unbelievably, this summer version of myself still has 2 more ascensions left. Yes, the much desired clothing change during ascensions! Don't fall over in shock from my ascended, alluring form! Uhahahaha!"[8]

"... anyway, this T-shirt, I think it's fashionable but,"[8]

"... but!"[8]

The conversion of the normal Nobu's alignment into the rare Summer alignment is probably just her getting into the hype. The conversion from Lawful to Chaotic is thought to be due to influence from the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven status.[8]

"Uhahaha! Truly, I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven of the Beach, Oda Nobunaga! Even when I strip, I'm still as amazing!"[8]

Clad in the blazing-like, boiling passion from within, 2017 Summer "NOBUNAGA・THE・ROCKSTAR" makes a vivid debut![8]

"Eh? The Matchlock? I left it behind. A battle by the coast would be humid so that's why it couldn't come!"[8]

Upon changing into a swimsuit by the beach, the Demon King became like this.[8]

"As a side-effect, my chest also feels a bit bigger but, could it be my imagination?"[8]

The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven Hajun, Oda Nobunaga. The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven state primarily doesn't just burn away at the Shinto-Buddhist faith, but it is a dangerous mode that can also burn away oneself and thus, is preserved in a restricted state by the seal of the Berserker class. She is trying to cover it up with silly dialogue and actions but, as this form is considerably dangerous for Nobunaga, she periodically releases (Shout) her Mana (Rock) to cooldown.[8]

"————well, it can't be helped, can it!"[8]

Development[edit | edit source]

Keikenchi is the scenario writer and character designer for Nobu.[1] pako is the character illustrator for archer in Fate/Grand Order.[1][3][8] Nobu (ノッブ, Nobbu?) is her given nickname in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order. It is pointed out that if 100 million users have registered in Fate/Grand Order, she and Sakura Saber would make an appearance.

References[edit | edit source]

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    Agility: C
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    The soldier of fortune from the Warring States Period, Oda Nobunaga.
    While she was called the "Big Fool of Owari" in her childhood, she made a name for herself in the world upon defeating Imagawa Yoshimoto in Okehazama.
    Afterwards, she eliminated many formidable enemies one after the other and even had the unification of the country within reach of her hands, but passed away in Honnouji thanks to the insurrection of Akechi Mitsuhide.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 152cm・43kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Female
    "It cannot be helped!"

    Level 2 Bond
    Haughty and self-confident, she possesses a flexible way of thinking that loves new things and is not bound by conservatism and common sense.
    The individual who caused the de facto downfall of the Muromachi Shogunate and had great influence in the closure of the long, turbulent war period that lasted since the Onin War.
    That clothing that looks like a military uniform is something she prepared herself out of hobby upon being summoned as a Servant.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Tenka Fubu: A

    A unique Skill of Nobunaga, the reformer of an era.
    Conceptual reform that widely imposes the new over the old.
    Against opponents that possess a high rank of "Divinity" or "mystery", or Heroic Spirits who are qualified as guardians of the order, plus modifiers will be bestowed upon herself.
    Conversely, against those that possess low mystery - such as modern Heroic Spirits - the effectiveness of her every Skills, Noble Phantasms will fall.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Sanzen Sekai"
    Rank: E~A  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    The three-steps shooting of Nagashino. Deploys three thousand arquebuses and uses them for volley firing.
    Due its too much famous anecdote of defeating the strongest cavalry of the Warring States Period, attack power increases against Heroic Spirits that possesses the Skill Riding.
    They are nothing but normal arquebuses against Heroic Spirits that do not possess the Skill Riding, but a volley firing of three thousands is already enough of a threat in itself.

    Level 5 Bond
    Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven is the name of a demon lord from Buddhism, which Nobunaga is said to have once self-styled.
    Thanks to the severe deeds she performed while alive (exemplified by the "Setting Afire of Mt. Hiei") and the accumulated feelings of fear and reverence held by the later masses, Heroic Spirit Nobunaga manifests as a demon lord.

    Nobunaga had worked vigorously towards the unification of the country, but her end came from the insurrection of a vassal.
    She shows no regret about that in itself, saying it was "something that couldn't be helped".
    Does not particularly have a wish for the Holy Grail, but it is very likely that, due her tendency for unusual ideas, she may use the Holy Grail itself to make some sort of mess.

    織田信長 - アーチャー



    戦略 B
    天下布武 A
    魔王 A

    対魔力 B
    単独行動 B



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:女性



    ランク:E~A  種別:対軍宝具


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    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: B
    Magic: A
    Luck: A-
    Noble Phantasm: E~EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Nullifies all magic that requires less than three verses. It is difficult to hurt her even using great magic or ritual magic.

    Independent Action: B
    Ability that allows independent movement even after the Master's magical energy supply is cut off. With Rank B, it is possible for a Servant to stay in this world for two days after losing its Master.

    Personal Skills
    Military Tactics: B

    Charisma: B-

    Demon King: A
    A monster whose perception in life later twisted what she had actually been in the past.
    Abilities and appearance have been distorted. In Archer’s case, she can choose to activate or deactivate it at her own choosing because it’s something that she in life had called herself. She’s able to receive its benefits without any demerits. In other words, she can go from being a loli to being racked. It’s a skill similar to but dissimilar to Innocent Monster.

    Tenka Fubu - Innovation: A
    Innovation, a special skill granted to heroes who brought about a revolution in an era.
    The wording "Tenka Fubu" is added to Archer's version of this. A conceptual revolution of subjecting the old with the new.
    It grants modifiers leaning more in one's favor the higher the opponent's rank in Divinity or Mystery or the more that opponent is a Heroic Spirit who is a guardian of the establishment.
    Thanks to it, Archer boasts an absolute advantage over Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms with Divinity and Mystery. It's the ultimate game of compatability. However, it has no power over Heroic Spirits of the modern era with little Mystery. And not only that, but the effects of his other skills and Noble Phantasms drop.

    Noble Phantasms
    Three Thousand Worlds (three line formation)
    Rank: E~EX
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum number of targets: 3000 Person
    Three thousand matchlocks are deployed and fired at once.
    Because of the all too famous anecdote of Nobunaga defeating the most powerful cavalry in the age of warring states, their attack power increases against Heroic Spirits with the Riding skill.
    If used on the Rider of the Fifth War for example, her unique skill "Innovation" would also be factored in, making for a [Quiz Derby catchphrase] crazy effect.
    They are usually mere matchlocks against heroic spirits with low divinity and mystery, but 3000 guns are still annoying.

    Papiyas, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
    Rank: E~EX
    Type: Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm
    Range: -
    Maximum number of targets: -
    The true noble phantasm of the demon king Nobunaga, destroyer of Shinto and Buddhism.
    A reality marble transforming him into a being holding absolute power against those with Divinity and Mystery.
    Visually, it seems she becomes naked, hurray!

    It's a Noble Phantasm based on the burning of Mount Hiei and the other brutal deeds she had performed when she was alive.
    The accumulation of the fear and reverence that the people held for Nobunaga after death materializes a scorching hell.
    It's difficult for those with high divinity to even continue existing in its space.
    On the other hand, it's just a tad hot to those Heroic Spirits with low divinity.

    CLASS アーチャー













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