Paul Bunyan (ポール・バニヤン, Pōru Baniyan?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is the Berserker-class Servant of Gudako in the parody work Learn with Manga! FGO. She is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Identity[edit | edit source]

A figure originating from American folklore. Described in the tall tales of America's pioneer era, Bunyan was the strongest lumberjack in America whose height was described as a giant so tall as to reach the clouds. Accompanied by a giant, blue male ox named "Babe", his recklessness from his large size spawned many legends.[1] Much of North America's geography was said to have been a result of his actions, so he can be thought of as an existence that constructed the United States of America.[1][2] His many tales include achievements like having created the Mississippi River with one strike, having created oil fields spanning to China with one punch, having drank the Great Lakes dry in a bout of thirst, crushed the Rocky Mountains with a single pickax, and single handedly caused the vast open expanses in the midewest through his logging.[2]

While the feats of Bunyan would have him described as "the legend that created America", a Divine Spirit normally unable to be summoned as a Servant, he is not a god, or even a Heroic Spirit.[2] Paul Bunyan is a Phantom, considered nothing more than an oft-repeated urban legend.[3] He was hardy spoken of during the pioneer era, and the greater part of his "recognized bizarre giant legends" were falsifications inserted into the narrative during the 20th century.[1] His legend was nothing more than a joke among pioneers, mentioned in cheap newspapers for pure amusement. He is not a true legend, and none actually believed in his existence.[2] He was but a "superficial imitation that carries the name of a folklore hero."[1] He was the lowest form of a spirit, a "shadow without even an ego to call its own."[3]

Paul Bunyan is only able to exist as a Servant due to the Master without a Name allowing that Phantom to possess a ball of udon dough and mixing it with a Holy Grail. Her line of thinking was that due to Bunyan's legend including the "common legends of mankind’s creator deities", the creation of an "artificial deity that contains godly elements" would be possible in lieu of summoning an actual god.[3] Through the eventual expansion of Bunyan's inner world into the real world, the goddess Columbia expresses the possibility of the Throne of Heroes designating her as a proper Heroic Spirit, but she claims that Bunyan is "folklore that is not worthy to become a Heroic Spirit in the first place."[4] After the Holy Grail is removed from her, she is designated as a proper Servant. Though Mash describes it as a new Heroic Spirit joining Chaldea's ranks, Andersen describes her as an irregularity permitted by Chaldea's unique circumstances.[5]

Paul Bunyan is a false legend, but that lively tale is widely recognized to have been told for about 100 years up till today. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter how foolishly gossiped by anyone, as per legend, Bunyan is loved by the people, and a tale that will continue to be spoken of. Let these feelings be also known to her.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Berserker is a gigantic "little girl character." The reason why he was summoned in the form of a young girl is unknown.[1] Although modestly dressed compared to Rabbit Ears and Olga's Servant, Gudako says Berserker will appear as wearing overalls and nothing else upon her Ascension.

Her height can be measured by eye to be normally above 3m, but the precise values fluctuate during measurement and thus cannot be confirmed.[1]

As with the legends, she is accompanied by a giant, blue male bull but, no matter how you look at it, the shape of the bull is a spherical shaped monster. A Fearsome Critter that was rumored to exist during the pioneer era of America, or what could be called an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) in today's times.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bunyan loves people, and believes that the development of civilization is their happiness as she develops unknown lands. If it is for the sake of ensuring a prosperous lifestyle for the people, there is no hesitation to destroy the magnificent Mother Nature. But as to how humanity will perceive it in the future, that is something that the young Bunyan has yet to understand.[1]

She is bright yet not lively, obedient, and has the tendency to restraint her self-assertion. On an aspect, she is also shy and fears strangers. But should she open her heart, she is able to treat others in a friendly manner. Meek in the way a child is, she is an owner of a sincere heart. But that does not to say it is pure; it seems that she has another aspect going on with her, a strong-willed and determined one. (She is able to speak of lies, poke fun on others, as well as speak in an unkind manner, as much as anybody else)

Although she likes humans, and is always wishing to communicate with others, she has an introvert mindset and it is quite hard for her to speak for herself. She is unable to enter herself to an exciting conversation and the likes. The causes for her mindset being introvert are her insecurity against others and the lack of confidence on herself. Perhaps it is due to that while on one hand she possesses a large confidence in regards of the character spec and capabilities of Paul Bunyan, to begin with she felt the uneasiness of feeling unworthy as a Heroic Spirit.

She does not hate the gigantic body given to her by her parents; however, she is afraid that it would trouble others and make herself treated like a nuisance. (She worries that it becomes an environmental burden, both space wise and cost wise)

Which results in her thinking that she would become a hindrance in anything she concern herself with. She thinks that it is important to verify her own usefulness so that she can be accepted by others; she is very much delighted if given role for things such as manual labor. (While Bunyan likens herself to a heavy machinery or a large scale wheeled vehicle, that was because she wishes to express that she is useful.)

Such a delicate person, one who thinks of usefulness as the most important thing in the world, would have a simplistic way of thinking that approves of pragmatically eliminates those without use or those which serves as obstacles. (Like thinking that if all trees on the earth is felled, than mankind would have more space to inhabit, lumbering would increase, and everybody would be happy.) That is due to her young experience of life, and should she study of the complexity of the world than she would probably revise her thinking. (She does have the Mad Enhancement skill, so she probably wouldn’t.)

Bunyan, who reclamates the untouched lands for the sake of the happiness of the people. She has completely no hesitation in the destruction of nature, and to add, she also does not feel any joy in destruction. Bunyan implements destruction as a duty dispassionately; on the contrary, she actually feels joy in the act of creation. Her fingers are unusually dexterous, and she got a good head on her shoulders, so she is able to create many things. She proudly speaks of how it would be a waste to not make use of raw materials such as lumbers and animals meat and skin procured from lumbering and hunting, and so everything must be effectively utilized. During battle, she would also sharply collected raw materials dropped by enemies.

Babe the Blue Ox which she always brings with her is a mysterious existence, perhaps even one of her Noble Phantasm. It seems that while Bunyan is fond of Babe, presently she think of it as less of a partner and more of a pet, or perhaps an able livestock. (Were she in the adult form of her heyday, she would probably feel more sense of friendship….) It seems that she puts the standard of the merit and demerit in terms of usefulness even on animals, so the way she treat them is quite indifferent. She has no hesitation in hunting. Even seeing a cute, small one would rarely mellow her.

She is frank towards those equal to her, but towards those above her, those of dignity, she would shrink back and uses polite language. She speaks unreserved towards the Master because she thinks of them like a family. She normally uses gentle expressions, but she would also uses rough words when angered. There is a theory that assumes Quebec woodcutters as her origin; perhaps due to that, she sometimes uses French vocabularies (only simple ones). She also calls Babe French style, Bebe.

Her magic energy consumption rate is bad. The Master needs to prepare a large quantity of magic energy to compensate for that. Due to a fear of being constantly hungry, Bunyan really eats her food well. (Of course, it adds to her magic energy for just a little bit.) She is sensitive to heat due to her high heat generation and cold region origin. Because she is young, she doesn’t really feel shy in dressing lightly.[6]

Motives and attitude towards Master[edit | edit source]

She is always thinking of someone’s usefulness.

She really idolizes the Master. What she feels are affection and admiration towards a cool, relative big brother / sister. While she is aware that this is an unrestrained relationship, she still holds herself back and is unable to give her own opinion. Fundamentally, she obediently performs her order as duty. She would also endure and perform orders that she is unwilling to do. She rarely takes selfish action out of her own will. (She rarely do selfish things from yielding to her desires such as appetites.)[6]

Connection with other characters[edit | edit source]

Andersen, Nursery Rhyme

She is worried in how the authority in folk story would assess of her tale, and if there is any value in it.[6]


She feels fear against the catchphrase of “destroying civilization” as the creator of civilization. However, because she thinks that destruction too is another part of creation, perhaps they are of the same kind… such is the concern she harbors.[6]

Hessian Lobo

The rage of an animal persecuted by the hands of humans in front of her eyes seems to make her feel a slight guilt.[6]

Role[edit | edit source]

Learn More with Manga! FGO[edit | edit source]

Bunyan is one of several Servants born from the protagonist's mixtures of udon dough and grail mud. She kills all the Servants sent to play with her, though eventually she was able to become friends with Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme.[7]

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

All the Statesmen! ~Learn With Manga Records of the American Frontier~[edit | edit source]

Bunyan notices Ritsuka, Mash Kyrielight, Thomas Edison, Geronimo are having trouble with the wendingo attacking their camp. She promptly kills a few easily with her giant strength, then helps the others with the rest. Afterwards, she introduces herself to the group after Geronimo asks for her name. She begins walking when she isn't able to hear the group talking, sadly believing she is alone once again. She soon encounters them again in a more regular size while they were both searching for each other. After the others and himself introduce themselves, Edison asks Bunyan what she is. Bunyan answers she is a lumberjack who got summoned by someone, and ended up alone in the forest. She assumes she is a Servant and Heroic Spirt when Mash assumes the same since she was summoned. She decides to answer any questions she can when Ritsuka decides to become her Master after noticing she is low on magical energy. Edison asks her where in North America there are, to which she answers North Dokata.

After slaying some monsters that came their way, the group continue walking through the forest in the hopes of reaching civilization. Bunyan says it would to get through the forest if she had her favorite, but her summoner took it away because it was dangerous. She is unable to remember what they're like, only recalling they went far east. Edison and Geronimo then encourage to build a new version of her favorite axe. After collecting needed to construct Bunyan's workstation, the group are again attacked by monsters. After the monsters are slain, Bunyan completes the construction of her workstation. Making a new axe for herself, she easily chops down tree after tree. Mash is worried there won't be much forest left at this rate. Bunyan responds that she is chopped the trees down for lumber, and she cuts the trees so they could grow back. Eventually she chops the entire forest until nothing is left but a neatly stacked pile of lumber. This prompts Edison to finally realize who Bunyan is, as he recounts newspaper stories describing her as essentially creating America. Assuming Bunyan's summoner possesses the Grail, and thus the one responsible for the Singularity, Geronimo tries to ask her something. Bunyan interrupts him however, as she sensed something approaching. A light that crashes down, from which Billy the Kid and Altera (calling herself Wyatt Earp) emerge ready to punish the group for illegal deforestation. Bunyan insists she was going to ship out the lumber so the wood doesn't go to waste, but Altera still decides to punish her. After Altera retreats following the fight, Billy reveals he, Altera, and Bunyan were summoned by the same person. He continues they're controlling everything from Chicago, which is the same direction Altera went. After Billy disappears, the group make their way to Chicago.

As the group travel through a vast field while travelling to Chicago, Bunyan demands a lake full of oatmeal or an oil field-sized plate of yakisoba. She recalls she had yakisoba when some chinese workers made some for her while she was digging an oil field on the West Coast. The group eventually reach a decrepit house where they encounter Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme. They reveal they're waiting for their summoner, who went to Chicago. Noticing that Bunyan is hungry, they give her their last hamburger steak. A stampede of rampaging buffalo then hit the house, so the group go out to take care of them. While eating the buffalo they killed and cooked, the group encounter Altera (now calling herself Buffalo Bill). She decides to punish them for killing the endangered buffalo despite Geronimo saying they were a berserk herd, and none of their parts were put to waste. After being defeated, she retreats warning the group not to go any further. Now joined by Jack and Nursery Rhyme, the group continue onwards to Chicago.

Eventually reaching Chicago, Bunyan finds her large size is causing trouble for the townsfolk. The group split off in search for clues during which Bunyan has pizza with Jack and Nursery Rhyme. They regroup later that night, but only Geronimo has useful information. He informs them of a shop called the "Club High Society", where occult fans gather, and he assumes it has the backing of the Mage's Association. Edison bribes a bouncer to let the group in; Jack and Nursery Rhyme aren't allowed since they're children. There they encounter Mata Hari, who proceeds to use her Noble Phantasm on them. However it disabled thanks to the barrier that Geronimo, Edison, and Nursery Rhyme made around the club beforehad. The group then fight her and the bouncers. After defeating them, Bunyan asks Mata Hari where her summoner is. Mata Hari answers they can be found at the World's Columbian Exposition. She then tells Bunyan that humans, even as Heroic Spirits, can live on as long as they're loved before disappearing. The group then head to the Columbian Exposition.

Arriving at the Columbian Exposition, Bunyan agrees with the others that it has its flaws, but she still finds its fun. She admires the work put into constructing the many buildings, as she enjoys seeing what people make. Altera (now calling herself Davy Crockett) arrives to stop the group from going any further, along with Nikola Tesla. They end up fighting when Edison becomes enraged by Altera calling DC electricity bad civilization. After Tesla disappears, Altera warns Ritsuka and Bunyan to go any further, otherwise they'll encounter their worst nightmare. After Altera leaves, Bunyan is concerned by what she meant, but the others encourage her to continue. They then continue to the center of the fair, a japanese pavilion, which they find to be horribly constructed on closer inspection. There they encounter a bizzare girl who is introduced as the Nameless Master, one from a parallel Chaldea. She reveals herself as the one who summoned Jack, Nursery Rhyme, and other Servants the group defeated. Bunyan asks her what her plan is, given that she summoned them and created a Singularity. The Nameless Master however reveals that she didn't summon Bunyan, and reveals she is a Phantom born as nothing but a joke between North America settlers with no basis immyth or belief in her existence. She continues she let Bunyan possess udon dough to her shape for the purpose of creating a powerful welfare Servant for the second anniversary of the game. She reveals she trapped Bunyan in the Singularity as she considered to be a useless low-rank Servant. She then decides to eradicate the group since they brought Bunyan, who she wanted her to disappear in the forest, before her. Despite them being all high ranking Servants, the Nameless Master's Servants are easily defeated since they were underleveled. After she disappears, the group head back home.

Later, Bunyan clears the land to expand Chicago until it covers much of the world. It is then revealed by Goddess Columbia that the Singularity is actually a Reality Marble formed from Bunyan's consciousness made stronger thanks to the Grail's power within her. It is further revealed that the Nameless Master took away Bunyan's axe to prevent her from destroy the world by redeveloping it until it reached its limit. However, that cycle rsumed when she got her axe. Her Reality Marble began to enroach onto Ritsuka's world when she saw their Chaldea thanks to Edison's Spiritual World Communicator, which caused the Servants to act bizzarely. After hearing that she's dangerous, Bunyan decides to end it all, and transports the others into her unconsciousness. She then runs away into a forest where she thinks about how people always rejected her for her over-expansion regardless of her good intention. The group eventually find her, and they convince her that she isn't worthless. They try to remove the Grail from her, but she loses the ability sense of them as she continues to grow. This threatens the group's existence since anything that Bunyan doesn't sense in her world doesn't exist. Fortunately, Altera arrives and strikes Buyan with Teardrop Photon Ray, destroying the Grail within her. Despite that though she is able to return with the others to Chaldea, as she became registered in the Throne of Heroes in exchange for the Grail's destruction. She then eats hamburger steak with the group in the cafeteria.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Berserker's Noble Phantasm, Wisconsin Death Trip

Bunyan has been shown capable of smashing and devouring normal Servants with just her physical might alone. She is occasionally accompanied by her animal companion, Babe the Blue Ox.[7] She also uses Babe as a Bludgeoning Weapon and rides him for a charging attack.[8] As seen in her Fourth Ascension, it seems Babe gains the benefits of her Heroic Spirit Expansion Skill, growing and shrinking in size, and is also able to carry her larger self on a smaller form.

Her Class Skills are Mad Enhancement (D) and Saint Graph Expansion (D). Her Personal Skills are Delightful Comrades (A), Bean Soup Lake (A) and Popcorn Blizzard (B).[1][6]

Her Noble Phantasms are Wisconsin Death Trip and Marvelous Exploits, and Babe is suggested to be a possible other mysterious Noble Phantasm.[1][6][7] Wisconsin Death Trip's abilities are unknown, aside from summoning up a pink chainsaw.[9]

References[edit | edit source]

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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Paul Bunyan (Berserker) Profile [T]

    Paul Bunyan - Berserker

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Riyo
    Voice Actor: Chiaki Omigawa

    Strength: C
    Endurance: A
    Agility: C
    Mana: E
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Happy Comrades: A
    Bean Soup Lake: A
    Popcorn Blizzard: B

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: D

    Noble Phantasm
    Marvelous Exploits: Astonishing Enterprise
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A lumberjack that appears on the tall tales from the American Frontier(1), portrayed as a great man that could touch the clouds.
    Several legends of excessively large scale that capitalize on such giganticness exist, and many of the characteristic geographical features of North America are are said to have been created as side-effects of Bunyan’s actions.
    The reason why he was summoned in the shape of a young girl is unknown.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: Indefinite
    Source: Folklore
    Region: America, Canada
    Alignment: True Neutral  Gender: Female
    Although eye measurements can establish that she normally has over 3 meters, accurate values cannot be defined due changing every time she is measured.

    Level 2 Bond
    Just like in legends, she brings along a giant blue ox as her partner, but its shape is that of spherical monster that does not look like an ox at all.
    Maybe this is one of the rumored fearsome critters from the American Frontier, or maybe a UMA(2) of modern times.

    Level 3 Bond
    Bunyan loved the people and, believing that surely the development of civilization would bring people’s happiness, she pursues the reclamation of savage lands.
    For the sake of everybody leading a wealthy life, she does not hesitate to destroy the magnificent Mother Nature.
    The young Bunyan still does not understand how this would fare for humanity in the future.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Astonishing Enterprise"
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Army
    Marvelous Exploits.
    It makes an Conceptual Noble Phantasm out of the United States of America itself, turning its founding history into energy to strike the enemy and mowing down everything that exists there... or so she says, but in fact looks like nothing other than a giant foot trampling down the enemy.

    Among all Noble Phantasms, it possess an astonishing speed.

    Level 5 Bond
    As a matter of fact, the legend of Paul Bunyan was mostly unknown during the American Frontier.

    Most of the erratic giant’s legend that is commonly known today was fabricated in the early 20th Century. Bunyan is nothing but a shallow forgery that is a folkloric hero in name only. This is thought to be the reason why she does not display the strength she had in legends as a Servant.

    Paul Bunyan is a fake legend, but such pleasant tales continued to be told until today and, even after 100 years have passed, they are still widely known.

    Regardless of how things started, regardless of whatever it is a nonsense that anyone would laugh off, the legend was loved by the people and continued to be told.
    Hopefully, such feelings have also been transmitted to her.

    (1)the Japanese original actually says “American reclamation period"
    (2)short for Unidentified Mysterious Animal

    ポール・バニヤン - バーサーカー



    愉快な仲間たち A
    豆スープの湖 A
    ポップコーンの吹雪 B

    狂化 D



    属性:中立・中庸  性別:女性
    身長は通常3m以上あることが目測できるが、正確な数値は計測するたびに変化するので確定でき ない。



    ランク:A  種別:対軍宝具




    アンロック条件:「エピローグ マスターは食堂へ戻った」をクリアすると開放


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