Optateshke Okimunpe: Howl My Friend, My Power (吼えよ我が友、我が力
, Hoeyo Wa ga Tomo, Wa ga Chikara
Oputateshike Okimunpe
?) is the hunting dog who was friends with Sitonai, the Heroic Spirit of the Ainu, turned into a type of familiar. Strengthened by the magical energy of the Divine Spirits Freya and Louhi, its appearance has changed from a hound to a bear, and its existence has become close to that of an Elemental.[1]

If it's a goddess' familiar, a fierce and large appearance is rather fitting, but it won't do for it to be a phantasm or mythical beast—— as a result of Freya accepting that claim from Louhi, two out of three agreed to turn it into a bear.[1]

A permanently active Noble Phantasm. When its True Name is invoked, consecutive attacks consisting of [a charge attack by the dog (bear)], [a bow-and-arrow attack filled with ice magic], and [a slash from Sitonai] will occur like an avalanche. Due to Sitonai's nature, it will apply a special effect against dragons.[1]


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