Demon God Phenex (魔神フェニクス, Majin Fenikusu?) is one of the 72 Demons of the Goetia.



Phenex is the 37th of the 72 Demon Gods, holding the title of Marquis. It is said to converse in rhymes.[1]

Phenex was one of the pillars that administrated the Arsenal.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Phenex was one of the pillars that administrated the Arsenal.[2] After the defeat of Goetia, it was one of the four Demon Gods that escaped from the Time Temple.

Agartha: Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

Phenex made contact with Scheherazade and the two cooperated in engineering the Agartha Singularity in 2000 AD.[1]


Aside from the standard abilities displayed by the Demon Pillars, Phenex is a Demon God governing death and rebirth, seen in a similar fashion to the Phoenix. As such, it is capable of reviving by itself after being killed. Phenex is also capable of assuming a humanoid form.[1]

Phenex was capable of bolstering Scheherazade's Noble Phantasm to the level required to create the Agartha singularity, an encroachment of fiction onto reality.[1]


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