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« I will destroy the target.”
“I won't take life. Only destroy your civilization. "Photon Ray"! »


Photon Ray: War God's Sword (軍神の剣(フォトン・レイ), Gunshin no Ken(Foton Rei)?) is the unleashed power of the Sword of MarsWP, the sword of Altera which is shaped like a longsword while also bearing a "somewhat futuristic design." While speculated to be formed from the combination of "the prowess and terror that led to her being feared as the ‘Divine Punishment’ and ‘The Scourge of God’" and the "anecdote about her obtaining the ‘Sword of Mars’", the sword is not a power originating from Altera or her origins in Velber but is instead the sword of the original God of War whom Altera defeated. It is also the prototype of Divine Constructs.[3]

The "blade" of the sword, formed of tri-colored bands of light, is believed to be capable of destroying "any and all existence" on Earth. When its True Name is released, Altera charges at and extensively annihilates the enemy camp while crossing over it like a shooting star with the "blade" projecting mana with a rainbow-like light. Upon unleashing its true power, both its rank and type classification as a Noble Phantasm increases.[2]


Teardrop Photon Ray[]

Teardrop Photon Ray: Star of Tears, War God's Sword (涙の星、軍神の剣(ティアードロップ・フォトン・レイ), Namida no Hoshi, Gunshin no Ken(Tiādoroppu Foton Rei)?) is the enhanced version of the original Photon Ray Noble Phantasm and the true power possessed by the Sword of Mars.

The sword of light is, in actuality, nothing but some sort of laser pointer that designates the attack spot. Simultaneously as its True Name is unleashed, a giant light pillar (the real Photon Ray) thrusts itself in against Altera's designated spot from the distant skies above, annihilating a wide area. It's, so to speak, a orbiting satellite laser attack. Because of this property of causing an attack from above, it is useful for attacking strongholds.[4]

When invoking this Noble Phantasm, Altera is actually establishing a connection with the God of War MarsWP (Ares). Due to her actions as the White Titan 14,000 years ago, Mars loathes Altera more than anyone else and upon recognizing the connection, he would unleash Photon Ray, his light of authority, towards her. Altera’s usage of mana for this Noble Phantasm is to actually redirect that light of authority towards the designated spot of attack, costing a great deal of mana to redirect it.[5]

Romulus states that Teardrop Photon Ray is the conceptualization of war itself. A giant sword of light wielded by the God of War, Mars, who is virtually manifested in satellite orbit. Since it had been a while since Romulus last saw it, he is unsure on whether or not its power output is compounded. He also claimed that she seems to wield the sword more skillfully than his father. According to Boudica, it is the virtual manifestation of a Divine Spirit. Nero also equates that having her help them is the same as having the God of War on their side.[6]

Fairy Snow Photon Ray[]

Fairy Snow Photon Ray: Fairy's Wings, Star of Tears (妖精の翅 泪の星(フェアリィスノウ フォトン・レイ), Yōsei no Hane Namida no Hoshi(Fearisunō Foton Rei)?) is the version of Photon Ray used by Altera Larva. It is an incomparably powerful attack activated through the Sword of Mars. The Attilaite cells form a burst of rainbow-colored energy to blow away enemies like "powdered snow in the night."

Candy Star Photon Ray[]

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« Santa effect invoked! Haa~, fuu~”
“Alright, I'll do it. One, two, three. A dream of sheeps running through the night sky. "Candy Star Photon Ray"! »


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« It is Zerco's turn. I will show a cool scene to Master.”
“I will not break my promise. I will demolish that solitude. One sheep, many sheep. "Candy Star Photon Ray"! »


Candy Star Photon Ray: Holy Night Rainbow, War God's Sword (聖夜の虹、軍神の剣(キャンディスター・フォトン・レイ), Seiya no Niji, Gunshin no Ken(Kyandisutā Foton Rei)?) is the Noble Phantasm of Altera the San(ta). A new Noble Phantasm invented by changing Altera's Sword of the God of War into a candy cane. This form of Photon Ray is also called Photon Ram (フォトン・ラム?). Hope you enjoy the Great Itano CircusWP performed by Altera's sheep followers.[7]

In secret, it is regarded as the rival of Caster of Okeanos's Metabole Piglets, but that will be told of in a different episode.[7]

Far separated from the stone chamber, with neither memories nor records connected, and even if that vast loneliness is yet unhealed, the sheeps in her dreams span the night sky like a rainbow.[7]


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    Class: Saber  True Name: Altera
    Gender: Female  Source: Historical fact  Region: Central Asia~Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Height: 160cm  Weight: 48kg

    Strength: B  Endurance: A  Agility: A  Mana: B  Luck: A  Noble Phantasm: A+

    Scenerio Writer: Hikaru Sakurai/Character Designer: huke/Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto
    Major Appearance Works: Fate/Grand Order

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Cancels the use of spells with a chant that is three verses or below. Receives almost no damage even against High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

    Riding: A
    She is able to operate all vehicles and beasts freely except for those with a Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast ranking.

    Divinity: B
    Whether or not one has aptitude as a divine spirit.
    Altera is not related to a divine spirit by blood; however Europe was overrun on what was considered to be the authority of God. The target of this fear was given the name, "Scourge of God." Because of this, Altera who became a Heroic Spirit on Earth has a high ranking divine spirit aptitude.

    Civilization Erosion: EX
    A subconsciously active skill of the heroic spirit Altera. Anything within her grasp is transformed into its “best” form currently most suited for herself.
    This is based on Altera’s own perspective, not necessarily reflecting the object at its greatest or most excellent.

    Personal Skills
    Natural Body: D
    Temporarily can rank up STR.
    Furthermore, no matter how many calories she ingests, her fundemental design (body type) will not change.

    Crest of the Star: EX
    The unique pattern imprinted on Altera's body, a strange design that does not belong to the Huns but resulted from some advanced ritual.
    The higher the rank, the higher one's attack power is increased. By expending mana through it, one can temporarily enhance the performance of any desired part of the body. An efficient skill that costs little mana but lacks the explosiveness of skills like Power Burst.
    In addition, this unique skill also has the effects of the Instinct skill - since it felt like it was missing a little something, or so she claimed.

    Military Tactics: B
    An instinctive capacity for utilizing tactical knowledge in battles where many are mobilized. Provides a bonus modifier at the time of using one’s own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing with an opposing Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    Noble Phantasm
    Photon Ray: Sword of the War God
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm  Range: 1~30  Maximum Target: 200 People
    Photon Ray.
    A Noble Phantasm that put together the valor and fear that awed all European nation as the "Scourge of God" or "Divine Reprimand", and the anecdotes of having acquired the sword of the War God Mars-- or so it is thought.
    The Noble Phantasm "Sword of the War God" has the shape of a long sword but, for some reason, its design somehow gives a futurist impression.
    The blade composed by three-colored light is said to be able to destroy "any and all existences" in the world.
    Once its true power is released, both Rank and classification rise up.

    First Pronoun: watashi  Second Pronoun: omae / ** (without honorifics)  Third Pronoun: yatsu / kyatsu / ** (without honorifics)

    With her excellent instincts, she can deal with even the drastic of circumstances without abandoning her reason – a proud and logical fighter. However, there is a sort of ’emptiness’ about her.

    Regardless of friend or foe, she has some magnanimity for those warriors whose skill (performance) she has acknowledged, but those who stand against her are treated as only obstructions to be removed, and she is fundamentally merciless. There is no hesitation in her blade. In battle, she can coolly and correctly grasp the situation, becoming a merciless killing machine.

    Although she recognizes combat as where she is truly in her element, she personally does not like it. She fights because she is a fighter. In the name of the violent and unchained God of War, she kills all who stands in her way and destroys all ‘civilization’ before her, nothing more. She is unused and inexperienced in matters outside of war and combat.

    She was born with a fondness for the God of War, Mars (Ares). She would call him “Marc” though she did not enforce this on others. It was just something she preferred.

    In truth, she dislikes her more common name of “Attila”. She does not dislike its meaning – ‘father’ or ‘controller’ – but rather its sound, and is somewhat more attached the German “Etzel”. She calls herself “Altera” and wishes to be known as such, but it is difficult to have her explain the reason. Only to the very small number of people she trusts will she quietly disclose the truth – because it does not sound charming or sweet.

    ○Motivation · Attitude to the Master
    She treats her Master stoically, recognizing them as a general or adviser-like figure, and will generally go along with anything they say with an “I see”. Instead of trusting as a human being, the situation is closer to a fighting machine on the battlefield that fully relies on external software (the Master) to process thoughts.

    Her wish for the Holy Grail is ‘to live a life not as a warrior’. She does not despise the life that she spent fighting, but she is interested to find out how she would have lived otherwise.

    ○Dialogue Examples
    “My name is Altera. I am a warrior of the god of war and a descendant of the Xionghu.”
    “I will demolish that civilization.”
    “If the Holy Grail serves as a vessel that records everything, then I’ll… simply destroy it.”
    “I will destroy, and I will triumph. Up to now, as well as after this.”
    “If I remember correctly, I am also a person called… Attila… Personally, I am not very happy about that. The reason? The reason is… I don’t know how to say it. Eventually, there may even be a reason that I can speak of, but as of right now, that name is just unpleasant.”

    ○Historical Figure
    Attila the Hun was the overlord who established a great empire in the 5th century.
    She was a warrior and king of the Huns, the descendants of the Xiongnu.
    Leading an army of cavalry, the conquests of this great hero covered a great part of the map, from Western Asia to Russia, Eastern Europe, and even Gaul. It is said that this was one of the causes for the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire.
    Throughout her life, she was always in the midst of battle.
    Due to the terrifying acts she committed in war, she was greatly feared in all European nations as the “Scourge of God”.
    She is a pure “King of War”. In contrast with her martial achievements, she did not succeed politically, and her empire rapidly fell apart and dissolved after her death. However, the awe and dread infused in the name “Attila” remains in the memories of people to this day.

    ○In Grand Order
    She was an avatar of destruction. An engine of war that scythed down the many lives who had stood in her path. That was how she had been made to be… so the elders of the Huns had said to her. That she, Altera, existed for battle.
    That she had no father, no mother. That she had been “discovered” by the Huns, descendants of the Xiongnu people. Yes, she had no memories of parents, nor of friends, nor of a family. Instead, the world was filled with enemies.
    As shown by the marks of war carved into her flesh from the beginning, she lived only to fight. It was her born nature and her role. It was her purpose to exercise her capabilities as intended, and she never held any doubt on the matter.

    Becoming destruction itself, she fought like a raging tempest, king of the Huns yet not one of them.
    It barely even registered to her that she had armies at her back as she swung her sword with single mind.
    Destruction. Domination. Invasion.
    She could not be sated, even as the lands of the Huns grew beyond their ability to control. She merely swung the sword and continued the slaughter. Even in the moment when death came to her, she recalled – as she laid in a pool of her own blood, she had thought only of ways to fell Rome.

    However, having become a heroic spirit and taken form as a Servant, she began silently questioning herself. Had she perhaps been too much of a warrior? What if she had not become the embodiment of destruction itself? What if she never gripped the sword of the war god?

    She had been feared by Europe as the punishment brought down by their absolute deity, the very whip of God Himself. She had been a fighting machine. History had even forgotten that she was a woman. What life could she have lived, if not as a warrior?

    What would she have spent her time on?
    Would she have been a traveler, freely circling the world on the back of her horse?
    Would she have been a grower of life, tilling the earth as she had seen the people of Europe done?
    Would she be baking bread in a smoldering oven? Hunting birds and beasts in the wild?
    Would she be learning words and language, and writing it down in books?
    Would she, with reddened cheeks and gentle smile, have pressed herself into the breast of another?

    She did not know. But she wondered…

    ○Affiliated Characters
    Other Servants
    Other Servants All civilization must be destroyed. There is no difference between them.

    Caster Servants
    Although she witnessed the works of curses in life, as she herself had few ties with magecraft, she holds some actual interest in those pure Casters who practice magecraft.

    Comment from Illustrator
    Miss Altera somewhat regrets that she turned into this difficult design where it was hard to put in and depict her having a fighting spirit. Although I received lots of orders, there are many of them that I do not remember by now in the last 2 years or so, but there are very amazing things written into this setting, huh? What’s going on in this? It is sort of that feeling. That setting… is it not shown yet? I honestly want to see!


    真名:セイバー  真名:アルテラ
    性別:女性  出典:史実  地域:中央アジア~欧州
    属性:混沌・善  身長:160cm  体重:48kg

    筋力:B  耐力:A  敏捷:A  魔力:B  幸運:A  宝具:A+

    主な登場作品:Fate/Grand Order








    ランク:A  種別:対軍宝具  レンジ:1〜30  最大捕捉:200人

    一人称:私  二人称:/○○  三人称:/○○




    匈奴(フンヌ、ヒュン ヌ)の末裔、フン族の戦士にして王。

    ○『Fate/Grand Order』における人物像



    Comment from Illustrator

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    Altera - Saber

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: huke
    Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: A
    Mana: B
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Personal Skills
    Military Tactics: B
    Natural Body: D → EX
    Star Emblem: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Riding: A
    Divinity: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Photon Ray: Sword of the War God
    Rank: A- → A
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A great king who established a great empire. Attila the Hun.
    A descendant of the Xiongnu (Hunnu), she is a warrior and king of the Hun tribe.
    A great hero from the 5th Century who controlled a vast territory, spanning from West Asia to Russia・Eastern Europe・Gaul.
    It can be said that he invited the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 160cm・48kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Central Asia~Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    Had a liking for the War God Mars (Ares) since she was born.

    Level 2 Bond
    With outstanding power of intuition, she stand against all circumstances without abandoning her reason. A proud, rational warrior.
    In some respects, there is an "emptiness" in her.
    During battles, she turns into a combat machine that calmly, accurately grasps the situation and executes a merciless massacre.

    Level 3 Bond
    Utterly, a "Combat King".
    In contrast with the deeds of arms in the battlefield, she was not successful in her reign and the empire quickly collapsed after her death, vanishing completely.
    However, the name "Attila" that exemplifies awe and fear is being remembered by the people even to this day.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Sword of the War God"
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    A Noble Phantasm that put together the valor and fear that awed all European nation as the "Scourge of God" or "Divine Reprimand", and the anecdotes of having acquired the sword of the War God Mars-- or so it is thought.

    Level 5 Bond
    The Noble Phantasm "Sword of the War God" has the shape of a long sword but, for some reason, its design somehow gives a futurist impression.
    The blade composed by three-colored light is said to be able to destroy "any and all existences" in the world.
    Once its true power is released, both Rank and classification rise up.

    If she were to have a wish for the Holy Grail--
    it would be "I want to try living a life other than that of a warrior".
    By no means she felt disgust with her warrior self.
    Just, if I were not a warrior, what sort of life would I lead - she is holding such curiosity.

    アルテラ - セイバー



    軍略 A
    天性の肉体 D⇒EX
    星の紋章 EX

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 A
    神性 B

    ランク:A- → A


    属性:混沌・善   性別:女性



    ランク:A  種別:対軍宝具

    三色の光で構成された「刀身」は地上に於ける 「あらゆる存在」を破壊し得るという。


  3. Fate/EXTELLA: "The precious, precious souvenir has, after a long time, become Altera's identity itself. Not as the comet's vanguard, the white giant Sefar, but the nucleus of the Altera who exists in her current appearance. The sword of an ancient god. The prototype of Divine Constructs."
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    Altera Sun(ta) - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: huke
    Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

    Strength: C
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A+
    Mana: A
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Personal Skills
    Gift of the Starrer: B
    Rainbow Candy Cane: B
    Crest of the Twinkling Star: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C
    Riding: EX
    Civilization Corrosion: EX
    Divinity: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Candystar Photon Ray: Rainbow of the Holy Night・Sword of the War God
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm

    Look at the sky.
    Anyone who harbors a prayer in the holy night should be able to see it.
    A rainbow streak that soars across the night sky.
    A herd of sheep crying “baa”.
    And the figure of a lovely Santa, dressed in a bold costume and with a slight cold...!

    Her name is Altera, the Sun(ta).
    The Western Great King, the sword-princess possessing the Crest of the Stars awakened from an unfortunate fate to the mission as a Santa Claus and stood up without giving in to her first poor physical health ever (slight fever) - the reliable Third Heroic Spirit of Christmas.

    On this occasion, she is being accompanied by many nomadic riders thanks to the anecdote as a Great King... or so it should have been, but all of them have the shape of cute sheep (yet, of cosmic specifications(1)). Why is that?

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 160cm・48kg
    Source: Merry Christmas of the Netherworld
    Region: Finland (self-proclaimed)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    The name of the sheep she rides is Zerco.
    Her special move is an imitation of the elder Santa Claus.
     *elder Santa Claus is a creature of Altera’s imagination.

    Level 2 Bond
    An overly healthy body, an overly healthy mind and a somewhat stupid... er, pure personality brought about an unique opportunity to her.
    When the Chaldea staff collapsed due a mysterious fever, as the sole “Servant who could move”, Altera, the Sun(ta) jumped out while riding the fine sheep Zerco, all for the sake of Chaldea’s peace and Christmas.

    For Altera - who had her eyes in the civilization called Christmas for quite some time - this role was something desirable.
    Changing into a showy Santa costume, she dived into the sky of the Netherworld.
    The sole point of uneasiness being the chilliness of the Santa costume, which made Altera tilt her head and think:
    “Compared to my usual clothes, isn’t this size just too little...?”

    Level 3 Bond
    While her personality is basically that of Altera’s, since she is currently harboring a slight fever, her usual powers of judgement declined and she became more likely to explain things clearly. It also seems that the cuteness・loveliness of her appearance has increased.
    Due to (thanks to) the fever, her civilization destruction meter has declined considerably.

    The usual Altera is composed of 90% personality of a warrior and 10% personality of a young girl, but the Altera Santa is 40% personality of a warrior 60% personality of a young girl.
    Since Altera’s true nature is girlish and romanticist, she is happy and excited about having been entrusted with the role of Santa Claus.

    As she sees the Master as a reliable partner and a beautiful sheep, she calls him/her “Fluffy Master”.
    Since she is telling herself to act as Santa Claus rather than as Altera, her demeanor・responses are gentler than usual.
    In order to deliver the “precious gift” she was entrusted with by the shining sheep, she is relying on the Master in a straightforward manner.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Magic Resistance: C

    Since she cannot object when receiving complaints such as “this is not the present I wished for” due to her inherent kindness, her Magic Resistance has declined when compared to her time as a Saber.

    • Riding: EX

    Having been chosen as a Heroic Spirit of Christmas and become enveloped in the flames of a silent sense of duty, Altera’s Riding skill has greatly improved・mutated.
    To be specific, she became a sheep master.
    The figure of her riding the fine horse... or rather, fine sheep Zerco reminds people of the strongest king of the nomadic equestrian tribe・Huns... reminds... does it?

    • Civilization Corrosion: EX

    A skill that Heroic Spirit Altera unconsciously invokes. It transmutes(2) whatever she grabs on her hand into something with the greatest attributes for her current self. This “greatest” does not mean “excellent”, but rather indicates Altera’s own personal obsession.
    It goes without saying what is Altera’s current obsession.
    The horses which she should originally take along as subordinates were all turned into sheep (or something like it), and the Sword of the War God that was her favorite blade has been conversely modified into a Cane (staff) of the War God.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Gift of the Starrer(3): B

    A skill acquired by turning completely into Santa Claus.
    By giving present, she moisten the heart.
    Although Altera wants to give presents, she cannot quite grasp the desires of others, and also due her modest personality, the rank of this skill is lower than Santa Alter (Artoria). For some reason, the name of this skill has also changed somewhat.

    • Rainbow Candy Cane: B

    The star attached on the tip of a Christmas tree is called Star of Bethlehem, and is regarded to symbolize the birth of the messiah.
    It has been said that when Altera’s staff strikes with a ‘pow’, great blessings and graces is bestowed to that person.

    • Crest of the Twinkling Star: EX

    A skill that mutated by fusing the peculiar pattern carved in Altera’s body and the concept of Christmas.
    By means of those strong blessing powers, Altera awakens the latent abilities carved in her Saint Graph and becomes capable of operating as Altera Santa on the Earth for only three minutes!
    A super power up of just 3 turns, which puts her life on the line.

    • Natural Body: -

    By becoming a Heroic Spirit of Christmas and having the concept of winter added to herself, she can no longer properly control her body temperature and this was unfortunately lost.

    "Rainbow of the Holy Night・Sword of the War God"
    Rank: EX  Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
    Range: 30~300  Maximum Targets: 1,000 people
    Candystar Photon Ray.
    A new Noble Phantasm devised by changing the Sword of the War God that Altera has into a candy cane.
    Photon Ray can also be called Photon Ram.
    Please enjoy the grand *** circus by Altera’s subordinates - the sheep.
    She has a secret rivalry with the great parade of pigs that form Caster of Okeanus’ Noble Phantasm, but that is another episode.

    Far away from the rock chamber.
    Disconnected from memories and records, even if that great solitude has not yet been healed.
    The dreaming sheep is like a rainbow covering the holy night.

    (1) as in a machine’s technical specifications

    (2) depending on context, this can also be translated as deteriorates, degenerates

    (3) best translation I could come up. As some might have noticed, there is a pun here between 星者 (seija; roughly star-person) and 聖者 (seija; saint)

    アルテラ・ザ・サン〔タ〕 - アーチャー



    星者の贈り物  B
    虹の飴細工  B
    きら星の紋章  EX

    対魔力  C
    騎乗  EX
    文明浸食  EX
    神性  B





    属性:混沌・善   性別:女性













    アンロック条件:「第1節 冥界に雪の降る」をクリアすると開放
    ランク:EX  種別:対界宝具
    レンジ:30~300  最大捕捉:1000人


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Balmung KriemhildBáthory Brave ErzsébetBáthory Halloween ErzsébetBayardBeagalltachBeautiful JourneyBishamonten's Eight Phases Wheel Charge FormationBlack Arts Decapitation Method - MoonflowerBlack Dirty Barty HowlingBlack Dog GalatineBlasted TreeBloodbath CrownBlue Summer PalladionBrahmastra#Rakshasa-Piercing Immortal (Rama) • BrahmashirastraBreaker GorgonBölverk GramBone CollectorBoneless ManBouclier de AtlanteBreast Zero ErzsébetBright EhangwenBrynhildr SigurteinBucephalus
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Das RheingoldDazzling Castle of the Sun in the Demonic RealmDead End - AirgetlámDemon King of the Sixth HeavenDemon King Turns the Heavens - Red Spider LilyDe SterrennachtDes Océans d'AllégresseDharmapala Girl - Nine-headed Dragon MassacreDimension of SteamDinosaur Summer GoodbyeDio Santissimo Misericordia de miDioscures TyndaridaeDistihia MilyaDivine Sword - Kusanagi-no-TachiDojo-ji Bell Form 108 - Fire Dragon Mow DownDuria AntiquiorDurindana
Edin Shugra QuasarElementary, My DearEmotional Engine - Full DriveEmotional Engine - Vivid Full SensationEncomium MoriaeEnfer Château d'IfEternal LamentEternal Mirror that Models the Celestial BodiesEtherspace, Howbeit the OrderEverlasting Summer SunlightExcalibur VivianEye of the Euryale
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Gae Bolg AlternativeGáe Bolg: Gouging Piercing Spear of CarnageGanesh ImpactGanesha VighneshvaraGanryuu-jimaGarden of AvalonGate of SkyeGod Spear, No Second StrikeGod-Striking WhipGod ForceGohou Shoujo-Kuzuryu OusatsuGolden DriveGolden EaterGolden SparkGolden Wild HuntGreat Death ClawGreat Flame of Mount OoeGreat Grudge of RashoumonGreat Ram NautilusGrendel BusterGuillotine BreakerGugalanna Strike
Hachiman Prayer - Shooting Through a Great DemonHalf-dead Blood AxeHamesh AvanimHaradhanu JanakaHazy Inverted Moon - Eleven FormsHeavenly Demon RainHeaven's HoleHet Gele HuisHollow Heart AlbionHope of AvalonHört Glut RachegötterIam Redit et VirgoImitation God ForceImmortal Chaos BrigadeInexhaustible BaleInnocence ArondightInvisible AirIra LupusIz Tula Seven DriveJaguar in the BlackJet, Three-Stage ThrustJudgment of the Ten Rulers of Afterlife - Journey of the Wicker BasketKama RūpāstraKama SammohanaKazikli Bey (Berserker) • Kazikli Bey (Lancer) • Knight of OwnerKur Kigal Irkalla
LaevateinLa Féerie d'une NuitLa Grâce Fille NoëlLa Grondement Du HaineLa Grosse TourLapithai CaeneusLauda Lentum Domus IllustriusLa Mort EspoirLaus Saint ClaudiusLe Rêve EnsoleilléLet Us Walk Together Through Our LandLeviathan Melt PurgeLie Like VortigernLike a Soaring DragonLonginus Count ZeroLoptr LaegjarnLord CamelotLord ChaldeasLord Hachitendo of Hakuro Castle's Hundred DemonsLordless CamelotLumino-Calibur
Mac an LuinMaelstrom - Evil Spirit Left MinisterMagna Voluisse MagnumMahāpralayaMahākāla ShaktiManual of AccusationMärchen Meines LebensMara ŚūnyatāMarital Vows of Rainbow Skirts and Feather RobesMarvelous ExploitsMata HariMathematical Malignant AnnihilateMechanical Illusionary Method - Bull SwallowingMelammu DingirMetabole PigletsMeteor SnegurochkaMikottoMold CamelotMoles NecessrieMonte Cristo MythologieMoralltachMountainous Power and Matchless ValorMount Ooe - Enlightened Oni SlayerMultitude of Colors - Providential Oni PoisonMy Red Mead
Nahin DengeNamaḥ Samantavajrānāṃ HāṃNammu DurankiNightingale PledgeNine LivesNine Lives - RomaNirmānnarati - Heaven's FoamNoah's ArkNobunaga THE Rock 'n' RollNo Second StrikeNursery RhymeO' Dragon, Conquer the Expanses of WadatsumiOar Wooden SwordOchd Deug OdinOgre TranceOkuni Repertoire - Kabuki of the Izumo Wild GodOṃ Ālolik SvāhāOne Shot, My LoveOnikiri YasutsunaOnly For KillingOnyx TaurosOptateshke OkimunpeOpulence of Sunlight and CatnapOrchid Rounds XOrion HórkosOrtygia Amore MioOutrage AmazonOx-King Storm Call - The Inescapable Net of Heaven
Pain BreakerPale Blue DotPandemonium CetusPāpīyas MetamorphosisPashupataPeerless in Swordsmanship - Zen and the Sword As OnePèlerinage du TemplePer Aspera Ad AstraPhantasm PunishmentPhantom MaidenPhoton RayPhoebus CatastrophePiedra Del SolPohjola FimbulPoseidon MaelstromPoseidon BlessingPrelati's SpellbookPrince Lanling in BattlePrisma☆Splash Rainbow!Prydwen Tube RidingPure Land of MicePygmalion Chisel OutPygmalion Chisel Out
Qliphoth RhizomeQuetzalcoatlQueen Anne's RevengeQuintett FeuerRagnarök LífþrasirRamesseum TentyrisRapid-fire OrtygiaRed FormRequiem for DeathResurrection Fraught HadesRêve de DurandalRhongomyniadRoadless CamelotRoncevaux OlifantRound of AvalonRule Breaker
Saint War OrderSamadhi Through Transforming FlamesSanat KumaraSanat Kumara WheelSanta Maria - Drop AnchorSaraswati MeltoutSea Serpent Storm BlueSecaceSecace MorganSecret-CaliburSecret-MyniadSentinel StellarisSerment de DurandalSettlement SwordSfyrí tou TálosSha Nagba ImuruShimabara HellShinsengumiŚakra's VajraShooting Star OrtygiaSibuxiangSix Realms Five Rings - The Divine Figure of KurikaraSix Secret Teachings and Three Strategies - Noble Demon King's Great Feather FanSkewered Plasma BladeSmile of the SthenoSneferu Iteru NileSnegleta SnegurochkaSong of GrailSong of Selfless LoyaltySotoori Hime - Spider's DemeanourSpace Dead Man's HandSpinster HabetrotStar of CalamitySudarshan Chakra YamarajSumerki KremlinSuzume GaeshiSvanhvítSwitch On - AirgetlámSword of BoudicaSword of ParacelsusSystem Keraunos
Taisu AwakenThe Tale of Genji - Aoi - MononokeThe Tale of Genji - Kiritsubo - PartingTarasqueTauropolos Skia ThermokrasiaTeardrop Photon RayTengu's Feather Fan - Sudden GaleTestarossa MaidenTheodosios ConstantinosThermopylae EnomotiaThe Domination BeginningThe Dynamics of an AsteroidThe Greatest Hits - "Calling Agape"The Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred ArhatThirty-six Views of Mount FujiThree EnigmasThundererTicktock BombA Tour of the Waterfalls of the ProvincesTrichiliocosmTriple-Linked Crane WingsTrishula ShaktiTri-star Amore MioTriste Suave Alonso QuijanoTroias TragōidiaTroia HipposTroia VelosTrojan ReinforceTsago Degi NaleyaTsubame GaeshiTsumukari MuramasaTunguska Nine DriveTwin Arm - Big CrunchTwo-Pronged Formation
Uisce BeathaUnderthrow Freeze SinkerUnlimited Lost WorksUnspeakable FormationUnreturning FormationUomo UniversaleUraeus AstrapeValiente Asalto Dedicado a la PrincesaVendredi TreizeVijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death PerceptionVijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of DistortionVishnu BhujaViy Viy ViyVR Shinkage-ryuu Hidden Art - Tomoe's Abyssal Solar BladeVölkermord FeuerdracheVulcano CaligoranteVyākaraṇa - Buddha of Glorious Sandalwood
Wandering Tales of Shana-oh (Eye of Shiva - Detecting the Six Secret TeachingsUsumidori - Short Steps With The Heavenly BladeBenkei - Steadfast PositionDan-no-Ura - Eight-Boat LeapHoemaru - Spider SlayerKikenjō - Icicle Cutting) • White Shaft SpearWicker ManWinning ArkaputraWish Upon a StarWorld Faith DominationWry Rhyme GoodfellowXiuhcoatlYew BowYucatán Regalo de NavidadZabaniya(Delusional HeartbeatZeus FunderZmei GorynychZveri - Krestnyy KhodZweite Schiessen
Abu el-Hol SphinxBab-iluBrynhild KomediaBrynhild RomantiaDangerous GameEnkiExcalibur ProtoGae Bolg OriginKibisisMantleMesektetMirror shieldRamesseum TentyrisStellaWinged sandalsZabaniya: Delusional Poison Body
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