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« You... You...! Finally... it's here...!”
“U... Uaaaaa! Aaaa... Uuaaaaa... Kill, kill, KILL!!!!! "Outrage Amazon"!!!! UuuuuUU, uUUUUUU!!!! ...ACHILLESSS!!! ...FuaA...!! »


Outrage Amazon: A Hero to Die on My Rage (我が瞋恚にて果てよ英雄
, Wa ga Shin'i nite Hateyo Eiyū
Autoreiji Amazōn
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Penthesilea. The desire of vengeance against Achilles sleeping within her; her soul as a warrior that seeks strength; the blood of the War God, Ares; all of these are momentarily excited. In terms of consciousness, she is now a beast who had thrown away all reason, transforming into a true mad warrior.[2]

Charging ahead while shouting "ACHILLEEEESSS" (even if the enemy is not Achilles, at that moment, they are to her), she attacks with every single weapon and body part she has, and finally deals a finishing blow by biting them, just like a beast. The ultimate Anti-Achilles killing technique.[2]

To digress a bit, a German playwright of the 18th century who went by the name of Heinrich von Kleist had created the play “Penthesilea” which derived itself from the legend of Penthesilea and Achilles. In it, Achilles had fallen in love and personally dropped his weapon (purposefully letting himself be apprehended), challenged Penthesilea on a one-on-one combat, but then was murdered by Penthesilea who had went mad for revenge. What the Amazons subordinates saw was the sight of Penthesilea, biting Achilles’ limbs off his corpse together with a hunting dog.[1]


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