Palamedes (パロミデス, Paromidesu?) is one of the Knights of the Round Table.


Palamedes is a member of the Knights of the Round Table, led by King Arthur, holding the 9th seat.

He bestowed the condition "The battle must be one-on-one" on Arthur's Excalibur.

In Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, his title is the "Knight of Inquest".


In Fate/Grand Order, Mordred states that he only wore a helmet "when he got serious".



Fate/Grand OrderEdit


Palamedes and the other Knights of the Round Table, apart from Bedivere and Galahad, are summoned by the Lion King. The Lion King tells them to either help her with her "Holy Selection" or side against her.[1] Palamedes decides to oppose her and is killed, along with Pellinore, by his fellow comrades.

Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky SilverEdit

Drama CD 4 Bonus Short Story - The Days of Constant Battle

Palamedes briefly appears in Arthur's recollection during his battle with the Questing Beast. During his fight, Arthur notes deep gash wounds inflicted on the Beast's body from a sword, commenting how it must have been the work of Palamedes.


When summoned as a Servant, Palamedes would be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to Heroic Spirits. He can be summoned with the pieces of the Round Table.[2]

Palamedes is remarked to be an excellent swordsman by Arthur in the Fate/Prototype Drama CD short story.


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