Patxi (パツシィ, Patsushi?) is a Yaga living in the Russian Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order.



Patxi was born in the Russian Lostbelt. He lived with his mother and father until his father was killed. He continued taking care of his mother as he grew older, but also grew cynical about the world he lived in. Wanting something more, he eventually meets Ritsuka and Mash.


He (and by extension, all canine/lupine Yaga seen within the Russian Lostbelt) are built with a similar-to-human body frame despite being visibly bestial, otherwise known as a Yaga , a chimeric fusion between magical beast and man (it's noted that as a side effect, he needs to consume a lot more calories to sustain his body). He appears as an anthropomorphic wolf with a mix of purple and white fur, the mane of his body looking similar to a long hair. He wears a dark brown winter coat with a hat of the same color and is equipped with a messenger bag along with supplies for his firearm.


Patxi is a gruff but caring individual. He is cynical about the world and the idea of hope in such a bleak world. He is intuitively aware that he is a weak individual, but still does his best to help others out. Despite this, he can't forgive Ritsuka for showing him the prospect of a happy and beautiful world.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

Patxi meets Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight shortly after they arrive in the Lostbelt, saving them from a group of Magical Beasts, called the Krichat . Although he is initially wary of them, he decides to join them and aid them in their quest. Soon after, he is sold out by a former friend and gets ousted from his birth village. He then joins the group and helps them seek an alliance with Atalante Alter, leader of the rebels.

Gaining their trust, Patxi helps Ritsuka spread the rebels' memorandas and helps them get into contact with Beowulf, leader of a different rebel group. After a series of battles, the resistance runs out of food and decide to force Patxi's village to share some of their food. During the raid, the rebels are ambushed by the Oprichniki. In the midst of the chaos, Patxi's runs into the friend who sold him out and is told by him that the rest of village had killed his mother for his betrayal. Angry, Patxi murders his former friend and leaves the rebels. Patxi was then eventually captured by Rasputin and was presented to the Tsar. After seeing him in person, he grew greatly frightened by the presence of the Yaga Tsar and revealed the location to the rebels' next hideout. Afterwards, he was sent into the MInotaur's Labyrinth by Rasputin.

Some time later, Patxi reunites with Ritsuka and his team. Revealing what happened to him and how he sold them out, Patxi expects to be killed by Ritsuka's group. However, Ritsuka and Mash forgive him. Despite Ritsuka forgiving him, Patxi reveals in a private conversation that he actually hates Ritsuka for always being cheerful and forthright and wants to see him in despair. Ritsuka accepts this fact, but still forgives him nevertheless. Seeking to atone, Patxi agrees to escort the group to the center of Yaga Moscow in order to save Atalante and her rebels who have been captured by Rasputin. Patxi then leaves the group and hides after warning Ritsuka again about the Tsar. Patxi then runs into Anastasia who reveals the eventual fate of his world if Ritsuka succeeds. Patxi then witnesses the battle between Ritsuka's group and Tsar Ivan who has taken on the form of a large woolly mammoth.

After the battle is over, Patxi becomes privy to the battle between Atalante and Ritsuka. Seeing Ritsuka fall to the ground in despair over having the truth revealed to him, Patxi smiles in pure joy. But before he knows it, he ends up unconsciously running to protect Ritsuka from the rebels' firearms. Throwing himself into harm's way, Patxi is fatally wounded. Thinking to himself, Patxi questions the world's survival of the fittest rule and realizes that he is more afraid of the idea of someone dying when they know how to go through life smiling.

Patxi then angrily grabs Ritsuka by the collar and tells him that even though he will never forgive him for as long as he lives for teaching him about the possibility of a happier world out there, he still wants Ritsuka to hold his head high up and be proud of himself. Patxi then encourages Ritsuka to keep fighting for his world. Smiling, Patxi admits that making Ritsuka cry wasn't as fun as he thought. He then dies. Patxi's body is later buried in the ruins of Yaga Moscow by Ritsuka's group .


Patxi is an accomplished hunter, able to kill monsters that Mash was having trouble fighting while in her weakened state.



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