Odysseus (オデュッセウス, Odyusseusu?) is a Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The Servant's True Name is Odysseus (オデュッセウス, Odyusseusu?).




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Ancient Titans' Ocean Atlantis: The Day God Is Shot DownEdit

He is first seen battling Chevalier and Sanson. Effortlessly dispatching the latter, he stands unscathed before Chevalier's Noble Phantasm, calling it child's play. Odysseus explains Panhuman History servants doesn't have a chance now, since he and his troops have taken care of their operation base and the Alter Egos will deal with the ones in Olympus. He offers d'Eon to side with him or to die like the rest, to which d'Eon declines and then Odysseus proceeds to brutally finish him for good.[1]

As soon he finishes, one of his soldiers informs him an active ley line was discovered, to which Odysseus answers that is the last one. He decides to make use of it before shutting it down, succesfully summoning a servant. Once the new servant ask him if he is her master, he confirms it, telling her that now her life is for the sake of Olympus and if she can't understand that, she would be inmediately disposed. Once their contract is done, Odysseus uses the Zeus Klironomia on her to make her forget about the contract, planning to use her as a trojan horse against the enemy. He tells his soldiers to get ready for the battle against Chaldea, stating they cannot allow them to reach Olympus, so they need to crush them in Atlantis.[1]

Once his fleet succesfully ambush and encircles the Nautilus, Odysseus contacts Chaldea. Introducing himself as the commander of the Olympus Defense Forces, he informs them they would be utterly erradicated; there wouldn't be place for allegiance, peace, or negotiations. He proceeds to order the releasing of the monsters alongside Caenis to distract them. While Nautilus was kept at bay by the monsters, Odysseus foresees the possibility of Chaldea trying to perform an Imaginary Dive to escape, so he orders his troops to quickly retreat so there wouldn't be so much collateral damage with the impact of the impending orbital bombardment. Even with the visual confirmation of the arrow succesfully striking the intended target and vaporizing the unfortunate ships who were left behind, Odysseus orders the searching for the possible remnants. After dispatching his soldiers, he wonders if the reason that fox's information about the Shadow Border was expensive because she was expecting that outcome.[2]

At some point after the assault he was contacted by Kirschtaria, asking a status report. Odysseus informs that he is unsure about Chaldea's total annihilation, so he is investigating the nearest island for likely survivors. In response to Caenis' scolding him about his responsability in the matter, he tells her the only ones who can punish him are Zeus itself and Kirschtaria. The crypter interferes, saying there is no need for a punishment since the operation was carried as planned. Upon thanking his fairness, Odysseus decides to continue the searching. Wodime ask about the Theos Klironomia, to which Odysseus replies he is still searching for it but right now Chaldea is priority. After being asked to inform about Chaldea once is found, he replies he will do it before ending the communication. Once the transmission is over, Odysseus remarks to Caenis how disrespectful she was toward her master. He asks her if she isn't afraid of him. She is one of his many servants, so her contract can be easily severed if she keeps that rude behavior. After hearing from her that she couldn't care less about her master before going out the ship, Odysseus mutters how curious their master-servant relationship is. In that moment, one of his soldiers informs Echidna has finished creating the Cerberus and it will be reinforced after a while. He then orders to his forces to keep searching for any traces Chaldea's survivors could have left.[3]




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