« I will guide, the dreams of people, the wishes of people. I will deliver all of it to the distant, starry skies, someday, I will arrive there. Pale Blue Dot! »


« I will guide people's dreams and people wishes. Let's bring them all to the sea of the distant stars, someday, we will finally reach that place. Pale Blue Dot! »

Pale Blue Dot: O' Distant Blue Star (遥か青き星よ
, Haruka Aoki Hoshi yo
Peiru Burū Dotto
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Voyager. A small blue light that was taken by Voyager from 6 billion kilometers away as he looked back on where he had once come from. Within that small dot the size of only 0.12 pixels lives the thoughts and feelings towards the future of the people who created and sent him off on his endless journey. His golden sail taking in the warm breeze, he heads forth.

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