Ophelia Phamrsolone (オフィリア・ファムルソローネ, Ofiria Famurusorōne?) is one of the seven Crypters, Masters attempting to supplant the Proper Human History with that of the Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. She is the Master of Saber Surtr (in the body of Sigurd) and was formerly one of forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team.



Ophelia's past

Born in Germany,[2] Ophelia was born to the prominent Phamrsolone Magus Family, where her birth parents put her under immense pressure to succeed in life as a Magus and become a first rate one through any means necessary. Her family's dream, and subsequently her own, is for a Jewel Ranked Mystic Eye that has reached the Sixth Imaginary Factor. During the course of her early childhood her parents subjected her through several, incredibly painful magical operation in order to increase her overall abilities as a magus that left deep emotional trauma to the young Ophelia and coupled with their "normal" magus mindset of obsessively pursuing the "Truth", Ophelia did not receive much emotional support or love from them. And due to them placing immense pressure on her to fulfill their high expectations, Ophelia ended up developing an quiet, introverted, reserved and somewhat shy personality due to her developing a severe lack of self-confidence and a fear to interact and become close to others due to her lonely and traumatic childhood.

Eventually Ophelia enrolled into the Clock Tower's Spiritual Evocation Faculty and stood out as one of their most talented students.[3]

Ophelia was recruited into Chaldea Security Organization, she became one of the forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team. Ophelia plans to summon a Saber-class Servant, but she was particular with the race of the Heroic Spirit that she was going to be contract with.[3]


A woman wearing an eyepatch over her right eye.

The sight of her wearing her eye-patch was noticeable in Chaldea.[3]


Ophelia is said to be quite attached to Kirschtaria and willing to befriend Mashu even though they are on opposite sides. She sworn her loyalty to Kirschtaria Wodime and acts like a subordinate to him. She strives to behave as a cool-headed and intellectual secretary, but she can’t hide her good heart. She refers to the Servant she summoned as “Knight”, but it’s unknown if that Heroic Spirit really is a knight.

Ophelia displays a far more honorable nature and genuinely wants to befriend Mash, going so far as to order her Servant not to kill her. She also decides to turn against Surtr rather than letting him damage the world further, at cost of her life, and she still spent her last moments giving encouraging lines to Mash instead of belittling her. She really does want to be friends with Mash, to the point it actually restrains her in their fights. She is also genuinely in love with Kirschtaria which drives her actions in her Lostbelt.

She doesn't want to hurt Mash, but refusing to fight her would be betraying Kirschtaria who she's in love with. On her deathbed she admits she refuses to betray Kirschtaria while wishing Mash luck on her journey before admitting she has mixed feelings on that.

As she likes Wagner's operas so when given the opportunity to meet her hero in person, she summoned Sigurd.

She loathes the weekends and Sundays in particular because she dislikes her lack of initiative on those days as well as the fact she would spend the day with her abusive parents.

She complains about Beryl and Daybit's casual disregard for human life, only for it to be shown that her Lostbelt's treatment of humans is infinitely more cruel than wanton murder. That said, she does have the excuse that the slaughter of humans in her Lostbelt is only to feed the Giant population for both mankind and giantkind's survival against the threat of Surtr escaping his seal, not killing for the thrill of it or because they can.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Olga Marie Animusphere orders A-Team to participate "Singularity Point F".[4] With Lev Lainur betrayal, Ophelia was amongst the casualties to be put into cryofreeze in their coffins.[5] During this time, she saw Surtr in his prison through the power of her Mystic Eye, as he waited for his world to be pruned. He was also able to "see" her and during their brief exchange, he revealed his identity to her and his attempt to defy his fate. Ophelia sympathized with his sense of failure. Unbeknownst to her at this time, Surtr's soul connected to her Mystic Eye.[6]

After becoming the Norse Lostbelt's Crypter, Ophelia summoned Sigurd without catalyst. She believed it was successful because of her mother's nordic blood. However, she qucikly learns Sigurd is actually Surtr possessing Sigurd. He used his previously established link with Ophelia's Mystic Eye to infiltrate her summoning ritual and possess Sigurd. He demanded that Ophelia use her Command Spells to destroy Sigurd's body, so his own soul can be set free. Once freed, he will destroy the false sun keeping his true body imprisoned from its vulnerable outside. Wishing to prevent the destruction that his resurrection would bring, Ophelia used her Command Spells to forbid Sigurd from killing or harming himself. She later reported this to Kirschtaria Wodime, who consider Surtr as a Servant to be a powerful, ableit dangerous, asset.[6]

Arc 2 Prologue[]

After the arrival of Goredolf Musik, Koyanskaya and Kirei Kotomine. Thirty-nine Chaldea Masters were resuscitated and evacuated, only the A-Team were still frozen and remained in their Coffin.[3] On 27 December 2017, somebody had unfrozen and woke A-Team from their respective coffin and placed a fake signal.[7]

Goredolf orders Leonardo da Vinci to open A-Team's coffin, only to find them missing.[7]

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire[]

Following a meeting between the Crypters, Ophelia expresses doubt that Kadoc Zemlupus is up to the task of maintaining the Russian Lostbelt. She doubts Kadoc can control Ivan the Terrible, and is unsure what will happen if Chaldea remnants start to cause trouble in the Lostbelt. She denies that she is concerned the Russian Lostbelt will be destroyed before it be used as "food" for the others. Instead, she is concerned that Kadoc is prioritzing Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova's wishes before their objective. Kirschataria agrees and sends Caenis to observe Kadoc's actions. He informs Ophelia that Caenis will also be stopping by her Lostbelt. He warns her to take caution with Caenis, given that Caenis dislikes women like her. If she is offended, there is a chance Caenis may destroy the Lostbelt. Ophelia is confident though that it'll fine as her Lostbelt King can match any Divine Spirit, and she herself has the strongest knight. Kirschtaria tells her that he'd prefer for their respective Lostbelts to be the last remaining two in the Crypters' competition if possible. He expects great things from her; an expectation Ophelia promises to meet.[8]

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

When Chaldea arrives in the Lostbelt, Ophelia orders Sigurd to steal the Paper Moon from them. He also gives him free reign to to kill everyone in the Shadow Border, except for Mash. Sigurd eventually returns to Scáthach-Skadi's castle, and shows Ophelia that he has successfully retrieved the Paper Moon. Ophelia tells him to hold on to it for her, and to keep safe from others. Skadi informs her that the Chaldeans are still alive. Ophelia reminds Sigurd what she told him beforehand, but he merely responds that he can't tell difference between humans. He is prepared however to kill the Chaldeans if so ordered. Ophelia tells him not to, not wishing for him to kill Mash. Skadi agrees with her sentiment, and forbids Sigurd from killing the Chaldeans. She tells Ophelia and Sigurd that if they ever come to know love to cherish it and never let it go. If they're not careful, loveless flames will throw everything out of balance as it has been since the gods came to be.[9]

In her room, Ophelia briefly thinks on Skadi's words about love. She quickly turns her thoughts to ensuring she doesn't end up like Kadoc, whose Lostbelt was eliminated. She refuses to fail, wanting to meet Kirschtaria's expectations. However, she admits to Ortlinde that the Lostbelt is unlikely to change, even if Fantasy Tree Sombrero is matured, unless she uses the Sirius Light.[9] Later, Koyanskaya informs her that the Russian Lostbelt has been destroyed.[10]

Kirschtaria later contacts her to confirm predictions about Kadoc were true, given now the Russian Lostbelt has been destroyed. Commending her for her outstanding accuracy, he tells her to continue cultivating Sombrero and to persevere. Ophelia admits her prediction about Kadoc were solely based on her feelings, but Kirschtaria says her admonition was far more effective than any encouragement he could’ve given Kadoc. He then reveals none of the other Crypter know Russia has fallen. Ophelia wonders if they should tell the others about Kadoc, but Kirschataria says that's unnecessary as Kadoc’s failure has no impact on their work. Ophelia questions if Beryl Gut can be trusted, believing a killer like him can’t be expected to expand his Lostbelt. Kirschtaria tells her, though, that he trusts Beryl to see the job done. He tells her not to concern herself with Kadoc’s well-being, instead to focus on eliminating Chaldea. He then calls the Norse Lostbelt a rare and important one, particularly if Skadi accepts and supports their new world. After expressing high hopes she'll be able to convince Skadi, Kirschataria tells Ophelia that Caenis will be visiting soon. Ophelia expresses concern that Caenis may be destroyed if the latter starts a fight with Skadi and Sigurd. But this only reaffirms Kirschtaria's decision to entrust Ophelia with the Norse Lostbelt. He then ends contact expecting Ophelia's next report will be when new seeds have formed.[11]

Afterwards, Sigurd appears and asks Ophelia about the necessity of killing her enemies as none of the humans in the Lostbelt are a threat. Ophelia replies the Lostbelt has great potential, expressing hope to breathe new life into humanity and nature if Sombrero is matured. She therefore declares she and Sigurd share the same responsibility to ensure Sombrero fully matures. After Sigurd returns to spirit form, Ophelia is confronted by the Priestess of the Alien God. Ophelia is unable to hear anything she says but asks for her name and she'll ever hear her voice.[11]

Later, Ophelia and Skadi discuss which Losbelt to cooperate with. Skadi discounts the Chinese Lostbelt, along with two of the remaining four. So she accepts Ophelia's original proposal of cooperation with the Atlantic Lostbelt. She then moves the discussion to the incident at Village 23, revealing Napoleon Bonaparte has joined Ritsuka and Mash. She tells Ophelia and Sigurd not to kill them, calling it unnecessary as they may meet their ends by giants or Envoys. Declaring once again that she'll love every being in the Lostbelt, Skadi calls Thrúd for her analysis of Ritsuka's party. After Thrúd gives her analysis, Skadi expects Ritsuka's party will arrive tomorrow evening.[12]

When Ritsuka’s party comes to the castle, Ophelia and Sigurd interrupt their battle with Thrúd. Ophelia asks Skadi to order Thrúd to stand down, so she may speak with Mash. After Thrúd leaves, Mash tells Ophelia how much she changed since the two years they last spoke, and now wishes to know her former teammates. Ophelia smiles at Mash’s earnestness, but while she wishes to know everything Mash went through, she refuses to abandon her duties as a Crypter. Mash doesn’t think of herself as Ophelia’s enemy, believing they can solve their differences peacefully. She believes it’s the same for Ophelia, but before Ophelia can reply, Napoleon interjects. He recalls proposing to Ophelia when they first met, but Ophelia rejects the very notion of being his fiancee after he recalled proposing to her when they first met. Then, annoyed by Napoleon’s antics, Ophelia asks Skadi permission to kill him. Skadi denies her request and instead orders her to capture Ritsuka’s party. Ophelia complies and orders Sigurd to neutralize the group. She also tells him to make doubly sure he doesn’t kill Mash, even by accident. Impressed by the group’s resistance, Sigurd demands Ophelia that she ascend his Spirit Origin. She complies, then uses her Mystic Eye to slow Mash by reversing Ortenaus’ output. Sigurd then proceeds to fight the group, but Scáthach-Skadi orders it to be stopped before it can go any further. Ophelia complies and orders Sigurd to stand down. After Sigurd enters his spirit form, Caenis arrives and tries to kill Ritsuka. Napoleon defends them and he is defended by Sigurd as Skadi doesn't permit killing. Caenis then delivers Kirschtaria's message. Following the message, Caenis threatens to kill Skadi when she nearly recounts Poseidon raping her. Ophelia demands she return straight to Kirschtaria, having heard a number of Heroic Spirits from Proper History had appeared in that Lostbelt's ocean with Poseidon gone. Caenis agrees to return to the Atlantic Lostbelt.[13]

Later, Ophelia tells Skadi that Ritsuka's party has escaped the castle. She suspects Sitonai told them where Brynhildr is sealed, and requests Skadi to tell her their current location so she and Sigurd can recapture them. Skadi tells her to leave them be, as she already decided to love them as her children. She also knows Sigurd would rather kill the group than capture them. She suggests Ophelia reflect on herself, and give some thought to Mash and Napoleon.[14]

In her room, Ophelia regrets she didn’t visit Mash while the group were imprisoned, even if Napoleon was also there. Now she isn’t sure if she’ll ever get to speak with Mash ever again. Koyanskaya appears and tries to insinuate she and Ophelia are similar in their devotion. But Koyanskaya is disgusted that Ophelia cannot fully commit to Kirschtaria’s cause, even though she loves him. Koyanskaya suspects it’s because Ophelia never had a friend before. Ophelia tries to deny this by asserting a mage doesn’t need friends. Koyanskaya wonders if Ophelia is incapable of swallowing her pride or if she is afraid of being honest about her inability to trust anyone. Ophelia tries to deny this, but Koyanskaya asserts it is the truth. She tells her there is no need to fear Sunday, calling the Lostbelt a never-ending Wednesday. Ophelia threatens to kill her if she says another word. She demands Koyanskaya to leave, threatening to send Sigurd after her if she isn’t gone by the time she returns from the terrace.[14]

Ophelia later speaks with Scandinavia Peperoncino, whose concerned for her. Ophelia denies that anything’s wrong, though she appreciates Peperoncino calling her. Peperoncino knows Sombrero is already sprouting seeds, calling it proof of the Tree’s growth and Ophelia’s positive relationship with Skadi despite Ophelia’s regrets that the Seeds withered away. He then tells her to apply a little makeup, knowing she wishes to look her best for Kirschtaria, which Ophelia admits to. After Peperonicino ends the call, Ophelia encounters the Priestess again. She assumes the Priestess wants to say that she should have killed Brynhildr when she had the chance. After the Priestess leaves, Sigurd inform Ophelia that Thrúd and Hidlr have been killed, so he expects Ritsuka’s party will return soon.[15]

In the throne room, Ophelia ruminates on Sigurd's words, pleading for Mash not to come. Ortlinde arrives and tells Ophelia that her sisters have been killed by Brynhildr. She denies that she’s crying, unable to believe her sisters choose to fight just to die. Even though she should be proud that they died a warrior’s death, Ortlinde finds her tears won’t stop. Because she is somewhat broken herself, she can understand her sisters’ final decision was made out of love for their elder sister. Ophelia realizes from Ortlinde's words that even Valkyries can't help but cling to those they love.[15]

When Ritsuka’s party returns to the castle, Ophelia interrupts their fight with Sigurd and Ortlinde. She reminds him that he is only meant to kill Servants, not everyone. She then asks Mash why she came, to which Mash answers it’s their duty. Ophelia asks if said duty means Ritsuka and Mash are honor bound to protect humanity. Mash answers she hasn’t met enough humans to know if she feels obligated to them, but she and Ritsuka refuse to give up on their world even if it results in the Lostbelt’s destruction. Ophelia understands Mash feels tremendous guilt, yet unflinching in her resolve. Noticing Mash has grown strong, Ophelia accepts she can never be like her. But she refuses to betray Kirschtaria’s faith in her and uses her Mystic Eye to undo the empowering effects of the Primodrial Rune on Brynhildr. Despite the risks to her Spirit Core, Brynhildr reactivates the rune. Her determination to kill Sigurd negates Ophelia’s second attempt to use her Mystic Eye on her since it doesn’t work on singular possibilities. She then uses Brynhildr Romantia to kill Sigurd, but it doesn’t kill him. Sigurd demands for Ophelia to ascend his Spirit Origin again. After she does so, Sigurd fights the group again. Brynhildr eventually pierces his Spiritual Core. Ophelia tries to use her Mystic Eye to reverse his defeat, but Sigurd uses the method Brynhildr used to negate its effects. Surtr’s soul is soon released from Sigurd, allowing the ancient giant to finally break the seal on his true body.[15] Now resurrected, Surtr moves to kidnap Ophelia. Napoleon and Mash try to stop him, but to no avail. After his fire is repelled by Sigurd's Bölverk Gram,[6] Surtr heads for the northern mountains.[16]

As Surtr heads for Sombrero, Ophelia finds the giant's magical energy prevents her from contacting Kirschtaria. She wonders what he'd think of the situation, expecting him to say something like "I see no cause for concern. I have high hopes for you, Ophelia." The Priestess appears before her once again, though Ophelia cannot understand what she is saying. She then witnesses Surtr connect to Sombrero to regain Fenrir's Authority of ice, learning that Surtr ate Fenrir during Ragnarok. She also sees he has gained invisible dragon wings, an indicator that he's began to manifest Fafnir. Then she witnesses Surtr consume Sombrero to regain his lost power thanks to possessing Paper Moon, becoming the new Lostbelt King. Afterwards, Surtr initiates his plan to burn the planet, wondering if Ophelia will aid in that with her Sirius Light. He also uses Fafnir’s curse to force Ophelia to share in his desire for destruction. Ophelia realizes this as she instinctively tries to resist the curse.[17]

Ophelia watches as Surtr's attempt to destroy Village 23 is thwarted by Ritsuka's party aided by Sitonai and Skadi. Afterwards, Napoleon overcharges Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile to damage Surtr at the cost of his life. As he disappears, he tells Ophelia that he was summoned because she cried out for a hero to save her. Then, as the last act of his materialization, he removes Fafnir's curse from her. This final act of his inspires Ophelia to fight agaisnt Surtr.[17]

Ophelia destroying her Mystic Eye.

Joining the others on the ground, she warns if Surtr burns the planet and the Lostbelt becomes the new history, the planet's Texture will be fire. She also reveals Surtr will become weaken when she severs her contract with him. Then, as it is her connection to Surtr, she destroys her Mystic Eye to sever their contract and remove his source of magical energy, even though the mana overflow will destroy her brain. She then uses her Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt.[17]

The death of Ophelia

While Ritsuka's party fight Surtr, Ophelia is taken into the Border as she starts to feel the effects of using the Sirius Light. She regrets she cannot join them, but nonetheless prays for their victory. By the time Surtr is destroyed, her life is nearly depleted from using the Sirius Light. Leonardo da Vinci and Da Vinci try to treat, but it is useless. On her deathbed, Ophelia expresses regret to Mash that she can't see her grow even more. Mash helps her truly realize that she loved Kirschtaria. Ophelia is happy to see how Mash has grown from the time they first met, confessing to herself that she wanted to be her friend. She encourages Mash to keep moving forward, though she has mixed feelings about Chaldea thwarting the Crypters' plans. Ophelia then dies, asking Mash to tell Napoleon "thank you" and that "the rainbow was beautiful."


Ophelia using her Mystic Eye of Prolongation.

Ophelia inherited a Mystic Eye of Prolongation (遷延の魔眼, Sen'en no Magan?), a Jewel-Ranked variant of Mystic Eye of Precognition, that allows her to perceive the "possibilities" associated with a targeted existence and to forcibly cull them, restricting the advancement of events pertaining to the target to a single course. To observers, her eye functions as a "rollback" phenomena, as if the enactment or deployment of Mysteries were reversed or retrogressed to a reduced state. The activation phrase is, "I do not observe thy brilliance".[18]

Its effect, however, can be rendered useless if the one being affected fixes their mind in place, narrowing all their possibilities to one. Cutting off all possibilites is considered impossible for ordinary humans and demigods, but Brynhildr achieved such a feat through her obssessive determination to kill Sigurd.

Due to its ability to let her see "possibilities", Ophelia was even able to see Surtr in the culled timeline that would become the Norse Lostbelt. Surtr was able to see her in turn, and later took advantage the very fact that she had observed him with her Mystic Eye to manipulate her Servant summoning by using said Mystic Eye as a catalyst.[6]

She excels at the use of spiritual evocation and summoning spells at particular and is noted to be one of the most talented students at the spiritual evocation department at the clock tower.

Like all the other members of A-Team, Ophelia was also given a special set of Command Spells called the Sirius Light, a kind of power able to "overturn the world" according to Marisbury that should have been used to help her complete the Grand Orders. However upon being revived and being given her own Lostbelt to oversee by the Alien God. The command spells then gave Ophelia a certain level of power/authority over her Lostbelt. As seen where she used the Sirius Light in order to rewrite her Norse Lostbelt and prevent Surtr from rewriting the World's History and Texture as a sea of eternal fire.


Creation and Conception[]


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    Weight: 48kg
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    Talents: Spiritual Evocation, Summoning, Mystic Eye of Delay, baking.
    Likes: Käsetorte, Lindt chocolate, Kirschtaria
    Dislikes: Sundays.

    A woman wearing an eyepatch over her right eye.
    She sworn her loyalty to Kirschtaria Wodime and acts like a subordinate to him.
    She strives to behave as a cool-headed and intellectual secretary, but she can’t hide her good heart.
    She refers to the Servant she summoned as “Knight”, but it’s unknown if that Heroic Spirit really is a knight.
    She was part of Spiritual Evocation Department in the Clock Tower.


    身長: 166cm
    体重: 48kg
    出身地: ドイツ
    特技: 降霊術、召喚術、遷延の魔眼、お菓子作り
    好きなもの: ケーゼトルテ、リンツのチョコ、キリシュタリア
    嫌いなもの: 日曜日


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