Phantasmal Species (幻想種, Gensō-shu?) is the common term used to refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy.[1][2]

Nature[edit | edit source]

They are those existences that deviate from their original form by the impact of factors alien to their ecology, those existences born from the thoughts of humans and those existences that ascend to a higher order as a consequence of longevity. Then, if it is believed that the subject of a Mystery "exists," the World permits its existence and definite affirmation of said belief is not required. There are also existences desired by the world, but not by humans, and because of this they have gradually gone into hiding and dwindled in numbers. Rather than a classification for a separate ranking for beasts, it encompasses everything from demi-humans, such as fairies and giants, to monsters, such as dragons and oni. They differ from Daemons, as they are active creatures rather than passive existences. Similarly to how magi gain power through the accumulation of knowledge, those of the Phantasmal Species become stronger through the accumulation of time. Modern Magecraft is the sum of five hundred years of study, whereas the Phantasmal Species date back to the Age of Gods. Magi that only have a mystical lineage that spans five hundred years cannot hope to match or reproduce mysteries that have accumulated thousands of years and have an existence that is on par with the five modern Magics. They embody mysteries simply by existing and it is said to be a miracle if one is simply observed.

Magical Beasts[edit | edit source]

Many of the Phantasmal Species fall into the category of Magical Beasts (魔獣, Majū?, alt. "Demonic Beasts"), which is the common denomination for all creatures that do not fit in the ordinary biological classification for living beings and those that do not fall within the normal ecosystem. The term "beast" is a thaumaturgical term, and it does not necessarily mean quadrupedal mammals. They are true deviations from biology that cannot be explained by immature research or sudden mutations. They can be ranked into three categories, which change as the creatures age and increase in power towards becoming higher existences. The lowest rank is Monstrous Beasts (魔獣, Majū?, Demon Beasts), which then change into Phantasmal Beasts (幻獣, Genjū?), and finally become classified as Divine Beasts (神獣, Shinjū?).[3][4]

Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank (千年クラスの幻獣・聖獣, Chitose Kurasu no Genjū Seijū?) and Divine Beasts are equal to Magic, making them unable to even be harmed by mysteries on the level of magecraft. Rider's Pegasus, which has grown from a Monstrous Beast to a Phantasmal Beast, has even greater resistance than Saber, who can easily negate Caster's magecraft from the Age of Gods. The longer the creatures live, the further away they grow from the rest of the world. Out of the current creatures that still exist in the present era, only those whose ages are measured in centuries, rather than millennia, still remain.

Most remaining Magical Beasts are Chimeras formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods. They live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind. Those on the level of Phantasmal Beasts that existed in the past have almost all migrated to a different world presented as the "Reverse Side of the World". Divine Beasts such as Moby Dick and Typhon are more on the level of "super weapons" than actual living creatures.[5] Members of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, like Primate Murder, a white dog born with the sole purpose of killing humans, the Forest of Ainnash, a forest that matured to the level of a phantasm species by absorbing the blood of a Dead Apostle, and the Children of Ainnash, also count among the Magical Beasts.

List of Phantasmal Species[edit | edit source]

Species Class/rank
Centaurs Demi-Human
Child of Ainnash Monstrous Beast
Cerberus Divine Beast
Chimera Monstrous Beasts
Curruid Unclassified
Demon Boar Monstrous Beasts
Divine Bull Divine Beasts
Divine Spirits Transcendent Kind
Dragon Kind Monstrous Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, Divine Beasts
Fairies Demi-Human, Transcendent Kind (Elementals, True Ancestors)
Forest of Ainnash Monstrous Beast
Giants Demi-Human
Gorgon Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Gugalanna Divine Beast
Harpy Demi-Human
Hippogriff Monstrous Beasts
Huginn and Muninn Divine Beasts
Hydra Monstrous Beasts
Kelpie Monstrous Beasts
Lamyros Demi-Human
Leviathan Unclassified
Minotauros Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Moby Dick Divine Beasts
Oni Kind Monstrous Beasts, Demi-Human
Pegasus Monstrous Beasts
Primate Murder Monstrous Beasts
Quetzalcoatl Divine Beasts
Sphinx Divine Beasts, Demi-Human
Succubus and Incubus Demi-Human
Typhon Divine Beasts
Unicorn Unclassified
Vorpal Bunny Unclassified
Werewolf Monstrous Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, Demi-Human
Worms Unclassified

Bašmu[edit | edit source]


Bašmu (バシュム, Bashumu?, Bashmu) is a large poisonous horned snake with two forelegs. It is one of the eleven demons birthed by the monster of Babylonia legend, Tiamat. It is a species of Divine Beast, the top of all Phantasmal Species.[6]

Semiramis can summon them within her Hanging Gardens of Babylon, through her Sikera Ušum Noble Phantasm. But even Semiramis wouldn’t be able to summon something so powerful in that rushed situation, so she only summoned its top-half.[6]

Chimera[edit | edit source]

Chimera (キメラ, Kimera?, Chimaera) are creatures of the Monstrous Beast rank that make up the majority of the Magical Beasts still left within the world. They are formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods, and they live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind.

Synthetic Beast (合成獣, Gōseijū?) is a process that artificially creates chimera. It is controlled by its master in the "Zoology" animal department of the Mage's Association. The Wolf was created with the purpose of being used catalyst to summon a Servant in the False Holy Grail War. In the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz, there is a magical mechanism that changes humans into Chimera monster.

Demon Boar[edit | edit source]

Demon Boar illustrated by PFALZ

Demon Boar (魔猪, Macho?) is a Monstrous Beast type of Phantasmal Species. It is the reincarnation of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne half younger brother by a different father.[7] When Diarmuid and Fionn mac Cumhaill went hunting together, Diarmuid received a deep wound from its fangs. It is said that it eats meat, eats armor, and even greedily devours Runes. This is reckless death itself. Not to mention heroes, even the Dragon kind suffers an embarrassing defeat.[8]

Atalanta Alter transformed into the Calydonian Boar in Fate/Grand Order

The Calydonian Boar is a Monstrous Beast that Artemis let loose upon the earth. It looks like a wild boar, but that is merely because the lifeform that was used as its basis just happened to be a boar.[9] Dispatched as divine punishment by the angry goddess when the king of the city-state of Calydon forgot offerings to her in a harvest festival, it was a large and brutal beast that completely destroyed the crops of Calydon. During the Calydonian Boar Hunt, it rampaged without pause, killing many Greek heroes who came from all over the country.[10] The hero Meleager, in love with Atalanta, was the one who finished it off, but surrendered the merit to Atalanta and brought great discord to the country in doing such.
Twrch Trwyth is a Demon Boar. He is an antagonist in the Fate/Grand Order FGO 2016 Summer Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~ event.

Divine Bull[edit | edit source]

Divine Bull

Divine Bull (神牛, Shingyū?), also called God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull (飛蹄雷牛(ゴッド・ブル), Hitei Raigyū(Goddo Buru)?), is the name for the creatures of the Divine Beast rank that pull Gordius Wheel. Before the seduction of Europa, the supreme god of thunder, Zeus, changed his shape into that of a bull. Due to that, what manifested as the driving force of the chariot dedicated to Zeus were Divine Beasts with a connection to him. Due to the chariot being claimed by Rider before it could be offered to Zeus, they became part of his Noble Phantasm, and he refers to them as the "Children of Zeus."[11]

Dragon Kind[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dragon

Hippogriff[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hippogriff

Hydra[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hydra

Kelpie[edit | edit source]

Kelpie in Fate/Labyrinth.

Kelpie (ケルピー, Kerupī?), also known as Each-uisge (アハ・イシュケ, Aha-ishuke?) is classified as Monstrous beast rank by Magi. In Gaelic, it is translated as "Water Horse". The man-eating beast which was a water demon, is said to devour the flesh of girls. It is a beast that appeared in a part Britain's northern islands. It has an appearance resembled a large pale horse and it's tail was shaped like a fish's fin. A water demon which strode and ran freely on the water's surface. The Monstrous beast can change its four-legged form, into a winged "Boobrie: Water Bird (水の鳥(ブーブリー), Mizu no Tori(Būburī)?)" shape.[12]

Mušḫuššu[edit | edit source]

Mušḫuššu (ムシュフシュ, Mushufushu?), also known as the terrifying snake, is one of Tiamat's eleven offspring. It appears in the Babylonia Singularity as an enemy created by "Tiamat"-Gorgon.

Nemean Lion[edit | edit source]

Nemean Lion

The Nemean Lion was a species of a Demonic or Divine Beast, similar to the Ugallu of Babylon. Such creatures can "reject" human civilization, the Nemean Lion acting like a singularity that rejects human civilization itself.[13] True Archer's Pelt of the Divine Beast is made from the hide of Nemean Lion.

Pegasus[edit | edit source]

Rider on a Pegasus

Pegasus (天馬, Tenba?) are winged horses that are usually part of the Monstrous Beast Rank. They are docile creatures that do not like to fight. The Pegasus summoned by Rider is a special case that has advanced to the Phantasmal Beast Rank due to its age. Her Pegasus was originally given to her from the Greek Sea God Poseidon, and after she was exterminated by Perseus, it is said that Pegasus was born out of the blood dripping from her headless neck. It has been alive since the Age of Gods, and now possesses a defensive power on the same level as a dragon and Magic Resistance far greater than that of Saber. The buffets from a Pegasus's wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructure and lacerate the bodies of living beings. Due to its naturally kind nature, Rider has to use Bellerophon to force it to fight.

Quetzalcoatl[edit | edit source]

Main article: Quetzalcoatl (Noble Phantasm)

Tsuchigumo[edit | edit source]


Tsuchigumo (土蜘蛛?) is a race of demonic Phantasmal species. Kugamimi-no-Mikasa is a Tsuchigumo.

Murasaki in her swimsuit's Noble Phantasm summons a Tsuchigumo.

Ugallu[edit | edit source]


Ugallu (ウガル, Ugaru?), also known as the "Big Weather-Beast" was a wolf-headed storm-demon and one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.

It appears in the Babylonia Singularity as an enemy created by "Tiamat"-Gorgon.

Uridimmu[edit | edit source]


Uridimmu (ウリディンム, Uridinmu?), also known as "mad/howling dog", was described as a lion/dog hybrid and one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.

It appears with the Babylonia Singularity as an enemy.

Ušumgallu[edit | edit source]

Ušumgallu (ウシュムガル, Ushumugaru?), also known as the "Great Dragon", was described as a "lion-dragon demon" and one of Tiamat's eleven offspring. It appears in the Babylonia Singularity as an enemy created by "Tiamat"-Gorgon.

Demi-Human[edit | edit source]

Demi-Human (亜人, Ajin?) is the general term used for the likes of fairies, dwarves, and giants. Some of them are also classified as Magical Beasts.

Centaur[edit | edit source]

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Fairies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fairy

Giants[edit | edit source]

Main article: Giant

Gorgon[edit | edit source]

The Gorgon (ゴルゴン, Gorugon?) is Medusa's form as the legendary one-eyed man-eating monster after she started to kill and devour humans. Becoming an icon of terror, her appearance was distorted, and as wishes initially formed the Gorgon sisters, they also turned her into the atrocious Gorgon of legend. Even as a Heroic Spirit and Divine Spirit, she still has the rank of "Monster - Magical Beast", making her existence that of "an anti-hero closer to a monster." As a result, the rank of her Divinity decreased to the lowest value of E-. As compensation, she received the ability of Monsters and Magical Beasts, Monstrous Strength, which would bring her closer to the form of the Gorgon the more it was used.[3] After her death, her role as a Gorgon would be decreasing mankind's numbers.

Harpy[edit | edit source]

Harpies (妖鳥, Yōchō?) are avarice-filled flying beasts who are known for possessing cruel habits and a cowardly nature, unable to keep from being easily led astray by their appetite. While not suited to be used as soldiers, Semiramis combines them with her Dragon Tooth Warriors to create flying warriors.

Lamia[edit | edit source]

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Lamyros[edit | edit source]

Lamyros is a name derived from the Mediterranean term for Lamia (ラミア, Ramia?). They originate from myths, legends and beliefs and the only known Lamyros is the antagonist of Fate/Labyrinth Wolfgang Faustus.

Minotauros[edit | edit source]

Main article: Asterios

Oni Kind[edit | edit source]

Main article: Oni Kind

Shen[edit | edit source]

Shen (蜃}?) is a Divine Beast from Chinese and Japanese folklore. Its fossil is located in the Mariana Trench. It is one of Kiara in her swimsuit form as a MoonCancer's components.

Sphinx[edit | edit source]

Sphinx (スフィンクス, Sufinkusu?) originate from Egyptian mythology. Ozymandias' Noble Phantasm The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol are classified as Divine Beast rank creatures.

Ramesseum Tentyris also has Ozymandias' Guardian Beasts, which are a large number of different Phantasmal Beasts. While they are inferior to the aforementioned sphinx, their numbers are an extreme threat.

Succubus and Incubus[edit | edit source]

Succubus (サキュバス, Sakyubasu?) are female demons who can drain a man's semen in order to increase their magical energy and to retain their eternal youth. They also have the abilities to regenerate themselves, to manipulate dreams, and to enhance their strength. Len, who was originally a familiar, acquired the ability of a succubus to drain people of their magical energy by manipulating their dreams. Her more selfish and outspoken TATARI version, White Len, also possesses this ability. There are also mixed-blood descendants like Natalia Kaminski from the original succubi species.

Incubus (インキュバス, Inkyubasu?) are the male demon equivalents of Succubus, possessing the abilities of dream manipulation exactly like their feminine counterparts. Merlin's father was a supernatural incubus who lived in the gap between the Earth and the Moon.[14] Mephistopheles is capable of using incubi to cause nightmares with his Witchcraft.

Werewolf[edit | edit source]

Werewolves (ウェアウルフ, Weaurufu?) are introduced in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. They are ordinarily classified as Magical Beasts, but the silver and gold varieties are classified as Phantasmal Beasts. They are descended from a single golden werewolf, but their society has been in decline from the modern age with the absence of new golden werewolves. There currently only seems to exist one village whose leader is silver. They live in the mountains of Northern Europe away from civilization, and it is rare for their females to get pregnant. The village came upon Lugh Beowulf, who had the appearance of a golden werewolf, and became extremely excited that he would bring about their revival. It eventually turned out that he was not a werewolf at all, but a Nature Spirit, which led to him being feared and ostracized. The werewolves eventually sold him to Touko Aozaki.

In Fate/Grand Order, they appear as enemies, introduced in the Orleans Singularity, with them having the demonic attribute. Werewolves also appear within the Septem Singularity, the Okeanos Singularity, and the Atlantic Lostbelt.

Transcendent Kind[edit | edit source]

Transcendent Kind (超越種, Chōetsu-shu?, "Transcendent Species") refers specifically to terminals separated and given form from the will of the World as a defense against the resource-plundering actions of humans. Examples of such include Elementals, Divine Spirits and True Ancestors. Despite being anti-human in origin, the Counter Force of Alaya does not target these supernatural entities, as they are extensions of the world and mediators of nature before being enemies of humanity.

In a broader meaning, Transcendent Kind refers to sentient species whose very existence occurs on a different scale from humanity. The Dead Apostles qualify as "Transcendent Kind" under this definition. Strictly speaking, however, the narrow definition explained above is more accurate; and per its criterion, Dead Apostles would merely be "self-described" as Transcendents.[15]

Unclassified[edit | edit source]

Curruid[edit | edit source]


Curruid (クリード, Kurīdo?) was a creature as majestic as Watatsumi, with a roar that could bring forth tornadoes. It was a great sea monster lurking in the distant sea. The demon spear "Gáe Bolg" was carved from the remains of Curruid's skull. There also exists an armour, which uses the skeleton of this sea monster.[16]

Leviathan[edit | edit source]

Main article: Leviathan

Stymphalian Birds[edit | edit source]

The Stymphalian Birds (ステュムパリデスの鳥, Suteyumuparidesu no Tori?). They were monstrous birds cherished by Ares as familiars, but they were driven from the peninsula by Heracles during the Labor. Alcides brings forth through them his Noble Phantasm embodying the Sixth Labour by shooting countless bronze arrows high into the air, the arrows transforming into the beasts as they descend towards the opponent. They appear as giant birds with bronze-coated beaks, wings, and talons, driven with bloodlust to attack his enemies. They are defeated by True Berserker with a single strike of its giant mass.[17]

Unicorns[edit | edit source]

Unicorns (一角馬, Ikkakuba?) are creatures with the power to purify human souls. The Seventh Holy Scripture was made from the horn of a dead unicorn that had turned into a nature spirit. Nrvnqsr Chaos has one stored inside of his Reality Marble as one of his stronger creatures.

Vorpal Bunny[edit | edit source]

Vorpal Bunny (殺人兎, Satsujin Usagi?) are creatures part of the Phantasmal Species.

Worms[edit | edit source]

Known as Matous' Familiars, Crest Worms are not only unique Magic Crests but also grew to several types for other uses.

Blood Worms - Original design and Realta Nua design

Lust Worms (淫虫, Inchū?) or Blood Worms (吸血虫, Kyūketsu Chū?) are the creatures that have come to make up the body of Zouken Matou in his attempt to prolong his life. His existence is essentially a conglomerate of Crest Worms with a special appetite for human flesh and blood that combine themselves to take a human form. Despite the blood-sucking habits, he is not considered to be an actual vampire that the Church would hunt.

References[edit | edit source]

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    ――― the Phantasmal Species (幻想種, gensou-shu?).
    As the wording implies, the term refers to those existences that persist (生存する, seizon-suru?, lit. "survive") only within Fantasy (幻想, gensou?).
    Those Demi-Humans (亜人, ajin?) so called as Faeries (妖精, yousei?) or Giants (巨人, kyojin?);
    those Demonic Beasts (魔獣, majyuu?) so called as Oni (鬼, Oni?) or Dragons (竜, Ryuu?).
    They whose mode of being (在り方, arikata?) is inherently a "Mystery" (神秘, shinpi?) are merely in the act of "existing" manifest as existences that surpass Magecraft.
    There exists a Principle (理, kotowari?) that a Mystery is extinguished in the face of a Mystery of greater magnitude.
    So as Magecraft permits the accumulation of power in the mode of knowledge,
    the Phantasmal Species accrue strength by the very measure of their lifespan (寿命, jyumyou?).
    Taken to its limits by the assistance of Magecraft, the human corpus can persist for no more than five hundred years.
    To they who have survived since distant antedeluvia (太古, taiko?), a Mystery on the order of half a millennium in magnitude is unworthy as competition.
    However, the circumstance wherein Humanity and the Phantasmal Species inhabit same World is a matter of the past.
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    Phantasmal species.
    Within our works, this is a general term for those creatures that appear within legends and myths.
    They are those existences that deviate from their original form by the impact of factors alien to their ecology; those existences borne of human ideation (想念, sounen?); and those existences that ascend to a higher order as a consequence of longevity.
    Incidentally, it is typically only those creatures that hold standing as Demonic Beasts (魔獣, Majyuu?, translated sometimes as "Monstrous Beasts") or below that are used as Familiars (使い魔, Tsukai-Ma?). The Ranks go in the order of Animal (野獣, yajyuu?, lit. "wild beast") → Demonic Beast (魔獣?) → Phantasmal Beast (幻獣, genjyuu?) → Holy Beast (聖獣, Seijyuu?).
    Phantasmal and Holy Beasts of the Millennium Class (千年クラス, sennen kurasu?) fundamentally outmatch the strength of Mysteries (神秘, shinpi?) on the order of Magecraft; the Mysteries inherent to said creatures are of a magnitude equivalent to that represented within True Magic.


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    Most Magical Beasts have existed since the Age of Gods, and are Chimeras formed from mixing different species. They live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind. Furthermore, Phantasmal Beasts that have existed in the past have almost all migrated to a different world presented as the “Inside of the World”.
    Although classified as a Monstrous Beast, the Pegasus that Rider mounted in the story is an existence closer to that of a Phantasmal Beast due to surviving over a very long period of time. Also worth mentioning is that, Phantasmal Beasts that have survived over thousands of years are on the same tier as True Magic, thus rendering mysteries on the level of sorcery completely ineffective against them.


    • The Pinnacle of Phantasmal Species – Dragons

    Dragons, or Magical Beasts similar to Dragons, have members in all classes of Magical Beasts (Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine Beasts). Dragons are always thought to be the greatest species within their corresponding classes. Because there are dragons of the Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine classes, they have been involved with mankind since before the Age of Gods. They have also left many legends in the field of thaumaturgy.

    • A Heroic Spirit with a Rank in Monster ∙ Magical Beast

    Because Rider’s true identity is Medusa, she possesses a rank of Monster ∙ Magical Beast. As a result, the rank of her Divinity decreased to the lowest value of E-. As compensation, she received the ability of Monsters and Magical Beasts, Monstrous Strength.

    Rider is more of a Divine Spirit than a Heroic Spirit. Yet, it is better to call her “an anti-hero closer to a monster” instead of a Divine Spirit. Because she possesses a rank as a monster, Rider is very incompatible with Servants who fought off monsters in their tales.

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    The vast majority of monstrous beasts are crossbreeds (chimera) living in still-uncivilized regions, but it seems that those of mythical rank and above have shifted to the far side of the world.
    Though the Pegasus that appears in the story is a monstrous beast, its long life puts it at the level of a mythical beast. Ordinary magi are completely unable to compete with something of this rank.
    Also, beings that take after dragons are considered to be superior, regardless of classification. Since dragons are endowed with the characteristics of several species, it appears that even consorting with humans was not uncommon.

    魔獣の多くは掛け合わせ(キメラ)であり.いまだ未開の地に生息しているが、幻獣はその特性上、世界 の裏側にシフトしてしまったらしい。
    本編で登場するライダーの天馬は魔獣だが、長く蓄 えた年月により幻獣の域に達している。幻獣ランクのモノには、並大抵の魔術師では歯が立たない。

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    Q: There's three ranks for magic beasts, but what's the most famous of the Divine Beasts, the greatest of those? Dragons are special beings with the alignments of the three types, but are there any currently existing dragons that can interfere with the real world in the world of Fate?

    A: Moby Dick and Typhon? Divine beasts like those are more super weaponish than living beings I suppose.



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    If Shishigou hadn’t used a Command Spell on Mordred, she would have immediately died the instant Bašmu opened its mouth and released its poisonous breath.


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    Endurance: C
    Agility: A+
    Mana: D
    Luck: E
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    Personal Skills
    Eye of the Mind (True): B
    Love Spot: C
    Knightly Tactics: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Gáe Dearg & Gáe Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality, Crimson Rose of Exorcism
    Rank: B→B+
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Celt mythology. Under the command of the leader Fionn, he was a prominent knight of the Knights of Fianna and the owner of a beautiful face. Possessing a dark mole in his cheek conferred by a fairy, it carried a magical power that made the hearts of young maidens flutter.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 184cm・85kg
    Source: Celtic mythology, Knights of Fianna
    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male
    A knight who spent his lifetime questioning about love, loyalty and pride.

    Level 2 Bond
    "Red Rose of Exorcism"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    A magic spear described as a "Noble Phantasm-slaying Noble Phantasm".
    Negates magical power-like effects on the target that its edge has touched. Basically, it is a Noble Phantasm that possesses an ability for rendering magical defenses powerless.

    Level 3 Bond
    After making Grainne, a princess that was invited as a bride-candidate for his lord Fionn, fall in love with him, he ended up having to elope and run around all over Ireland as a result of being imposed a geis of "take me along and run away" by her.

    Level 4 Bond
    It has been said that, even while at large, Diarmuid sticked to his fidelity to Fionn and did not lay a finger on Grainne.
    Eventually, after reconciling with Fionn, although he was allowed to openly unite with Grainne, their happiness did not last long.

    Level 5 Bond
    After receiving a fatal wound from a wild boar that was the reincarnation of his younger brother by a different father, Diarmuid sought the help of Fionn, who possessed the magical power of healing). But due still holding a grudge over the matter with Grainne, Fionn decided to let him die.

    He has no wish to entrust the Holy Grail with. To be given a second battlefield where he can fulfill his pride as a knight; to Diarmuid that is both his dearest wish and greatest blessing. Pursuing nothing but a bright military honor, free of troubles, Diarmuid participates in this holy war.

    ディルムッド・オディナ - ランサー



    心眼(真) B
    愛の黒子 C
    騎士の武略 B

    対魔力 B



    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放
    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを2にすると開放
    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを3にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放


  8. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Demon Boar [T]

    Magic Boar
    Eating meat, eating armor, and even greedily devouring runes.
    This is reckless death itself.
    Not to mention heroes, even the dragon kind suffers an embarrassing defeat.
    Let alone, the likes of a spear-user who was harboring doubts.

    In the forest of massacre, the regrets of heroes echoes today as well.



  9. [v] Fate/Apocrypha material - Encyclopedia: Boar of Divine Punishment [Noble Phantasm], p.154 [T]

    Boar of Divine Punishment [Noble Phantasm]
    Agrius Metamorphosis. The pelt of the Calydonian Boar, a Monstrous Beast which the virgin Goddess Artemis let loose upon the earth. It looks like a wild boar, but that is merely because the lifeform that was used as its basis just happened to be a boar. Just as depicted in the novels, if the pelt is worn by a person, they will become a Monstrous Human rather than a Monstrous Beast.
    It grants power equivalent to that of A rank Mad Enhancement and grants an A rank Transformation skill, bestowing various characteristics depending on the environment. In exchange, the wearer loses their reason and, depending on the situation, becomes unable to discern and identify even their Master. It is a Noble Phantasm whose use pretty much equals self-destruction, and its use has never been confirmed in any of the subspecies Holy Grail Wars.
    However, even the author himself couldn’t help having doubts about how it transformed into bird wings for Atalanta, fused with her bow and shot arrows weaved out of prana. Was it supposed to be like the T virus or something? (TL Note: The last line is a Resident Evil reference.)


  10. [v] Fate/complete material IV: Extra material - Fate/Apocrypha - Atalanta, p.312-313

    Atalanta, the Chaste Huntress
    Born in the natural paradise Arcadia, she speaks in an old fashion. She was abandoned in the mountains immediately after birth, and survived by being nurtured by a female bear, sacred beast of the goddess Artemis. She has the same egotism and view on life and death as a wild animal, so it is natural to her to steal food to live. However, she will help any child left behind as much as she can, as gratitude for the care she received herself. Her wish to the Holy Grail is for a world where every child can be raised with love.

    • Class:Archer
    • Source:Greek mythology
    • Location:Europe
    • Alignment:Neutral Evil
    • Gender:Female
    • Height:166cm
    • Weight:57cm
    • Armament: Bow

    Illustrations: Genji Asai
    Creator: Myougaya Jinroku

    Though she was born as the princess of Arcadia, Atalanta was abandoned in the mountain, but she survived thanks to divine protection from Artemis. In gratitude, she is a fervent follower of Artemis. She grows into an excellent huntress, and accompanies the Argonauts. She is most known for the hunt of the Calydonian boar. She then returned to her birth land, but her father, who never had a son, commanded her to get married. As she had pledged a vow of virginity to the goddess, she proclaimed "I will only marry one who can beat me in a footrace. Those who lose will be killed." She tore through a great number of challengers, but at last, she lost when she was tricked into picking up irresistible golden apples thrown in front of her, and she had to break her vow.


    • STR: D
    • CON: E
    • AGI: A
    • MGI: B
    • LCK: C
    • Noble Phantasm: C


    • Crossing Arcadia

    Can move while jumping over all kinds of obstacles on the field, including enemies.
    "Arcadia, my far-away homeland, I shall jump stone by stone across the steep mountain range that lead to you."

    • Aesthetics of the Last Spurt

    Can anticipate the enemy by letting him take the initiative and then confirming his actions. Even in footraces, she always made her opponent run ahead.
    "Go ahead. I shall pass in front of you afterward like a squall."

    • The Golden Apple

    Draws the enemy near by displaying a treasured item.
    "Look, this is the fruit of fate. This glorious treasure once sparked the burning of Troy. Come closer if you wish for it."

    Noble Phantasm

    • The Disputed Spoils of War

    A boar's pelt (with head attached) attained as booty of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. By releasing magical energy, high-speed traveling long distances in a straight line becomes possible. While moving, characters in the traveled route enter in disorder and start killing each other by mistake. When the king of Calydon forgot the offerings to Artemis in a harvest festival, the angry goddess let this boar loose over the land. The hero of Calydon who loved Atalanta, Meleager, finished it off, but because Atalanta refused his wishes of handing over the achievement, the concerning fate of said achievement brought discord to the country.

    • The Complaint Message on the Arrow

    By sending a letter affixed to an arrow requesting divine protection with the "Celestial Bow" received from the guardian deity Artemis, in the next turn a rain of arrows will downpour and perform an attack on all units.
    The letter on the arrow will randomly reach either Artemis or Apollo. If it reaches Artemis then all women will become targets, while if it reaches Apollo all men will be targeted. This Noble Phantasm is associated with the episode in which Artemis and Apollo shot to death all the children of the fertile woman Niobe, because she boasted that she was greater than their mother Leto because "Leto had fewer children".

    • The Beast of Divine Punishment

    The condition in which "The Disputed Spoils of War" is clad over the body comfortably from the head and power of the Calydonian Boar is made one's own possession. Offensive power, defensive power and movement capacity are raised and one's life-force can be recovered about just as much as the damage dealt to the enemy. The wild boar dispatched by Artemis divine punishment was both giant as a mountain and brutal and attempted to completely devour the crops of the city-state Calydon. The power attained through this Noble Phantasm is the Calydonian Boar itself, which was not stopped without making victims even after brave warriors from all over Greece were called.

    • The Seven Arrows of the Big Dipper

    Meteor arrows that rain incessantly from the "seven stars of the Ursa Major" in heavens. 7 consecutive attacks are possible. Only in the first strike the target can be designated arbitrarily, and thereafter the attacks converge at said target. Fundamentally, the target cannot be altered, but if said target dies in middle of the attack, the remaining number of strikes will be divided among different targets on that location at random. The Ursa Major is Callisto, one of the nymphs that serve Artemis who had her figure transformed as divine punishment for breaking the vow of chastity and later was raised to a constellation. Really, Artemis is a goddess with a deep connection to bears.


    • クラス:アーチャー
    • 出典:ギリシャ神話
    • 地域:欧州
    • 属性:中立・悪
    • 性別:女
    • 身長:166cm
    • 体重:57kg
    • 武装:弓


    アルカディアの王女として生まれながらも山へ捨てられたアタランテだが、アルテミスの加護で生き延びる。この恩から、彼女はアルテミスの熱烈な信者となる。そして優れた狩人へと成長したアタランテは、アルゴナウタイに同行。またカリュドンの猪狩りでは、一番手柄を立てた。こうして故郷に帰った彼女を待っていたのは、世継ぎのない父王からの婿取りの命である。しかし女神に純潔を誓った彼女は「私と駆け競べをして勝った者にしか嫁がない。敗者は殺す」と宣言。 幾人もの挑戦者を破ったが、最終的には、競走中に彼女が憧れた黄金のリンゴを投げて取りに行かせる策略に負け、純潔に別れを告げたのだった。


    • 筋力:D
    • 耐久:E
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:C
    • 宝具:C


    • アルカディア越え


    • 追い込みの美学


    • 黄金のリンゴ



    • 諍いの戦利品 - 威力:小

    カリュドンの猪狩りの戦利品として得た、猪の毛皮(頭部つき)。 魔力を開放すると、直線的に長距離を高速走行できる。移動中、走行ルートのキャラクターは混乱し、同士討ちを始める。この猪はカリュドン国の王がアルテミスへの収穫祭の供物を忘れた際に、怒った女神が地上に放ったもの。アタランテを愛するカリュドンの英雄・メレアグロスがトドメを刺したが、手柄を譲るという彼の意思をアタランテが辞退したため、その功績のゆくえを巡る不和を国にもたらした。

    • 訴状の矢文 - 威力:小

    守護神アルテミスから授かった“天穹の弓”で加護を求める矢文を送ると、次ターンに矢の雨が降り注ぎ、全体攻撃を行う。矢文はアルテミス、アポロンのどちらかにランダムで届く。アルテミスに届いた場合は、その場の女性すべてが標的となり、アポロンに届いた場合は男性が狙われる。この宝具は多産の女性・ニオベが「子どもの数が少ない」とアポロンとアルテミスの母・レトを馬鹿にしたため、 二人がニオベの子らを一人残らず射殺したエピソードにちなむ。

    • 神罰の野猪 - 威力:中


    • 北斗の七矢 - 威力:大

    天上の“大熊座の七つ星”から降り注ぐ流星の矢。7連続攻撃が可能。最初の一撃のみ任意で標的を指定し、以降はその標的に攻撃が集中する。基本的に標的は変更できないが、攻撃途中で標的が死亡した場合、残りの攻撃回数はランダムでその場にいる別の標的に振り分けられる。大熊座はアルテミスに仕えるニンフのうち、純潔の誓いを破ったカリストが神罰で姿を変えられ、後に星座に上げられたもの。 つくづくアルテミスは熊との関わりが深い女神である。

  11. [v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull

    God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull
    The divine bulls that pull the Gordias Wheel. It is said that before the seduction of Europa, the supreme god of thunder Zeus changed his shape into that of a bull. Therefore, what manifested as the driving force of the chariot dedicated to Zeus, were Divine Beasts with a connection to Zeus.

    ゴルディアスホイールを牽く神牛。雷を司る至高神ゼウスは、かつてエウロペを誘惑する際に牡牛へと姿を変 えたという。よってゼウス神に捧げられた戦車の牽引力として顕現したのは、ゼウスと縁のある聖獣だった。

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    Beast of Billows
    The dignity of a sea god, a howl that summons tornadoes.
    Its name is Curruid.
    A great beast who lies in distant seas.
    The legendary spear, "Gae Bolg," was carved from the skull of this monster.


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