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« Leave it to me, Master!"
"'May it become a world where no one can hurt others and no one can be hurt..."
"Pain Breaker!! »

(Caster Lily)

Pain Breaker: All Wounds Must Be Repaired (修補すべき全ての疵
, Shūhosubeki Subete no Kizu
Pein Bureikā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Medea Lily. A medical Noble Phantasm that forms a pair with Rule Breaker that Medea would originally use as a Caster.[1] It can be said that if Medea's Noble Phantasm is the materialization of her legend of betrayal, Medea Lily's Noble Phantasm is the materialization of her love.[2]

It returns any and all curses and injuries by means of magecraft to zero. "Pain Breaker" performs automatic repairs not by means of time manipulation, but by calculating the proper figure one originally had. For those that do not know any better, it would just look like the rewinding of time. It can abolish any and all unreasonableness other than "death", but it simply cannot bring back the dead.[1]


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