One Shot, My Love: My Dear Summer Tryst (愛しき夏の恋逢瀬
, Itoshiki natsu no koi ōse
Wan Shotto Mai Rabu
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Medb in her swimsuit.

A summer love; a single commemorative photograph (one-shot).

Originally, Medb would be a Rider endowed with the special trait of "handling the Noble Phantasms of the heroes that she took possession of during her lifetime", but changing into a swimsuit and undergoing a transformation in her Saint Graph resulted in Medb attaining a new Noble Phantasm.

Namely, a fearsome anti-unit sure-kill Noble Phantasm that employs one of the powerful weapons that Queen Medb possess - her "charm". Once she approaches someone while humming unconcernedly​ and says "oh, hello there​", the target will instantly be attracted to her and fall in a summer love. He will surely fall. Then, there will be no choice but to tragically be exhausted in the summer sky after turning into a victim of her self-indulgence as much as she pleases―――

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