The OniWP Kind (鬼種, Kishu?) are a Demi-Human Phantasmal Species and a type of demon symbolized by inferno and scorching heat.[1] They declined as human civilization advanced, and are now all but extinct.

In Colorful Moon Tsukihime, Oni are said to exist in the following varieties:

  • Those who were from the start referred to as Oni, and fundamentally distinct from humans.
  • Those humans who by way of aberration (変異, hen'i?) become as Oni.

Known Oni[]

The following is a list of known Oni that have appeared within the canon:


Akiha close to becoming Crimson Red Vermillion, evident by her red hair

In the past of Japan, many families wanted to crossbreed with the Oni Kind. This resulted in the present clans of Mixed-Bloods,[2] such as the Tohno and the Kishima. The relationship between the half-breeds and the oni is not unlike that between the Dead Apostles and the True Ancestors. Both the oni and the mixed-bloods have been in conflict with the Demon Hunter Organization for quite some time.

Those with thick oni blood are often overwhelmed by their blood with Inversion Impulses, and those that maximize the blood are called Crimson Red Vermillion (紅赤朱, Kurenai Seki Shu?). Also known as Ancestral Return (先祖還り, Senzo Kaeri?), they are enveloped by an illusion-like fog and their demon blood overwhelms and consumes their human blood. Those that become Crimson Red Vermillion are never able to return to being human again. Having thick demon blood, Akiha Tohno has a high chance of becoming one. Her hair is normally red because she is close to becoming one, but she manages to keep it black by suppressing her powers. The only other known Crimson Red Vermillion is Kouma.[3][4]

Known Powers of Oni Mixed Bloods[]

There are many ways the blood of the oni can manifest itself as a special power. A few special powers that emerged from strong oni blood, were the ability to move things without touching them, fangs that could be used to take bodily fluids from other people and being able to reverse the temperature with a glare to freeze an opponent. There exists also a specific ability related to weapon manufacturing. When the time of a real battle comes, they cut off one of their arms and create their final and greatest blade out of their bones. Kouma Kishima as an example possesses massive physical strength, speed, as well as a body as hard as steel. His physical prowess gives him the power to crush trees with his bare hands. Other known powers are:

Death Resistive Body[]

Death Resistive Body (拒死性肉体, Kyoshisei Nikuta?) is the mixed-blood ability of the real SHIKI Tohno.[5] Instead of simply regenerating from heavy wounds, his body is able to reshape on its own, so that he can survive even without vital organs. This also allows him to crystallize his blood, which then can be used as an extremely fine sword or thrown weapon.

Eroding Detachment[]

Eroding Detachment (蝕離, Shokuri?),[6] an ability of the real SHIKI Tohno. It allows him to take in a body part of another person, by eating their flesh, and then use it as his own. It's basically like an organ transplant without a limit. This ability also allows him to reattach lost limbs and to junction his lifeforce on to another living individual, and continue to live on through that method.


Plunder (略奪, Ryakudatsu?),[7] is the mixed-blood ability of Akiha Tohno is to steal the Life-Force of all living beings within her sight through a Cursed Field of 'plundering'. But at the same time it is a double-edged sword as she can plunder someones entire concept with it as well.

Shikigami Operation[]

Shikigami Operation (式神行使, Shikigami Kōshi?) is an ability that Akiha has, but details are unknown. Although this is what sounds like how she saved Shiki's life, since a Shikigami in oriental myths is animating a dead animal or non-living object and using it as a servant.


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    ――― the Phantasmal Species (幻想種, gensou-shu?).
    As the wording implies, the term refers to those existences that persist (生存する, seizon-suru?, lit. "survive") only within Fantasy (幻想, gensou?).
    Those Demi-Humans (亜人, ajin?) so called as Faeries (妖精, yousei?) or Giants (巨人, kyojin?);
    those Demonic Beasts (魔獣, majyuu?) so called as Oni (鬼, Oni?) or Dragons (竜, Ryuu?).
    They whose mode of being (在り方, arikata?) is inherently a "Mystery" (神秘, shinpi?) are merely in the act of "existing" manifest as existences that surpass Magecraft.
    There exists a Principle (理, kotowari?) that a Mystery is extinguished in the face of a Mystery of greater magnitude.
    So as Magecraft permits the accumulation of power in the mode of knowledge,
    the Phantasmal Species accrue strength by the very measure of their lifespan (寿命, jyumyou?).
    Taken to its limits by the assistance of Magecraft, the human corpus can persist for no more than five hundred years.
    To they who have survived since distant antedeluvia (太古, taiko?), a Mystery on the order of half a millennium in magnitude is unworthy as competition.
    However, the circumstance wherein Humanity and the Phantasmal Species inhabit same World is a matter of the past.
    Those of the Phantasmal Species that are long-lived grow to some extent distant from this World.
    At present, the Phantasmal Species that as yet remain within the World are those existences whose standing may be expressed in units of a century.


  2. [v] Melty Blood Act Cadenza PS2 Manual - Dictionary: Mixed-Bloods [Term], p.056

    Mixed-Bloods [Term]
    Refers to the descendants of humans who consorted with something "inhuman" in the distant past. Tohno Akiha and Kishima Kouma fall under this classification.
    Though their blood is growing thinner with each successive generation, on rare occasions a child is born who has strongly inherited that "inhuman" characteristic.
    As for Tohno Akiha, her blood is primarily human, but what inhuman blood she does have is exceptionally high class. Because of this, she could be considered the answer to the demon hybrids' evolution, capable of awakening as a demon hybrid while still remaining a human being.
    Kouma, on the other hand, is an archetypical demon hybrid whose oni blood runs too thick, making life as a human completely impossible.


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    Crimson Red Vermilion [Term]
    The name for when those with inhuman heritage have drawn out their sleeping blood to the maximum possible extent. Once they reach this state, they are wreathed in a mirage-like haze and can never return to being human.
    The name Crimson Red Vermilion is unique to the families ruled over by the Tohno household. Elsewhere, it is known as Ancestral Return.
    As one with particularly tainted blood, the possibility that Akiha will become a Crimson Red Vermilion is high.
    In Tsukihime, when her hair turned deep crimson, she was on the verge of this, though somehow she managed to bring her human and oni blood under control. Of course, rather than returning to how she was before, it's more accurate to say she switched to her "human" self while remaining close to the state Crimson Red Vermilion.


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    Crimson Red Vermillion [Term]
    Crimson Red Vermillion.
    The name for when those with inhuman heritage have drawn out their sleeping blood to the maximum possible extent.
    The name Crimson Red Vermillion is unique to the families ruled over by the Tohno household. Elsewhere, it is known as Ancestral Return.
    As one with particularly tainted blood, the possibility that Akiha will become a Crimson Red Vermillion is high.
    You can catch a glimpse of this during Tohno Akiha and Kishima Kouma's Arc Drives. Also, though Kouma is the closest to attaining it at the current stage, Akiha is actually the one with more aptitude for it.


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    SHIKI Tohno [Person's name]
    The true eldest son of the Tohno family.
    He was always pretty talkative and brash, but after Roa surfaced he got even chattier. His having a different appearance in the Arcueid and Akiha routes is just a little bit of fan service. After all, the only real difference between the two is whether or not Roa or SHIKI's consciousness is stronger, but we thought it would be pretty terrible if player had to keep seeing the same face pop up over and over as the villain in a game as long as Tsukihime, so we gave them different sprites.
    He is a handsome young man, casually dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. Somehow, he has the air of a haiku poet about him.
    One of his abilities as a demon hybrid is a "death-resistant body". Just as it sounds, it means he has a body that will not die. However, this is not the ability to heal wounds, but the ability to reconfigure his body in order to survive despite his wounds. It is this ability to freely manipulate his flesh that allows him to use his own spilled blood as a sword by coagulating it.
    …He is yet one more hapless victim of the Infinite Reincarnator, Roa.


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    Corrosive Separation [Unusual talent]
    Corrosive Separation. One of Tohno SHIKI's abilities as a demon hybrid. A curse of fusion by contact.
    SHIKI is naturally capable of continuing to use his own body no matter what condition it's in, but his ultimate ability is actually restoring his own flesh by assimilating the flesh of others. In a word, it's the no holds barred version of an organ transplant.
    Though SHIKI became a vampire due to being invaded by Roa's consciousness, this innate ability as a demon hybrid was already pretty vampire-ish. (Of course, in the end it's just making up for lost parts.)
    The reason that Akiha attained some vampire-ish abilities after disposing of her rampaging older brother might have been because she also ended up plundering this power when she killed him.


  7. [v] Tsukihime Dokuhon PlusPeriod - TSUKIHIME Dictionary: Caging Hair [Unusual talent], p.176-177

    Caging Hair [Unusual talent]
    Caging Hair. It's the name of the tenth day of the Kohaku route, but here it's referring to the name of Akiha's ability.
    Akiha is a demon hybrid that "plunders" the heat of any living being that she is able to visually confirm, and Origami is the name for the maximum output state of this ability. Though the plundering is based on sight, if somebody with spiritual vision were to observe it, they would see it as something similar to red threads twining around and consuming the target in a fiery aura. And, at their maximum output, these threads are capable of covering not just the target, but the entire environment the target is in, making escape impossible – thus the name Origami, or "Caging Hair". During the last day of the Kohaku route, the reason Shiki couldn't escape from the school building was because the school building itself had been totally covered by Akiha's Origami.
    Against normal people with no spiritual defenses, this is an absolute method of attack, but against somebody like Arcueid whose spiritual rank is on a whole other level, it would merely be a hindrance similar to the world being filled with spider webs. Though, with backup from a sympath it might be able to actually tie her down.
    In Melty Blood, it became both Akiha and Vermilion Akiha's Arc Drive, under the name "Red Lord Origami".
    Also, this is just a digression, but the martial arts practiced by the Tohno family are divided into "Blazing Rendition" techniques usable by everybody, and "Red Lord" techniques permitted only to the family head.
    These are in turn surpassed by the "Crimson Lord" techniques, which are a taboo even among the taboo.