Passionlip (パッションリップ, Passhonrippu?), Class Name Alter Ego M (アルターエゴ M, Arutā Ego M?),, is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incidents of Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Alter Ego M (アルターエゴ M, Arutā Ego M?), whose True Name is Passionlip, was created by BB as a Heroic Spirit-Complex. Classified as a High-Servant, she was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with the Ego from inside of it. BB reproduced the data of the goddesses, comprising them into Passionlip as a Composite Divinity (複合神性, Fukugō Shinsei?).[6][7]



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The first component of Passionlip is Parvati(WP) (パールヴァティー(WP), Pāruvatī?), the goddess of beauty from Hindu mythology. She is a fertility goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion.[6]


The second component of Passionlip is Durga(WP) (ドゥルガー(WP), Durugā?), the goddess of war, considered to be a facet of Parvati. She possesses ten divine weapons, and Passionlip's gigantic nails are the incarnation of these ten blades.[6]


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The third component of Passionlip is Brynhildr(WP) (ブリュンヒルデ(WP), Buryunhirude?, Brunhild), a goddess of war from Scandinavia. Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. In Wagner's opera, she was rendered as Brünnhilde, who appears as a valkyrie who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. It goes without saying that the circumstances of this work led to a tragedy where she despaired over love and raised her hands against her beloved.[6]


Like Sakura Matou and BB, Passionlip has long flowing violet hair (depicted with pink tint in artwork) and wear a pink ribbon on the left side of her head. Her attire consists of neck belt, two strips of belt covering her large breasts, and three more over her torso. She also wears what appears to be a striped bloomer with brown panty hose and a pair of high heel shoes. Passionlip has had part of her arms turned into gigantic talons, representing the swords of Goddess Durga. She also appears to wear a lipstick. She wears cute pink underwear.[4] In Fate/Grand Order, Passionlip now wears a blouse and catsuit that cover her chest, and switches to wear flowing white dress with pink sashed skirt in her final ascensions.


Passionlip is the Alter Ego of "the end of love and hate", born out of BB's ego "desire to court" and "hate and love." Her initial personality was "a girl in pursuit of love", which in practice meant she demanded unconditional love from others without ever trying to get to know them; when her monstrous appearance and need to monopolize her beloved thwarted her wishes, she saw the people who would not give her that love as enemies in order to cope with the perceived rejection. After meeting with Hakuno Kishimani and confronting them within her heart, she came to realize the hollowness of one-sided attraction and developed into a withdrawn but compassionate girl who tries to minimize the harm she poses to her allies. She is prone to holding grudges against people she thinks have wronged her, but she rarely if ever acts on them.

She dislikes fighting, but her Masochistic Nature skill and tendency to speak her mind without considering people's feelings (or even realizing that her comments might be hurtful at all) makes her a frequent target for the hostility of others. BB and Meltryllis occasionally tease her over this denseness, much to Lip's annoyance.

Her timidity, paired with her difficulty being forward with others, was most often demonstrated in the form of stalking. After "a lot of shit went down" (as BB describes the CCC Incident), she has learned to overcome these tendencies and tries her best to make friends. While she retains her tendency to slack off and avoid work when she can, Lip has proven herself to be keenly aware of her faults and is dedicated to overcoming them. In many ways, her personality is now the closest to that of the original Sakura Matou out of the Sakura Five.

Passionlip once suffered from a Perception Disorder, where she could not perceive the actual shape of both her hands. Her "mind" caused her eyes to avert her ugly form, leading it to translate her hands as those of a normal girl. She could only see her claws as "something normal". Once, Passionlip could not understand "why was she feared" and would refuse to believe people who tried to tell her about her claws, but she has started to properly face her body by the time of Fate/Grand Order, accepting her monstrous nature and seeing her claws for what they truly are.[2] She says that it was painful for her to see her own figure as it was and she has expressed sorrow over the fact that her claws are only good for destruction, but she feels that disposing of her illusions has ultimately made her happier with who she is. Even so, her greatest wish is to have an ordinary human body so she will no longer have to worry about hurting others by accident.

Her wishes for love have not ceased, but her greater self-awareness has tempered her old obsessive tendencies with the knowledge that she might inadvertently kill the one she loves if she acts on those feelings. For this reason, Lip is content with serving her Master from the shadows if that is what they would wish of her, and is grateful to them for accepting her as a Servant in spite of her flaws.

Lip's skin is oversensitive, greatly enhancing her perception of both pain and pleasure when she is touched. In her free time, she practices cooking.[4]


  • BB: Passionlip is slightly afraid of BB, especially when she gets angry. She doesn't dislike BB as much as she used to, although she wishes BB would tackle some of her own problems before attempting to help others with theirs.
  • Meltryllis: Melt acts like Lip's older sister, but Lip thinks of her as being more childish than herself in some ways. Nevertheless, she is fond of Melt and trusts her. Whatever rivalry they once had is now long since abandoned and has been replaced with sisterly affection.
  • Robin Hood: Robin teases Lip and slaps her on the butt a lot, so she doesn't like being around him. As far as she is concerned, he hasn't changed a bit since they last met in the Far Side.
  • Tamamo Cat: Lip's first friend. They share a similar nature as Alter Egos, and Cat has taught Passionlip a lot about how to cook.
  • Gawain: Doesn't particularly like him, but still thinks he's a wonderful person.



She is the main focus in Chapter 3.[8][9][10][11]

She will initially be friendly to Hakuno Kishinami, but orders from her "mother" will force her to attack them. Like Caster and Saber, she will fall in love with them despite their gender, but becomes hostile to them after she thinks they have rejected her.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Passionlip and Meltryllis performing "Virgin Laser - Palladion".

Meltryllis and Passionlip invaded the school and Gawain fought back and things seems at a disadvantage for him. Karna later appears and allies with Gawain to take both Alter Ego. As Passionlip was cut down, Passionlip and Meltryllis combined an attack called "Virgin Laser - Palladion".[12][13][14][15]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Passionlip, along with BB and Meltryllis, is salvaged from Kiara Sessyoin, as she had absorbed them in the Far Side of the Moon, to serve her and manage SE.RA.PH.[16] Meltryllis and Passionlip were infected with parts of her, Karmaphage, to turn them into Sentinels who had no choice but to serve as SE.RA.PH's self-defense mechanisms.[17][18] However, they still refused to obey Kiara. As punishment, Passionlip was bound into a restraining hood that suppressed her personality and Meltryllis was disposed of.[16] She was eventually freed by Ritsuka and Meltryllis (though they couldn't remove her restraints), and joined them against Kiara. They lost however, as their Karmaphages prevented the Alter Egos from being able to harm Kiara. As punishment for their defiance, Kiara broke Meltryllis's hands and dissolved Ritsuka in front of her despite her pleas to let them live. With the last of her willpower, Passionlip then used Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch Meltryllis upwards at the speed needed for Meltryllis to travel back in time to the moment Ritsuka arrived in SE.RA.PH.[17]

Ritsuka's party first encounter Passionlip at Breast Valley as she pursues Mable Macintosh. Passionlip eventually catches up to her, and promptly crushes the 128 new Servants summoned by BB. The group fight her, but they're forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crush on the passageway, compressing it into a cube.[19]

Passionlip later approaches the group at the Flank Separator as they flip SE.RA.PH over to access its back side, despite not being told by BB to come. Gawain holds her off, while Ritsuka successfully flips SE.RA.PH.[20][21] She easily overwhelms him and waits for the group to return. When they do, she approaches them. Gawain however recovers and holds her long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest to initiate the Maiden Coaster. Upon doing so they’re converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip’s mindscape. Following the mental battle, Passsionlip’s Karmaphage is removed, and she collapses. Tamamo Cat carries her back to the chapel.[22][23][24]

At the chapel, with Cat’s encouragement, Passionlip introduces herself, and apologizes for the trouble she caused. She then offers to join the group, which Ritsuka readily accepts. She expresses her gratitude towards Gawain for seeing her and Meltryllis as girls, though she couldn’t respond at the time thanks to her restraints. Gawain tells it was thanks to her own strength that she made a safe return. He is grateful to her as well, as he had few opportunities as a knight to end a maiden’s tears, so seeing her happy smile is reward enough for him. After Ritsuka views the record, Passionlip confesses she doesn’t understand BB’s intentions of summoning Servants if the purpose of turning Seraphix into SE.RA.PH is Zepar‘s rebirth. Meltryllis reveals BB summoned Servants to procure the Pseudo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running and use their deaths from the “Moon Holy Grail War” as a fuel source. The group decides to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar’s plan.

Out of consideration for the others, Meltryllis and Passionlip stand guard outside the church. Lip asks Melt what happened to make her views of humanity soften while she was away, suggesting that Ritsuka might be the cause. Melt dodges the question, and in an attempt to change the subject Passionlip asks how Melt injured her hands. Deciding to trust her with the truth, Meltryllis shares her memories with Passionlip. She then asks her to lend her the use of Virgin Laser- Palladion, promising that this time they will defeat Kiara.[22]

The next morning, everyone discovers that Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltryllis and Passionlip are accused by everyone except Ritsuka and Cat because they’re Alter Egos. Meltryllis asserts they were outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow her to ambush him. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while he continues to stay behind to protect Marble and Arnold. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can monitor him. He is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn’t especially concerned. Thus, he’ll have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter monitors the Alter Egos.[22]

Returning to the back side, the group head towards the Spine, the center of SE.RA.PH. Along the way, Passionlip praises the way Cat used her claws against Julius Caesar earlier. Cat offers to teach her how to cook, which she Passionlip accepts. Meltryllis explains Suzuka Gozen‘s temple is at the spine, and Suzuka is charged with the back side. However, the group finds the Spine has been gated off. They’re then contacted by Arnold Beckman, ordering them lip SE.RA.PH once they’re at the spine to arrive at the planetarium. He also reveals SE.RA.PH will the reach the bottom of the trench in 15 real world minutes, or 24 hours in SE.RA.PH time. He ends his transmission, saying he’ll meet them at the planetarium. Passionlip gets upset at him for treating Ritsuka like a flunk. Meltryllis promises her that they’ll leave him Beckman overnight at the most dangerous place in SE.RA.PH. If he’s still alive in the morning, he should be more appreciative of his own insignificance. Meltryllis tells Passionlip to remember that any human can be useful once they’ve learned a little humility.[25]

Entering the Spine, the group soon arrives at Suzuka’s temple. Suzuka proves too fast and strong for the group to pin her long enough for Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster. Beckman suddenly contacts them to warn SE.RA.PH has started to sink faster, so he orders them to defeat Suzuka quicker. Cat uses her ultimate technique to trap Suzuka in response to her conviction to win for her Master. Ritsuka uses this opportunity to open Suzuka’s Maiden Coaster with the key they bought from BB earlier. Following the mental battle, Suzuka tries to jump off a cliff. Cat stops her, though, and convinces her to join them. Suddenly, a Demon God emerges from the ground and knocks Meltryllis into the dump. After it’s killed, Beckman warns there are only eight hours left before SE.RA.PH reaches the seabed and demands that they return to him at once. He says he’ll accompany them to the planetarium. Ritsuka and Suzuka instead go down into the Trash Dump to rescue Meltryllis. Passionlip isn’t allowed to join them because she is too heavy for the tow cable.[25]

Later everyone is sent to the Cruel Thenar (Meltryllis’ former territory) by BB. Meltryllis explains Seraphix’s true purpose was to investigate Leylines. She then asks Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster, knowing they bought the key to it from BB earlier. If defeated in her mindscape, her Karmaphage will also disappear, and the area will be unlocked. Following the mental battle, Ritsuka brings Meltryllis back to the chapel to recover. When the group enters the chapel, they see no sign of Arnold, Mable, or EMIYA Alter. BB then announces SE.RA.PH will soon reach the seabed and offers the chance to fight her at the planetarium. Ritsuka, Tristan, Cat, Passionlip and Suzuka leave for the planetarium while Meltryllis stays to rest.[25]

The group arrives in BB’s studio in the planetarium and fight her. After BB seemingly disappears, the room becomes pitch black and muffled. Someone tries to ambush the group, but they fail in their attempt. The group then finds BB’s studio gone and discovers 128 Coffins with people still inside. They’re the Masters who summoned the 128 Servants. EMIYA Alter explains their purpose, and confesses he destroyed their power source. He then prepares to kill Ritsuka to remove all knowledge of the planetarium’s existence, goaded by the unseen voice. Robin then arrives to help defeat EMIYA Alter, whose Saint Graph was warped by an unknown force. After he’s defeated, Mable suddenly appears and reveals herself to be Kiara Sessyoin, Beast III, the Beast of pleasure. She and Passionlip both explain how Zepar used her body as catalyst to turn Seraphix into SE.RA.PH after linking her with another version of herself. Since Kiara served as the basis of SE.RA.PH, Meltryllis and Passionlip were salvaged from her to become Sentinels. Suzuka and Cat attack her with their Noble Phantasms after realizing her monstrosity when SE.RA.PH. cracks the seabed. It will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth’s core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims this will let her bring salvation to humanity. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. She tries to consume Ritsuka, but BB rayshifts them to safety.[16]

Passionlip, along with everyone else, has her death undone when BB reserved time. They are then transported to classroom used to keep Hakuno and the other Masters safe during the CCC incident. BB reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara’s plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War’s conclusion. She also reveals Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become Beast III/R, though she’s still bound to it. The group then prepares to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet and unleashing her full power.[16]

The group arrives back at the planetarium. Kiara reveals she became a Beast out of jealousy of the delight she felt from Zepar’s memories of the Battle at the Time Temple. Passionlip agrees with Meltryllis’ assessment of Kiara that she only see others humans as toys for her own amusement, calling her the embodiment of narcissism. She also considers her far more repulsive than Alter Egos born from emotion; a monster that loves humanity more selfishly than anyone else. After revealing she wishes to be worshiped as a god of pleasure, Kiara tries to convert the group into her followers. It is negated, however, by BB’s secret weapon that counteracts the erotic magical energy in SE.RA.PH for the next five minutes, and her powers are further suppressed by “Kiara Punishers” developed by BB. Kiara then fights the group more directly. They defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. Meltryllis points out to Kiara that disabling SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field has left it defenseless. At her request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells to empower her and Passionlip. Meltryllis then has BB transport everyone except her and Passionlip to safety.[17]

Passionlip notices Meltryllis smiling. Meltryllis confesses it’s because she’s recalled how fun the past days have been, without a hint of sadness in them. As Passionlip prepares Virgin Laser - Palladion, Meltyrllis asks for her forgiveness for leaving her behind back then. Passionlip says it’s nothing, and launches Meltryllis at Kiara. Meltryllis crashes into Kiara and smashes her heart. As her body crumbles away, Kiara turns her hair into Demon Gods to grab Meltryllis in an effort to possess her. Her effort is made in vain though when EMIYA Alter destroys the Demon Gods entangling Meltryllis. Tristan then puts a cable around Meltryllis’s waist and has her pulled up to safety. Kiara’s body soon crumbles away completely.[17]

Passionlip returns to BB’s studio. She tells Meltryllis that it was Tristan who pulled to safety, to the latter’s surprise. Like Meltryllis, she is confused by BB saying Tristan was always there to protect her. She recalls him always keeping to the background and calling her by the wrong name while playing his harp. Meltryllis then begins to disappear as a consequence of using Virgin Laser - Palladion a second time. BB tells her she and Passionlip will cease to exist once they disappear, as they were born from Kiara, so the Moon Cell won’t receive them. She’ll save their cores as cubes so they can be resummoned as Heroic Spirits, although they won’t remember their actions in SE.RA.PH. Before disappearing, Meltryllis asks Passionlip to give Ritsuka a kiss on the cheek for her.[17]

After Ritsuka wakes up, they’re told what happened to Meltryllis and Tristan. Passionlip cries, happy to see that Meltryllis remained herself until the very end. Before disappearing, she gives Ritsuka a kiss on the cheek like Meltryllis asked her to. She confesses she wanted to do it anyway to repay Ritsuka for helping her, for not hating her even though she’s an Alter Ego, and for helping Meltryllis. She disappears, hoping she and Ritsuka will meet again.[17]


Sakura Labrynith/M
Ritsuka wakes up in what appears to be the Trash Dump of SE.RA.PH with no memory of how they got there. BB is waiting for them, and after teasing them and implying that they brought her there for sex she triggers a flashback to explain to Ritsuka what happened.

Passionlip had been acting strangely, and when asked about it she said she had been worrying about how useful she was. She then unintentionally let it slip that she disliked how the other Servants acted like they were better than her because they had been serving Ritsuka longer and how they kept teasing her despite trying to be more careful, as well as her own opinion that they were just using up all of Ritsuka's magical energy. Despite her outburst, Lip insisted that everything was fine and that she could handle her problems by herself. She then suddenly got dizzy and fell on top of Ritsuka while they were trying to hold her up, accidentally sending them into her Breast Valley. Panicking, Lip then asked BB for help in getting Ritsuka back out.

After getting sidetracked with complaining about Lip's outlandish design only to be reminded that said design was her own idea, BB claims that she made Breast Valley look like SE.RA.PH. to make Ritsuka feel more at home, and assures them that Lip should be able to get them out eventually. However, BB decides that as long as they're there, Ritsuka should take a look at Lip's Secret Gardens. She tells them what Secret Gardens are (while denying that she ever had any Secret Gardens herself), and further reveals that Lip's sudden bout of dizziness was caused by an issue in her Masochistic Nature SG. According to BB, helping Lip to fix it will make her stronger and strengthen their bonds. BB had taken the time to map out Lip's mind into a miniaturized Sakura Labyrinth and linked it to Breast Valley, and the two of them head out. The first obstacle they face is a trio of Antonio Salieris; BB suggests that perhaps she asked him to teach her how to play an instrument and feels resentful about having to live up to his high standards, pointing out that Lip is prone to holding grudges even if she usually represses her feelings.

As they continue to travel, BB explains the origins of the Sakura Five and what Lip used to be like, as well as how she learned from her experiences in the Far Side of the Moon. Soon afterwards, they come across the Passionlip that represents her Masochistic Nature SG being beaten with a paper fan by Hijikata Toshizou, apparently as a representation of an incident where Lip started talking about Berserkers being glass cannons and her own defenses being better than his when Hijikata tried to correct her posture and ended up getting him upset over her "excess padding" (or more precisely, her failure to show it off to his liking). After the ensuing battle (in which Okita inexplicably shows up to drag Hijikata off after the latter remarks that she should try whatever Lip is eating so her breasts will grow bigger), Ritsuka figures out that this was one of her mental traumas. When Lip sees Ritsuka, she believes they are a part of a dream, but her hopes of a romantic encounter are let down when BB explains that they are in fact the real Ritsuka and tells her about what they're doing in her mental world..

As the SG2 Passionlip joins Ritsuka and BB, she starts complaining about BB's tendency to meddle in others' affairs, her inability to distinguish between caring and controlling, and her general incompetence as a "mother". BB notices Ritsuka's surprise about how aggressive Passionlip is acting, and explains that it's part of her Masochistic Nature. Lip objects, citing her growing self-reliance as proof of her growth, and declares that she plans to abandon her Masochistic Nature entirely. BB is distraught to hear this since Secret Gardens were never meant to be outright removed, but is sure that she'll come to her senses soon. She tells them that they can handle the rest of the labyrnith without her help.

Ritsuka and the SG2 Passionlip continue to make their way through the labrynith, fighting off a comically large number of Servants representing incidents of Lip being bullied over the thoughtless insults that she made to them. Each time, it becomes apparent that even the comments that Lip was sure would be harmless were still enough to make them angry at her; the real Lip had repressed most of it so she didn't recall any of those instances.

BB explains that Lip's biggest problem is that her lack of tact combines with the effects of her Masochistic Nature skill in such a way to guarantee that she ends up provoking others into tormenting her without meaning to do so, but as a major part of her personality it's not something that she can fix on her own. However, BB also notes that Lip made a mistake in thinking that her Masochistic Nature was something she needed to get rid of and suggests to Ritsuka that it would help to just accept her as she is.

According to BB, Passionlip and Meltryllis are perhaps the easiest of the Sakura Five to read in this respect; while Lip might have oversensitive skin, she can't help but be oblivious when it comes to the feelings of others. By contrast, Melt's sense of touch is dull but she is far more adept at reading the emotions of others. Lip is annoyed by the backhanded compliment, but BB brushes it off by pointing out that they've arrived at what's supposedly their destination. Lip notes that there doesn't seem to be a Relief anywhere and briefly explains what they were in the original Sakura Labrynith before hastily changing the subject.

BB announces that their final obstacle will be Meltryllis, who she called to teach SG2 Lip a lesson for being self-centered and declares she'll be joining in as well. According to BB, the shock of seeing Ritsuka being killed in Lip's mind would make her straighten up and she figured that Meltryllis with her Sadistic Streak SG would be the perfect way to make it happen. However, Melt immediately refuses to play her part in BB's plan, calls BB soft for pawning off her dirty work on Melt, and joins Ritsuka just to spite BB. Undaunted, BB fights Ritsuka and Lip anyway and is seemingly defeated. She then gets back up and reveals that she can revive herself in digital worlds unless the entire zone is shut down, then immediately starts to beat Lip up.

Despite the pain from the attacks, Lip feels herself growing stronger. This prompts BB to reveal that her real goal was to make Lip realize that by using her Masochistic Nature to channel the pain inflicted upon her into power, she could gain greater strength from the skill and use it against her tormentors. This is immediately demonstrated when an embarrassed Lip unleashes Brynhildr Romantia on BB, who didn't expect to take it head-on. She manages to survive the attack, although it was strong enough to damage a significant portion of the area.

With her job done, BB encourages Lip to remember what she learned and not to worry about her denseness; she also lets Ritsuka know that the real Lip just finished fishing them out of Breast Valley before she leaves. SG2 Lip admits that she was mistaken to think she could handle her problems alone and thanks Ritsuka for their continued willingness to help her overcome her weaknesses and scold her when she goes astray.

With Ritsuka back in the real world, the real Passionlip profusely apologizes for dropping Ritsuka into Breast Valley and starts blaming herself for being careless enough to let it happen. In the heat of the moment, she offers to stay away from Ritsuka for the rest of her time in Chaldea on the assumption that they hate her now. Ritsuka reassures Lip that they bear no ill will over her accident, and she is cheered up to know that after everything they're still willing to hold her hand as her Master. They head off to the combat simulator to test out Passionlip's new ability, with Lip suggesting that they ask some other Servants to battle them; even if she ends up losing, she is sure she will enjoy it.

Other appearances[]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, she part of the Imperial Roma talent agency.



Passionlip's oversized hands

Passionlip is a Servant with an atrocious, dangerous ability known as Trash & Crush.[2][5] With it, she can compress anything within her field of vision into a cube, regardless of how big or strong it is. This irreversible codec makes her the strongest Alter Ego of the Sakura Series in terms of sheer destructive power.[2][5][19][24] Lip specializes in destruction,[7] and she deals best with faraway, slow-moving targets.[22] As long as her target doesn’t move, like terrain or a building, Passionlip exceeds even BB in destructive power.[7] Passionlip is Kingprotea's natural enemy, as in theory, Trash & Crush makes it possible to seal Kingprotea away. The Alter Ego sisters seem to enjoy a triangular power relationship where Passionlip beats Kingrotea, Kingprotea beats Meltryllis, and Meltryllis beats Passionlip.[26] Although Meltryllis claims to be capable of slicing about anything up, she states that she would have no chance of physically overpowering Passionlip. Only servants with EX-rank Strength could even hope to pin her down.[24] In Fate/EXTRA CCC, she appears as the most prominent power character.[7]

BB states that although Passionlip is an Alter Ego whose offensive power was maxed out since her initial state, she has no potential for growth after that.[27] Passionlip's only real weakness is her mental immaturity.[19] She does not enjoy fighting, but due to her skills like Masochistic Constitution she ends up being attacked, and so she has no choice but to fight back.[2][7] It must be added that Servants and Masters immediately sense danger and escape from her field of vision. The cumbersome Lip is unable to chase after them well, and the result is she ends up losing them.[7] The worst match up for Passionlip are enemies who fight her in close, darting around quickly.[22] In fact, Suzuka Gozen is so fast Pasionlip can’t catch her with her Trash & Crush.[25]

Even from just having exchanged a few blows with Passionlip, Hakuno Kishinami states that she surpasses Elizabeth Báthory in strength.[8] By the start of Chapter 3, Passionlip is overwhelmingly superior to Hakuno's Servant, and if she were serious, they would have been defeated instantly. The only reason they had been all right so far is her non-aggressive personality. The next time they meet her, it is in the School Building. There, she attacks them with a horrific charge, propelled forward with an explosive force far surpassing that of her previous showings. There was no way for Hakuno to dodge it, and their servant’s defense wouldn't have been in time. They survived thanks to Kiara Sessyoin's Om a-vi-ra-hum-khan-svaha spell, which prevented Passionlip from maintaining her physical form in the school. They fight her again, and Gilgamesh compliments her Monstrous Strength. Although Gilgamesh’s damage was enormous, she still had strength to spare, and she wasn't worried at all. It is by this point that Hakuno realizes that all her attacks are the same, and that if they could just adapt to them, they would be able to defeat her. In their final fight, Hakuno and their servant defeat Passionlip.[9]

Rin states that because Karna is a Heroic Spirit strong enough to match Gawain, he should have no problem dealing with Passionlip.[9] The difference between them is such, that even under a third-rate Master such as Jinako Carigiri, and with his two trump cards; Kavacha and Kundala and Vasavi Shakti sealed, Karna with a "nerfed" Brahmastra Kundala is powerful enough to completely overpower Hakuno's Servant,[10][28] despite them having already grown powerful and experienced enough to defeat Passionlip.[9]

During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Kazuradrop devoured Meltryllis and Passionlip, stealing most of their power.[15] Although they still had their skills and Noble Phantasms they could no longer use them due to regulations.[13] No longer been complete,[12] Gawain empowered by the protection of the Sun was strong enough to fight both Passionlip and Meltryllis simultaneously.[12][13][14] Even though Karna states that Gawain should be able to handle both of them, he joins him in their battle following Jinako Carigiri's orders. By working together, they defeat the Alter Egos rather rapidly.[13]

Karma Phage[]

Passionlip under the Karma Phage using Trash & Crush on the entire battlefield.

During the SE.RA.PH Singularity, Passionlip was abducted by Kiara Sessyoin and infected by her Karma Phage which suppresses her sense of self. In this state, her mental immaturity, which was said to be her only real weakness, is a non-factor, and Passionlip is nothing but a defense mechanism that crushes everything that comes near her. Tristan had defeated multiple Servants while exploring SE.RA.PH. Great Heroes who had lost all sense of reason and become little more than bloodthirsty ogres. And yet, even they were mere trifles compared to Passionlip under the Karma Phage. Tristan describes her as a true nightmare and states that although he had fought her several times, each time he was forced to retreat.[19] Tristan claims that she is invincible and that even with the support of Gawain, EMIYA Alter, weakened Meltryllis, and Tamamo Cat their chances at defeating her seem slim.[20] During their encounter, Gawain chose to fight her on his own to hold her off while the others escaped.[21] With him gone, BB states that they can’t possibly beat her the way they would any normal enemy.[23] The next time they face her, Gawain returns, revealing that he was still alive. Although he was extremely injured from his previous fight, he was still able to momentarily pin her down. Ritsuka Fujimaru took this opportunity to remove the Karma Phage. Right after returning Passionlip to normal, Gawain stood up as if nothing had happened, and without showing any fatigue, much to Robin Hood's surprise. He claims that things are quite different on SE.RA.PH, and that ordinarily, a battle of such “mild-intensity” would never cause him to become dizzy. Despite having seen Passionlip fight in this state first hand, Tamamo Cat states that there are Servants “waaay scarier” than her in Chaldea, be it physically or psychologically.[24]


Class Skills[]

  • High-Servant (A Rank): Alter Egos are High-Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits. BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.[6] Passionlip is an artificial Servant created by combining the essence of multiple mythologies,[2][5] in particular, three goddesses.[6] The first is the goddess of beauty from Hindu mythology, Parvati. A goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion. The second is the goddess of war, Durga. Considered a facet of Parvati, Durga possess ten weapons given to her as divine gifts. Passionlip's giant claws are an incarnation of those ten swords. The third is a goddess of war from Scandinavia, Brynhildr. Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. In Wagner's opera, she was rendered as Brünnhilde, who appears as a valkyrie (war maiden) who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. It goes without saying that the circumstances of this work led to a tragedy where she despaired over love and raised her hands against her beloved.[6] After meeting her for the first time at the end of Chapter 2 in Fate/EXTRA CCC, Gilgamesh states that it is a shame a shame that she has no Mesopotamian lineage. He says that if Ishtar were among them, he would have unsealed Ea right there no questions asked.[8]
  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Cancels spells with a chant below two verses. Can’t defend against large scale magecraft like greater magecraft or Greater Rituals.[5]
  • Independent Action (C Rank): Ability to act independently for a period even if Magical Energy supply from the Master is severed. Alter Egos which exist as 『another aspect of a certain existence』can work independently without a Master, but since Lip is bad at economizing her fuel the rank has lowered.[5]
  • Presence Concealment (A+ Rank): A skill that allows one to take action while hiding themselves. It's a skill that those of the Assassin class possess as it's their most basis ability, but Passionlip has acquired it as well, possibly due to her personality. Due to her timidness and cautiousness, she manifests excellent Presence Concealment, but her giant claws act as a hindrance and she is quickly discovered. Were it not because of her claws she’d be an outstanding stalker.[5][6] Though this is a digression, she has been following Hakuno Kishinami from early on, though no one noticed, observing and watching over them from the shadows, or something like that.[6]

Personal Skills[]

  • Trash & Crush (EX Rank): Called an id es skill, one of the particular skills possessed by the Alter Ego · Sakura Series derived from BB.[5][6] A cheat skill that evolved from "Monstrous Strength." No matter how large the capacity of the item, as long as it is "something that can be enveloped by her hands," she can crush and and compress it, whatever it may be. The compressed object will become a cube of 1 cubic centimeter, but its mass can only be lightened to 1/10 of what it was before being compressed. After it's been compressed, it is treated as dust data. The only things Passionlip can crush are garments that are smaller than her hands—not. As long as it is something that can be "placed within her hands" based on her vantage point, she can treat it as a target. For example, in the case of her target being a mega-structure such as the Arena, as long as she is in a place where she has an unimpeded view of the Arena, the requirements will have been met. She can hold her hands out to the faraway Arena which has become so small and once the entirety of the Arena has completely settled on her hand, it is recognized as Lip "grabbing" it and crushing it becomes possible. It's planar physical interference which ignores perspective, but as you would expect crushing large objects requires time.[2][5][6]
  • Masochistic Constitution (A Rank): Passionlip’s second id es skill.[2][5] It gathers enemy hostility (hate) towards oneself during group battles, increasing the chances of becoming the target of an attack.[2][5][6] Although it may be seen as a disadvantage, this skill makes those with a strong defensive power that have it function as excellent escort guards. Besides including a slight bonus to defense, an additional special effect comes at A rank, the attackers lose their calm as they attack, and in the end they will only be able to think about the one with this skill. A skill that leads to death in one-versus-one, but a very useful skill in battles with a party.[5][6] At A+ rank, Lip gains the ability to draw strength from the pain she endures while the skill is in effect, granting her offensive boosts proportional to the damage she has taken.
  • Breast Valley (A Rank): A mere trash box.[2][6] A function to temporarily storage, deposit unnecessary data files. Also called rubbish bin. In Passionlip’s case, this icon is set on the middle of her breasts for some reason. Frankly speaking, this is an Imaginary Number Space pocket that can stockpile as much trash as she wants. If it is dust data that Passionlip has crushed, she can stow away an infinite amount, regardless of capacity. Though it seems contradictory, it seems even objects that exceed Passionlip's own memory storage can be thrown into this valley. At first glance, this appears to be a convenient function, but because dust data cannot be returned to its original form, it's an utterly useless function. It appears that Passionlip acquired this unique structure because she is of the type of girl who bottles her feelings up inside, leading to self-destruction and self-harm.[2][5][6] (In reality, BB gave Lip the skill because she thought it would be funny at the time she was made.) In Fate/EXTRA CCC, one would never be able to crawl back up after falling into this death valley, but in Fate/Grand Order it became possible to dig up the Master that made a contract with her.[2][5]

Noble Phantasms[]

Passionlip's Noble Phantasm is Brynhildr Romantia.

In combination with Meltryllis, Meltryllis can also use Virgin Laser - Palladion, modeled after the goddess Athena's spear. This is a super long-distance Noble Phantasm where Meltryllis - whose whole body's been turned into a Noble Phantasm by transforming into a liquid state - is fired as a projectile, using the space compressing ability of Passionlip's Trash & Crush as a shooting device (catapult).[29] By combining Passionlip's Brynhildr Romantia and Meltryllis' Saraswati Meltout, Meltryllis is lauched like a spear moving faster than the speed of light.[18]

Virgin Laser - Palladion

In the SE.RA.PH. Singularity, this Noble Phantasm was responsible for dealing the finishing blow to Beast III/R. Thanks to BB sealing away Kiara's skills with her Anti-R-18 Field: Wisdom Hold Intelligence Powered,[17] the combined efforts of Meltryllis, Passionlip, and Tristan were able to overpower her, and the combined efforts of BB and Suzuka Gozen with her Trichiliocosm ability managed to stop the expansion of SE.RA.PH. After having lifted the veil that was her greatest protection, Kiara was left defenseless and exposed. Ritsuka Fujimaru used all his remaining Command Spells on Passionlip and Meltryllis to give them extra Magical Energy to empower their Virgin Laser - Palladion. Since SE.RA.PH/Kiara’s body wouldn’t stay intact long enough to reach the Earth’s core, she tried to take over Melt’s body by transforming her hair into Demon God Pillars, however, EMIYA Alter shot down them down, giving Meltryllis enough time to finish her off.[18]

During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Meltryllis and Passionlip are unable to use their skills and Noble Phantasms due to a regulation preventing them from doing so. However, Virgin Laser - Palladion serves as a loophole due to being a combined attack.[13] Being extremely weakened due to Kazuradrop having previously devoured most of their power,[15] Gawain empowered by the protection of the Sun was able to take a direct hit from this Noble Phantasm without suffering a single scratch.[14]


Fate/EXTRA CCC - Passionlip Skills list
  • Salome Smiles (微笑むサロメ, Hohoemu Sarome?) - Increases her strength.
  • Salome to Degenerate (堕ちるサロメ, Ochiru Sarome?) - When the enemy uses BREAK, it decreases the enemy's endurance.
  • Ioannes to Cage (ヨカナーンを籠に, Yokanān wo Kago ni?) - Causes physical damage and ATTACK command sealed
  • The Secret Room is the Bell's Box (密室は釣鐘の箱, Misshitsu wa Tsurigane no Hako?) - Causes physical damage and stun status.


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    • Master: BB
    • Identity: Passionlip
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 156cm/1t
    • Alignment:Lawful Neutral
    • Strength: A+
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: E
    • Noble Phantasm: C

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    Trash & Crash: EX

    Personal Skills
    Quality as a Target of Abuse: A

    Presence Concealment: A+

    Noble Phantasm
    Brynhild Romantia: Until Death Divide the Two Apart
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1
    Maximum number of targets: 1 person

    アルターエゴ M

    • マスター:BB
    • 真名:パッションリップ
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:156cm/1t
    • 属性:秩序・中立
    • 筋力:A+
    • 耐久:A
    • 敏捷:C
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:E
    • 宝具:C





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    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: A+
    Endurance: A
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Breast Valley: A
    Predisposition to Suffering: A
    Trash & Crash: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C
    Independent Action: C
    Goddess Divine Core: A+
    Presence Concealment: A+
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    Noble Phantasm
    Brynhild Romantia: Even If Death Separates the Two
    Rank: C  
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    One of the Alteregos created from BB.
    The Alterego of love and hate.
    A girl whose oversized breasts and atrocious nails leave quite an impression.
    Although she does not like fighting, the skill Predisposition to Suffering causes her to be assaulted by the surroundings and she has no choice but to fight back.
    The foremost power-character even among the Alteregos.
    The personification of reckless courting that wraps, twists off and buries the beloved person in her breasts in order to monopolize him... or so it was, but she reformed herself after learning from a certain encounter that an one-sided courting is no good, growing into an withdrawn but compassionate AI that remains careful so that the many dangerous weapons on her body cause no harm to the surroundings.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 156cm・1t
    Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
    Region: SE.RA.PH
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Female
    “O—one ton is like the load resulted during transmission, and is not my actual weeeight!”

    Level 2 Bond
    Introverted, earnest and with a personality prone to wild assumptions.
    She has a bad habit of placing the blame on others (the surroundings) when things don’t turn out well and then secluding herself on a her shell.
    In CCC, such disposition - earnest, and yet unable to take the initiative of approaching the target of her love - was demonstrated in the form of stalker behavior, but she began to moderate such stalker disposition after recognizing her mistakes・faults, aiming at “properly makes an effort, and properly become friends with him”.
    However, her laziness (taking any pretext to skip out work) remains unchanged, something that she herself is aware as bad and is making an effort to fix.

    • Cognitive Disorder: -

    She cannot perceive the shape of her own hands.
    The “brain” would look away from her ugly appearance, always converting them into the arms of a normal girl inside her head.
    She could only see her own nails as “something normal”.
    In the past, Lip could not understand “why are people afraid of me?”, but now she is able to properly face her own body and has accepted her own monstrosity.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Even If Death Separates the Two"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit  Maximum Targets: 10 people
    Brynhild Romantia.
    The Noble Phantasms of the Alteregos are illegal modifications of legitimate Noble Phantasms, and the Servant that became the raw material for this is the valkyrie that appears in the “Völsunga saga” - Brynhild. The spear of love and hate wielded for the sake of revenge against her husband Sigurd, who betrayed her and tarnished her honor.
    Passionlip’s Noble Phantasm also possessed its properties - that of becoming stronger the deeper the love she harbors for the target is - but that is already something from the past.
    The heart that once cried “until death divide the two into parts” has now reformed into one that prays “even if death separates the two”.
    Partings come for certain. Whatever that is from a divorce or a betrayal, it does not deny love itself.
    “No matter what parting that is, I believe that the love which existed until then was real and eternal.”
    Just as Lip desired, it became a power for the sake of protecting her beloved, instead of one for hating her beloved.
    Truly, an immaculate, yet adult holy woman power.

    Level 4 Bond

    • High Servant: A

    An artificial Servant created by combining the essence of multiple mythologies. She possesses the factors of Parvati, Durga and Brynhild.

    • Breast Valley: A

    A mere trash box.
    A function to temporarily storage, deposit unnecessary data files. Also called rubbish bin.
    In Passionlip’s case, this icon is set on the middle of her breasts for some reason. Frankly speaking, this is an imaginary(1) space pocket that can stockpile as much trash as she wants.
    It can infinitely storage the dust data crushed by Passionlip, no matter its capacity.
    At a glance, it would appear to be a convenient function, but since you cannot turn the dust data back to its original form, it is an entirely meaningless function. It is believed that Passionlip acquired this unique framework as a result of being the type of girl that bottles up her feelings inside and self-destruct/injures herself.

    In CCC, one would never be able to crawl back up after falling into this death valley, but in FGO it became possible to dig up the Master that made a contract with her.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Predisposition to Suffering: A

    Passionlip’s id_es(2) skill.
    It gathers enemy hostility (hate) towards oneself during group battles, increasing the chances of becoming the target of an attack.

    • Trash & Crash: EX

    id_es(2). A cheat skill evolved from “Monstruous Strength”.
    No matter how great of a capacity it may have, if it is something that she “can wrap her hands around”, her nails will crush and compress it.
    The compressed object will become a cube of 1 cubic centimeter, but its mass can only be lightened to 1/10 of what it was before being compressed. The compressed object is treated as a dust data from thereafter.
    What Lip can compress is things smaller than her hands- not.
    Rather, anything that “can be grasped with my hands” from her point of view ends up being treated as a target.
    A planar physical interference that ignores perspective but, as one would expect, it takes time to compress larger objects. A compression technique (codec) that is like a trompe l’ceil distinctive of the virtual world.
    Lip is specialized in destruction, and she displays a destructive power surpassing BB against unmoving targets.. buildings and the geographical features.
    That being said, against Servants and Masters, they would instantly perceive the danger and disappear from Lip’s field of vision, while the thickheaded Lip would fail to pursue them.

    While Meltlilith is “a girl who is in love with love”, Passionlip was “a girl who wished for love”.
    However, her outward appearance is not something that can be loved, and love changed into hatred from not being given something despite wishing for it.
    Passionlip, the Alterego of love and hate, was born that way - but there is no trace left of such disposition in the current Lip.
    Since she already had an honest personality to begin with, after reforming her personality became somewhat closer to “the girl that became the basis for BB”.

    Lip is aware that she is a Servant with an atrocious, dangerous ability.
    Because of that, she is thankful towards the Master that keeps her company without abandoning her.
    That gratitude will gradually turn into deep affection and longing, and she will probably dream about love in the end.
    ...however, being aware of her own upbringing and peculiarities, Lip can no longer “innocently wish for love”.
    If she loves, if she is loved, she will end up harming that kind person. Thus, she is committed to helping the Master from the shadows, while remaining dreaming like that.

    (1):as in “imaginary number”
    (2): yes, for some reason, both these skills are listed as id_es.

    パッションリップ - アルターエゴ






    戦いは好まないが、スキル・被虐体質によって周囲から襲われる事になり、仕方なく迎撃している 。
    相手を包み込み、ねじ切り、胸の中に仕舞って独り占めする盲目的な求愛の化身……だったが、ある出遭いから 一方的な求愛は良くないと改心し、自らの体が持つ数々の凶器がまわりに害を及ばさないよう気を遣う、引っ込 み思案だが心優しいAIとして成長した。

    出典:『Fate/EXTRA CCC』
    属性:秩序・中庸   性別:女性



    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具  最大補足:10人






    愛憎のアルターエゴ、パッションリップはそのように生まれたものだが、今のリップにはその性質は見る影もな い。
    もともと素直な性格だった為、改心後は少しだけ『BBの元になった』少女の性格に近くなってい る。

    ……しかし自分の生い立ち、特性を自覚しているリップは、もう「無邪気に愛を求める」事はできな い。
    恋すれば、愛されれば、この優しい人を傷つけてしまう。だからこのまま夢見るままで、陰ながらマスターの力 になろうと努めるのだった。

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    • Height: 156cm
    • Weight: 1t
    • Blood type: O
    • Birthday: 10th April
    • Image colour: Dark purple
    • Talents: Karate ~ Deadly strike
    • Likes: Main Protagonist, Dessert time
    • Dislike: Unfriendly people
    • Enemy: Meltlilith, Robin Hood

    パッションリップ Alter Ego

    • 身長:156cm
    • 体重:1t
    • 血液型:O
    • 誕生日:4月10日
    • イメージカラー:ダークパープル
    • 特技:空手道~一撃必殺~
    • 好きな物:主人公、デザートタイム
    • 嫌いな物:優しくない人たち
    • 天敵:メルトリリス、ロビンフッド

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    NAME Passionlip “It’s my favorite name.”
    HEIGHT 156cm “It’s the same as mother’s, but… it may look taller…”
    WEIGHT 1 ton “Ah, wh…why…?”
    3SIZE B160/W63/H87 “It’s just a little big.”
    HOME The far side of the moon “I was just recently born here.”
    BIRTHDAY April 10th “I just got it.”
    WEAK POINT Being touched… “My chest is especially…ticklish…”
    FETISHISM I like everything about that person, but… “I especially like, their hands. I’d like…to hold to them, or if they patted me on the head.”

    ◆What do you look for in a partner?

    • Please be very gentle. “Being cared for makes me happy.”

    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

    • Pink, and cute… “…eh? I am wearing underwear, on the bottom!”

    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • Practicing cooking and such… “But I get hungry really quickly when I start moving.”

    NAME パッションリップ
    HEIGHT 156cm
    WEIGHT 1t
    3SIZE B160/W63/H87
    HOME 月の裏側
    BIRTHDAY 4月10日
    WEAK POINT 触られるのは苦手です……
    FETISHISM あの人なら全部好きだけど……


    • いっぱい優しくしてください。


    • ピンク色の可愛い……


    • お料理の練習、とか……

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    Name: Passionlip
    Master: BB
    Noble Phantasm: Brynhild Romantia (Until Death Do Us Part)
    Keyword: Breast Valley, composite divinity
    Strength: A+, Endurance: A, Agility: C, Magic: B, Luck: E
    Presence Concealment: A+, Constitution of an Abuse Victim: A, Trash & Crash: EX


    01 - Brynhild Romantia (Until Death Do Us Part)'
    The Noble Phantasm that BB granted to this Alter Ego.
    This Noble Phantasm strikes with more accuracy and does more damage the deeper her love toward the target is. Even if it's utterly one-sided, she will never let her loved one escape.
    The Servant this Noble Phantasm was made from is the valkyrie, Brynhild, who appears in "The Völsunga Saga." The spear of love and hatred that she wielded in order to get revenge on her husband, Sigurd who betrayed her and wounded her honor. Strictly speaking, not the spear itself, but the deep love and hatred Brynhild felt for Sigurd that has taken the shape of a spear.
    In "The Völsunga Saga," the fearless hero Sigurd (Siegfried) takes Brynhild, who was sleeping encircled by flame, as his wife. But afterwards, Sigurd betrays her, presenting her as his brother-in-law's wife. At first, Brynhild believed that this was due to Sigurd drinking alcohol which caused him to lose his memories and accepted these events as her immutable fate.
    However, she came to know that, in reality, Sigurd had already regained his memories by that time. In the end, Brynhild killed the man she loved most in the entire world via a conspiracy and then freely took her own life in order to follow after him.

    02 - Breast Valley
    A simple trash box. Has the function of storing away and safeguarding unneeded data files. It's a garbage can. In Passionlip's case, the icon is set right in the middle of her chest for some reason.
    To put it frankly, an imaginary space pocket into which you can put anything as long as it's as trash. If it is dust data that Passionlip has crushed, she can stow away an infinite amount, regardless of capacity.
    Though it seems contradictory, it seems even objects that exceed Passionlip's own memory storage can be thrown into this valley.
    At first glance, this appears to be a convenient function, but because dust data cannot be returned to its original form, it's an utterly useless function. It appears that Passionlip acquired this unique structure because she is of the type of girl who bottles her feelings up inside, leading to self-destruction and self-harm.

    03 - Composite Divinity
    Alter Egos are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits.
    BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.
    Passionlip is made of three goddesses.
    The first is the goddess of beauty from Hindu mythology, Parvati. A goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion.
    The second is the goddess of war, Durga. Considered a facet of Parvati, Durga possess ten weapons given to her as divine gifts. Passionlip's giant claws are an incarnation of those ten swords.
    The third is a goddess of war from Scandinavia, Brynhildr. Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. In Wagner's opera, she was rendered as Brünnhilde, who appears as a valkyrie (war maiden) who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. It goes without saying that the circumstances of this work led to a tragedy where she despaired over love and raised her hands against her beloved.

    01 - 死がふたりを分断つまで(ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア)






    02 - ブレストバレー




    03 - 複合神性







    01 - Presence Concealment [A]
    A skill that allows one to take action while hiding themselves. It's a skill that those of the Assassin class possess as it's their most basis ability, but Passionlip has acquired it as well, possibly due to her personality.
    Due to her timidness and cautiousness, she manifests excellent Presence Concealment, but her giant claws act as a hindrance and she is quickly discovered. If she didn't have those claws, she would be an excellent stalker.
    Though this is a digression, she has been following [the PC] from early on, though no one noticed, observing and watching over them from the shadows, or something like that.

    02 - Constitution of an Abuse Victim [A]
    A skill that increases the chances of being targeted by enemies in group battles. It appears to be a minus skill, but for a Servant with strong defensive capabilities, possessing this skills allows them to function as an excellent escort.
    A slight bonus to defense is included. Once it reaches rank A, an even more unique effect is added: The more the attacking party attacks, the more they will lose their composure until the holder of this skill is all they can think of.

    03 - Trash & Crash [EX]
    A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation.
    A cheat skill that evolved from "Monstrous Strength." No matter how large the capacity of the item, as long as it is "something that can be enveloped by her hands," she can crush and and compress it, whatever it may be.
    What that she compresses become a 5 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm cube but its mass can only be reduced to 1/10th of its mass before it was compressed. After it's been compressed, it is treated as dust data.
    The only things Passionlip can crush are garments that are smaller than her hands--not. As long as it is something that can be "placed within her hands" based on her vantage point, she can treat it as a target.
    For example, in the case of her target being a mega-structure such as the Arena, as long as she is in a place where she has an unimpeded view of the Arena, the requirements will have been met.
    She can hold her hands out to the faraway Arena which has become so small and once the entirety of the Arena has completely settled on her hand, it is recognized as Lip "grabbing" it and crushing it becomes possible.
    It's planar physical interference which ignores perspective, but as you would expect crushing large objects requires time.

    01 - 気配遮断 [A+]



    02 - 被虐待質 [A]


    03 - トラッシュ&クラッシュ [EX]








    01 - Barrier Against Cognizance
    Barrier against cognizance: Most humans cannot look at themselves from an objective point of view. This is not limited to the heart but also occurs with the physical body.
    Humans cannot see themselves. No, more correctly, the impartiality to look upon "oneself without falsehoods" and accept it is rare.
    Because humans possess wisdom, they are able to turn only the convenient aspects of the reality in front of their eyes into the truth. It's not just being selective about what information they accept; there is also unconsciously fabricating or modifying information.
    Passionlip's barrier against cognizance is of the highest order. She does not comprehend the form of her own two hands. Her "brain" averts its eyes from her own ugly appearance, and within her mind, she is converted into an exceedingly normal girl. To her, her claws only appear as "normal."
    Because of this, Lip does not understand the reason "why everyone is afraid of me." Without realizing the reason is her own body's ugliness, she would simply tilt her head if you were to point it out to her.
    "Why are you telling such a lie?" "Are you lying to bully me again?"
    In relation to her barrier against cognizance regarding her giant claws, Passionlip is a perfect victim. Though a barrier to cognizance is something born from trying to escape, there is neither deceit nor lies in her heart.
    Everyone finds it difficult to face their ugly qualities. When one looks in the mirror, is the brain properly observing the image of oneself reflected there?

    02 - The End of Love and Hate
    The end of love and hate: the Ego born from BB's "desire to court" and "hate and love." The kind of alluring and innocent girl that men cannot help but feel lust for. The claws of her hands are an incarnation of her desire to protect her "easy for men to aim for" self.
    She held affection for [the PC] for a certain reason, but after they spoke with each other within the labyrinth, she came to embrace even deeper affection.
    She wished: I want to be close to them, I want to touch them, I want to talk to them, but due to her personality, those wishes were never granted, not even once.
    I want to talk to them (but for some reason, they're afraid of me), so I can't talk to them. I want to approach them (but for some reason, they run away) so I can't approach them. I want them to love them (but I seem to be hated by them, no matter what) so I won't receive get their love.
    From that dilemma, her love grew deeper, but in the face of [the PC's] rejection, that love turns into grief. Unable to withstand the burden of her feelings, by viewing the source of them as an enemy, as someone she hates, she was just barely able to keep her heart from collapsing.
    The work of a heart faced with a reality that it could not withstand while sane--in other words, a rampage that resembles insanity.
    The only person she loved in the entire world gave her a single gentle word.
    Passionlip with continue to embrace that miracle for all eternity.
    ...Yes, even if despair heavy enough to crush her heart is waiting for her afterward.

    01 - 認識障害









    02 - 愛憎の果て











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    [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Passionlip [Alter Ego], p.203

    Passionlip [Alter Ego]
    Passionlip is the Alter Ego of love and hate.
    She leaves an impression with her excessively oversized chest and evil looking claws.
    She is a High Level AI created from a plucked out piece of BB’s heart.
    Passionlip is a High Servant whose base model was cut and paste from a goddess type servant.
    She does not enjoy fighting, but due to her skills like Masochistic Constitution she ends up being attacked, and so she reluctantly counter attacks [so she can survive].
    She has an introverted personality and a tendency to assume things, but she always acts wholeheartedly.
    By default she has a liking for the protagonist, and from early on she starts protecting him/her from the shadows.
    However Passionlip doesn’t want anyone else to get close to the protagonist, and even her ally Ryokucha becomes a target for extermination when the protagonist is under her yandere-like supervision.
    One of her id_es skills is “Crash & Trash.”
    With this skill Passionlip can use her claws to crush any object, no matter how large, as long as it can be contained within her field of vision. This skill can only ever be used in an imaginary number space through the use of a compression codec with almost illusory properties.
    Lip specializes in destruction, and as long as her target doesn’t move, like terrain or a building, Lip exceeds BB in destructive power.
    It must be added that Servants and Masters immediately sense danger and escape from her field of vision. The cumbersome Lip is unable to chase after them well, and the result is she ends up losing them.
    In the game she appears as the most prominent power character.
    She is the embodiment of blind courtship. She dandies up the target of her love in her mind, and shuts them away inside her heart in order to keep them all to herself.

    There are three goddesses who have been inserted into Passionlip.
    The first is the Indian goddess of beauty, Parvati.
    She is a Goddess who blindly and devotedly loved her husband Shiva, who is the god of destruction.
    The second is the Battle Goddess Durga.
    Durga is a manifestation of Parvati, and carries 10 divine weapons. Passionlip’s 10 giant claws are the embodiment of those weapons.
    The third goddess is Brynhildr of Northern Europe.
    The Queen Brynhildr failed to be bound to the hero she loved, and fell into ruin while wallowing in sorrow. The Brynhildr in Passionlip is said to be the Brynhildr from Wagner’s opera cycle, and thus she appears as the warrior maiden (valkyrie) who guides the souls of the dead to heaven.
    It goes without saying, depending on the circumstances even love can turn into despair, and Brynhildr tragically ends up guiding the soul of her loved one.



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    Kingprotea [Alter Ego]
    Kingprotea is one of the Sakura Five that didn’t happen.
    She’s the Alter Ego of craving and desire.
    On one hand she is the lowest ranked of the Sakura Five, but on the other hand she is the strongest within SE.RA.PH.
    A giant Sakura with the id_es skill “Huge Scale.”
    She tend to come and interfere with players who spend a long time in the labyrinth. She destroys paths as she moves along, so she would prevent players from repeating the same actions or grinding the same area. She’s an adorably foolish character who destroys parts of the dungeon when she trips and falls.
    In areas outside of the Arena she was to be a rare epic encounter. A wondrous colossal colossus, just like the massive warship that comes along in Darius1. Rather than being a character designed to liven up the story, she is a character to liven up our game design.
    For example, within the Arena, she would evoke situations like “I can see an item box ahead, but there is a huge hand blocking the way,” or “I see a transparent box-thingy over there with Sakura stuffed inside, I can’t get through.”
    We were thinking of using her as a “living wall” type gimmick where after eventually defeating her you would be able to get at those item boxes.
    She was set to be a slave-tier character who is constantly bullied and abused by attack programs on the far side of the Moon.
    “A main personality of a Sakura who is more worthless than those lowly mass produced Sakura enemies,” Kingprotea Sakura was to be the materialization of this bullying mentality. Isn’t it just terrible that there exists a Sakura being bullied even within Sakura’s inner mind!?
    Actually, she just barely missed the cut as a boss character.
    Since she was not involved in the story we were planning to make her a hidden boss, but unfortunately she was cut.
    Here are some bits and pieces that were planned for her in the game:

    Kingprotea is an Alter Ego created from BB, however she is considered too dangerous to reside anywhere on the Moon, so she is disposed of into a place with “nothing,” in short, the emptiness of outer space.
    This Alter Ego should never come into contact with anyone.
    She is the materialization of the desire for love.
    She gobbles up anything and everything around her and grows bigger and bigger, which results in her having a bigger stomach that requires even more food. She engages in a malicious cycle of consumption and growth which represents the human desire itself.
    Passionlip and Meltlilith are her sisters, but it’s unknown if they are on good terms or not.

    Fallen Seraphic Cage:
    Klein Cube.
    A baby with a bottomless stomach, basically a giant hole. A cage built to contain the Kingprotea who blindly desires love. Just like Angelica Cage in the Moon Cell’s Core, it is a physical container made using photonic crystals.
    BB, who realized the danger Kingprotea posed, seals her in the Fallen Seraphic Cage. Although BB sealed Kingprotea inside, nobody knows how massive Kingprotea might have become.

    Huge Scale: EX
    An id_es skill. id_es skills are the inborn special powers of the Alter Egos.
    Her “Self Modification” cheat skill goes out of control and activates Huge Scale EX.
    It enables unlimited expansion of her size and scale.
    Due to limitations imposed by the force of gravity on Earth, life forms have an upper limit on their size. Even in the sea, the size of a whale is more of less as big as it can get. The same goes for buildings, due to limitations of construction technology and financing; there is nothing that can be infinitely enlarged. This also holds true in the cyber world where the laws of physics don’t apply.
    All programs have a limit on their level, and no matter how greatly a program excels, in order to surpass its boundary it must separate and optimize itself.
    (As a rule, when a program gets bigger the speed of communication with the hardware terminal drops, so a program needs to be split into various specialized parts. So called God-spirits are an example of this, having successfully split up their processes into multiple avatars.)
    However, the owner of this skill, Kingprotea, can grow without end. When her level exceeds the limit, she expands the boundary herself and sets an even higher max limit. This can be repeated infinitely.
    Kingprotea has no desire to complicate things, it’s just that she has specialized in “swallow” therefore she is unable separate from her ability to enlarge which is vital to her specialization.
    The result is that she is unable to create duplicates of herself (avatar) that is of normal size and limitation, and as a lone Ego she is destined to continue to enlarge.
    If left alone, she will end up becoming a disaster on a universe scale that would destroy the stars, however she would not destroy the universe itself. This is because the speed at which the universe is expanding is faster than the speed at which Kingprotea is enlarging.

    Grow Up Grow: EX
    This is her cheat skill “Experience Point Bonus” gone out of control.
    “Experience Point Bonus” is supposed to increase the amount of XP gained from battle by a certain percent, but Kingprotea further hacked the skill so that she receives a continuous stream of XP. Although this skill seems rather threatening, there is an upper level limit set for all programs.
    Anyone who obtains this skill can effortlessly achieve the highest level in the game; however it only increases the target’s level, and does not improve their stats.
    If you compare a character who achieved max level through fair play to a character who used this cheat skill to achieve max level, the cheater character’s stats will be far lower. This is, in other words, a so-called “trap skill.”

    Infantile Regression:
    The opposite of aging.
    BB created this cursed skill with much difficulty in order to impose some restrictions on Kingprotea.
    Once Kingprotea’s age has surpassed a predefined value this curse restores her to the state she was in at a younger age. It’s a protective process that prevents her from ever reaching an adult age.
    This curse starts to take effect when Kingprotea reaches age 20, and restores her back to her 8 year old state. When returned to the age of 8 her growth resumes again, so this cycle is a repeating loop.

    The limit of craving and desire:
    Because it’s fun, because it tastes good, because it’s warm.
    Without these kinds of animalistic impulses she pursues love without a reason for doing so— This is Kingprotea’s Ego “Craving and Desire.”
    The incarnation of a certain bodhisattva carries the sin of “without a goal, to fill the universe with love for myself,” but this Ego follows “without a goal, for myself, crave the love found in the universe.”
    Originally no one was supposed to find her, to understand her, to defeat her. She would simply be floating along in the void of space. But eventually a curious Master would come across her, and they would do battle.
    Is Kingprotea just a pure infant? An abominable disaster? Has she sinned? In any case, those of us who live in this age of mass consumption have no right to judge her. The proof of humanity that everyone has.
    The strongest and most fundamental Ego. But until the day comes when her “desire without limit” can be used for good rather than evil, she is destined to continue floating in the empty sky.
    By the way, her natural enemy is Passionlip. In theory Lip’s “Trash & Crash” skill makes it possible to seal Kingprotea away. The Alter Ego sisters seem to enjoy a triangular power relationship where Lip beats Protea, Protea beats Melt, and Melt beats Lip.

    Noble Phantasm:
    None. Huge Scale essentially qualifies as a Noble Phantasm.

    アリーナの通路の外、海を泳いでやっ てくる白鯨のようなもの。 まんまワンダど巨像の巨像、ダライアスの巨大戦艦である。物語を盛り上げるのではなく、ゲームデザインを盛り上げるキャラとして用意された。
    等々、色々な『肉壁』 ギミックを用意し、いつかこのエゴを倒せたらアイテムフォルダを人手できる.....といった用途が考えられていた。
    桜の心理世界でずら、 いじめられる桜がいるという酷い現実……!


    底なしの赤子。 あるいは穴。盲目的に愛を求めろキングフロテアを閉じこめるために作られた檻。月の中枢・熾天の檻と同じく、フォトニック結晶によって作られた物理的な“容れ物”でもある。

    結果、制御できない自分を持て余して分身(アパター)を作ることなく、単一 のエゴとして膨張し続けてしまう。



    ある菩薩の化身は“目的もなく、己がために宇宙を愛で満たす” 悪であったが、このエゴは“理由なく、己がために宇宙中の愛を求める”悪である。
    最強にして基本のエゴである “際限なく求める心”が悪ではなく善として利用できる日が来る事を夢見て、キングプロテアは無のソラを漂い続ける。


  27. Fate/Grand Order material V - BB's profile translated by Kinalvin
  28. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Karna [Servant], p.171-172

    Karna [Servant]

    Karna is a Servant that appears in CCC.
    His class is Lancer, but his Master Jinako has no desire to hide his true name, so he is usually called Karna.
    Karna is a character from the India epic Mahabharata, and he is a hero belonging to the side that is defeated in battle.
    He was put down by an arrow from the great hero Arjuna, however his existence was not necessarily an evil one, he was simply fated to fight Arjuna, and he is depicted as a significant enemy.
    Despite being a handsome man whose looks go unrivaled across the land, he is a man with sharp eyes and has an unapproachable aura.
    Merciless to his enemies, his words and actions contain not an iota of superfluity. He doesn’t let you sense any humanity within him.
    With skin as white as a ghost, and his ominous pitch-black clothes, there is no other Servant that appears as evil as he does.
    But actually, he is an extremely considerate and compassionate character.
    In response to most issues he says “I see. So that’s what’s happening.” and wisely accepts that what the person says is indeed possible.
    His alignment is neutral, but he agrees with things that are good, so his personality is good. He doesn’t express himself very well, but he considers the protection of his father’s (the Hindu Sun God) authority to be of utmost importance.

    Karna is often misunderstood as “evil” because of the way he speaks.
    Karna’s actions and words are always striking at the essence of things.
    There are people who are fakers, or who just say things to maintain appearances, or who lie about their beliefs.
    He sees through them all, and candidly jabs at the true nature which those people did not want to reveal. The result is, of course, being hated by most he meets, which unavoidably breeds combat.
    Lacking the finesse required to calm the people that his words have enraged, he silently takes up his lance and accompanies them in combat until they give up.
    He doesn’t dislike people with incompatible beliefs or whom he can’t understand, because Karna is a proponent of the idea that everyone has their own circumstances.
    He takes this to the point of, “That’s also okay… actually, to be honest, I’m a little jealous.”
    However, the untalkative Karna doesn’t often say what really needs to be said, thus he comes off as hating all things despite that being far from the truth.
    Though he is the most obedient and tame Servant of all, due to his choice of words, he is disliked not only by his enemies, but even by his Master.

    As a Servant he is bound by his contract with Jinako, however he has no specific wish of his own. He simply wanted to serve a Master who made the effort to summon him in their time of need.
    His father is the Hindu Sun God, Surya, so his power level is Special A Rank1. His is shoulder-to-shoulder with the exceptional Gilgamesh. He is an incomparably strong servant.
    Since Jinako is a third rate Master, his full potential is not drawn out. This is largely because by the time he makes his appearance in CCC, he has already lost his greatest weapon.

    As far as Servant battles go there is no complaint about this admirable foe.
    Towards the end of the first half, he confronts you as a boss, and brandishes overpowering firepower. His attack from the sky “Brahmastra Kundala” is a bullshit attack which despite being nerfed from its former nuclear bomb tier power, still wreaks havoc with bombs falling from the sky during the time between attack rounds. Even Nasu was killed by this attack when testing the game. Karna is seriously trying to kill you.
    Beams also shoot from his eyes, but it’s actually just a visual representation of the power of his gaze.
    “Weapons are so boorish. Real heroes kill with their eyes…!” is an actual line of his.
    Unfortunately due to the limited amount of data that can be used for the game, the first half of this voice line just barely failed to make the cut. A “Men’s Knuckle” type of guy.2

    1. ^ For the “Special A Rank” part, the Japanese says “特A Rank” which could be any of A+, Special A Rank, or EX A Rank. I’m not sure which is most appropriate.
    2. ^ Men’s Knuckle is a Japanese fashion magazine that features a male-gal (gyaru) style. This style involves preppy street clothes and lots of accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.). Also known as Onii-kei style.


  29. Fate/Grand Order material V - Meltryllis' profile translated by Konchew
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