Ortygia Amore Mio: He is The Huntsman that Pierces The Goddess (其は、女神を穿つ狩人
}, Sore wa, Megami wo Ugatsu Karyūdo
Ortyugyuā Amōre Mio
?) is Orion's third Noble Phantasm.

A special Noble Phantasm that fundamentally shouldn't exist. In the 5th Lostbelt, it is an acquired Noble Phantasm that discards even the Crown as Grand Archer for Artemis' sake. In exchange for his own life, he shoots down the mechanical goddess Artemis.

An arrow that can only be released once by unifying a bow forged by processing Achilles' armor, Paris turned into an arrow, and a Command Spell (boost) from the Master.
Only used in the adventure part of 『FGO』.

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