Oryou (お竜さん, Oryō-san?) is the partner of Rider in the Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail of Fate/KOHA-ACE and Fate/type Redline. She is also the partner of Sakamoto Ryouma summoned as a Lancer.



OryouWP is the humanoid form of Rider Ryouma's Noble Phantasm, Like a Soaring Dragon, as well as the humanoid form of Lancer Ryouma's Noble Phantasm, O' Dragon, Conquer the Expanses of Wadatsumi. The black-haired woman who follows by Ryouma's side, Oryou. Falling in love at first sight with Ryouma when he saved her from her seal on a certain mountain, a fine lady who stalks Ryouma with the excuse of repaying the favor. Strictly speaking, she is not a dragon, but a lesser specter more closely related to snakes and serpents.[1][3]

In the closing days of the shogunate, perhaps she had a slight hand in the shadows of his grand enterprise. Or perhaps not. By the way, in Ryouma’s last moments, she was unluckily away, so she was unable to save him. Giving into her sadness, she faded into the depths of the ocean, never having the chance to become a dragon and rise to the heavens.[1][4]


Born in a distant land as a tiny black aberration, she was shunned and kept far away at a distance, and eventually washed up onto this land. Enveloped in hatred and vowing to seek revenge, she gained power and grew arrogant, aiming for the heavens in order to become a dragon and ascend to divinity. However, her arrogance resulted in her being punished and sealed on the summit of Takachiho with Ama-no-Sakahoko sent from the heavens.[2]

During the endless period of time she was sealed, her resentment and hatred for the heavens grew so intense that her body eventually turned into a calamity that could devour and destroy a nation.[2]

But it was after what seemed like an eternity that she finally met him.[2]

― Something more important than becoming a dragon and ascending to the heavens.[2]

― How agonizing it must have been.[2]

That was it, nothing else. That was the only thing that man could think of as he stood in front of that serpent, not even knowing what she was, a monster, or even a god.[2]

It didn't matter to him what evil deeds she may have committed, he felt sorry for the serpent who had been affixed to the spear for such a long time, unable to move.[2]

The human didn't even consider the possibility that the serpent might try to trick and eat him.[2]

So he pulled out the spear. Just like that.[2]

And with that, she was free to go anywhere she pleased. She was relieved by the thought. However, the serpent didn't go free. Instead she possessed the man and walked by his side on his travels.[2]

And so, the human and the serpent devoted themselves to the great tide of the times.[2]

The twisting journey of these two people, one that wasn't a human and one not a dragon, would come to an inevitable end as the swell of time forced these two apart.[2]

Nevertheless, the two dragons were still able to think:[2]

― I'm thankful to have met you.[2]


Oryou appears as a pale young woman with long, black hair and red eyes. She wears a pitch black sailor uniform with a pink ribbon around the neck, and a black scarf styled after her dragon form's scales. For her legs, she wears pink leggings with no shoes.


Falling in love at first sight with Ryouma when he saved her from her seal on a certain mountain, a fine lady who stalks Ryoma with the excuse of repaying the favor. She also has a fondness for the Peace Finger Sign.[1]



Oryou first appears with Rider as Sakura Saber is facing off against Assassin. She fights off Assassin, and they are then confronted by Demon Archer. Although she appears to quickly defeat Archer, she is disabled in a single shot. They manage to retreat with the appearance of the Fuhrer and his army of Servants. They later face off against Archer again, Rider unleashing his Noble Phantasm as Oryou transforms into a dragon.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]

Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA: Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail[]

Accompanying Sakamoto Ryouma during his investigation of the Singularity's Holy Grail[20], Oryou killed the official Rider. thereby allowing everyone involved in the war to think Ryouma is an official participant.[21]

She later deflects Oda Nobunaga's bullet that would've killed Okita Alter. Then, looking at the already wounded Ritsuka, she asks them if they're still alive and asks for permission to eat them if they aren't. Luckily for Ritsuka, Ryouma arrives and tells her not to eat them. Concerned for Ritsuka's wound, Ryouma decides they should fall back. The group then runs, with Oryou carrying Ritsuka, while being chased by Nobbu. After escaping, Ryouma assures the bullet didn’t hit any of Ritsuka’s vital organs. Oryou remarks that they'll make a nice dinner for her if they die.[22]

Bringing Ritsuka to Ryouma's office, Oryou uses her saliva to help heal their wound per Ryouma's request. Ritsuka eventually wakes up, disappointing Oryou that she lost her chance to eat them. Ryouma decides to explain the situation and asks Oryou to make tea for their guests. Oryou complies, saying she'll even add in some of her saliva. When Okita Alter answers Ryouma's question as to why she helped Ritsuka by saying they were there when she came to and felt she had to stay with them no matter, Oryou compares it to imprinting. Leonardo da Vinci and Mash then make contact, which surprises Ryouma since Tokyo is quarantined. Da Vinci realizes the quarantined space of Tokyo was the reason they couldn’t locate Ritsuka after they were rayshifted. Ryouma explains his goal is to either retrieve or destroy the Grail. Da Vinci deduces a few points on the leyline form the barrier that maintains Tokyo’s space and time. She identifies a few coordinates that Ryouma agrees to investigate. A third party then starts to interfere with communications, so she sends the coordinates before communications are cut. Before leaving with Oryou to check on the other Servants' movements, Ryouma tells Ritsuka to stay since their wound isn't completely healed.[20]

Upon leaving, Oryou asks Ryouma if he's sure about Ritsuka and Okita Alter. Ryouma answers he finds Ritsuka to be a perfectly nice person and their friends at Chaldea to be very capable. But Oryou elaborates on her question, saying she meant to ask if it's fine for Ritsuka and Okita (whom she considers weaklings) to watch over the office. Ryouma tells her it is and suspects something about Okita Alter.[20]

Ryouma and Oryou locate several anchors formed from Grail fragments and learn official Servants form their territories around them. Unfortunately, during their investigation, they are caught by Okita Souji trespassing on her territory. They flee from her when they see Okada Izou about to kill Okita Alter. Fortunately, Oryou blocks his attack and again when he attacks Ryouma for betraying him in life. She tells him to calm down, mocking that his anger just makes him seem even smaller. Okita then finally catches up. Ryouma has Oryou carry Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Izou as they make their escape. Oryou is annoyed she has to take Izou, but agrees to take him since Ryouma asked.[23]

Returning to the office, Oryou asks Ryouma why they brought Izou with them. Ryouma answers it's because he and Izou know each other. He then allows Izou to strike him as revenge for his betrayal. Though it's a serious wound, he says he can deal with it if it helps make Izou feel better. He also knows he'd be dead if Izou was serious about killing him. Oryou heals him with her saliva and reminds him that if he dies so does she. Ryouma then relays what he learned in his investigation. Da Vinci concludes that since the Singularity is maintained by the Grail fragments, it will be corrected once they’re destroyed. Before communications are cut off again, she explains the anchors and territories act in parallel to each other, meaning a Servant's blessing from the Grail gets weaker as their territory shrinks. The group's objective is now clear: whittle down the Servants' territories and sever their connection to the Grail. Ryouma convinces Izou to help by mentioning that Okita and another Shinsengumi member will be tough opponents.[24]

Ryouma and Oryou later goes to Berserker's territory located in a park. Oryou surmises from the wanton destruction that the Berserker killed anyone who was nearby. Ryouma wonders how they'll find Berserker when Oryou notices Hijikata Toshizou behind him. The pair fight him but are soon forced to retreat back to the office.[25]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter return from defeating Lancer. Ryouma tells the two about his and Oryou's encounter with Hijikata. Da Vinci confirms the anchor under Lancer's control has been destroyed. Ryouma apologizes he couldn't defeat Hijikata, so he'll try to destroy his anchor tomorrow. He then notices Izou's absence and asks if he'll be back soon. Ritsuka tells him that Izou left them and Okita Alter after they defeated Lancer, declaring they'll be enemies when they next meet. Ryouma is glad to hear that Izou isn't dead and decides it's best to leave him be for now. Oryou tells Ryouma to use his energy on worrying about her instead. Ryouma replies that he's always worried about her, which pleases Oryou.[26]

The next day, Ryouma and Oryou return to the park and try fighting Hijikata again. They struggle against him like before until Hijikata stops the fight once Ryouma mentions Okita.[27] He and Ryouma enter into a ceasefire to help Okita Alter when the time comes so Okita's debt to the World can finally be repaid.[28]

Returning to the office, Ryouma reveals he has located Okita and Nobunaga thanks to Chaldea’s intel. He couldn't locate Caster, though, so they’ll have to wait for them to make a move. Oryou asks Ritsuka and Okita Alter if they want to deal with Okita or Nobunaga. She boasts though that she take both if they're afraid. Okita Alter decides she must face Okita again, so Ryouma and Oryou will go after Nobunaga. Ryouma and Oryou then leave for Nobunaga's territory.[26]

Ryouma and Oryou arrive at Nobunaga’s territory after breaking through her forces. He informs Nobunaga that his investigation has led him to conclude that she is the key to the Grail War. Nobunaga accuses him of abandoning the war, but Oryou reveals she already killed the official Rider. Ryouma proclaims he is only in Tokyo because the World called to him. He then activates Like a Soaring Dragon and fights Nobunaga.[21] Unfortunately, Oryou is soon killed and disappears, telling Ryouma that she failed to keep him safe again.[29]

Fortunately, since she is Ryouma's Noble Phantasm, she materializes once Ryouma recuperates at the office after being brought there by Oda Nobukatsu/Nobunaga. They then overhear Nobunaga and Da Vinci's explanation to Ritsuka and Okita Alter that the Grail War is a ritual by Caster to forge a Spirit Origin of the highest purity in a similar vein to Kodoku Ritual. Afterward, everyone decides to stop Caster's plan when Izou decides to join. They then leave to locate Caster.[29]

The group invades the Magus Facility, where they are confronted by many Heroic Spirit Soldiers. Ryouma, Oryou, and Izou stay behind to hold them off while the others proceed into the Grail's chamber. After fighting so many Heroic Spirit Soldiers, though, the three are left injured and exhausted. But just when they're about to be killed, Hijikata arrives like Ryouma expected.[30] After helping them, he bursts into the Grail's Chamber followed by Ryouma and Oryou. As Hijikata, Ryouma, and Oryou kill Akechi Mitsuhide's soldiers, Izou stabs Akechi through the back. Nobunaga uses this chance to take back her body. After seeing Nobunaga won’t accept his vision of an ideal world, Akechi decides to become the true Nobunaga and pours the Grail’s mud on himself to become a horrible monstrosity: Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. The group tries fighting him, but all of their attacks are ineffective. Okita Alter tells them to do something about the Grail in his chest then she’ll finish it. Hijikata and Izou attack Akechi followed by Nobunaga and Ryouma using Demon King of the Sixth Heaven and Like a Soaring Dragon together.[27] As both Noble Phantasms assail Akechi, Hijikata attacks him with his own Noble Phantasm followed by Izou removing the Grail from his chest. But then Izou notices Ryouma and Oryou are disappearing from using the last of their magical energy. Oryou finds it could be worse but at least she gets to go out with Ryouma. She bids farewell to Izou, telling him to brush his teeth for some reason. She and Ryouma then disappear together.[28]

After the Singularity is resolved, however, Izou calls out to Ryouma. Ryouma appears and is disappointed in himself that Izou deduced he faked his death in case something else came up. He admits that since he and Okita Alter have a lot in common, he thought it would be safer to fake his death. But he is glad to see he had nothing to worry about. Izou is annoyed but he is glad that he and Ryouma can just talk in the end. Ryouma agrees and wonders when they talked last with just the two of them. He corrects himself to three, though, when Oryou reminds him she is still here. The Grail's chamber then explodes.[31]

Somehow Ryouma and Oryou are blasted to near Chaldea. They enter the facility and go into Ritsuka's room, where Ryouma requests to join Chaldea. Oryou notices his expression after he saw Okita Alter and asks him what's wrong. Ryouma tells her that he was just thinking about how being with Chaldea is going to be the most fun job he's had in a long time.[32]

Later, Ritsuka asks for Ryouma and Oryou's help against Katou Medeaki, one of Chacha's Seven Imperial Spears, as Riders are effective against Casters. Immediately suspicious of Ryouma, Medeaki asks Oryou if he's being totally honest with her. Confused, Oryou asks Ryouma if he's been tricking her. Ryouma insists he hasn't, and Oryou accepts that he would never lie to her. Ryouma then suggests they go on a trip sometime soon since being with Chaldea has given them a little more free time. Oryou, elated by the idea, proposes visiting Takachiho again or something. Medeaki stands there silently for a moment before snapping and voicing her disdain for PDA. The group then defeat her in battle.[33]

Ryouma and Oryou later encounter Izou. Oryou considers seeing him again a waste of a satisfying climax. Ritsuka's party then defeats Izou with the help of Kasuya Heroine X.[34]

Destroy All Nobunagas: GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji 2019[]

Oryou appears in the fourth GUDAGUDA event.[35][36]

Shōwa Kishin Project GUDAGUDA[]

While Oryou is treated to have fallen into despair due to Ryouma's death and drowned herself by diving down the ocean, she is actually still "alive" and just fell into a deep sleep in the ocean's abyss. The Oryou that is with Rider Ryouma is her projecting her soul to be by his side. After Oryou gets "killed off" by the fake Ryouma, the real Ryouma dives down the ocean and uses Amasakahoko to awaken the actual Oryou.

The voice coming from the spear Ama-no-Sakahoko calls Oryou "their daughter", meaning that while her parentage and origins are left vague, whomever was the one who sealed her away must have also been her parent. The voice coming from the spear tells Ryouma that him using Ama-no-Sakahoko to awaken Oryou will turn her into a celestial dragon to be his guardian, and grant him the right to call himself a god. However, the love the two have for each other made both of them reject their chances for godhood so that the two can be with one another, and Ryouma using the spear to awaken Oryou turns Ryouma into someone more than a human but not quite a god and Oryou into a white serpent who is not a dragon.

Fate/type Redline[]

Day 1[]

Oryou is seen floating around in the skyline of the Imperial Capital before she returns to Ryouma's side.

Day 3[]

Oryou and Ryouma knock out all Japanese Imperial military soldiers who were disguise as citizens before Saber arrive to deal with them.


Oryou, has enough Monstrous Strength and combat skill to face Servants evenly, and the Mystics enveloping her body boast a defensive power so off the charts that she can’t even be scratched by regular attacks.[3] In fact, Ritsuka Fujimaru believes she is stronger than most servants, right after meeting her.[20] Sakamoto Ryouma warns Oryou that she doesn't need to hold back against Hijikata Toshizou.[25] After fighting him for a while, he feared that they wouldn't be able to reunite with Okita Souji Alter if Hijikata killed them right there.[27] When Shibata Katsuie, who was being empowered by the Demon King Nobunaga's Magical Energy,[35] grew so powerful that even Nagao Kagetora wouldn't be able to defeat him with her Noble Phantasm,[35][36] Oryou states that even she might have a hard time against him.[35]

She primarily fights through rapid barrages of punches and usually floats around rather than walking. Her saliva seems to have powerful healing capabilities, being able to remedy any injury. Oryou is capable of breathing poison and fire.


Personal Skills[]

  • Monstrous Strength (A Rank): Oryou’s Skill of having amazing horsepower. Saying horsepower is a confusing word choice for a Dragon.[3]
  • Divinity (B- Rank): Oryou's Skill of being very tough. No blade can penetrate her fair skin. Her seducingly long hair is similarly so tough that it scrapes off the ground below her.[3] She was able to block Okada Izou's sword with a single hand.[10] She is also shown stopping Oda Nobunaga's bullets with her bare hands. Even while boosted by her Unifying the Nation by Force skill, Nobunaga is unable to damage Oryou.[12]
  • Rampage (B Rank): Oryou’s Skill of being temporarily under Mad Enhancement if someone touches the scale at the bottom of her neck.[3] In this form, Oryou easily overpowers and defeats Oda Nobunaga boosted by Unifying the Nation by Force in close range combat. When Oryou is about to finish her off, Nobunaga manages to land a solid hit, leaving her out of action.[12]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Dragon of Restoration[]

Oryou is able to take the truly majestic form an ancient Dragon and overwhelmingly wields her power.[3]


Even Oda Nobunaga's Three Line Formation is unable to take it down,[14][21] forcing Demon Archer to use Demon King of the Sixth Heaven to defeat them.[15][21][29] Nobunaga would later claim that since both Okita Souji and her are Servants with low Mystery, Okita might be stronger than Sakamoto Ryouma. Nobunaga says that fighting Okita is as hard as fighting Sakamoto.[16]

Main article: Like a Soaring Dragon

Super Oryou[]

Super Oryou-san who has descended as the Great White Snake of Takachiho. It's said that she is one million times more powerful than normal Oryou-san, but this is just a self-declaration that seems to be based off her feelings, so just go along with what she says.[2]

On top of her original powerful fighting style, Oryou-san's Super Takachiho Battle Style, which includes things like shooting mysterious god-like beams is officially complete, Ryouma.[2]

Dragon Form[]

The white orochi of Takachiho, clothed in the shining white mysteries from the Age of Gods, wields a great power. With her stalwart physical barriers that cannot be penetrated by half-hearted attacks and her completely unparalleled combat prowess, this form may very well be the figure of a god of a new age.[2] But instead of becoming a dragon that soars through the skies, she chose to race through the seas as an orochi with a certain someone.[2]

Main article: O' Dragon, Conquer the Expanses of Wadatsumi


Creation and conception[]

The World of GUDAGUDA is a separate continuity from the rest of the Fate series, and Kinoko Nasu specifically points out Oryou in particular as being very different between GUDAGUDA lore and wider Fate lore. When GUDAGUDA writer Keikenchi told Nasu his plan for Oryou and Ryouma, Nasu's response was "That doesn't mesh with Fate/'s worldbuilding, but their relationship is beautiful, so you got my OK. Do your worst!"[37]


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    Ryouma's charisma is so strong that, at times, he can even make groups with opposing ideologies shake hands.

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    The EX on the Rank means stands for impossible to determine.

    Level 5 Bond
    His partner, Oryou, is not that historical figure, but a rebellious something that had been sewed on a certain mountain while in a sealed state. She was released when Ryouma ended up pulling out the seal's pike in a youthful indiscretion.

    The black-haired woman who follows Ryouma by his side, Oryou.
    Having fallen in love at first sight with Ryouma upon being saved from her sealed state in a certain mountain, she forced herself at his side(1) under the pretext of repaying the favour. Strictly speaking she is not a dragon, but a mizuchi or an orochi that is closer to a mononoke - anyway, a lesser existence than a dragon.
    Maybe she supported achievements during the Bakumatsu from the shadows. Or maybe not.
    Incidentally, she was unfortunately away back when Ryouma met his final moments, and thus was unable to save him.
    Lost in sadness, she disappeared to the bottom of the sea without people knowing, never turning into a dragon and ascending to heavens.

    Level 5 Bond
     ----I didn't want to cut down anyone,
    nor I wanted to shoot anyone.

    At first, it was for the sake of the kids in the neighbourhood, then for the sake of his hometown friends, and finally for the sake of the country of Japan.
    A softhearted person by nature, from beginning until the end, he did nothing but continue to rush across the era for the sake of somebody else. Loved by some, hated by others, he would ultimately leave this world after being ruthlessly killed, but he neither resents nor regrets that. From beginning until the end, he dreamed about a world where everybody could live at ease. That was all there was.

    (1) the term used here is the same for "a woman who forced her husband into marriage"

    (2) roughly, 'like a soaring dragon'

    坂本龍馬 - ライダー



    カリスマ C
    船中八策 A
    維新の英雄 A

    対魔力 C
    騎乗 A+
    神性 B-




    属性:中立・中庸   性別:男性
    「え? お竜さんのも載せろって?」

    属性:混沌・善   性別:女性









    ランク:EX  種別:対軍宝具
    レンジ:2~50  最大補足:500人





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Assassin: CarmillaCharles-Henri SansonCharlotte CordayCleopatraConsort YuDr. JekyllEMIYAFuuma KotarouHassan of the Cursed ArmHassan of the Hundred FacesHassan of SerenityJack the RipperJing KeKamaKatō DanzōKiichi HougenKing HassanKoyanskaya of LightMata HariMochizuki ChiyomeMysterious Heroine XOkada IzouOsakabehimePhantom of the OperaSasaki KojirouSemiramisShiki RyougiShuten-doujiSthenoWu ZetianYan Qing
Ruler: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaAmourHimikoJames MoriartyJeanne d'ArcSherlock HolmesQin Shi Huang
Avenger: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaAngra MainyuAntonio SalieriBlack IriEdmond DantèsGorgonHessian LoboJeanne AlterMysterious Ranmaru XSpace IshtarTaira-no-Kagekiyo
Alter Ego: Ashiya DoumanKiara SessyoinKingproteaManannán mac LirMecha Eli-chanMecha Eli-chan MkIIMeltryllisOkita Souji AlterPassionlipSitonaiSuper BunyanTaisui XingjunXu Fu
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