Phantasmal Species (幻想種, Gensō-shu?) is the common term used to refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy.[1][2]


They are those existences that deviate from their original form by the impact of factors alien to their ecology, those existences born from the thoughts of humans and those existences that ascend to a higher order as a consequence of longevity. Then, if it is believed that the subject of a Mystery "exists," the World permits its existence and definite affirmation of said belief is not required. There are also existences desired by the world, but not by humans, and because of this they have gradually gone into hiding and dwindled in numbers. Rather than a classification for a separate ranking for beasts, it encompasses everything from demi-humans, such as fairies and giants, to monsters, such as dragons and oni. They differ from Daemons, as they are active creatures rather than passive existences. Similarly to how magi gain power through the accumulation of knowledge, those of the Phantasmal Species become stronger through the accumulation of time. Modern Magecraft is the sum of five hundred years of study, whereas the Phantasmal Species date back to the Age of Gods. Magi that only have a mystical lineage that spans five hundred years cannot hope to match or reproduce mysteries that have accumulated thousands of years and have an existence that is on par with the five modern Magics. They embody mysteries simply by existing and it is said to be a miracle if one is simply observed.

Magical BeastsEdit

Many of the Phantasmal Species fall into the category of Magical Beasts (魔獣, Majū?, alt. "Demonic Beasts"), which is the common denomination for all creatures that do not fit in the ordinary biological classification for living beings and those that do not fall within the normal ecosystem. The term "beast" is a thaumaturgical term, and it does not necessarily mean quadrupedal mammals. They are true deviations from biology that cannot be explained by immature research or sudden mutations. They can be ranked into three categories, which change as the creatures age and increase in power towards becoming higher existences. The lowest rank is Monstrous Beasts (魔獣, Majū?, Demon Beasts), which then change into Phantasmal Beasts (幻獣, Genjū?), and finally become classified as Divine Beasts (神獣, Shinjū?).[3][4]

Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank (千年クラスの幻獣・聖獣, Chitose Kurasu no Genjū Seijū?) and Divine Beasts are equal to Magic, making them unable to even be harmed by mysteries on the level of magecraft. Rider's Pegasus, which has grown from a Monstrous Beast to a Phantasmal Beast, has even greater resistance than Saber, who can easily negate Caster's magecraft from the Age of Gods. The longer the creatures live, the further away they grow from the rest of the world. Out of the current creatures that still exist in the present era, only those whose ages are measured in centuries, rather than millennia, still remain.

Most remaining Magical Beasts are Chimeras formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods. They live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind. Those on the level of Phantasmal Beasts that existed in the past have almost all migrated to a different world presented as the "Reverse Side of the World". Divine Beasts such as Moby Dick and Typhon are more on the level of "super weapons" than actual living creatures.[5] Members of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, like Primate Murder, a white dog born with the sole purpose of killing humans, the Forest of Ainnash, a forest that matured to the level of a phantasm species by absorbing the blood of a Dead Apostle, and the Children of Ainnash, also count among the Magical Beasts.

Bull of HeavenEdit

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Chimera (キメラ, Kimera?, Chimaera) are creatures of the Monstrous Beast rank that make up the majority of the Magical Beasts still left within the world. They are formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods, and they live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind.

Synthetic Beast (合成獣, Gōseijū?) is a process that artificially creates chimera. It is controlled by its master in the "Zoology" animal department of the Mage's Association. The Wolf was created with the purpose of being used catalyst to summon a Servant in the False Holy Grail War. In the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz, there is a magical mechanism that changes humans into Chimera monster.

Demon BoarEdit

  • Demon Boar illustrated by PFALZ

Demon Boar (魔猪, Ma Inoshishi?) is a Monstrous Beast type of Phantasmal Species. It is the reincarnation of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne half younger brother by a different father.[6] When Diarmuid and Fionn mac Cumhaill went hunting together, Diarmuid received a deep wound from its fangs. It is said that it eats meat, eats armor, and even greedily devours Runes. This is reckless death itself. Not to mention heroes, even the Dragon kind suffers an embarrassing defeat.[7]

The Calydonian Boar is a Monstrous Beast that Artemis let loose upon the earth. It looks like a wild boar, but that is merely because the lifeform that was used as its basis just happened to be a boar.[8] Dispatched as divine punishment by the angry goddess when the king of the city-state of Calydon forgot offerings to her in a harvest festival, it was a large and brutal beast that completely destroyed the crops of Calydon. During the Calydonian Boar Hunt, it rampaged without pause, killing many Greek heroes who came from all over the country.[9] The hero Meleager, in love with Atalanta, was the one who finished it off, but surrendered the merit to Atalanta and brought great discord to the country in doing such.

Twrch Trwyth is a Demon Boar. He is an antagonist in the Fate/Grand Order FGO 2016 Summer Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~ event.

Divine BullEdit

Divine Bull

Divine Bull

Divine Bull (神牛, Kami Ushi?), also called God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull (飛蹄雷牛
, Hi Hidzume Kaminari Ushi
Goddo Buru
?), is the name for the creatures of the Divine Beast rank that pull Gordius Wheel. Before the seduction of Europa, the supreme god of thunder, Zeus, changed his shape into that of a bull. Due to that, what manifested as the driving force of the chariot dedicated to Zeus were Divine Beasts with a connection to him. Due to the chariot being claimed by Rider before it could be offered to Zeus, they became part of his Noble Phantasm, and he refers to them as the "Children of Zeus."[10]

Dragon KindEdit

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Huginn and MuninnEdit

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Kelpie Fate Labyrinth

Kelpie in Fate/Labyrinth.

Kelpie (ケルピー, Kerupī?), also known as Each-uisge (アハ・イシュケ, Aha-ishuke?) is classified as Monstrous beast rank by Magi. In Gaelic, it is translated as "Water Horse". The man-eating beast which was a water demon, is said to devour the flesh of girls. It is a beast that appeared in a part Britain's northern islands. It has an appearance resembled a large pale horse and it's tail was shaped like a fish's fin. A water demon which strode and ran freely on the water's surface. The Monstrous beast can change its four-legged form, into a winged "Boobrie: Water Bird (水の鳥
, Mizu no Tori
?)" shape.[11]

Moby DickEdit

Moby Dick (モビー‧ディック, Mobī Dikku?) is a Divine Beast, said to be among the most famous of that classification. Its level of power is great enough to call it "more super weaponish" than a living being.[5] There is an Enemy Program with the same name.



Rider on a Pegasus

Pegasus (天馬, Tenba?) are winged horses that are usually part of the Monstrous Beast Rank. They are docile creatures that do not like to fight. The Pegasus summoned by Rider is a special case that has advanced to the Phantasmal Beast Rank due to its age. Her Pegasus was originally given to her from the Greek Sea God Poseidon, and after she was exterminated by Perseus, it is said that Pegasus was born out of the blood dripping from her headless neck. It has been alive since the Age of Gods, and now possesses a defensive power on the same level as a dragon and Magic Resistance far greater than that of Saber. The buffets from a Pegasus's wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructure and lacerate the bodies of living beings. Due to its naturally kind nature, Rider has to use Bellerophon to force it to fight.


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Typhon (テューポーン, Tyūpōn?) is a Divine Beast, said to be among the most famous of that classification. Its level of power is great enough to call it "more super weaponish" than a living being.[5]


Ugallu (ウガル, Ugaru?), also known as the Lion of the Sun, is one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.


Uridimmu (ウリディンム, Uridinmu?), also known as lion-dog, is one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.


Demi-Human (亜人, Ajin?) is the general term used for the likes of fairies, dwarves, and giants. Some of them are also classified as Magical Beasts.


Centaurs (ケンタウロス, Kentaurosu?) are creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse, they commonly appear in Greek mythology. Usually, centaurs are considered both as great huntsmen who effortlessly use bows and arrows while running with their horse legs and as savage monsters who would steal anything and everything. It seems Chiron alone is regarded as a "sage" that stands out as an exception among them.[12]



Faye, a fairy who appears to Wills Pelham Codrington

Fairies (妖精, Yōsei?) are extensions of the planet, nature's sense of touch, that cannot be seen by normal humans, and they lack any sort of human values. There are some fairies born wearing humans' imagination as shells, an example would be the Lady of the Lake. Some fairies look and are sized like humans, such as the members of Wild Hunt, an order of fairy knights. There are various different types, including those that have the power to interfere with people's memories, and others that are known to be capable of crafting Noble Phantasm-level artifacts, with Arondight, Avalon, Excalibur, and Gáe Buidhe serving as examples. Such artifacts are engraved with Fairy letters (妖精文字, Yōsei Moji?), one of the lost languages, to show they were not crafted by human hands and belong to those of another world. There are Human-Eating Fairies (食人妖精, Shokujin Yōsei?) in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz, they are Familiars around 20-30 centimeters in height.

Fairies are usually entities that cannot be seen by normal humans, however those who evolve into a magnitude where they can be perceived by people become Elementals and elemental-class incarnation becomes possible. True Ancestors, who are classified as a type of large fairy, would fall into the category of an incarnated elemental. The Foundation of fairies and Elementals are of a Mystery that cannot be reached through magecraft.


Apparitions shaped after the image of fairies

The fairies in Kara no Kyoukai are not true fairies, but rather lower-class spirits shaped after the image of woodland fairies. They are much weaker in terms of raw power, but wield a portion of the original fairies' powers due to wearing fairy-like shells.[13]

Black Dog

Black Dogs are a type of fairy said to appear at crossroads, and an incarnation of thunder. The ones encountered by Lord El-Melloi II, Gray, and Kairi Sisigou at the Marburry Workshop are artificial fariries created by Trevor Pelham Codrington. On days where the alignment of the moon and stars heightened powers of the underworld and the Earth, people who entered the Workshop were killed by a Black Dog. The victims were then transformed into Black Dogs themselves by the Workshop using the Fairies' power and Fairy Eyes.[14]


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The Gorgon (ゴルゴン, Gorugon?) is Medusa's form as the legendary one-eyed man-eating monster after she started to kill and devour humans. Becoming an icon of terror, her appearance was distorted, and as wishes initially formed the Gorgon sisters, they also turned her into the atrocious Gorgon of legend. Even as a Heroic Spirit and Divine Spirit, she still has the rank of "Monster - Magical Beast", making her existence that of "an anti-hero closer to a monster." As a result, the rank of her Divinity decreased to the lowest value of E-. As compensation, she received the ability of Monsters and Magical Beasts, Monstrous Strength, which would bring her closer to the form of the Gorgon the more it was used.[3] After her death, her role as a Gorgon would be decreasing mankind's numbers.


Harpies (妖鳥, Yōchō?) are avarice-filled flying beasts who are known for possessing cruel habits and a cowardly nature, unable to keep from being easily led astray by their appetite. While not suited to be used as soldiers, Semiramis combines them with her Dragon Tooth Warriors to create flying warriors.


Lamyros is a name derived from the Mediterranean term for Lamia (ラミア, Ramia?). They originate from myths, legends and beliefs and the only known Lamyros is the antagonist of Fate/Labyrinth Wolfgang Faustus.


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Oni KindEdit

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  • Sphinx Queen

Sphinx (スフィンクス, Sufinkusu?) originate from Egyptian mythology. Rider's Noble Phantasm "The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol" are classified as Divine Beast rank creature.


Succubus (サキュバス, Sakyubasu?) are female demons who can drain a man's semen in order to increase their magical energy and to retain their eternal youth. They also have the abilities to regenerate themselves, to manipulate dreams, and to enhance their strength. Len, who was originally a familiar, acquired the ability of a succubus to drain people of their magical energy by manipulating their dreams. Her more selfish and outspoken TATARI version, White Len, also possesses this ability. There are also descendants like Natalia Kaminski from the original succubi species.


Werewolves (ウェアウルフ, Weaurufu?) are introduced in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. They are ordinarily classified as Magical Beasts, but the silver and gold varieties are classified as Phantasmal Beasts. They are descended from a single golden werewolf, but their society has been in decline from the modern age with the absence of new golden werewolves. There currently only seems to exist one village whose leader is silver. They live in the mountains of Northern Europe away from civilization, and it is rare for their females to get pregnant. The village came upon Lugh Beowulf, who had the appearance of a golden werewolf, and became extremely excited that he would bring about their revival. It eventually turned out that he was not a werewolf at all, but a Nature Spirit, which led to him being feared and ostracized. The werewolves eventually sold him to Touko Aozaki.

Transcendent KindEdit

Transcendent Kind (超越種, Chōetsu-shu?, "Transcendent Species") refers specifically to terminals separated and given form from the will of the World as a defense against the resource-plundering actions of humans. Examples of such include Elementals, Divine Spirits and True Ancestors. Despite being anti-human in origin, the Counter Force of Alaya does not target these supernatural entities, as they are extensions of the world and mediators of nature before being enemies of humanity.

In a broader meaning, Transcendent Kind refers to sentient species whose very existence occurs on a different scale from humanity. The Dead Apostles qualify as "Transcendent Kind" under this definition. Strictly speaking, however, the narrow definition explained above is more accurate; and per its criterion, Dead Apostles would merely be "self-described" as Transcendents.[15]





Curruid (クリード, Kurīdo?) was a creature as majestic as Watatsumi, with a roar that could bring forth tornadoes. It was a great sea monster lurking in the distant sea. The demon spear "Gáe Bolg" was carved from the remains of Curruid's skull. There also exists an armour, which uses the skeleton of this sea monster.[16]


Leviathan (リヴァイアサン, Rivuaiasan?) appears in the Old Testament, also known as Lotan (リタン, Ritan?) from Ugaritic myths.[17]

Moses' staff shares the same origin with the cruciform snake staff linked to Lotan.[17] It is something with the same origin as the staff that Moses used to split the Red Sea, while also acting as a symbol of the sea that that staff split. Its owner will be granted a transformative property like that of water, making it feasible for them to adapt to any situation. Furthermore, their form will be able to change phantasmagorically, and it would even be possible to take the shape of the target of one's envy.

Leviathan is one of Meltryllis's goddess components.

It is said that Tarasque is the offspring of Leviathan.[18]


Unicorns (一角馬, Ikkakuba?) are creatures with the power to purify human souls. The Seventh Holy Scripture was made from the horn of a dead unicorn that had turned into a nature spirit. Nrvnqsr Chaos has one stored inside of his Reality Marble as one of his stronger creatures.

Vorpal BunnyEdit

Vorpal Bunny (殺人兎, Satsujin Usagi?) are creatures part of the Phantasmal Species.


Known as Matous' Familiars, Crest Worms are not only unique Magic Crests but also grew to several types for other uses.

Zoukens Blood Worms

Blood Worms - Original design and Realta Nua design

Lust Worms (淫虫, Inchū?) or Blood Worms (吸血虫, Kyūketsu Chū?) are the creatures that have come to make up the body of Zouken Matou in his attempt to prolong his life. His existence is essentially a conglomerate of Crest Worms with a special appetite for human flesh and blood that combine themselves to take a human form. Despite the blood-sucking habits, he is not considered to be an actual vampire that the Church would hunt.

List of Phantasmal SpeciesEdit

Species Class/rank
Bull of HeavenDivine Beasts
Child of AinnashMonstrous Beasts
ChimeraMonstrous Beasts
Demon BoarMonstrous Beasts
Divine Bull Divine Beasts
Divine Spirits Transcendent Kind
Dragon Kind Monstrous Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, Divine Beasts
Fairies Demi-Human, Transcendent Kind (Elementals, True Ancestors)
Forest of AinnashMonstrous Beasts
Giants Demi-Human
Gorgon Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Harpy Demi-Human
Hippogriff Monstrous Beasts
Huginn and Muninn Divine Beasts
Hydra Monstrous Beasts
Kelpie Monstrous Beasts
Lamyros Demi-Human
Leviathan Unclassified
Minotauros Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Moby Dick Divine Beasts
Oni Kind Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Pegasus Monstrous Beasts
Primate Murder Monstrous Beasts
Quetzalcoatl Divine Beasts
Sphinx Divine Beasts, Demi-Human
Succubus Demi-Human
Typhon Divine Beasts
Unicorn Unclassified
Vorpal Bunny Unclassified
Werewolf Monstrous Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, Demi-Human
Worms Unclassified


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