Patxi (パツシィ, Patsushi?) is a Yaga living in the Russian Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order.




He (and by extension, all canine/lupine Yaga seen within the Russian Lostbelt) are built with a similar-to-human body frame despite being visibly bestial, otherwise known as a Yaga , a chimeric fusion between magical beast and man (it's noted that as a side effect, he needs to consume a lot more calories to sustain his body). He appears as an anthropomorphic wolf with a mix of purple and white fur, the mane of his body looking similar to a long hair. He wears a dark brown winter coat with a hat of the same color and is equipped with a messenger bag along with supplies for his firearm.



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

Patxi meets Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight shortly after they arrive in the Lostbelt, saving them from a group of Magical Beasts, called the Krichat . Although he is initially wary of them, he decides to join them and aid them in their quest.


Patxi is an accomplished hunter, able to kill monsters that Mash was having trouble fighting while in her weakened state.



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