« Our arms reaches everything, tear apart everything, and open everything, eventually, it shall reach even beyond the sky Per Aspera Ad Astra!  »


« Come forth now from my limbs, O' power of Gods, O' power of light, O' power that shall eventually reach beyond the stars! Per Aspera Ad Astra! »

Per Aspera Ad Astra: Our Arms Cut a Path Across the Universe (我らの腕はすべてを拓き、宙へ
, Warera no Ude wa Subete o Hiraki, Chū-e
Peru Asupera Ado Asutora
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Lancer.

A great Noble Phantasm with the same essence as the Noble Phantasm Magna Voluisse Magnum possessed by the Heroic Spirit of the same name. The sublimation of the concept of ‘development and expansion of a civilization’ into a Noble Phantasm.

His both romantic arms that tear the world, clear the way for civilization, and eventually will reach the space (sky) of stars, are just like spears of light ——— That is a representation of the arrogance of the people who control all of creation, and at the same time, it’s a representation of the glimmer of the people who continue progressing while dreaming of the tomorrow they haven’t seen yet. If used to attack it will bring severe destruction. If used to defend and create, even more of its shine will be seen but ——— In this work it’s fundamentally not used.

There is the possibility of it being one aspect, or alternatively an application, of a downsized Authority of nation building, Holmes and Da Vinci state their conjectures.


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