Paracelsus von HohenheimWP (ヴァン・ホーエンハイム・パラケルススWP, Van Hōenhaimu Parakerususu?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is the Caster-class Servant of Misaya Reiroukan's father in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. He later forms a new contract with Manaka Sajyou.

He is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A legendary physician turned alchemist. At the 16th CenturyWP, he is known as a historic figure from the Renaissance PeriodWP.[2]

Over the course of his lifetime, Paracelsus devoted himself to the study of medicine and alchemy, leaving behind many achievements and books such as the "rediscovery of the four (five) elements" and the "rediscovery of the three humors", which helped the advancement of Magecraft.[1][2] A rare individual who went down in both human and magic history.[2] He is also known for creating the original Azoth Sword.


Paracelsus was born into a family line which definitely possessed blood ties to Magecraft even if they couldn't be called a noted family among noted families.[4] A powerful magus (Average One) who manipulates the five elements, a master of Jewel Magecraft, and a person who influenced and was deeply involved with the development of alchemy as a magical foundation. In the significance of the magical foundation of what magi far and wide conveyed as "alchemy" in the modern era, there is a possibility that this man is the pioneer that deeply engraved alchemy into this world.[1] He was a remarkable man especially in his achievements in alchemy, who continued to earnestly face his own research, and even if he was an educator, he was a person who had left just enough world-class achievements in the Clock Tower.[4] Although Paracelsus is a person who is close with the Clock Tower, he conducted exceptional networking with the Atlas Academy and the Wandering Sea for the advancement of their mutual research.[1]

However, as one can understand from his name being visibly left behind in history, Paracelsus has a tendency to "spread to people" secrets and mysteries that originally should have been concealed. He published towards the general public a fragment of his magical research as theories on Magecraft multiple times, repeatedly ignoring the warnings extended to him from the Clock Tower.[1] He had also tried to carry out the publication of a tome which had the Archidoxes of magicWP included in it, despite being repeatedly warned about it more than three times.[4]

Paracelsus held a remarkably radical view of the world that was in stark contrast to almost all other mages. He believed that magic was something the public should've been made aware of. He had believed in the good magic could bring to the world if only everyone was made aware of it. He also used his knowledge in alchemy to help common folk with no connection to magic. Unfortunately, this ultimately caused him to get killed as his belief was what spelled the end for him when the Mage's Association sent their assassins to his doors in order to preserve the mysteries of magic. Of course, they never meant to eliminate him immediately, as to them, he was still a rare and talented individual. He was by no means a heretic, even in the Clock Tower's views.[4]

In his last moments, Paracelsus lost his life to enforcement figures from the Mage's Association as he was trying to increase production for the distribution of mass-produced Philosopher's Stones.[1] During the occasion of assassins arriving at his mansion, it is said that he was not at all shocked, his behavior not showing any panic, and he greeted his assailants with complete composure, pacifism, and a smile.[1][4]

After Paracelsus was slain, his killers salvaged all that they could from his workshop, from the tome that he had wished to publish in order to reveal the existence of magic to the world, to mountains of catalysts and experimental notes. Their only conclusion was that he was a strange man wishing to help others. The Mage's Association regarded him as a very strange individual due to their impression of his actions and behavior that was said to be for human society and for people everywhere. They saw him as someone who intended to disclose the countless mysteries which must be concealed, by blending it into a book, in the name of the advancement of medical care. He was a great man who could possibly leave his name on human history, he was a great man who left huge achievements even in the magical world concerning the establishment of alchemy as a magical foundation, and yet at the same time, he was a “fool” who had committed treacherous high treason.[4]

They couldn't completely clarify his intentions. In extracting the materials that they obtained during the thorough investigation of his workshop that included items related to his future magical research, there was no evidence suggesting that Paracelsus was in a collusive relationship between himself and an influential person or a shadowy organization that was connected to mysteries that was not the Mage's Association. They would later attempt to interrogate his ghost through a seance in order to discover evidence, but even then, he remained silent and they have utterly failed in extracting such evidence. During the seance, they had attempted to come to a mutual understanding, but after 5 mins and 20 seconds, it came to naught and they finally banished his spirit.[4]

His last words to them before being dispelled was:

« When all of you return to each of your homes, please be affectionate to your children. Even showing it to your neighbors’ kids is fine. As the light that I sought, is in them. »

(Paracelsus' last words to his killers[4])

A rare magus who surely values humanity and loves children. That is Paracelsus von Hohenheim. However, the possibility of him suddenly abandoning his entire creed and falling into injustice is by no means zero. For example, what if there was a situation where he comes across someone connected to the Root itself that he was aiming for?[1]


Paracelsus' outfit resembles that of a traditional white tailed lab coat with unique modifications. The coat possesses a raised collar that descends down the coat as a large v-cut and black epaulets on its shoulders which can change to include yellow marks as Paracelsus ascends, a trait shared by the sleeves of the coat.

Under the coat, Paracelsus wears what appears to be a dark blue turtleneck sweater with a burgundy choker and harness. For shoes, Paracelsus wears knee high metal boots reminiscent of those found on the armors of knights.

Paracelsus possesses long grayish-blue hair that he lets fall loosely over his right shoulder. This changes to a braid when he ascends.

Paracelsus has been noted to be incredibly beautiful. His slender figure combined with his long, dark hair could easily mistake him for a woman.

After Paracelsus is corrupted by the Holy Grail, he takes on a darker appearance. Paracelsus now has a pair of gold eyes and he has traded his white robe for a black one.


A scholarly magus who is intellectual and calm, Paracelsus is mild and does not enjoy combat.[2] He is cool and collected without his posture being thrown off-balance. He shows joy in guiding and teaching young companions, frequently expressing this joy as a smile.[1]

As a rare magus, Paracelsus advocates that human affection is more precious than anything. He regards the modern magi far and wide as the descendants of the pupils that inherited his teachings, receiving them with open affection as if they were his children, and loving them equally as far as the world permits that love.[1][2] He believes that these descendants are the future, being those that hold infinite possibilities whose accumulation will lead them to the root of the world’s truth. To the common magus individual with an esteemed family bloodline, his words are close to madness, but he does not intend to bend his beliefs. He is, naturally, a mad scientist.[1]

His behavior towards others is gender-independent.[1]

Paracelsus quietly swears allegiance towards his Master, though it is more accurate to say that his allegiance is to friendship. In a conventional Holy Grail War where his Master is a magus, he will build an equal relationship such that they aim to reach the Root together. In the case that his Master does not study Magecraft, he will simply offer to be a “friend”.[1]

Paracelsus' wish was to be remembered as a great figure in the advancement of human prosperity and be loved by the "children of the future." Another wish he once had for the Holy Grail was "to reach the Root." Furthermore, like how the world was once filled with True Ether, he also wanted to verify his personal opinion that the light of the planet (like that of a holy sword) is indeed a light shining from the Root.[1][2] It may be that he is currently seeking for atonement instead.[2]

During the events of the Prototype Grail War, Paracelsus displayed a surprisingly cruel and remorseless side to his personality by accepting Manaka's offer to switch sides by slaying his previous Master and spiting Assassin by taunting her inability to obtain physical comfort without killing the one who holds her, while simultaneously offering her the corpse of Tatsumi as the only thing she could ever hold. This change of heart was later revealed to have been largely in part due to Manaka's soul-crushing manipulation and intensity. For the rest of the war, Paracelsus would continue to lament on his mistakes in betraying the Reiroukan family, particularly Misaya.


Artoria (Saber) / Arthur (Proto)
Concerning those who holds Excalibur that is filled with the light of the planet, it is a great subject of research, and simultaneously for himself, Paracelsus shows an obsession towards it as an objective that he must overtake.[1]
If Paracelsus is aware of him who owns Balmung, the sword with True Ether itself hidden within it, then (omitted)—[1]
Makiri Zolgen
An acquaintance in life. A magus with noble thoughts, although their research subject differs. Paracelsus wanted to become friends with him. He is aware of Makiri as a pure and respectable person who should be a noble idealist, but if he ever saw Makiri at the time of the 21st Century, he would absolutely not recognize or acknowledge him as the same person.[1]
Leonardo da Vinci
As a matter of fact, another acquaintance in life. Paracelsus deeply respects da Vinci who has been literally almighty even in regards to Magecraft. He wanted to become friends with him or something like that, but wouldn’t dare try to out of his deep respect. He did not remember when da Vinci became a woman. When they first met, well now... which was it again...?[1]
Arash / Henry Jekyll / Hyde
"...I wonder what 3s it; it feels like I am about to recall something..."[1]
Misaya Reiroukan
During the First Tokyo Holy Grail War, he befriended Misaya at behest of her father. He acted as a mentor towards and she taught him a few things too. However, he ended betraying her and caused a irrevocable scar that carried throughout the rest of her life. Even now, he deeply regrets betraying her and her father.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver[]

Caster was originally summoned to be the Servant of Master Reiroukan during the first half of the Holy Grail War. He forms a strong bond with Misaya (his Master's daughter) to the point that he even calls himself "her friend."

Day 5 - Meeting with Rider and Being Recruited by Manaka[]

On Day Five of the Holy Grail War, Caster spots Misaya peeking in on him through the gap of the door of his workshop. Inviting her in, Caster welcomes her and shows Misaya his workshop. There, he answers all her questions about all the various objects inside of it.

Suddenly noticing Misaya's disappointed face, Caster offers to give her magic lessons. But Misaya politely declines and tells him that he should focus more on helping her father. Thanking Misaya for setting him straight, Caster gifts her with an Azoth Sword and clues her in on his true identity. Seeing the surprised look on Misaya's face, Caster tells her that this is their little secret.

That afternoon, Caster senses the presence of Rider at the main entrance and informs his Master who welcomes Rider inside. After some rude greetings, Caster watches as his Master and Rider sign a self-geas scroll to signify their alliance. After their business is done, Rider sits down for tea while Caster cautiously watches him. Caster remarks that Rider seems confident in his abilities and Rider asks if the same goes for him. Caster replies that he is halfway there, making Rider laugh. Rider then alerts the group to a spy (a curious Misaya) spying on them through the window using her bird familiar. Delighted by Misaya's audacity, Rider announces his agreement to the alliance. Caster then watches as Rider stares at Misaya through her familiar and starts jinxing her. Remarking that Rider is a terrifying person, Caster asks Rider what he was going to do if he hadn't agreed to the alliance. Rider responds that he was naturally going to kill them. Rider then releases his spell on Misaya and leaves.

After the meeting with Rider, Caster goes for a walk in the front yard to check on the mansion's barriers with his Elementals. Pondering about the traits of rulers and Misaya's potential, he hears Berserker howling and goes to enter the mansion. Suddenly, Caster senses Manaka Sajyou's presence and looks back. Manaka then appears giggling and greets Caster who is naturally concerned about how Manaka could infiltrate his barrier. Manaka then summons three shadow familiars and attacks Caster with them. Caster retaliates with his own Elementals and tears apart the shadows. Seeing Caster's display of magic, Manaka muses that he is a very interesting magus and offers to be his friend. Overwhelmed by Manaka's omnipotence, Caster agrees.

Day 6 - Conversation With Master Reiroukan[]

The next night, Caster meets with his Master and asks him if he is alright with the previous day's events. Master Reiroukan says it is fine, but laments on the methods he had to take. Caster agrees and asks if he really needed to sign a self-geas scroll, but Master Reiroukan remarks that it is a necessary risk. Ending the conversation, Caster announces he is heading to the basement to check on the spiritual barriers and goes to leave.

However, before Caster can leave, Master Reiroukan calls out to him and asks about the tear in the barrier that he had noticed last night. Caster lies and declares that it was probably Berserker's fault and apologizes for not reporting it to him. Master Reiroukan remarks that it is fine, but cautions him to make sure it is fixed. He then compliments Caster's barriers and lets Caster leave.

Day 8 - Berserker's Defeat[]

Around 1 in the morning, Caster becomes aware that Berserker has once again broken through his bounded fields. However, he senses that Misaya is near him. Before he can help her, Saber arrives and fends off Berserker. When Misaya returns to the mansion, Caster is present for Misaya's scolding. After Misaya leaves, Caster relays his concerns for Misaya’s safety. Master Reiroukan replies that the extra measures are to protect Misaya from Manaka Sajyou, who he has deemed to be a threat.

Suddenly, Caster alerts Master Reiroukan to an intruder. But, Master Reiroukan tells him that it is alright, for it is an emissary from the Holy Church. Master Reiroukan then goes to welcome his guest.

Later that day, Caster bumps into Misaya who gives him a report about what happened during Saber and Berserker's fight. Thanking her for the information, Caster then sternly urges Misaya to take better care of herself as she means the world to her father.

That night, Caster watches the battle between Berserker and all of the other Heroic Spirits. He then later retrieves Tatsumi Kitano's corpse.

Day 9 - Casting the Curse on Misaya[]

Around 1 am, Caster catches Misaya sneaking out of bedroom to go to the bathroom. Confronting her, he escorts her to the bathroom and then back to her bedroom. In the bedroom, he insists on staying until Misaya has fallen asleep. Noticing Misaya's radio, he asks about it and Misaya excitedly explains how it works to Caster. Misaya then starts getting tired, so Caster casts a good luck charm on her (which is actually a fatal curse).

Once Misaya is sound asleep, Caster then contacts Manaka and tells her that it can activated at any time.

Day 10 - Battle on top of Tokyo Bay[]

During the battle with Rider on top of Tokyo BayWP, Caster betrays his Master by giving Saber a Philosopher's Stone to defeat Rider with. This causes the effects of the Geas Scroll, Master Reiroukan signed with the Rider camp to rebound on him, causing him to die from the inside. Confronting him, Master Reiroukan spots Caster with Manaka and demands to know why he cast that curse on Misaya. Manaka instead responds that it is because Rider posed a grave threat to her.

As Master Reiroukan attempts to use a Master Degree to force Caster to kill Manaka, she paralyzes him and coerces Master Reiroukan to give up his Master's rights for Caster to her by activating the curse on Misaya. Master Reiroukan then somehow escapes and casts suppression magecraft on Misaya's curse by stabbing her with an unknown blade.

Day 11 - Aftermath of the Betrayal[]

The next morning, Caster confronts a sad Misaya and reveals that he was one who cursed her and killed her father. Right before he departs for his new Master, he then coldly tells her that “Magi do not have friends in the truest sense of the word.” He then meets up with Manaka and presents her with the Lesser Grail he has stolen.

Arriving at the Sajyou estate, Caster gets settled in and is asked by Manaka to treat Saber for her. Saber is naturally abrasive to him, but allows him to treat his wounds. He then asks Saber what his wish is and is surprised when he reveals that he wants to save his homeland.

Later on, Caster meets with Assassin and gifts her with a ghoulfied Tatsumi.

Day 12 - Kidnapping Girls[]

The next night, Caster begins helping Manaka by kidnapping girls across the city. During this period, he also starts showing some hesitation over his loyalty to Manaka by looking out for Assassin. One of his victims is a girl called Yuko and her friends who were partying at a Karaoke booth. Around midnight, Caster senses Lancer's rampage and alerts Manaka to it. Caster, Manaka and Assassin decide to confront her and teleport to the area. Encountering Lancer, the trio engage her in a fight. During the battle, Lancer tries to use her Noble Phantasm on Manaka. However, Manaka is able to stop it.

He then watches Saber take down Lancer from a distance.

Day 14 - The Kidnapping of Suzuno Yoshimori[]

On the fourteenth day, Caster continues his mission of kidnapping girls. Eventually, he senses that Assassin has rescued a girl named Suzuno Yoshimori. Contacting Assassin via telepathy, he orders her to bring the girl with her.

At the site of the Greater Grail, Caster notices Suzuno regaining consciousness. Caster then watches as Manaka approaches her and introduces herself. Manaka is impressed that Suzuno can move considering she had been dosed with Assassin's neurotoxin. Manaka then explains that she is going use Suzuno and the other girls as sacrifices for the Grail. Caster then notices Tatsumi trying to protect Suzuno, causing Assassin to beg Manaka for mercy.

Noticing Manaka getting upset, Caster convinces her to let Suzuno go by offering to replace her with another girl. He then knocks Suzuno out and teleports her to the north entrance of Ikebukuro station where she is discovered by a passerby.

Day 16 - Final Battle[]

On the final day of the Holy Grail War, Caster meets with Manaka and informs her that Saber has been trying to find the location of the Greater Grail. Manaka then tells him that she will handle the rest of the preparations and that he and Assassin should work on stalling him. After the meeting, Caster confronts Assassin with the fact that Manaka will never love her like she wants her to and that she should abandon her. However, Assassin refuses and later dies at the hands of Saber.

Prior to confronting Saber, Caster reminisces about his time with Misaya and shows regret over his betrayal of the Reiroukan family. During the battle, he tries to activate the true ability of his Noble Phantasm. However, he is unable to contain all of Excalibur's mana and is ultimately blasted to death by Excalibur. His final words were “Misaya, this is, the star’s...”

During Saber's battle with the Beast, Caster appears again in Saber's mind, and encourages Saber to fight.[5] He then becomes one of the Servants who lends Saber his power when Saber activates Excalibur.[6]

Eight years later, a shadow of Caster is seen again as one of Manaka's Grail corrupted Servants. This time, he is determined to kill Lancer.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Commanded by Solomon, Paracelsus, Makiri Zolgen, and Charles Babbage join together to destroy the era regardless of their lamentations towards the incineration of humanity.[7] They invaded the Clock Tower through its entrance in the British Museum, which was destroyed in the process, and kill all the mages there to remove any opposition.[8] After his group created a chamber deeper underground, Babbage constructed a massive steam engine dubbed Angrboda, which uses the Holy Grail as its power source. Angrboda then released the Demonic Fog on to the city to eventually destroy the era.[9] Servants also starting to materialize from the fog, whom Paracelsus recruited to help spread the fog. Before Chaldea's arrival, he successfully recruited Jack the Ripper and Mephistopheles.[10]

He commands Jack to massacre Scotland Yard, needing a certain item kept there. When Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred arrive to find the Yard already wiped out, he introduces himself as a leader of Project Demonic Fog. He laments no one can stop the Incineration of Humanity, but Mash finds him contradictory for using Jack to kill humans. He agrees with her that he is without compassion, and orders Jack to kill the group. After Jack disappears, he prays for her to someday find the love she seeks. He then teleports back to compatriots, praying that the group forever remains heroes who defeat evil. Returning to Angrboda’s chamber, he reports the loss of Jack. He agrees with Makiri that they need to advance the project regardless of their regrets.[11]

Later, he finds the group speaking with the recently materialized William Shakespeare. He regrets he couldn’t recruit him to spread the fog like the others. He then fights the group after giving his True Name. He is defeated, finding it natural for the evildoer to be slain. He then disappears, hoping the group’s path to the future will be illuminated by true light.[10]

Event: Saber Wars[]

Paracelsus tells Okita Souji that Mysterious Heroine X's ship is the source of evil. He tells her to destroy it, saying she is useless other than killing. Okita admits she doesn't care for evil or justice, but Paracelsus's words nonetheless irritate her. X suddenly attacks both of them. Paracelsus laments it ends again without his intentions being understood, yet he dies satisfied.

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

Paracelsus is the one behind the Choco-Servants, creating them for two main reasons. The first was to protect Ritsuka's health if they were to eat all the chocolate made by the female Servants. However, he couldn't destroy the chocolates because the female Servants would only make more, and they would kill him if he did so. His second reason was to prevent a Holy Chocolate War, a battle where people fight over chocolate. So to prevent this and protect Ritsuka's health, he created the Choco-Servants to eliminate chocolate as an ingredient. He also thought it'd be nice to grant Nursery Rhyme's wish to have guests for her tea parties in the process.

Ritsuka and Shakespeare later confirm him in London. He explains his reasons for creating the Choco-Servants before fighting the pair to prove his plan is just.

After the fight, Paracelsus laments his loss and the thought of Ritsuka eating that idol's chocolate. Shakespeare remembers it's the first time making chocolate for many Servants. He suggests getting stomach medicine from Leonardo da Vinci beforehand in that case. Paracelsus gives Ritsuka a potion made from ancient spirit grass. It will protect their stomach, but they'll lose their sense of taste. Paracelsus then disappears, asking Ritsuka not to rob little girls of their dreams.

Da Vinci and the Seven Counterfeit Heroic Spirits[]

Paracelsus and Julius Caesar, hearing about the counterfeits, secretly rayshift to the Singularity ahead of Ritsuka's party. Paracelsus planned to eliminate both Caesar and the counterfeit with his Noble Phantasm. When Ritsuka's party arrives and encounters the pair, Leonardo da Vinci orders the group to attack them, not believing in their claims of innocence. After being defeated, Caesar and Paracelsus reassert they are innocent. Paracelsus also admits what he planned to do.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Paracelsus is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[12]

Valentine Event The Bountiful Chocolate Gardens of Valentine[]

To help produce chocolate more efficiently, Paracelsus creates a homunculus with extraordinary talent in solely producing chocolate from cacao beans that is a doll of himself called Mini Paracel. He asks Ritsuka to procure material, so he may create more and boost the efficiency of their chocolate production. Mash notices that Mini Paracel is modifying the production system on its own. Paracelsus explains he had given it the discretion to make any changes it determines will result in the more efficient production of chocolate.


Devil's Quest[]

Paracelsus travels to London with Ritsuka and Mash. He thanks them for defeating the him who acted as a leader for Project Demonic Fog in his despair. He claims London is experiencing unusual changes while era is correcting itself. The group travel underneath Regent's Park’s southern tip, which is part of the underground facility owned by the Mage's Association. Paracelsus explains there is a particular tome which sealed away a powerful evil that almost manifested in the world. It, along with many magical tomes, was sealed in the underground facility. Not even the Demonic Fog could break these seals. However, Paracelsus sensed those seals were broken by the him from the Singularity. The other Paracelsus reveals he was born from Paracelsus’ magical energy that returned to the Demon Fog when he was defeated. He then finishes breaking the seal on the tome that sealed the powerful evil. The group then fights to defeat the other Paracelsus and to destroy the powerful evil before it fully activates. After the evil is destroyed, Paracelsus asserts to his other self that the world will be saved. After his other self disappears, he praises all those at Chaldea as heroes of justice.

Other Appearances[]

In Fate/strange Fake, Francesca considered giving Sigma Paracelsus' flask as a catalyst to summon him. She decided against it though, wanting to see what the Grail would pick for Sigma.[13]


Paracelsus is an alchemist from the Renaissance Period and the one responsible for creating both the Alchemic system that is used by most alchemists of the modern era as well as the Azoth Sword, which has become a symbol of a rite of passage for mages, with copies of the original being given by mages to their students as a simple, yet very effective Mystic Code. His Noble Phantasm is Sword of Paracelsus, the sword that would be the origin of the Azoth Sword.

Paracelsus has numerous anecdotes as a legendary alchemist who manufactures magical items, acquiring the Item Construction Skill at EX Rank as a result. With this level, he can create a variety of tools, objects and so, like a powerful mana cumulate crystal such as the Philosopher's Stone, artificial spirits that correspond to the five elements called Elemental, robots endowed with multiple-body-synchronous-thinking ability (homunculi), etc. Mass production of jewels used for Jewel Magecraft can also be done by using a leyline connected to his territory.[1][2]

Paracelsus is a powerful magus (Average One) who is endowed with the attribute of “Void” in addition to the attributes of “Earth”, “Water”, “Fire” and “Wind”. He typically employs long distance attacks by means of Magecraft. He performs magical attacks with usage of the five elements.[1] He typically casts his spells with the command, "O' [Element]". For example, through the command, "O' Wind", Paracelsus is able to carefully levitate a dusty cloth and have it automatically fold itself without scattering any of the dust on it. He notes that this was a simple Single Action spell that combines psychokinesis and air manipulation. Paracelsus is able to perform powerful spells up to the level of greater magecraft at the speed of a Single Action spell thanks to his High-Speed Incantation, shortening the normally lengthy arias into the command "O' [Element]". In his case, he is able to use it to improve the efficiency of his Jewel Magecraft (specifically, when using Philosopher's Stones). When using Magecraft, objects similar to large jewels (Elementals) that correspond to the five elements floats around Paracelsus.[1]

These Elementals are artificial spirits. The Elementals have different colors attached to the five elements in Western Magecraft [Earth (Yellow), Water (Silver), Fire (Red), Wind (Blue), Ether (A purple color close to black)], and the basis of this color scheme is how they're assigned based on India's TattvaWP. They are more informally also called Elemental Masses by Paracelsus. Exactly what it sounds like, they are existences created using a super-high density crystal as a base. For example, a Fire Elemental Mass is made from concentrated flame, and can manipulate incredibly high temperatures. An Earth Elemental Mass becomes super-high mass, gaining a hardness similar to that of diamond. (As a note, the Ether Elemental Masses made from the element of Nothingness are different from Ether Clumps.) Though it takes considerable labour to produce them, they can be used as effective familiars even in battles against Servants.[1]

Paracelsus has the ability to purify and accumulate magical energy into a crystal known as the Philosopher's stoneWP - informally known as a photonic crystal - and manipulate it. At his level of skill, he can manufacture a Philosopher's Stone that can bestow a kind of counterfeit immortality upon any given target.[1] He uses one to temporarily revive Tatsumi's corpse as a sort of ghoul-like familiar to mockingly taunt Assassin.

Given his nature as an alchemist, Paracelsus is able to create a large number of homunculi to do his bidding in a short time span. He was able to coin at least one in the time frame of one day after his summoning via a process that involves distribution of his flesh. As with all homunculi, he notes that they only superficially resemble humans and are not as physically equipped biologically as a normal human. Each of them are connected to each other as a hive mind and he can program them with instructions for complex tasks such as brewing and serving tea.

A master of Jewel Magecraft, Paracelsus can effectively have stones packed with magical energy floating around him in combat and throw them against targets in a way similar to telekinesis. They are powerful enough to blow away the "shadows" thrown at him by Manaka, a human who is directly connected to the Root.

Being a member of the Caster class, Paracelsus is able to set up several types of Bounded Fields and magical traps, effectively turning his stronghold into a fortress of death.

Contrary to his quest of progressing life and helping others, Paracelsus is also remarkably skilled in curses, being able to stealthily inscribe a lethal curse upon a magus without them noticing. One other field in which he seems to have a good deal of experience in is Healing Magecraft, as he offered his services to Arthur, but there was no need to as Manaka had already seen to his recuperation. He is also capable of employing a form of levitation and illusion Magecraft, as well as the formation of magical barriers that can correspond to the five elements, appearing as faint mana 'walls' with the shining, flickering color corresponding to one of the five elements. Each individual wall is as durable as diamond. With the incantation "O’ Heavenly Stars, Macro Cosmos" and the establishment of a fivefold barrier derived from the five elements, a receiving attack can have all of its kinetic energy completely dispersed upon contact with the wall, scattering in a ripple-like power.[14]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]



Paracelsus is revived by Manaka Sajyou in the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War in a blackened form.


Creation and Conception[]

Nakahara is the character illustrator for Paracelsus von Hohenheim.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for his character.[1]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Caster Profile [T]

    Van Hohenheim - Paracelsus - Caster

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Nakahara
    Voice Actor: Shinichiro Miki

    Strength: D
    Endurance: E
    Agility: C
    Mana: A
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Personal Skills
    High Speed Incantation: A
    Elemental: A+
    Philosopher's Stone: A

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: A
    Item Construction: EX

    Noble Phantasm
    Sword of Paracelsus: Magic Sword of the Element User
    Rank: A+/A++
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A legendary physician turned alchemist.
    At the 16th Century, he is known as a character from the Renaissance Period.
    He left behind many achievements and books such as the "rediscovery of the four (five) elements" and the "rediscovery of the three humors".
    A rare individual who went down in both human and magic history.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 183cm・65kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Male
    A powerful magus (Average One) who manipulates the five elements.

    Level 2 Bond
    Intelectual and calm. His disposition is mild and does not enjoy combat.
    Advocates that human affection is more precious than anything.
    Regards the modern magi far and wide as the descendants of the pupils that inherited his teachings, loving them equally.
    -- as far as the world permits that (love).

    Level 3 Bond

    • Item Construction: EX

    A powerful prana cumulate crystal such as the "philosopher's stone", artificial spirits that correspond to the five elements called Elementals, robots endowed with multiple-body-synchronous-thinking ability, and etc--
    Being endowed with EX Skill, he can produce a variety of tools.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Magic Sword of the Element User"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army
    Sword of Paracelsus.
    The original model of the Azoth sword. Paracelsus' magic sword.
    A mystic code composed of ultra-high density "philosopher's stone".

    Level 5 Bond
    Originally, the effect of this Noble Phantasm was to amplify・supplement・strengthen his magecraft, but - by performing ritual magecraft by means of the magical power of the blade, and employing the five elements as catalyst - a temporary pseudo-composition of True Ether from the Age of Gods is also possible.
    He then smashes the surroundings with the fearsome destructive power of this True Ether (fake).

    The wish he once had for the Holy Grail was "to reach the Root".
    Furthermore, he also wanted to ascertain the authenticity of his personal opinion regarding how the light of the star (like that of a holy sword) is indeed a light shining from the Root-- or so it was.
    But it may be that he is currently seeking for atonement instead.

    ヴァン・ホーエンハイム・パラケルスス - キャスター



    高速詠唱 A
    エレメンタル A+
    賢者の石 A

    陣地作成 A
    道具作成 EX


    「四元素(五元素)の再発見」 「三原質の再発見」を始めとして数多の功績と書物とを残した。

    属性:混沌・善  性別:男性



    ランク:A+、  種別:対軍宝具



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