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Okita Souji(WP) Alter (沖田総司(WP) オルタ, Okita Sōji (Oruta)?), Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is a Counter Guardian appearing in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story of Fate/KOHA-ACE. She is also an Alter Ego-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. There is also a parody form known as Devil Saber.



Okita Souji (Alter) (沖田総司〔オルタ〕, Okita Sōji (Oruta)?), also known as Devil Okita Souji Alternative (魔神・沖田総司・オルタナティブ, Majin Okita Sōji Orutanatibu?) and Okita Alter (沖田オルタ?). The swordmaster group Shinsengumi became legendary in the Bakumatsu period, and Okita Souji was said to be strongest among them. And she is an alter ego of Okita Souji. She is a Counter Guardian formed through Sakura Saber's spiritual foundation taking in a Holy Grail filled with Seven Servants and being supported by the Counter Force.[1]

In Fate/Grand Order, her background was retconned to reveal that Okita Souji was originally born prematurely and would have died shortly after being born, but the prayers of her sister allowed her to make a contract with the World, which arranged for her body to be used as a Counter Guardian. This version of Okita had a intentionally deteriorated Saint Graph, which was set to self-destruct to ensure the destruction of a major threat to the World at the expense of Okita Alter's existence.


She appears as a young adult with long white hair, tied back at either side with red tassels. She wears a red and black dress bearing similarity to a short kimono and long European style coat, complete with high collar held closed by a rope tassel. She appears to wear long stockings.


Due to the circumstances of her creation, Okita Alter came into being with the mentality of a newborn and is at first unable to even speak. She lacked the memories and combat prowess of the original Okita as well, which led her to doubt that she was even an Alter until meeting Okita herself.

She is more emotionless than normal due to her support from the Counter Force, but her roots as Okita remain the same. She takes on a "hitman attitude that will kill anything", but deeply cares for her Master and believes that it was her love for them that allowed her to survive what was thought to be her certain destruction. She is also highly aware that her current existence remains unstable, and so seeks to make good use of the time she has left to her.

In terms of her likes and dislikes, she has stated in her My Room Lines that she enjoys Oden, even to a point where she would hesitate to destroy the Holy Grail after she found out she could wish for Oden during the summer. When asked about her dislikes, the only thing that came to her mind was when she participated in a raffle and didn’t win anything. She stated that “drawing nothing but blanks was really mortifying in reality”. Both of these likes and dislikes could be related to her parody version, Devil Saber (Parody)’s likes and dislikes as both enjoy Oden. Devil Saber (Parody)’s dislike is “When no Rares drop after rolling 10 Gachas”. This can be related to Okita Alter’s dislike toward drawing blanks, even in terms of store lotteries.

Okita Alter also cares deeply for her master for “granting her a life that should have never been possible”. She has expressed her gratitude multiple times in the My Room Lines for everything her master has given her. But besides these three things, and a wish to wear clothes like Berserker Nobu, she holds most other things and people at a rather neutral opinion.



As Sakura Saber, Demon Archer, and Lancer face Caster and the Neo Fuhrer, they find themselves unable to defeat it. Archer kills Lancer, tells Saber to use the Grail, and then dies herself. Saber takes the Grail into herself and becomes Devil Saber.[2] She then defeats Caster and the Neo Fuhrer with Absolute Sword - Endless Three-Stage. Okita returns to normal after and brings a small Archer back with her.[3]

Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA: Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail[]

As per her contract with the World, Okita Alter is summoned to the Imperial Tokyo Singularity to stop Akechi Mitsuhide's ritual to create his ideal Oda Nobunaga.[4][5] [6] Upon arriving, she saves Ritsuka from being executed by Nobunaga. Nobunaga assumes Okita Alter is a Saber and Ritsuka's Servant based on the fact she wields a large sword and is protecting them. However, since Okita Alter doesn't speak, Nobunaga's assumptions are conjecture. Regardless, she fights Okita Alter to punish her for intruding on her territory and test her skills as a Saber. But she is disappointed by Okita Alter's lack of strength and prepares to kill her. Fortunately, Oryou arrives in time to deflect the shot. Her companion, Sakamoto Ryouma, decides they should retreat instead of fighting Nobunaga, concerned about Ritsuka's wound. He asks Okita Alter if she'd like to come with them. Okita Alter, finally able to parse words together, accepts his offer. The group then runs, with Oryou carrying Ritsuka, while being chased by Nobbu. After escaping, Ryouma assures the bullet didn’t hit any of Ritsuka’s vital organs.[7]

Ritsuka wakes up in an old detective agency that Ryouma is using. Okita Alter, having no memories, asks them if they know her as they called her Okita earlier. Since they said so, she decides her name is Okita. Ryouma then explains the city's Holy Grail War. Okita Alter wonders if she is also a Servant competing for a class title. Ryouma isn't sure since she's the only Servant he's seen with a Master thus far, and asks why she is with Ritsuka. Okita Alter answers that Ritsuka was there when she came to and feels she has to stay with them no matter what. Leonardo da Vinci and Mash then make contact, which surprises Ryouma since Tokyo is quarantined. Da Vinci realizes the quarantined space of Tokyo was the reason they couldn’t locate Ritsuka after they were rayshifted. Ryouma explains his goal is to either retrieve or destroy the Grail. Da Vinci then reveals Tokyo is in an isolated space surrounded by an invisible barrier that prevents both entry and exit. Ryouma confirms neither Servants nor humans can leave. Da Vinci deduces a few points on the leyline form the barrier that maintains Tokyo’s space and time. She identifies a few coordinates that Ryouma agrees to investigate. A third party then starts to interfere with communications, so she sends the coordinates before communications are cut. Before leaving to check on the other Servants' movements, Ryouma explains that proper owners of a class receive the Grail's blessing within their own territory, so they try to take each other's territories.[8]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter listen to a radio broadcast announcing that the army’s 4th Division of the Magus Facility will initiate a Holy Grail War at an unspecified time. Okita Alter is concerned about her lack of memories, and questions if she really is Okita. She also lacks knowledge of the era, and she couldn’t speak until a moment ago. She then senses someone coming when Okada Izou enters, who tries to kill Ritsuka once they confirm he's at Ryouma's place. Okita Alter blocks his attack, but she can barely defend herself against his attacks. Seeing they’re at a disadvantage, Ritsuka and Okita Alter escape.[9]

Escaping to the street, Okita Alter apologizes to Ritsuka for being a useless Master and thinks they're disappointed in her. Izou then arrives and commends Okita Alter for her quick escape attempt, which the latter takes as a compliment. Izou thinks she's mocking him and tries to kill her. But Oryou blocks his attack and again when he attacks Ryouma for betraying him in life. Ryouma then dodges an attack from Okita Souji, who's been pursuing him for crossing her territory. She becomes confused upon seeing Okita Alter. Ryouma has Oryou carry Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Izou as they make their escape.[9]

At the detective agency, Ryouma explains he located several anchors formed from Grail fragements around which Servants establish their territories. Da Vinci concludes that since the Singularity is maintained by the Grail fragments, it will be corrected once they’re destroyed. Before communications are cut off again, she explains the wedges and territories act in parallel to each other, meaning a Servant's blessing from the Grail gets weaker as their territory shrinks. The group's objective is now clear: whittle down the Servants' territories and sever their connection to the Grail. Ryouma convinces Izou to help by mentioning that Okita and another Shinsengumi member will be tough opponents.[10]

Izou protects Ritsuka and Okita Alter as they head for Lancer's territory. They both dislike his rude attitude. Okita Alter is specifically wary of him because he tried to kill Ritsuka despite Ryouma's earlier assurance that Izou is serious about his job. Izou says he is a man of his word while Ryouma is a liar. The trio eventually reaches Lancer's territory, but Izou realizes someone got to Lancer before they did. Inside, they're greeted by Li Shuwen, who just killed the official Lancer. Izou and Shuwen fight, with the latter proving the stronger. Seeing Izou cannot fight, Ritsuka orders Okita Alter to fight, despite Izou’s objections. Despite her amateurish swordsmanship, she manages to kill Shuwen. Shuwen commends her conviction and understands she greatly cares for Ritsuka. After he disappears, Okita Alter realizes her movements had improved when she saw Okita earlier. Izou prepares to take his leave when Okita Alter tells him that his battle with Shuwen helped weaken him. Izou tells her to shut up, saying he was only doing his job and that he'll show no mercy when they next meet as enemies.[11]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter return to the detective agency and learn from Ryouma that he found Berserker. Da Vinci confirms the anchor under Lancer’s control has been destroyed. Ryouma couldn't defeat Berserker, so he’ll try to destroy his anchor tomorrow. Da Vinci explains that with every anchor destroyed, the interference gets weaker. After communications are cut again, Ryouma notices Izou’s absence. Ritsuka tells him what happened, so he leaves it be for now. He then reveals he has located Okita and Nobunaga thanks to Chaldea’s intel. He couldn't locate Caster, though, so they’ll have to wait for them to make a move. Okita Alter has the unshakable feeling that she needs to see Okita again. Ryouma and Oryou decide to go after Nobunaga.[12]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter arrive at Okita’s territory, where they were expected. As Okita prepares to fight, Okita Alter asks her if they’re the same person. Okita is unsure since she never wielded a large sword. She and Okita Alter then begin their duel. As they continue their duel, Okita Alter remembers the truth of her existence. With her memories restored, Okita Alter’s swordsmanship drastically improves. Okita dons the Coat of Oaths, having decided to fight Okita Alter at full strength. She is defeated and denies that she was trying to train Okita Alter during their duel, though she denies it. In both in life and as a Servant, all she did was kill her enemies, It helped her forget why she was even alive, believing it's why she pawned her debt off to Okita Alter. She then gives Okita Alter the Coat of Oaths, knowing she has someone to protect. She had someone like that when she was alive but failed to protect them. Calling Okita Alter the person she should have been, Okita asks her to apologize to Buddha for her for only living for herself. She then disappears, hoping Ritsuka will watch over her other self until her time comes. Okita Alter recalls her purpose and tells Ritsuka that it is time for all it to end.[4]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter return to the detective agency where they meet Nobukatsu. He argues with himself when it’s revealed he is sharing his Saint Graph with Nobunaga, who explains her situation. She and Da Vinci then reveal the Grail War is a ritual by Caster to forge a Saint Graph of the highest purity in a similar vein to a Kodoku Ritual, Ryouma and Oryou overhear this and everyone decides to stop Caster's plan, including Izou. Before they leave, Mash asks Okita Alter to take good care of Ritsuka, relieved that she could finally say it. Okita Alter assures Mash that she will protect Ritsuka in her stead.[5]

The group invades the Magus Facility, where they are confronted by many Heroic Spirit Soldiers. While Ryouma, Oryou, and Izou stay behind to deal with them, Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Nobukatsu/Nobunaga proceed onto the Grail's chamber. Akechi declares that with Nobunaga's Saint Graph and the Grail, the true Nobunaga shall be reborn. Nobunaga demands he return her body. Akechi responds by ordering Heroic Spirit Soldiers to kill the group.[13] In the chamber, Okita Alter kills the soldiers and reveals she is an Alter Ego to Akechi’s disbelief. He orders more soldiers to execute the group when Hijikata Toshizou suddenly bursts in, followed by Ryouma and Oryou. Ryouma reveals he entered a ceasefire with Hijikata when he fought him earlier by mentioning Okita. As Hijikata, Ryouma, and Oryou kill Akechi’s soldiers, Izou stabs Akechi through the back. Nobunaga uses this chance to take back her body. After seeing Nobunaga won’t accept his vision of an ideal world, Akechi decides to become the true Nobunaga and pours the Grail’s mud on himself to become a horrible monstrosity: Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. The group tries fighting him, but all of their attacks are ineffective. Okita Alter tells them to do something about the Grail in his chest then she’ll finish it. Hijikata and Izou attack Akechi followed by Nobunaga and Ryouma using Demon King of the Sixth Heaven and Like a Soaring Dragon together.[14] As both Noble Phantasms assail Akechi, Hijikata attacks him with his own Noble Phantasm followed by Izou removing the Grail from his chest. Ryouma and Oryou disappear, having expended the last of their magical energy. Okita Alter then uses the Grail to transports herself, Ritsuka, and Akechi into infinity.[15]

There Okita Alter reveals she is a Counter Guardian. Akechi refuses to believe the Counter Force could interfere though since he turned Tokyo into a Singularity. Okita Alter asserts nothing exists before or beyond this place,so the same applies to him now. Akecih questions why no one, not even the World, accepts him. Okita Alter then fights him.[15] She defeats him and helps him realize he was seeking for killing Nobunaga in life. Returning to his regular self, Akechi accepts this as the truth and disappears. Okita Alter then begins to disappear and reveals why she was summoned. In exchange for saving her life, the World contracted her to be a one-time Counter Guardian. Not wanting to disappear, she touches Ritsuka, and their memories flow into her. She calls the memory of Chaldea proof that she lived and disappears, sincerely thanking Ritsuka.[6]

Inexplicably, however, she later appears in Chaldea. She is overjoyed to see Ritsuka again and immediately hugs them, wondering if it was thanks to the power of love she could return. A jealous Okita yells at her to stay away from Ritsuka. Ritsuka tells both girls to calm down, simply calling Okita Alter Alter. Okita Alter dislikes being called such, to which Okita boasts of how long she and Ritsuka have known each other. Okita Alter, therefore, demands Ritsuka call her Little Okita from now, considering it cuter than Okita.[16]

Some time later, she asks Ritsuka to eat oden with her in the cafeteria when she notices something wrong with Nobunaga. Recovering from her state of shock, Nobunaga tells Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter that she caught Chacha trying to use Chaldeas. Suddenly the alarm goes off; Da Vinci alerts everyone that TRISMEGISTUS’ simulation went out of control and opened a mysterious portal. She suspects it's data collected from the previous operation gone haywire. Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter prepare to rayshift into the portal. Nobunaga infuses Okita Alter’s katana with a little over half her magical energy to turn it into a god-slaying demon sword infused with the power of Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. She dubs it Rengoku, the Sword of Purgatory. Afterward, Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter rayshift into the portal.[17]

Ritsuka's party eventually defeat Chacha. Ritsuka and Okita Alter both act like Okita died just because she fainted a little. Chacha wakes up and apologizes for the trouble she didn't know she caused. Okita Alter tells her not to worry about it, adding all of this is very exciting to her since she was only born recently. She becomes friends with Chacha, and gets angry at Nobunaga with her upon learning Nobunaga ate all the oden.[18]

All-Out Nobunaga Assault - GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021[]


Although Okita Souji Alter shouldn't exist, she gained a Saint Graph with which to manifest thanks to an event during Okita Souji’s childhood. When she was on the verge of death, Okita’s sister prayed to all deities and sealed the agreement to "forfeit her to the World, once."[1][4] Okita Alter is an extremely special Heroic Spirit with a Saint Graph changed and tailored to exercise the Counter Force’s might. Since she was tailored under the goal of manifesting only once, and to either annihilate her target or go down with them, everything besides the Saint Graph’s essentials was altered to a level different from that of her base (Okita’s Saint Graph), to the point where they can’t be considered the same.[1][15] That’s also why she was summoned as an Alter Ego instead of in Okita’s most suitable Class, Saber.[1][14] She is a potential final state Okita Souji could have attained had she not passed away too young.[1] She claims to be the true Okita Souji... the strongest Okita Souji.[19] The one who rips demons asunder, destroys gods, and collects mankind's prayers. Sakamoto Ryouma states that Okita Alter is on a completely different level than him, in every possible sense.[15]

She is not supposed to get a Master, only to manifest as a Counter Guardian once and disappear.[1] In the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story, Okita Souji is able to summon Alter into her body to defeat Neo Fuhrer by taking in a Holy Grail filled with Seven Servants.[2]


The Extremity of Endlessness (無穹の果て?) Craft Essence from Fate/Grand Order

In combat, Devil Saber wields Rengoku, "a cool black katana." The name "Purgatory" is something that was arbitrarily attached and originally it was an unsigned mysterious armament. Somehow it is sentient and intelligent (to the point of being able to communicate on its own), its performance changing considerably according to the user's mood. When the user's condition is good, the center of the sword's blade shines with a crimson light. It seems to be pleased with the purgatory name.[1]

Although her sword looks different from Okita's, they are supposed to be used identically.[4] Her combat style mostly takes Okita's as its base, but she has her own unique additions, including a Magic Resistance rank high enough for someone made under the premise of fighting against the supernatural and an area-of-effect attack for annihilation purposes. On the heat of battle, she tried throwing her sword once, but she learned not to do that because it angered Rengoku. But she still sometimes forgets and throws it. She’s the Okita Souji that can shoot beams.[1]


Because Okita Alter is meant to use all her power in a single fight, like a bomb just waiting to go off, whenever she is summoned, she is in an extremely weakened state in order to save up Magical Energy.[15] In her default state she doesn't even know how to talk or fight.[7] Even after getting more accustomed to fighting, Okada Izou says that she has pitiful skills. He regards her swordplay as a bad joke, with a form BEYOND amateurish. Okita Alter apologizes to Ritsuka Fujimaru after exchanging a few blows with Izou, saying she can't beat him, and they decide to withdraw.[9] Izou believes she is such a weak Servant by this point that she wouldn't last more than a second against Li Shuwen (Young Lancer). Although she was doomed from the start, she still blocked Li Shuwen's attacks no fewer than three times. Despite Okita Alter lacking confidence in her skills, it is thanks to her ignorance that she was able to deliver a flawless, techniqueless decisive blow to Li. Still, Li claims that he may not have lost hadn't he relaxed his guard at the last moment. Ritsuka states that by this point, she seems a lot stronger than she was before. She says that the reason she is moving better is having seen Okita Souji fight, and that Izou's previous fight with Li helped to weaken him.[11] When both Okitas finally fight, Alter is able to slowly polish her style, getting it closer and closer to Okita's. When Okita Alter finally remembers her true nature, she caught up with Okita and becomes able to equally match her in speed, despite having a huge blade. Despite the real Okita activating her Coat of Oaths, she still loses. Although Alter believes Okita could have cut her down at any time, Ritsuka hypothesizes that she chose to train her instead. Before vanishing, she hands her Coat of Oaths Noble Phantasm to Okita Alter, allowing her to finally ascend her Saint Graph to her 2nd stage.[4]

Even in her second stage, Oda Nobunaga is still unsure of whether or not Okita Alter is really Okita's Alter Ego, saying that she's fairly sure that the real Okita could do better than her in combat. Despite Okita Souji Alter working together with Oda Nobunaga, Sakamoto Ryouma, Oryou, Hijikata Toshizou, Okada Izou, and Oda Nobukatsu, they can't "hold a candle" the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven - Akechi Mitsuhide. No matter how much they attack him, their attacks don't work. However, Okita Alter says that if they do something about the Holy Grail in Mitsuhide's chest, she can handle the rest.[14] While Hijikata pins Mitsuhide down, Nobuga uses Demon King of the Sixth Heaven and Ryouma Like a Soaring Dragon,[14] successfully removing the Grail.[15] Nevertheless, the Black Giant doesn't take any damage, and states that a Servant such as Okita Alter with possessing a pitifully weak Saint Graph can't hope to defeat him if Oda Nobunaga couldn't.[15]

By absorbing the Holy Grail that Nobunaga and Ryouma had removed from the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven - Akechi Mitsuhide's chest, Okita Alter was able to manifest her final Ascension. With it, she teleports Mitsuhide into a blanc realm she calls infinity.[15]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Since, unlike the real Okita, she’s made under the premise of fighting against the paranormals, she maintains a Magic Resistance fitting for the Saber Class. By the way, she also overcame her disease. Unfair? Yeah, I get what you mean, but still...[1]
  • Independent Action (A Rank): As a Counter Guardian, it’s possible to act independently. The high rank is because she was tailored for the purpose of manifesting under despairing circumstances and annihilating the target solo or disappearing taking them with her.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Furthest Earth (A Rank): The ultimate way of walking, which allows complete movement in all forms of space.[1]
  • Persistence (B Rank): A constant light shines her way in a battle fought long without pause. Said light proves her memories of that day are real.[1]
  • Boundlessness (A Rank): An infinite light shines the world as a whole. The golden aurora that destroys Mara.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Absolute Sword - Endless Three-Stage, an attack performed with her sword Rengoku, able to annihilate or remove from the world what which was not supposed to exist, or even what cannot be allowed to exist.[1] During the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story, Okita Souji Alter used it to destroy Maxwell's Demon and Neo Fuhrer.[3] Incalculable, indisputable, infinite. These three traits are combined in the sword's nature.[1] In the Imperial Tokyo Singularity, it is shown that Okita can access a realm of endless nothingness. A point where nothing exists before or beyond it. A blanc realm she calls infinity.[15] There, she defeats Demon King of the Sixth Heaven - Akechi Mitsuhide on her own.[6]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


The child accompanying her is her sword Rengoku.


Class Skills:

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): Since the very thing that has reconfigured into the Saber class is the exterior, she has achieved a level of Magic Resistance far exceeding the original Okita Souji. Weak Constitution? I left that at my parent’s house. My favourite flavour of shaved ice syrup is Blue Hawaii. Rengoku prefers a dignified strawberry milk. By the way, Rengoku often gets sleepy, which is cute. There’s nothing cute about me dozing off, is there? Dealing with this Heroic Spirit is a real pain.[20]
  • Independent Action (A Rank): In the appearance of a swimsuit-clad Guardian of the Deterrent, it’s possible for her to act independently. The manifestation in a desperate situation, with the singular goal of annihilation, elopement and destruction have resulted in an adjustment of purpose, so the rank is still high.[20]

Personal Skills:

  • Majin Sword (B++ Rank): The pinnacle of swordsmanship that Okita Alter will achieve. At the end of a long, long battle, the accumulated eternity of an undefeated sword becomes a technique. It’s an unclear ideal that is both perfected yet incomplete. A mere shadow of the everdistant glitter of Okita Souji.[20]
  • Rengoku (B Rank): A comprehensive combat operating system based on the dedicated equipment of Rengoku. In the first place, it’s more directed for being a support system than an offensive implement. Although the advice provided is quite good, they can’t display the maximum effectiveness because its Lord fails to heed its advice.[20]
  • Sun and Moon (A Rank): Gathering all the light and shining in black, Devil Saber wears this exclusive conceptual formal wear. A shield made of the Sun, armour made of the Moon, it demonstrates a defensive power on a different level.[20]

Noble Phantasm:
Okita Souji Alter's Noble Phantasm is Absolute Sword - Endless Flash.


Comment from Illustrator[]

Who would have thought she was such an airhead character… The concept for the first Ascension is a dark, Gundam MK-2-like Okita. The second Ascension is a what-if scenario for where she fought on the Goryoukaku(WP). And the third Ascension is her final battle mode as a Counter Guardian. Purgatory, her sword taller than herself, was designed by Shimaudon. (Takashi Takeuchi)


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