ParvatiWP (パールヴァティーWP, Pāruvatī?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Pseudo-Servant in the body of Sakura Matou summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. In the Edo Singularity, she shares her vessel with Lady Kasuga.



The spouse of the supreme deity, Shiva, from Indian Mythology... but she is a gentle goddess without ties to war. She is a Divine Spirit, but this time, she has manifested by borrowing the body of a girl with a similar wavelength. Virtuous, calm, one who can handle all kinds of housework, she is the truly ideal and very much a wife-type heroine, but alas, her true character is―――?[2]

Parvati is the Goddess of Beauty and is known as the wife who loves, with blind devotion, her husband Shiva, the God of Destruction and Creation from Indian Mythology.[2][3] Parvati's influence as a god lacks presence, and often she is treated as the goddess who is Shiva's wife. However, there are accounts of Shiva's wife being spoken of as a "War Deity"; as either Durga or Kali. These goddesses and Parvati carry separate Saint Graphs, but their divine essence are seen as the same.[2]


While form is not that of Parvati herself, but a pseudo-Servant condition in which a human that has a wavelength close to her own was made into a vessel. Lancer takes the form of a young woman with violet hair and violet eyes, her clothing is a blue silk sari wraped opon her waist area and a blue blouse with short sleeves, both the blouse and sari have a unique golden silk style in them. She also wears a golden circlet that becomes more ornate in her second ascension.


One can say she is the Kouhai of Light. The Goddess who has taken in the "brighter" portion of the nature of the girl she has possessed. A gentle and tolerant character without being self-assertive. A talented woman who supports the master from the side virtuously... Her ideal-heroine power and specs are high, but because she chooses the steady, plain path rather than flamboyance, she gives off an impression of dull-wittedness.[2]

Furthermore, though she has a docile personality, she is not timid and has a strong inner self. A clump of willpower and grit that, in a sense, will not bend her heart no matter what kind of torture she receives. Because of this, she is extremely fearsome when she truly gets angry. This Parvati will not forget her resentment until she feels at ease.[2]

A Pseudo-Servant formed from only the Good-aspect of "the possessed girl". However, even though she is the brighter part, it is not as if there is no "evil trait". Just as if even in justice, there is muddiness, "the possessed girl" has a yandere-type of sense inside her... if handled poorly, it can turn her into something dangerous; such an aspect still slightly remains. That said, even if she is just a little angered, she will definitely not fall into evil. That is because she is of the "brighter alignment" that will not stray away from lawfulness even when she is distressed.[2]

As Parvati's Divinity "has no faults in herself", introvertedness and shyness disappear, and her sociability increases. She may get angry and pout, but once she properly thinks through matters as whether those are misunderstandings or differing views, she is a beautiful lady who will either properly apologize or forgive the others.[2]


Indian Servants
Senji Muramasa


Fate/Grand Order[]

Parvati Trial Quest[]

Parvati encounters Ritsuka while she is searching for something in Fuyuki City. Ritsuka speaks with her since she is the source of the odd reading that Leonardo da Vinci picked up. Parvati recognizes Ritsuka is a Master, and that they're communicating with Mash and Da Vinci across space and time. After Parvati introduces herself, Mash asks her what happened to the owner of her vessel. Parvati reveals that she and the owner of her vessel merged, a feat that shocks Mash. The current her is the combined good aspects of herself and her vessel, with the bad aspects removed through mutual consensus. The girl's past and memories were sealed when they merged, as no human can withstand the weight of a god's mind and memories. In exchange though, all of Parvati's preferences and decision-making were all entrusted to the girl's human nature. It is a temporary state she can't change back from. Even if she were able to do so, she would forget everything as soon as she did. Ritsuka asks her what she is doing in Fuyuki. Parvati answers she is searching for something. But even with her vessel's connection to the city, she has yet to find it because this particular version of Fuyuki is unfamiliar to her vessel. Ritsuka decides to help her since they and the others have a connection with Fuyuki.

Later, Parvati notices Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Immediately suspicious of him, she asks him what he is doing. Cursed Arm replies he is disposing of those who are empty or those who lost their way. Parvati becomes even more suspicious when she sees the delinquents following him. Believing them to be murderers, she decides to punish them all. Cursed Arm eventually surrenders, and tells his men to do the same. He then clarifies that he and his men were picking up discarded recyclables. Sharing in his beliefs, the delinquents joined him and turned for the better. Parvati is confused since Cursed Arm is suppose to be an assassin, a truly evil man who, under the orders of a bug-smelling Master, killed both humans and Servants. Cursed Arm accepts he is nominally an evil being, but as a Servant of Ritsuka, he will not attack indiscriminately. Parvati apologizes for her behavior, which Cursed Arm accepts.

Inside a bamboo forest, Da Vinci recommends to Parvati that she contract with Ritsuka. Jaguar Man and Illyasviel von Einzbern, both of whom Parvati seems to recognize, then suddenly appear. They test her resolve to see if she is ready to come to Chaldea. Following the battle, Parvati insists to Jaguar Man that she'll be happy at Chaldea while also making others happy. She also assures her that she can fight if needed. After Jaguar Man and Illya both leave, Parvati feels like she is getting closer to what she's looking for.

Later, Ritsuka and Parvati encounter Medusa wearing a school uniform that Parvati insists is hers. She confirms it is what she was looking for, as it acts as an anchor to maintain her existence. It should naturally be in her possession, but it was somewhere else for some reason when she manifested. She then asks Medusa about her intentions. Medusa explains that she put on the uniform on impulse. She then reveals the uniform was bait to lure Parvati to eliminate her. She believes Parvati shouldn't need to fight if she is using her current vessel. Since Parvati recently became a Servant, Medusa can remove her from her vessel with a powerful spiritual attack. This act may negate Parvati's existence as a Pseudo-Servant.

After the ensuing fight, Parvati tells Medusa that she understands she was only concerned for her vessel. While understanding though, she will not stop the manifestation because she still has a mission to accomplish. Her vessel also shares in her wish to save the world and protect those she loves, believing it is why she manifested in Fuyuki. Medusa accepts this and gives the uniform back in apology. Paravati then begins to disappear. She hopes to become Ritsuka's Servant, now that they have a connection. She also assures Medusa that she'll get along with the Servants at Chaldea. She then disappears thinking it would be wonderful they wore matching uniforms.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Parvati, Tawara Touta, EMIYA, and Boudica all accept Shuten-douji's request to prepare a welcome party for Tomoe Gozen on the 80th floor of the Oni Pagoda. Taking the time it'd take for Ritsuka's party to reach the floor into account, they finish cooking by the time the group arrives. Unfortunately, the situation devolves into a fight when Tomoe refuses to partake to proceed to the next floor. Parvati and the others are then defeated by Ritsuka's party.

Event: Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth[]

Parvati was the last Chaldean Servant to be reversed summoned into the Singularity, but during the process she encountered the disembodied soul of Lady Kasuga. On a whim, she rescued Kasuga by allowing her to co-exist in her Saint Graph, which in turn presumably allowed her to escape the reverse summoning. Kasuga took this as a sign she needed to resolve the issues of the disappearance of everyone in Edo Castle and the Ooku turned labyrinth.[4][5]

When Ritsuka and Kiara Sessyoin arrive, they initially mistake Kasuga for Parvati until Kasuga corrects them and introduces herself. Parvati takes over and apologizes for her complicated situation, though she is relieved to see Ritsuka. She and Kasuga then explain their current predicament and that of Edo Castle.[4] Kiara is pleased to meet Parvati, though Parvati senses in Kiara something she’ll have to deal with quickly and decisively if the situation calls for it. It should be fine, though, as Parvati senses Kiara has a “dam” within her and suspects that is why in the Singularity. Admittedly, she doesn’t know what it means, only knowing something about Kiara nags at her. But the more pressing matter is what she is sensing from the Ooku, something only she can deal with her. Goredolf Musik then contacts the group, though he has no sense of original identity. He introduces himself as the shogun, Tokugawa Goredolf, and invites the group into the Ooku. Sion Eltnam Sokaris deduces the enemy brainwashed him into rayshifting himself to the Singularity and from there they used his connections to reverse summon everyone in Chaldea. Kasuga then asks the group to rescue Tokugawa Iemitsu from the Ooku. Parvati agrees, saying Kasuga’s knowledge will prove valuable.[5]

Upon entering the Ooku, the group learns it has been spatially reconstructed. They destroy the attendants attendants guarding the entrance into the first passageway, though Kiara and Parvati both noticed the attendants never attacked.[5] Continuing onward, they meet Matsudaira Nobutsuna. He reveals Iemitsu is no longer available, thus he now serves the Ooku’s new lord, though it isn’t Goredolf. He then orders the attendants to attack, so Parvati destroys them. After Nobutsuna leaves, Ritsuka’s party continues investigating the labyrinth.[6]

Later, Ritsuka’s party agrees to Kiara’s request not to kill the attendants needlessly as they move forward. After another battle, Parvati gathers the attendants’ remains and prays over them. She admits there is likely no point in praying for something that isn’t even alive, but she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try something. She also realizes it’s weird for her to destroy the attendants and then pray for them. Seeing the attendants’ heads fly reminded her of her son, Ganesha, so it wouldn’t sit well with her if she let them be. Of course, she doesn’t feel the need to pray for everyone, but when she does, she doesn’t want to ignore. It is a part of who she is, even if it is her naivete and weakness speaking. Kasuga believes Parvati saved her because she couldn’t ignore her kind nature, for which she is grateful. Parvati then suspects there is a reason she’s needed in the Singularity instead of her more combat suited facets.[6]

Entering a room, the group meets Kama. Parvati is shocked to see she is using the same human for a vessel as herself. Kama explains Parvati possessed the girl’s good side while she possessed her dark side. Paravati demands to know why Kama is in the Ooku and her relation to it. Kama asks the group if they felt pleasue after clearing the 1st floor, revealing she made the attendants so efficiently weak to make the group forget the “do not kill” precept. Ritsuka demands to know her goal, but Kama threatens to kill everyone she captured. She says she may release them if the group makes it to the labyrinth’s bottom. She then summons a large female ghost and escapes to await the group at the labyrinth’s bottom. After the ghost is destroyed, Kiara finds a pillbox with the Tokugawa emblem that Sion assumes to be the ghost’s catalyst. On it, Kasuga reads the name Tsunayoshi, the future fifth Tokugawa shogun. Sion notices the pillbox has a spiritual inclusion to it, which can help in the investigation if combined with Ritsuka’s Mystic Code. After Sion finishes modifying the pillbox, the group continues exploring the labyrinth.[6]

While continuing to explore the labyrinth, Parvati notices and picks up a Hanafuda card. Sion reveals it is actually part of the Ooku and asks the group to find more for further analysis. The group destroys another ghost and obtains Ietsugu's pillbox.[7]

Ritsuka's party encounters Nobutsuna again, and behind him they see Yagyuu Munenori being absorbed into a pillar. Sion reveals that everyone from Chaldea and in Edo Castle were transformed into materials for the Ooku, but it’s possible to save Munenori as he’s yet to become part of the Ooku. She then orders Parvati to make contact with him to give her a better analysis. While Kiara fights the ghost Nobutsuna called upon, Parvati notices the card she picked up is heating up. Sion realizes she can use its properties of Ooku to save Munenori. After Munenori is saved, the ghost tries to attack Parvati, but the samurai catches its naginata with his hands. Kiara uses this chance to destroy the ghost. Nobutsuna tries to retreat when Parvati asks what is Kama’s goal, and why were people and Servants turned into materials for the Ooku. Nobutsuna says he doesn’t know and that he only cares about serving his lord faithfully. After he leaves, Ritsuka picks up Iesada's pillbox.[7]

Continuing to explore the labyrinth, the group encounters another group of attendants, except these ones think Ritsuka is the shogun. Ritsuka declares they are the shogun, but the attendants attack when Kasuga takes offense to Ritsuka’s blatant lie. After destroying the attendants, the group comes to a path that splits into two ways, so they follow the path that Kasuga takes. They come to a room where they rest while Sion maps out the floor. Kiara realizes they must “lie” to get through the floor and suggests following the paths that seem incorrect.[8]

Following Kiara’s suggestion, the group eventually encounter Kama again. Parvati asks her if she turned everyone from Edo Castle and Chaldea into materials for the Ooku to get revenge on her. Kama laughs at her for thinking such. Parvati now understands she is in the Singularity because Kama is in it and feels she needs to stop whatever Kama is planning. She and Ritsuka then ask her again what her plan is , but Kama leaves it to them to figure it out. Kama then orders a ghost and attendants to attack the group and leaves. Ritsuka’s party destroys the ghost and attendants and picks up Ietsuna's pillbox.[8]

Ritsuka’s party makes their way to a hallway reeking of alcohol. Scheherazade and Mata Hari approach them, offering food and drink. Kama has brainwashed them both. Scheherazade and Mata Hari then attack the group when they refused their services, but they’re soon knocked unconscious by Munenori and Kiara respectively. Afterward, Parvati uses a hanafuda card to undo Kama’s brainwashing and the two join the group.[9]

Later, Kiara reveals the pattern she had noticed thus far, that each floor is themed around the Five Precepts of Buddhism. The group realize they were able to advance through the floors because they broke those precepts. Thus Ritsuka needs to get drunk to pass the current floor. Considering it too dangerous, though, Mata Hari uses her Noble Phantasm to give Ritsuka a simulation of being drunk. It proves successful in exploiting the loophole in the floor’s rule. The group then follows the paths with the least alcohol, but they reach a dead-end, so Kasuga suggests following paths reeking of alcohol. They destroy a ghost and obtain Hidetada's pillbox.[9]

Ritsuka’s party enters the floor’s innermost chamber. Nobutsuna appears to check if they’re breaking the Five Precepts to advance through the Ooku. He then summons two ghosts to fight the group and reveals Kama created the labyrinth to make it impossible not to fall into depravity before retreating. After the ghosts are destroyed, Ritsuka picks up another pillbox with the name Yoshimune, the eighth Tokugawa shogun, engraved on it. Kiara warns they need to be especially cautious going forward.[9]

On the next floor, the group obtains a key from the attendants they recently defeated. Ritsuka finds it strange that the floor has many locked doors. The group soon comes to another locked door when they notice a key on the tokonoma in the tatami room. Realizing Kama is forcing them to break the precept not to steal to advance, Scheherazade suggests finding another loophole like on the previous floor. She then tells the story of Alibaba to take the key from the attendants without the others doing anything.[10]

Passing into the next room, the group notices multiple objects are missing pieces of themselves, such as a handless clock. Kiara realizes the puzzles were designed to force them even more to break the precept. Scheherazade then tells more stories to help find the objects needed to continue. Afterward, they defeat another ghost and obtain Ieyoshi’s pillbox.[10]

In the next room, the group again hits a dead-end. However, the wall is completely blank, unlike the rest of the labyrinth. Before the group continues on, Kiara suggests they should not forget that the wall exists.[10]

In the floor’s innermost chamber, the group encounters Kama once again. Kama becomes a young woman and reveals she created the labyrinth so that the group would feel great pleasure from breaking the Five Precepts. She tries to tempt Ritsuka into breaking the precept of not stealing, but the others defend them. Kama then reveals she has the key to the next floor. She summons a ghost and fights the group. Ritsuka’s party defeat her and the ghost, obtaining Ieharu’s pillbox. However, the Kama they killed was a clone. Kama congratulates them and returns to the deepest part of the labyrinth.[10]

On the next floor, the group encounters several Kama clones. They break through the clones, but soon hit a dead-end. Recalling the floor’s precept is to abstain from adultery, they decide to follow the paths with Kama Clones. Eventually they reach the innermost chamber, where they encounter Nobutsuna again, surrounded by Kama clones. He sends the clones and a ghost to attack the group. Ritsuka picks up Ienari’s pillbox after the ghost and clones are slain. Nobutsuna tells the group to stay on the current floor and tries to warn what will happen if they proceed. He flees before he finishes, so the group gives chase.[11]

Upon arriving in the labyrinth’s innermost chamber, the group finds Goredolf still believing that he’s a Tokugawa. Kasuga demands to know where Iemitsu is. In response, Kama removes a pillbox from her body and reveals Iemitsu’s soul is in it. She then explains how she used Iemitsu’s karmic bonds to gather souls across time and space to build her Ooku, revealing the pillboxes are the souls of the shogun. Parvati surmises that Kama’s reach extended to Chaldea, where she used Goredolf’s connections to reverse summon everyone there. She deduces the Ooku is a means to Kama’s goal, otherwise she didn’t need to attack Chaldea. Kama reveals she only found the Ooku by chance, and her goal was Ritsuka. Her karmic bonds with Ritsuka allowed her to reach out to them in Chaldea, but Sion protected them, so she had Ritsuka go through the Ooku of their volition to make them submit to her love. Ritsuka then begins to believe they are a Tokugawa. Kama’s Ooku turns whoever breaks the Five Precepts into a conceptual Tokugawa; Goredolf was Kama’s first test subject. Kama declares she will love them no matter how much they sin, but Parvati calls that the definition of depravity. Nobutsuna reveals it’s impossible to escape Kama’s Ooku once someone becomes a Tokugawa. Mata Hari and Kasuga tell RItsuka to resist while Munenori and Scheherazade fight Kama, but their attempts are futile. Kama then changes form again and transforms the chamber into a scenery of the universe.[12]

Kama reveals she became conceptually linked to the universe when Shiva incinerated her with his third eye. She then confesses she is now a Demon King. Parvati realizes Kama is now her alternate self, Mara. Kama reveals the Ooku’s innermost chamber is now her self-contained universe, meaning everyone is inside her and thus cannot move as they please. She sought Ritsuka because they defeated the immature Beast III/R and then changes her form again, revealing herself to be Beast III/L. Her goal is to give everyone in the universe her infinite love, but Kiara says that would destroy the concept of love. Declaring she will give everyone her love no matter what, Kama calls Ritsuka to her. Mata Hari tries to get them to resist, while the others attempt to fight Kama. She easily repels them, then orders Nobutsuna to have Ritsuka drink with Goredolf. The shogun’s conceptual authority is strengthened inside the Ooku’s innermost chamber, thus it can manipulate others with mere words. Kama’s body has the same concept. Suddenly, though, Kasuga slaps Goredolf and temporarily breaks his mental conditioning. Kama prepares to destroy the group when Goredolf attacks her, which she easily dodges. Goredolf then returns to being a Tokugawa since his reversion to his old self was only temporary. Kiara holds Kama back while the others escape. She tells them to gather the hanafuda cards to counteract Kama, then expels them from the chamber.[12]

The group arrives outside. Ritsuka’s transformation into a Tokugawa stops. Mash and Sion then re-establishes contact. Sion realizes the Counter Force hasn’t recognized Kama because she is still immature and hiding in the Ooku. She then suggests finding a weakness. Munenori and Scheherazade recall Kama has the properties of the Tokugawa and she is linked to the Ooku since it is a recreation of the universe and she linked to that concept. Sion then informs the group that they’re missing a pillbox, that of Yoshinobou. Since he ended the Tokugawa’s reign, Yoshinobu’s pillbox should hold the concept of that act. Thus it can be used against Kama since she is linked to the Ooku and the Ooku is linked to the Tokugawa. Munenori realizes the blank wall they encountered on the 4th floor might be hiding Yoshinobu’s pillbox.[13]

Munenori slashes the blank wall after Sion assures him he will not kill anyone. His slash has no effect, however, since the wall is specially sealed. Sion senses the wall has a keyhole that has been hidden conceptually and with magecraft. She suspects the energy of the hanafuda cards, which seem to exist to counteract the Ooku, will break the seal. The cards are then used to break the seal, and the group enters the room beyond. They find a pillar with a ghost partially fused to it. It becomes violent, and attacks the group. After the ghost is destroyed, Ritsuka acquires Yoshinobu’s pillbox. Sion then adds Yoshinobu’s pillbox to Ritsuka’s Mystic Code to give it Anti-Tokugawa properties, though she warns Ritsuka that they may turn into a Tokugawa again once they enter Kama’s chamber. Kasuga asks with these preparations if they can win. While admitting their chances are low, the others are confident that they’ll win. Kasuga apologizes for casting doubt, but Parvati understands she is only concerned about them. She also vouches for their chances, adding they have also Sion and Mash’s valuable information.[14]

Upon returning to Kama’s chamber, Ritsuka activates their Anti-Tokugawa shield to counteract the Tokugawafication and diminish the constraints on Munenori. The group seems to have the advantage in their fight against Kama., only for her to reveal she wanted them to find Yoshinobu’s pillbox so they may despair when they lost with their only hope. Then, to make it even harder for Parvati to use her Saint Graph, she reveals it was Kasuga’s dying wish to continue loving the Tokugawa that brought her to the Ooku. Kasuga is devastated to learn she inadvertently brought upon the Tokugawa’s downfall. Parvati reminds her she is purely a soul right now and tries to warn her of the consequences if she lets the shock get to her. Kama reveals she used Kasuga’s bonds with the Tokugawa to reach out to the shoguns across the time and turn them into her Ooku’s lynchpins. Ritsuka’s Tokugawafication then starts again, with Kama revealing the Anti-Tokugawa shield can only halt the corruption. She wanted Ritsuka to find and use the pillboxes to further their Tokugawafication in order to facilitate her maturation. Then, changing into the next stage of her growth, Kama removes the gravity, leaving everyone adrift in space. She then reveals every star is her and envelops the group in darkness with the barest minimum of oxygen.[15]

Scheherazade summons the Magic Carpet for them to rest on. Sion realizes they need to revert Kama’s definition of the Ooku from that of the universe. Raising from her despair, Kasuga tells Parvati to relinquish her. But Parvati warns her she is a soul only bound to the world because she is connected to her Saint Graph. Kasuga explains that since Kama used the souls of everyone to create her Ooku, the same should apply to her. She then requests Scheherazade and Mata Hari to use their Noble Phantasms to modify her into the Kasuga of legend. Scheherazade says she needs time to recite Kasuga’s tale, so Parvati deploys a barrier to slow the flow of time a bit. After Scheherazade and Mata Hari finish modifying her, Kasuga leaves Parvati then disperses the darkness and manifests a floor at Sion’s suggestion.[15]

Kasuga rewrites the definition of Kama’s universe to reestablish gravity, while Ritsuka’s Mystic Code is used to reestablish oxygen. Nobutsuna reveals himself to be a double agent for Tenkai to protect the Tokugawa and they ensured Kasuga’s soul was protected. The cards are also actually his organs transformed by Tenkai. Sion realizes the cards can purge Ritsuka of Kama’s corruption. After Ritsuka is cleansed, Munenori kills Nobutsuna to release his soul, which holds the concept of “one whose actions oppose the Tokugawa” thanks to Tenkai’s spell. The false Muramasa blade, an Anti-Tokugawa weapon, emerges from Nobutsuna’s body for Munenori to wield against the false Tokugawa. Kasuga calls Nobustuna’s actions to protect the Tokugawa a pure expression of his love, but Kama refuses to accept any love she doesn’t know. Parvati tells Kama that is why she and mankind will never get along. She continues, it feels good to love someone and there are endless ways to do so. But Kama wants to control all of that herself, and if she fully matures as a Beast, it would mean the end of the world. Parvati, therefore, declares she will put an end to Kama here and now.The group then fight Kama while Munenori cuts down her otherselves.[15]

Kama eventually understands Munenori will only kill her if she continues to hold the property of Tokugawa and the Ooku. She thus removes said properties from herself, but that allows Kasuga full control of the Ooku and returns it to its original form. Then, after the others attack Kama, Kasuga uses her authority over the Ooku to expel Kama from it. As Kama continues to be expelled into the air, Parvati tells her love isn’t a one-way street whether it’s given or received. She thought Kama, as the god of love, should have been closest to understanding the ill-defined concept of love. But now Kama is consumed by depravity, so Parvati declares she’ll show her what she believes love to be as her final gift. That love is her love for her husband and she strikes Kama with Trishula Shakti, destroying her.[15]

With Kama destroyed, everyone will return to where they belong. Goredolf will also return to normal. Kasuga gives Ritsuka the Grail she found inside a pillar earlier. Like Ritsuka and Sion, Parvati also hopes they’ll see Kasuga again, given the two of them were the same for a while and considers her a friend. She also still has many questions for her about raising children, like how to console her son after her husband decapitated him and replaced his head with an elephant’s. Kasuga is taken aback but says she’ll think of a good answer when they next meet. Then, feeling she is running out of time, she thanks everyone for their help. Parvati starts to disappear, which isn’t surprising since she used everything she had to stop Kama. She reveals Beast III/R manifested because Mara’s presence became greater than Kama’s. Such a thing should be impossible, as the Hindu Gods used their Authority to suppress Mara’s presence in Kama. Parvati, therefore, theorizes something happened to the gods when the Human Order Revision occurred. Mash realizes there may be a connection in the Indian Lostbelt. Parvati apologizes she won’t be able to help in India, but she’ll send someone to help. She then disappears, wishing everyone good luck.[16]

Other appearances[]

Passionlip, an Alter Ego, is a composite being created from part of BB being mixed with data derived from Parvati, Durga and Brynhildr.[3]


To be a deity is to contain multitudes. In Parvati's case, Kali, the god of fury, and Durga, the god of war, are different sides of Parvati. Their Saint Graphs may be different, but they all share the same Divine Core. It is said that the greater a Divine Spirit is, the more difficult it is for them to restrain their own nature. Thus, as the goddess of beauty and benevolence, Parvati is manifesting via the innate goodness of a girl she's using as her avatar. That goodness also repels any disposition that can't acclimate to it. This disposition towards kindness makes her difficult to fight, or at least, it usually would. Due to Parvati not using Kali's or Durga's Spirit Origins, she isn't suited for fightiting.[17] As a Pseudo-Servant,[18] she is not at her full strength, but she can still help in battle if necessary.[19] In this form she can’t use her Spirit Origin as freely as normal,[20] and it is only due to borrrowing part of her husband's power that she was able to manifest.[17] Kama/Mara claims that Parvati only has some way of fighting due to having borrowed Shiva's spear.[20]

Although her combat capabilities aren't as high as someone would expect, due to being a Divine Spirit, Parvati still has access to a lot of impressive abilities. As seen in the Edo Singularity, Parvati can create a Bounded Field capable of slowing time inside it, although she can only extend it about as far as her arms can reach. This allowed Scheherazade to finish a story to counter attack Kama/Mara in time.[20] Parvati also states that it is not too hard for Divine Spirits such as herself to make other doubles of themselves if they wanted to, noting that she does something similar when she fires her Noble Phantasm.[21] Parvati was also able to immediately pick up that there was somwthing inside Kiara Sessyoin that is entirely separate from anything related to faith and her connection to the Tokugawa Labyrinth. She claims that, depending on the situation, she may be forced to act quickly and decisively against Kiara.[19] Parvati was along with Rama, Arjuna and Karna, Da Vinci's top choices of which Servants she would have liked to summon in the Indian Lostbelt with the Spirit Origin graph.[22]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): Cancels all A rank magic and below. As a matter of fact, modern magi are incapable of hurting Parvati.[1]
  • Divine Core of the Goddess (B Rank): A Skill that expresses one being a perfected goddess from birth. A composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity, preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body, repels all mental interference, prevents the body from growth and prevents the figure from change no matter how much calories are absorbed. As she is a Pseudo-Servant, the rank is only up to B. But none of that matters. "The figure! Doesn't! Change!"[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Ash of Kama (EX Rank): Parvati is a calm goddess, weak at fighting. However, it does not mean that her heart too, is weak. Her heart that think of the one she loves is stronger and its depth deeper than any manner of god. If it is for the sake of those she loves, even if she should break her body or burn away her Divinity, she will muster the strength to fight. Even if it is only a blaze for a brief moment, she is comparable to the goddess of destruction Kali, one of Shiva's wife. Worthy of mention is the fact that it has nothing to do with how what Shiva feels towards her. Parvati holds the special characteristic of being able to foster her love towards someone, even if said person seems to ignore her. It is a wholehearted love but, it's a bit... no, legendary level of heavy. Moreover, Kama holds the meaning of love, but it also is the name of the god of love that Shiva burned to death. During his ascetic practice, Shiva had been ceaselessly ignoring Parvati, who had been sent to become Shiva’s wive. The exasperated gods then had sent Kama, disturbing Shiva’s meditation using Kama’s arrow, so that he would notice Parvati.[1]
  • Blessing of the Goddess (A+ Rank): A gift from a (good) Goddess. Based on an episode where her followers could no longer endure starvation, she cut off her own head and bestowed her blood to them.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Parvati's Noble Phantasm is Trishula Shakti, a trident originally wielded by her husband Shiva remodeled into a tuning fork, being the reason for her qualification as a Lancer Class Servant. Needless to say, she is unable to display the true potential of this weapon unlike Shiva, but on the other hand, it helps to retain and protect her framework as a Servant.[1] Even so the fact that it's a Noble Phantasm wielded by a goddess remains unchanged, so the rank is still EX. Each of its tips possess the power of the god of creation and destruction.[23]

During the events of the Edo Singularity, Parvati used this Noble Phantasm to deal the finishing blow against Beast III/L, Kama/Mara. By the point Kama was struck by this attack, she was no longer the false Ooku, but only a mere creature. Yagyuu Munenori had already cut her down too, alongside Scheherazade and Mata Hari, so Parvati's attack was fatal. Having been defeated by their combined efforts, Kama claimed that it hurt as much as when Shiva incinerated her.[24] Since it took everything Parvati had to stop Kama, Parvati vanished short after firing it in order to rest for a while.[25]

Other Capabilities[]


Parvati is able to manifest in the Rider Class, wherein she will borrow the sacred bull, Nandi, from Shiva. As it is rightfully a bull that governs over crops, harvests, etc., it boasts low offensive power unbefitting of Divine Beasts.[2]


Creation and Conception[]

Takao Aotsuki is the character illustrator for Parvati.[2]


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    Parvati - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takao Aotsuki
    Voice Actor: Noriko Shitaya

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: D
    Mana: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Personal Skills
    Imaginary Around: EX
    Ashes of Kama: EX
    Blessings of the Goddess: A+

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Divine Core of a Goddess: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Trishula Shakti - To Look Away from Love is To Be Loveless
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    The spouse of Shiva, a supreme deity from Hindu Mythology... that being said, she is a compassionate goddess unrelated to combat.
    Although she is a divine spirit, at this occasion she manifested by borrowing the body of a possessed girl whose wavelength matched hers.

    Chaste, gentle and capable of all sorts of domestic chores - truly the ideal young wife-type heroine, and yet her true identity is---?

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 156cm・46kg
    Source: Hindu Mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Female
    If pressed to say, the kouhai of light.

    Level 2 Bond
    Parvati is the wife of Shiva, the god of destruction and creation from Hindu Mythology.
    Parvati has no Authority as a deity, and is often treated as a goddess who merely is Shiva’s wife.
    However, among Shiva’s wives there are also those who are described as “war deities”. They are Durga and Kali.
    These goddesses have a different Saint Graph than Parvati, but supposedly their divine core is the same.

    Also capable of manifesting in the Rider Class, and she will borrow the Holy Bull Nandi from Shiva in that case. Since it is originally a bull that presides over good harvests, it boasts a low attack power that is unbecoming for divine beasts.

    Level 3 Bond
    "To Look Away from Love is To Be Loveless"
    Rank: EX  Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 5~10  Maximum Targets: 30 people
    Trishula Shakti.
    A limited release of the Trishula, the trident she borrowed from Shiva.
    Parvati’s Class is determined by which weapon Shiva bestows her. Thanks to the Trishula, Parvati acquired the qualifications for the Lancer Class.
    Of course, she cannot display the true worth of this weapon like Shiva, but that is conversely helping maintain her framework as a Servant.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Ashes of Kama: EX

    Parvati is a gentle goddess who is weak in battle.
    That being said, it is not like even her heart is weak.
    Her heart which regards her beloved person is stronger, and deeper, than that of any other deity.
    For the sake of her beloved, she will burn her divinity even at the cost of destroying her own body, turning it into power to fight.
    Though a momentary flame, it is comparable to that of the Goddess of Destruction Kali - one of Shiva’s wives.

    Worthy of special mention is that Shiva's own feelings are irrelevant.
    Parvati has the special trait of rearing love for the sake of her beloved, even if she is ignored by him.
    Although earnest, that love is a little... no, it is mythologically heavy.

    • Blessings of the Goddess: A+

    A present from a (good) goddess.
    Derived from the episode in which she cut off her own head and bestowed her blood to a follower who could no longer endure starvation.

    • Divine Core of a Goddess: B

    A skill that denotes being a perfected goddess from birth. It is endowed with an effect that preserves the absoluteness from the mind and the body. Mental interferences are mostly mitigated, the body does not grow and the figure does not change no matter how much calories are absorbed.
    Since she is a Pseudo-Servant, it goes no further than B Rank. But that is inconsequential.
    The figure! Does not! Change!

    Level 5 Bond
    A goddess that received the light portion of the disposition of the girl who became her vessel.

    A gentle and tolerant personality. Without self-assertion and chaste, a talented woman who supports the Master from the sidelines.
    ... yet, despite having ideal heroine-power and high specs, due being someone far from extravagant who tends to chose a reliable・straightforward path, she appears to be vaguely stupid.

    Also, while she has a midl personality, that does not mean that she is fainthearted, and her core is very strong.
    Her heart does not break regardless of which kind of tortures she receive - in a sense, the embodiment of obstinacy and guts.
    Thanks to that, she is scary once angered for real. Parvati will never forget a received grudge until she is satisfied.

    Level 5 Bond
    A Pseudo-Servant composed only by good attributes of the “possessed girl”.
    However, even if she is light, that does not mean that there are no “evil attributes”. Just like there is impurity even within justice, the yandere-vibes of the “possessed girl” - turning into dangerous goods if handled poorly - remain even if just a little.
    That being said, she will only get a little angry and by no means will fall to wickedness. To not deviate from order even while bearing worries is exactly what makes a “light attribute”.

    Since Parvati is a divinity that “has no faults on herself”, the introvertedness and shyness disappeared, and her sociability increased.
    Despite getting angry and sulking at petty things, she is a beauty who properly reflects over things - be them misunderstandings or disagreements - and takes the initiative to pardon and apologize to the other person.

    パールヴァティー - ランサー



    イマジナリ・アラウンド EX
    カーマの灰 EX
    女神の恩恵 A+

    対魔力 A
    女神の神核 B




    属性:秩序・善  性別:女性



    ランク:EX  種別:対軍宝具
    レンジ:5~10  最大補足:30人




    体型が! 変化! しない!






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    [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - Passionlip (Alter Ego) Matrix

    Class: Alter Ego
    Name: Passionlip
    Master: BB
    Noble Phantasm: Brynhild Romantia (Until Death Do Us Part)
    Keyword: Breast Valley, composite divinity
    Strength: A+, Endurance: A, Agility: C, Magic: B, Luck: E
    Presence Concealment: A+, Constitution of an Abuse Victim: A, Trash & Crash: EX


    01 - Brynhild Romantia (Until Death Do Us Part)'
    The Noble Phantasm that BB granted to this Alter Ego.
    This Noble Phantasm strikes with more accuracy and does more damage the deeper her love toward the target is. Even if it's utterly one-sided, she will never let her loved one escape.
    The Servant this Noble Phantasm was made from is the valkyrie, Brynhild, who appears in "The Völsunga Saga." The spear of love and hatred that she wielded in order to get revenge on her husband, Sigurd who betrayed her and wounded her honor. Strictly speaking, not the spear itself, but the deep love and hatred Brynhild felt for Sigurd that has taken the shape of a spear.
    In "The Völsunga Saga," the fearless hero Sigurd (Siegfried) takes Brynhild, who was sleeping encircled by flame, as his wife. But afterwards, Sigurd betrays her, presenting her as his brother-in-law's wife. At first, Brynhild believed that this was due to Sigurd drinking alcohol which caused him to lose his memories and accepted these events as her immutable fate.
    However, she came to know that, in reality, Sigurd had already regained his memories by that time. In the end, Brynhild killed the man she loved most in the entire world via a conspiracy and then freely took her own life in order to follow after him.

    02 - Breast Valley
    A simple trash box. Has the function of storing away and safeguarding unneeded data files. It's a garbage can. In Passionlip's case, the icon is set right in the middle of her chest for some reason.
    To put it frankly, an imaginary space pocket into which you can put anything as long as it's as trash. If it is dust data that Passionlip has crushed, she can stow away an infinite amount, regardless of capacity.
    Though it seems contradictory, it seems even objects that exceed Passionlip's own memory storage can be thrown into this valley.
    At first glance, this appears to be a convenient function, but because dust data cannot be returned to its original form, it's an utterly useless function. It appears that Passionlip acquired this unique structure because she is of the type of girl who bottles her feelings up inside, leading to self-destruction and self-harm.

    03 - Composite Divinity
    Alter Egos are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits.
    BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.
    Passionlip is made of three goddesses.
    The first is the goddess of beauty from Hindu mythology, Parvati. A goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion.
    The second is the goddess of war, Durga. Considered a facet of Parvati, Durga possess ten weapons given to her as divine gifts. Passionlip's giant claws are an incarnation of those ten swords.
    The third is a goddess of war from Scandinavia, Brynhildr. Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. In Wagner's opera, she was rendered as Brünnhilde, who appears as a valkyrie (war maiden) who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. It goes without saying that the circumstances of this work led to a tragedy where she despaired over love and raised her hands against her beloved.

    01 - 死がふたりを分断つまで(ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア)






    02 - ブレストバレー




    03 - 複合神性







    01 - Presence Concealment [A]
    A skill that allows one to take action while hiding themselves. It's a skill that those of the Assassin class possess as it's their most basis ability, but Passionlip has acquired it as well, possibly due to her personality.
    Due to her timidness and cautiousness, she manifests excellent Presence Concealment, but her giant claws act as a hindrance and she is quickly discovered. If she didn't have those claws, she would be an excellent stalker.
    Though this is a digression, she has been following [the PC] from early on, though no one noticed, observing and watching over them from the shadows, or something like that.

    02 - Constitution of an Abuse Victim [A]
    A skill that increases the chances of being targeted by enemies in group battles. It appears to be a minus skill, but for a Servant with strong defensive capabilities, possessing this skills allows them to function as an excellent escort.
    A slight bonus to defense is included. Once it reaches rank A, an even more unique effect is added: The more the attacking party attacks, the more they will lose their composure until the holder of this skill is all they can think of.

    03 - Trash & Crash [EX]
    A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation.
    A cheat skill that evolved from "Monstrous Strength." No matter how large the capacity of the item, as long as it is "something that can be enveloped by her hands," she can crush and and compress it, whatever it may be.
    What that she compresses become a 5 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm cube but its mass can only be reduced to 1/10th of its mass before it was compressed. After it's been compressed, it is treated as dust data.
    The only things Passionlip can crush are garments that are smaller than her hands--not. As long as it is something that can be "placed within her hands" based on her vantage point, she can treat it as a target.
    For example, in the case of her target being a mega-structure such as the Arena, as long as she is in a place where she has an unimpeded view of the Arena, the requirements will have been met.
    She can hold her hands out to the faraway Arena which has become so small and once the entirety of the Arena has completely settled on her hand, it is recognized as Lip "grabbing" it and crushing it becomes possible.
    It's planar physical interference which ignores perspective, but as you would expect crushing large objects requires time.

    01 - 気配遮断 [A+]



    02 - 被虐待質 [A]


    03 - トラッシュ&クラッシュ [EX]








    01 - Barrier Against Cognizance
    Barrier against cognizance: Most humans cannot look at themselves from an objective point of view. This is not limited to the heart but also occurs with the physical body.
    Humans cannot see themselves. No, more correctly, the impartiality to look upon "oneself without falsehoods" and accept it is rare.
    Because humans possess wisdom, they are able to turn only the convenient aspects of the reality in front of their eyes into the truth. It's not just being selective about what information they accept; there is also unconsciously fabricating or modifying information.
    Passionlip's barrier against cognizance is of the highest order. She does not comprehend the form of her own two hands. Her "brain" averts its eyes from her own ugly appearance, and within her mind, she is converted into an exceedingly normal girl. To her, her claws only appear as "normal."
    Because of this, Lip does not understand the reason "why everyone is afraid of me." Without realizing the reason is her own body's ugliness, she would simply tilt her head if you were to point it out to her.
    "Why are you telling such a lie?" "Are you lying to bully me again?"
    In relation to her barrier against cognizance regarding her giant claws, Passionlip is a perfect victim. Though a barrier to cognizance is something born from trying to escape, there is neither deceit nor lies in her heart.
    Everyone finds it difficult to face their ugly qualities. When one looks in the mirror, is the brain properly observing the image of oneself reflected there?

    02 - The End of Love and Hate
    The end of love and hate: the Ego born from BB's "desire to court" and "hate and love." The kind of alluring and innocent girl that men cannot help but feel lust for. The claws of her hands are an incarnation of her desire to protect her "easy for men to aim for" self.
    She held affection for [the PC] for a certain reason, but after they spoke with each other within the labyrinth, she came to embrace even deeper affection.
    She wished: I want to be close to them, I want to touch them, I want to talk to them, but due to her personality, those wishes were never granted, not even once.
    I want to talk to them (but for some reason, they're afraid of me), so I can't talk to them. I want to approach them (but for some reason, they run away) so I can't approach them. I want them to love them (but I seem to be hated by them, no matter what) so I won't receive get their love.
    From that dilemma, her love grew deeper, but in the face of [the PC's] rejection, that love turns into grief. Unable to withstand the burden of her feelings, by viewing the source of them as an enemy, as someone she hates, she was just barely able to keep her heart from collapsing.
    The work of a heart faced with a reality that it could not withstand while sane--in other words, a rampage that resembles insanity.
    The only person she loved in the entire world gave her a single gentle word.
    Passionlip with continue to embrace that miracle for all eternity.
    ...Yes, even if despair heavy enough to crush her heart is waiting for her afterward.

    01 - 認識障害









    02 - 愛憎の果て











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