Pierre Basile (ピエール・バジル, Piēru Bajiru?) is one of the seven Heroic Spirits summoned through Richard's Noble Phantasm in the True and False Holy Grail Wars.



Pierre Basile is the man who killed Richard the Lionheart.


Pierre is covered head to toe in bandages. His gaze is described as "piercing as the eyes of a hawk that has sighted prey, but also kind."


Despite Pierre having been the one to kill Richard, Richard takes the initiative to invite Pierre with his Noble Phantasm, and Pierre accepts.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Saber uses Pierre as an example of his second Noble Phantasm to his Master Ayaka. Upon touching her Command Spells, she sees a vision of Pierre standing in the center of a European castle's watchtower. After staring at her, he awkwardly averts his eyes and nods. Upon talking about Pierre's and his own identity, Saber matter of factly state Pierre is the one who killed him.


Pierre is described as a master archer. Summoned within Richard's Noble Phantasm, he cannot manifest into the real world without an "unreasonable" quantity of magical energy. He can speak to Richard, and Richard can use his magical energy to allow him and the other six Heroic Spirits to independently assist him with tools and magecraft.


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