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Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere (オルガマリー・アースミレイト・アニムスフィア, Oruga Marī Āsumireito Animusufia?, Olgamally Animusphere) is a character involved with the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. She is better known colloquially as Olga (オルガ, Oruga?) and Marie (マリー, Marī?). Marie is the leader of the Chaldea and is monitoring the future and trying to prevent the extinction of humanity in 2016.[1]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

She is the daughter of ‎Marisbury Animusphere, who is the Lord of the Astronomy Faculty. She is a member of the prestigious Animusphere family of magi. As one of the top ten families in the Clock Tower, she has a reputable name.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Marie is an eleven year-old girl in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A person who believes it is the Animusphere's pride to serve the very best under any circumstances, regardless of trouble or accident.[3] Marie is dutiful in her role and takes full responsibility in Chaldea.[3] She prefers coffee over tea.[4] She always carries dried fruits around on her person.[4]

Mash Kyrielight describes Marie as someone who isn't a scoundrel, but she's "downright evil" for her unsavory ways, although she's nowhere near as strict as the rules laid down by Chaldea's internal management.[5] She wouldn't hesitate to fire a staff of someone she doesn't like.[5][6] Romani Archaman thinks Marie is a bad person, but deep down "she's as stiff as a board".[5] He also thinks that the time she spend with Ritsuka and Mash has softened her heart.[4]

She cares for her staffs, for example she prioritize the lives of the candidates masters and put them under cryofreeze.[3][7] She does notice that Mash looked depressed and had Ritsuka go and check on her.[8]

She relies heavily on Lev Lainur Flauros because he always saves Marie.[3]

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

Marie originally joined Chaldea Security Organization as a Master candidate.[5] Marisbury passed away in his office in 2012, it was determined to be a suicide. It was after this that Marie came to Chaldea.[9] As Marisbury has passed away 3 years ago, Marie was a student at the time and inherited her father's position.[2][5] When she learns that her ideal father had been conducting cruel experiments in secret. She became anorexic for a month from the shock and was three times as hysterical. When she took over the director's position, she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She became afraid of Mash at first because she believes Mash will kill her. Dr. Roman suggested to Marie that Mash should become part of the staff. However, despite her fear, Marie didn't look away from Mash.[9]

She is one of ten Lords of the Clock Tower, it became a scandal when she was detected to have zero aptitude for being a Master.[2][5] She has to carry the burden of the House Animusphere and the pressure from the Mage's Association and sponsor.[5]

Marie claims that she helped Lev Lainur Flauros to invent the Near-Future Observation Lens "SHEBA".[10]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Ritsuka Fujimaru was the last person to arrive for Marie's briefing in the central control room, and he was unluckily seated in front of Marie.[5][11][12] She introduced herself to the new members of Chaldea and declared that she doesn't care for birth status or past achievements, as long as they follow her orders. Marie established that under her jurisdiction in Chaldea, her orders are absolute. She informs them about their goal to protect human history and that the newcomers are just tools.[5][11] She points out that Ritsuka has the nerve to doze off in her presentation.[5] She explained to the new members that Humanity would go extinct when she used the CHALDEAS and SHEBA. She presented a history that did not exist in 2004 in Fuyuki Japan, "Spatial Singularity F" was determined to be the trigger cause of Humanity extinction. She presented their first mission to perform their Rayshift experiment, a time traveling method. The objectives was to have "Team A" consist of 8 excellent people to be sent to "Singularity Point F". While "Team B" will be monitoring the condition of "Team A" and await for the second experiment. Marie permitted Ritsuka to question her because Marie thought he looked unsatisfied with the mission. Ritsuka enquired if time slip was possible and if there is consequences of changing the past. She frowns on Ritsuka's lack of space-time theories and wonders why the Association has sent him over to Chaldea. Marie demanded to know what team is Ritsuka in and checks Ritsuka's ID. She was shocked to learn that Ritsuka's job was a standard cooperator with no field or virtual experience. She orders Lev to sort out Ritsuka because an amateur might cause problems for Chaldea.[5][11] Lev insist that Ritsuka is a Master candidate, to which she places Ritsuka in Romani Archaman's care and orders him to take basic training.[5] However in the Drama CD and Anime, she kicks Ritsuka out of Chaldea because of the sleeping in the briefing.[7][11] Lev tells Mash to escort Ritsuka to his private room.[5][11] Ritsuka collapsed due to the earlier simulator side effects. Marie slaps the Protagonist awake, she later dismisses Ritsuka from the first mission.[12]

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames[edit | edit source]

Prior to the first mission in the central control room, Lev had set bombs right under her feet. Her real body was destroyed, while her mind was rayshifted to Fuyuki, thanks to "TRISMEGISTUS" interference.[13] Mash and Ritsuka found Marie being attacked by a gang of skeletons and she cries out for Lev's help. After Mash defeated the skeletons, Marie in her hysterical state starts questioning on how the Protagonist became a Master, when he's not even a proper mage. Mash informs Marie about their current situation. Marie calmly access their situation, she thinks that she is the only survivor from the rayshifting. She acknowledges Ritsuka's contract with Mash and orders Ritsuka to follow her command. Marie first order is to build up a base camp and find a leyline terminal with an abundance of Mana called "ray point". She uses Mash's shield as a catalyst to establish a summoning circle. By doing so she managed to contact with Chaldea, she managed to communicate with Romani. She is shocked to learn that Romani is in charge, rather than Lev. Romani reports that he is the only highest ranking staff active for duty, while Lev is presumably dead from the control room explosion. Marie sadden by this and ask for the other master conditions, she learns that 47 of them are in critical condition and there's not enough medical support. She orders the other Masters to be placed under cryotherapy and to be later resuscitation. She orders Romani to be in charge and fixed the situation in Chaldea, while she, Ritsuka and Mash will investigate the Singularity. She formally announce that both Mash and Ritsuka are acknowledged as investigators in "Singularity Point F". Once the singularity is discovered, she will place a second team for analysis and removal after Chaldea condition is restored. She believes that waiting would for help in their situation would worsen for Chaldea, as the Mage's Association would raise objection to fund or recruit staff and who would taker responsibilities for Chaldea latest failure. She decided that she couldn't return empty handed so it would be beneficial for them to search for the source of this singularity.[3][7]

When they examine the Fuyuki Big Bridge, Marie briefs Ritsuka about their mission. She blames Ritsuka for the Q&A session and it delayed for her to dress up for the Rayshifting. She leaves the guard duty for Ritsuka. She explains about Servants and Heroic Spirit, she later gets angry for Ritsuka for being too ignorant until Mash explains Chaldea history.[5] As they traveled to the remnants of the Harbour. They encountered more monsters, Marie complimented Mash's Demi-Servant spec and Mash question why Fuyuki is so different from their knowledge. Marie replies that it is possible that history was altered and "LAPLACE" has surveyed a Holy Grail War in this time period. She explained them about the Fuyuki's Holy Grail War system and how Chaldea implemented it as a basis for their "FATE" summoning system. She further explained that the Fifth Holy Grail War should have ended with Saber's victory, however an abnormalities occurred. She declared that their mission is to eliminate the abnormality and they would be able to return to the present day. She is concerned about Mash unable to use her Noble Phantasm. Marie tells Ritsuka about Master can look at Matrix of information on their contract Servant's Skills and Parameters, and the bond between Master and Servant will increase their ability. She is determined to release Ritsuka out of duty when the second team shift arrive because she is concerned for his well being.[10]

As they explored the Fuyuki Church, they only find the place destroyed, burning and no living people. She wonders why the Counter Force hasn't activated in this singularity. Marie witness Mash's battle and commended Mash's strength for becoming a Servant. Romani warns multiple enemies are approaching, they were approached by Shadow Rider. After they won, they immediately escaped.[14] They retreated back to the Big Bridge, where they were snuck up by Shadow Assassin. When they're lost, another Servant Shadow Lancer joined in. The group was in a dilemma against two Servants until Caster arrived to support. With both shadow servants defeated, Marie asked Ritsuka opinion on Caster. Caster informs the situation about this Holy Grail War, where only him and Saber are the surviving Servants. Caster confirms with Marie that he allied with the group because he couldn't defeat Saber alone. Marie ask the other servants status and Caster says that they should avoid Berserker, while they should be able to handle Archer.[15]

Marie ask Ritsuka to check up on Mash, it turns out that she is insecure about not being able to use Noble Phantasm. Caster encourages Mash that she will eventually able to use them, he fails to explain so he decided to help her at a practical sense. Caster carved warding rune on Marie's coat. Marie confused with the situation, Mash told her to hide behind her at the sparing practice. When Caster used Wicker Man, Mash was able to deploy her Noble Phantasm. Mash able to use her Noble Phantasm is a cause for celebration and Marie names the Noble Phantasm as Lord Chaldeas.[8]

As they approach the cave, Caster detected the Greater Grail's presence. Marie analyze the cave and asked for more information about Saber. Archer reveals Saber's Noble Phantasm; Excalibur and fights the group.[16] Though they won, Marie suggested the group to take a break. She acknowledges Ritsuka's achievements, though Romani believes her heart was soften by Ritsuki. While Marie hysterically disagrees, a monstrous looking thing approaches them and fights the group.[4]

After Saber and Caster disappear, Marie is curious about how Saber's knowledge regarding to the "Grand Order" Court Ranking System. She congratulates Ritsuka and Mash efforts, declaring the mission complete. She orders Mash to collect the crystal, she believes it to be the reason for Saber's change. However Lev appears, Marie happily greets Lev. She runs up to Lev, while ignoring Mash's warning and ask for his help. Lev reveals his betrayal by revealing Marie's actual death, she can't go back to Chaldea because she lost her physical body to the explosion. The moment she return to Chaldea, her consciousness will disappear. Lev teleported or projected the group near "CHALDEAS". He uses the power of the Holy Grail to connect space-time to the "CHALDEAS", he shows the "CHALDEAS" turned completely red. He mocks Marie saying her incompetence caused this tragedy. Since "CHALDEAS" is a body of information condensed together, it is a territory of another dimension. Marie was pulled straight into "CHALDEAS". She cries out for help and resents that nobody praised or acknowledged her, she tried to resist it but it was futile. She will experience an eternal death akin to being absorbed by a blackhole or the sun, where she is disassembled on the molecular level.

-Moonlight/Lostroom-[edit | edit source]

Olga and her servants from -Moonlight/Lostroom-

She appeared ordering now seven servants to battle against Rama, Nightingale, Ishtar and Gilgamesh (Caster). The servants are Suzuka Gozen, EMIYA(Alter), Li Shuwen, Medb, Mephistopheles, Carmilla and Cu Chulainn (Alter). However, this is revealed to be a mere dream, born from her wish of being a true Master and contributing to the conflicts, and she is in reality still experiencing her endless death.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[edit | edit source]

In this history, Marisbury Animusphere never participated in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, no longer showing any interest in Olga Marie and leaving her entirely in Trisha Fellows' care.[17][18][19] Marisbury's abandonment of his daughter caused her to develop a desperate need to prove herself, not unlike her older counterpart in Fate/Grand Order. Trisha's concern for her young charge led her to seek answers for Marisbury's sudden change.

Case. Mystic Eyes collection train[edit | edit source]

Casefiles olgamarie.jpg

She aims to participate in the Mystic Eyes auction as a representative of the Animuspheres, despite being 11 years old, with Trisha Fellows accompaning her to the Rail Zeppelin. While suspicious of Lord El-Melloi II's presence on the train, Olga Marie is confident that he poses little threat due to the El-Mellois' considerable debts. Instead, she convinces El-Melloi II to join her in an alliance in order to obtain the "Mystic Eyes of Rainbow", believing no one would want to fight with two Lords competing at an auction.

Olga Marie later discovers Trisha's decapitated body, her screams drawing the attention of El-Melloi. She accuses the others of Trisha's murder, forcing Karabo Frampton to knock her unconscious in order for him to perform an autopsy.

When El-Melloi II is injured following a fight with Hephaestion, Olga provides Gray with a panacea to help heal him, declaring them "even".

When the sabotage of the Rail Zeppelin that leaves the train stalled in a Child of Ainnash, she barricades herself in her room like most of the other attendees, still not trusting Gray and Caules and remaining distraught over the loss of Trisha.

The Rail Zeppelin is reactivated, causing Olga Marie to stumble and discover an Imaginary Number Space around where Trisha's body fell. Recognizing the magecraft of the Fellows family, she opens the space using the password Trisha taught her, only for Trisha's head to fall out, much to Olga Marie's horror, just as Hishiri Adashino arrives.

After the resolution of the incident, Marisbury still refuses to see Olga Marie. She remarks to Reines El-Melloi Archisorte that a time and world where her father's dream was realized through the Greater Grail is one unbeknownst to her. This prompts the girls to strike up an acquaintanceship as two heirs to the title of Lord.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Olga Marie with the Animusphere Magic Crest.

Cú Chulainn has stated that Marie's Magic Circuit quantity and quality are top-notch, though she is somewhat cursed for the lack of ability as a Master.[7][15] She can also treat light injuries.[5] The Animusphere Magic Crest is located on Olga Marie's forehead. In the family's Astromancy magecraft, the head represents the planet Mars.[19]

She is capable of destroying skeleton enemies with Gandr. She is also efficient with Runes, engraving them onto stones with a chant. She is able to use them as barrier and explosives. She can also use runes to create stones that create light bright enough to temporally blind servants, which Caster used to help him defeat Shadow Archer.[7] In Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, she has displayed the ability to conjure a small black ball to fire at her opponents, as seen in her attempts to attack Karabo while distraught and later displayed the ability to summon a miniature meteor shower, using it to fight off the Child of Ainnash when it ensnared the Rail Zeppelin, with support from the other passengers.[19]

When engraving runes onto stones and summoning a meteor shower, Olga uses a chant associated with the Animuspheres; "Stars, Cosmos, Gods, Animus, Antrum, Unverse, Anima, Animusphere" (スターズ。コスモス。ゴッズ。アニムス。アントルム。アンバース。アニマ、アニムスフィア?).[19][7] For the meteor shower she uses another similar but longer chant beforehand.[19]

References[edit | edit source]

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