Odd Borzak (オッド・ボルザーク, Oddo Boruzāku?, also romanized as "Odd Vorzak"), the Demonic Bee User, is a Dead Apostle and magus.



Odd was once sought by Natalia Kaminski, but she failed to capture him. He later changed his name and face to conceal himself as an ordinary person without leaving a trail behind.

Odd's remaining family was ransacked to steal his research, leaving only his granddaughter, Haruri Borzak, alive.


Odd has no speaking role but it is clear that he is a cruel and heartless man who wishes to create his own army of ghouls even at the cost of hundreds of lives.


Odd has white chin length hair, pale skin, and grey, almost colourless, eyes.



After the Association obtains information that Odd is taking Flight A300 from Paris to New York to meet with allies, they put out a large bounty on him. Natalia and Kiritsugu Emiya accept it, with Kiritsugu traveling to New York to investigate his false identity and kill his allies.

Though his identity and face are unknown, Natalia accepts the task of finding him on the plane among 287 passengers. Natalia finds and neutralizes him from behind without issue, and manages to destroy the bees kept in his luggage. Her plan fails after it turns out that he had kept more bees inside his body, which proceed to turn the passengers into Ghouls. Though Natalia manages to survive and take control of the plane, it is shot down by Kiritsugu to remove any possibility of the bees escaping into New York.


Odd manipulates Dead Apostle Bees (死徒蜂, Shito Hachi?), familiars that use poisonous stingers to increase the number of Ghouls under his power. Considered to be very dangerous, he brings destruction where he travels, having wiped out a town once.


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