OsakabehimeWP (刑部姫WP, Osakabehime?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Osakabehime (who is mentioned in “Saikaku Shokoku Banashi as the apparition who haunted the Saga Prefecture’s Palace, and named in “Konjaku Gazu Zoku HyakkiWP as “The One with the Great Wall”), a yokaiWP once enshrined as the ruler deity of HimejiWP. Nowadays, she settles in the keep of Himeji CastleWP, and is renowned as the famous castle-ghost.[1]

Truthfully speaking, originally when she lived 300 years ago, she was a “fox”. But in this meta-only SNS Age, she receive a "refreshing" reply from a certain fox-type housewife Servant, "you are already defeated in the race to claim the fox role!" (paraphrased). As such, Osakabehime was summoned as a bat-motif servant.[1]



Being a shut-inWP is as sweet as nectar itself, internet mail-orders are the Apples of Eden, and binge-shopping e-books and painted figurines brought refreshing feelings resembling a nice pond. Real-life friends are nonexistent to her.[1]

At first glance, she’s just a neat and tidy, black-haired young maiden. However, if one looks past the surface, her self-abasing, gloomy nature can be annoying. She assumes the air of a princess and tries to act like one, but since her interpersonal communication skills are severely limited, she can’t talk much beyond the cliché templates lines. When her wickedness comes into question, the only thing that can be felt is a mere misdemeanor of a minor scoundrel after all. At worst, she uses credit cards to shop as she pleases.[1]

She thinks removing glasses is the kind of move a princess would do. It doesn't matter if the place is gloomy as hell, she'll still remove her glasses.[1]

In the English version Osakabehime has a habit of mixing together English and Japanese words, such as "kudastop" and "chigawrong".


Fate/Grand Order[]

Halloween Event: Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber[]

By sheer luck, Osakabehime finds a Holy Grail, and true to her shut-in nature, wishes she could be holed up inside it. Her wish, however, transports her and her home, Himeji Castle, to Csejte. There it s stacked on Ozymandias' upside-down pyramid, which is already stacked on Castle Csejte. Seeing that no one works on Halloween, Osakabehime realizes Csejte would be perfect for her if it were always Halloween.

Beneath Castle Csejte, she discovered the guardian statue of Csejte and modified it into a giant robot version of Elizabeth Bathory using parts ordered from Amazoness.com. Then, needing a terminal to control the Guardian of Csejte, she created Mecha Eli-chan using parts ordered from Amazoness.com and the vestiges of Elizabeth's Heroic Spirit in Csejte. Mecha Eli-chan's Spirit Origin was then stabilized by Elisa Particles. But for whatever reason, Osakabehime removed Mecha Eli-chan's heart circuit. Afterward, she built Mecha Eli-chan MkII and a factory to mass-produce her with parts ordered from Amazoness.com. Mecha Eli-chan went rogue, however, and conquered Csejte as per her primary directive to protect it. Osakabehime was thus forced to flee from the castle. Along the way, she meets Elizabeth, who's fleeing from her own knights who now serve Mecha Eli-chan.

Continuing to flee, Osakabehime runs into Ritsuka, followed by Elizabeth. After the knights are subdued, Elizabeth and Osakabehime ask Ritsuka to retake their castles from Mecha Eli-chan. Mecha Eli-chan herself then appears and gives the princesses another chance to surrender and show remorse for their sloven ways. If they do, she will show mercy by letting them repaint their castles as part of their one-year compulsory labor sentence. They refuse, so Mecha Eli-chan fires at Elizabeth, but Osakabehime defends her with her origami. The group fights Mecha El-chan to no avail. She leaves, telling the group they need to climb if they wish to reach Himeji Castle.

Ritsuka, Elizabeth, and Osakabehime fly up on her giant origami crane while Yan Qing climbs. They soon enter Castle Csejte to find the stairs to the upper floors are all blocked. They defeat Carmilla, but Wu Zetian has her retreat with her. After they leave, the group moves onto the pyramid.

In the pyramid, Ritsuka's party is confronted by Wu Zetian, Carmilla, and Cleopatra. After defeating them, Elizabeth asks Osakabehime if she’ll be able to remove her castle once they retake it. Osakabehime lies that she doesn't know how it happened. Elizabeth figures they can find a Grail fragment to remove Himeji Castle.

Entering Himeji Castle, the group finds that Mecha Eli-chan has redecorated it. She explains the folding screen is a mural that depicts how unfit Elizabeth is to be Csjete’s ruler. She then tries to destroy the group, primarily Elizabeth. The group nearly defeats her until she starts charging Breast Zero Erzsébet. Fortunately, they incapacitate her.

Afterward, Osakabehime shows the others her room. She finds her Grail and reveals her wish is to be a shut-in forever. Himeji Castle was summoned into Csjete in response. She then uses the Grail to awaken the Guardian of Csjete and call forth Mecha Eli-chan MkII. She orders her to expel the others from her castle. With Guardian's support, she defeats Ritsuka's party. She tells them to go back to Chaldea, except for Elizabeth, for whom she has “special plans”. Elizabeth thinks "special plans" means losing her chastity. Mecha Eli-chan MkII quickly muffles her and prepares to expel Ritsuka and Yan Qing from the castle on Osakabehime's order. Ritsuka and Yan Qing escape, however.

Later, Osakabehime prepares to use the castle's reactor to absorb Elizabeth's Elisa Particles to empower the Guardian of Csjete. It could then remove Csjete Pyramid Himeji Castle from history, granting Osakabehime’s wish for eternal isolation. An alarm then sounds to indicate the others have returned, so Osakabehime leaves to deal with them.

She confronts Ritsuka's party at her castle and sics knights, who she promised to give paid leave if they pretend to be brainwashed, on them. But the knights are easily defeated, for which Osakabehime reprimands them for not even trying. She denies them paid leave and retreats using a secret passageway in her room. To her surprise, though, Ritsuka's party easily catches up. She calls Mecha Eli-chan MkII for help, but the robot girl refuses. With no other choice, Osakabehime fights the group with the Guardian of Csejte. She is soon forced to retreat and takes an elevator back down to her factory.

She welcomes the group when they arrive and explains the factory's function. She tries again to justify what she is doing, though Ritsuka and Mecha Eli-chan notice she has doubts about what she is doing. But she refuses to abandon her plan and sics the mass-produced Mecha Eli-chan MkIIs on the group. The group destroys the robots, so Osakabehime retreats to the castle's reactor chamber. Ritsuka's party follows after her.

Osakabehime is surprised to see Elizabeth upside down and demands an explanation. Mecha Eli-chan MkII admits she did it n a vain effort to stop Elizabeth's incessant chatter. Elizabeth tries to convince Osakabehime not to become an eternal shut-in by saying that she'll get fat. But Osakabehime is looking forward to that and reiterates how she and Elizabeth are opposites. She then orders Mecha Eli-chan MkII to activate her secret weapon. But Mecha Eli-chan MkII has gone rogue and activates the weapon to disable everyone, including Osakabehime. Mecha Eli-chan MkII modified it to absorb magical energy from Spirit Origins and convert it to Elisa Particles, so she calls it the “Omni-Eli-izer“. Mecha Eli-chan however divides her energy among everyone so they can move again. The group struggle against Mecha Eli-chan MkII until Elizabeth's oddly beautiful singing weakens her. Invigorated by Elizabeth's singing, the group defeat Mecha Eli-chan MkII. Ritsuka installs a heart circuit in her, then frees Elizabeth. After Ritsuka decides to return to Chaldea with one of the Mecha Eli-chans, the reactor goes into overload. Everyone gets ready to escape, but Osakabehime stays behind to contain the blast with her Noble Phantasm, along with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth accepts Osakabehime's declaration of friendship. Osakabehime then uses her Noble Phantasm to contain the blast, but it isn’t enough. She argues against Elizabeth using her Noble Phantasm until she realizes its negative Elisa Particle could nullify the positive ones of the reactor. The plan seems to work until Elizabeth stops singing, and the reactor explodes. Fortunately, the Elisa Particle density was low enough that only the reactor chamber was destroyed. The princesses survived, however, thanks to Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm. Osakabehime wants to disappear with the Singularity to make amend, but Ritsuka and Elizabeth convince her to join Chaldea instead. Afterward, everyone returns to Chaldea. Osakabehime redecorates Ritsuka's room to match her old room.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

On the 60th floor of the Oni Pagoda, Osakabehime, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Kiyohime are having a party arranged by Shuten-douji. Osakabehime freaks out when Ritsuka arrives as she thought the party was supposed to be an online friend-only IRL meetup and accuses Tamamo of tricking her. Tamamo tells Osakabehime she wouldn’t have left her room if she didn’t. Ritsuka tries to speak to Osakabehime, only for her to scream and hide. Kiyohime and Tamamo then get a text from her, asking them to buy her time while she makes herself more presentable. Tamamo reminds her not to text them when they’re next to her. She also tells her it’s pointless to hide from Ritsuka since they already know what they’re like. Osakabehime soon represents herself and initially tries to pretend that nothing happened. Tired of fighting, she insists Ritsuka's party stay with her and the others. She also tells Ritsuka that she and Tomoe Gozen are gaming partners, revealing that she taught her everything. Tomoe declines her offer for them to stay and game together, though, as they need to proceed to the next floor. But Tamamo says she and the others are obligated to Shuten since she organized the party to not let anyone pass without a fight. Ritsuka's party then proceeds to defeat the girls. Tamamo declares girls' night out as officially over. Osakabehime sends her a text expressing how much fun she had, which annoys Tamamo as she's right next to her. She then asks Osakabehime to send Kiyohime down on one of her origami cranes, which Osakabehime agrees to.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

With Kiyomehime, Osakabehime is a member of the doujin club Princess Princess. She finds the name unrepresentative of them, though, as they’re princesses in name only.

Osakabehime is stressing about getting her rough draft when Ritsuka’s party barges into her room. After Ritsuka explains their situation, Ushiwakamaru asks Osakabehime if Jeanne Alter’s request does not enrage her, considering that the latter just barged into her room and said she wanted to draw doujins with no prior experience. Osakabehime admits it is arrogant, but seeing that Jeanne Alter is dedicated, Osakabehime agrees to let her borrow her art tools and to teach her the basics. Then, after telling Jeanne Alter that amateurs like themselves only have their passion, she moves her things into the group’s room. It soon becomes time for Mysterious Heroine XX’s first attack, so the group go drive her away.

On a later day, Abigail Williams tells Osakabehime that someone stole her club’s section at the covention center and asks her if she could share some of hers. But Osakabehime, knowing her club’s space won’t be enough, goes up to the room door of Ritsuka’s party to ask if they could share some of their section as well. Nitocris and Scheherazade notice her trying to work up the courage to knock and decide to go with her as moral support. Upon entering, though, they catch Jeanne Alter in an embarrassing situation as she struggles to wake Ritsuka up. After Ritsuka wakes up, Osakabehime explains why she came. Jeanne Alter allows it, then answers a call from Henry Jekyll. He requests for her to drive Medb, who’s claimed the beach as her own and wants Ritsuka for herself, away. Jeanne Alter accepts and heads to the beach with Ritsuka and Osakabehime. Together they stop Medb’s bodyguards from poaching Ritsuka for her club for their supposed photography skills.

While helping Jeanne Alter in another loop, Osakabehime listens to her worries about if her work will be well received or not. She tells her that limits are what they discover on their own, saying they can approve all their lives and still find something more they can do. She then asks Jeanne Alter why she wanted to draw doujin. Jeanne Alter answers it’s because of a story about a princess and a monster that Jeanne d’Arc drew, though Jeanne insists she never drew such a story. Later, Osakabehime agrees to spar with Jeanne Alter. Feeling more relaxed afterward, Osakabehime goes her separate ways from Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter to continue working on her own doujin. Upon reentering the hotel, she muses how unusual it is for her to still feel so motivated. She wonders if it’s because Luluhawa is rubbing off on her or because she read something inspiring recently. Kiyohime then suddenly appears and reminds Osakabehime that they only have one day left. She refuses to let Osakabehime’s declaration that will be her best doujin ever go to waste, much to the annoyance of Osakabehime.

In the final loop, Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter run into Jeanne, Katsushika Oei, and Osakabehime while looking for a fight to relieve some stress. But hearing that they’re all done with final drafts only serves to frustrate Jeanne Alter even further. Osakabehime calls her crazy for wanting to start over, saying that missing a deadline is worse than releasing something you’re not satisfied with. Oei tells her to accept what she has drawn and put it together the best she can. Then, learning why Jeanne Alter came outside, Jeanne helps her relieve her stress, having Oei and Osakabehime join as well. Afterward, she leaves with them, saying they need to change their schedules.

Later that night, the three girls enter Ritsuka's party's room, having been invited by Ritsuka to help Jeanne Alter complete her story in time. But when they're so close to the end, Oei accidentally deletes all the data. Jeanne Alter tells Osakabehime to recover what she can and confirms with Robin Hood that he’s been making backups every 15 minutes. Everyone then crunches until morning and successfully completes the story. Osakabehime, Oei, and Jeanne all collapse from exhaustion afterward.

Fate/Grand Carnival[]

Osakabehime is a popular streamer on ServantTube who gets jealous when Ereshkigal starts taking viewers away from her. She starts streaming in her swimsuit to counter this, which at first gets her more donations from the stream's chat than Ereshkigal but eventually results in her channel getting banned.


Osakabehime is able to, through her Chiyogami Manipulation Techniques Skill, manipulate and transform folded paper for offensive and defensive purposes. With her Shapeshift Skill, she can change into various forms like a woman of 17-18 in a multi-layered kimono, or a fierce demon of human proportions.

Due to being a complete shut-in, she isn't as skilled as other Assassins when it comes to combat, but still experienced nonetheless, able to somehow match Yan Qing and Elizabeth Báthory. She is also good at curses, even Tamamo-no-Mae, an expert at curses, calls her curses very dangerous and annoying. She is also capable of creating portals to transport herself.


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (Rank A+): The fact she locked herself up for years on end is not for show.

Personal Skills[]

  • Chiyogami Manipulation Techniques (Rank EX): She is able to control her origami at will. She can use it to attack, defend herself, and she can even combine it with her Shapeshift skill to make decoys.
    This is her own personal arrangement of the shikigami utilized by practitioners of Onmyoudou.
  • Shapeshift (Rank A+): In front of human beings, she took forms ranging from 17-18 year-old maidens in 12-layered ceremonial kimonos to demon-gods 10 shaku in height. During peaceful times, she’s the top ranker in Japanese Shapeshifting.[1]
    Moreover, despite being so reserved, she possesses a top-class growth aspect within Japanese Servants which even managed to fool Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Four Gods Divination (Hakuro) (Rank A): A Skill that came from the story that the four Gods is observing the Himeji CastleWP. It's only for few turns but by treating her surroundings as her own territory, she can increase the status of allies. Furthermore, she can focus the stat amp in her field to an extent. To be more precise on the amp, north is endurance, south is strength, east is agility and west is mana. It doesn't matter if it's a servant or master but the maximum people that can be used is 4.
  • Castle Apparition (Rank A++): A collective term for the creatures who moved from the likes of Shrines into the castle.[1] It was said that Osakabehime was the true ruler of Himeji CastleWP. Even the mere glimpse of her figure will cost one’s life. On the contrary, the further she ventures outside the castle, the weaker her powers will be.[1]
  • Animal Control (Bat) (Rank EX): She can control bats, which are neither beasts nor birds, as her familiars. She's become highly specialized in bats, and thus she uses them to attack and move, and she never fights by herself. She's pretty lazy. Since she's currently using her origami as main means of attack, her bats are currently taking a break
  • Divinity (Rank C): She was worshiped as the indigenous god of the land of Himeji.

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Lord Hachitendo of Hakuro Castle's Hundred Demons.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


After two years of complaints, she finally did it.

Swimsuit installation by spirit change, achieved! The Hikikomori Princess, who became a little more active after her class change from Assassin to Archer, is here! To be more specifically, it fits her game feature, where she is playing battle royale mode every day.

For the moment, the princess was worried whether her life would be fine.

Just for the Master, it may be good to go outdoors with more courage for this one time in life. It would be like some manga story. She made a choice. Providing support as a friend 70%, with up to 10-20% firepower. Along with some encouragement, she finally got her swimsuit version. Incidentally, she became one of the Saint swordsmen for this Summer event. By doing a bit of the Boxing Diet, she managed to lose a bit of weight. Sadly, she'll have to endure the rebound effect once Autumn season begins.


After she became a Swimsuit Servant, she got a little more active, however, her true nature still hasn't changed much.

In other words, she prefers fun playing more than works that make her sweat. That's Osakabehime for you, whose attributes remain the same since the first event.

By the way, her attitudes towards Master are not particularly different from when she was an Assassin either. A maiden's feelings are complicated and mysterious, blind, and futile.


The colours of her military equipment make them look like toys, however, as the bullets are a mass of magical power, they hold much greater destructive power than the flimsy real things.

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance (Rank B): No information available.
Independent Action (Rank A): No information available.
Divinity (Rank C-): No information available.
Fortification Construction (Rank B): Another version of Territory Creation. Taking advantage of the experience of being a guardian deity of Himeji Castle, she could use this to build a stronghold. As a B rank Skill, its strong enough to endure a bombing.

Personal Skill:

Marksmanship (FPS) (Rank B): She has honed her skills of reflexive training during her time of playing video games. She does this by repeatedly jumping around to avoid attacks.
Princess Summer Vacation (Fake) (Rank A): Why is there a (False) in princess?? I am a decent and respectable princess!! Eh? why is there a (fake) in vacation? A Copy? Eh? ……EHH?
Chiyogami Battalion Commander (Rank EX): By manipulating small animals made of origami, she can prepare for simultaneous shooting, support bombing, and shelling.

Noble Phantasm:

Osakabehime's Noble Phantasm is Hakuro Castle - Thousand Forms Mili-Mili Night Fever.


Creation and Conception[]


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