Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is the Archer-class Servant available to be chosen by Hakuno Kishinami in the Moon Holy Grail War in Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC.



Archer's True Name has been lost, so he is an Anti-Hero with no name (無銘, mumei?). An unknown Heroic Spirit. A "Faker". In his previous life, he was a mere magus just like the Masters who participated in the Holy Grail War. Not as versatile as Rin Tohsaka, but apparently possessing a Magic Circuit specialized in a single magecraft. He put into practice the Hero of Justice that many people dream about, but when faced with a disaster that could not be solved with just his own powers, he sold over his "self after death" to the Moon Cell as compensation for a miracle. As a result, he is thus employed as the concept of “Hero of justice” after death, as a Servant instead of a hero.

As for the human who became his source, there is a person who spent his previous life as a personifier of justice in the past like that, but he is no longer said individual. This Heroic Spirit is the shape of a convenient “Hero of justice” that people desired, which started with the shape of that person. The person who became the source for this Heroic Spirit certainly exists, but by the time he was worshiped as a hero, his name as a human had been completely forgotten from people's memories and history.[6] Archer is described as being of the same "existence" as the Archer of Fate/stay night, but not the same "person." Furthermore, the "True Name" under which he attained effective functionality as a Heroic Spirit differs from that of Fate/stay night's Archer as well.[7]

Life as a HumanEdit


Archer before becoming a Servant

He was Shirou Emiya, the source of this Heroic Spirit. This person experienced survivor's guilt in his youth as he was the sole survivor of a major disaster, his body lived yet his soul died that day. He wanted to atone as the survivor so he doesn't consider his life as his own. He swore he'd never let another tragedy happen again. He gave up his name and his humanity and swore that he'd live for those who had died and not for himself. His warped ideals of becoming a hero of justice is how he grew up.

He made the promise come true by stopping those who tried to use strength for their own self interests. He believed that anyone who acts selfless and stays true to one's ideal can become a personification of justice. He was addicted to the feelings that his devotion to others gave to him. By volunteering and resisting, his self-righteousness allows him to save others. While it was for selfish reasons, his desire to help others led to him becoming a legend among them. Under his altruism he was just in truth a mercenary and he was alone only for a short time. He had friends who approved of his ideals and took charge of all things. Thanks to them, he was able to immerse himself deeper to his sense of duty.

In his "last time of saving everyone", one of the cores of a nuclear power plant has a melt down. He went into the core to stop it and bypassing the security on the way.[8]

Even though Archer was blessed with close friends, a caring lover, his life was not as ideal as it seemed. He was a criminal; even if he was on the side of justice, he was no hero. He acted above the law and stuck fear to criminals and government alike. His friends soon came to realize that he would strike down evil no matter what form it manifested in. His closest friend began to fear him, "I thought this man helped me because he cared for me, but... if I had become a detriment to the public, he wouldn't hesitate to strike me down." So his friend decided to lure him into a trap where he was caught by the police. It wasn't his friend that betrayed him but it was his ideals that did. His friend realized that he was bonded not to a man but to a demon enforcing indiscriminate justice. He never hated his friend in the past or in the present but he felt it was unfortunate.

In the end, it was the human court system, not some evil force or nefarious villain, that spelled the end of the man that would become Archer. Tried for the various crimes he had committed in the name of justice, Archer accepted all of the consequences for his actions. If he pled not-guilty, it would amount to disgracing the deaths of those he was forced to sacrifice. He accepted the people's justice without defiance. In the final moments before his execution, he thought he would be killed by righteous hatred but it was karma. Thus he became a hero with no name. His death showed the public the very sort of embodiment of justice that they yearned for.


Archer is a young man in his mid-twenties and he has the same overall appearance as his counterpart.[7] He is particular about his physique. It's not any specific part; rather, he's particular about the overall proportions and silhouette of his body.[3]

  • Red Plain Mystic Code (赤原礼装, Akahara Reisō?) - Archer's signature costume. He wears a black body armor made from a special material that has yet to be discovered by mankind as of the present time. His red overcoat is a type of holy shroud.
  • Cool & Wild (クール&ワイルド, Kūru & Wairudo?) is the rogue form where he wears a stylish red leather jacket.[7] His main outfit in Fate/EXTRA CCC is something he is embarrassed to be seen wearing, noting that he definitely did not choose to wear it. If Hakuno compliments him on it, he changes his mind very quickly, nothing that he had always wanted to wear that kind of clothing during his lifetime. He had a female acquaintance tell him “Rock style doesn’t suit you, so knock it off, seriously.”, so he had avoided such clothing since then. Pleased with the praise, he thinks that he should show off even more skin.[9]
  • Modern Black Costume (黒色の現代衣装, Kuro-iro no Gendai Ishō?) is his casual clothing in which he wore black T-shirt and black trousers. He styled his hair down and wears glasses.
  • Black Swimmer (ぶらっくすいまー, Burakku Suimā?) is his Swim brief outfit in Fate/EXTRA CCC
  • Mythology Mystic Code of Wrought Iron (錬鉄の神話礼装, Rentetsu no Shinwa Reisō?)
  • Slash & Connect (スラッシュ&コネクト?)


His personality is based on his counterpart, however there are some difference between the two. He is noted in Fate/EXTRA CCC as being less cynical.

Unlike his counterpart, he doesn't regret pursuing his ideals of becoming a “Hero of Justice” but instead he made peace with them. Whenever he speaks to Hakuno about his past, he would smile as he recounts the birth of a selfish, idealistic hero of justice. He claims that he never considered himself as a hero and simply followed his sense of justice. Whenever he thinks back, he has a nostalgic feeling, "Ah, the good old days." As he evaluates himself, he thinks that he wasn't as bad of a person as he once thought, something that Hakuno rubs onto him. He believes that it's always wrong to kill someone, no matter what ideals are at stake. To kill for personal gain is evil. Hakuno believes that he killed himself by choosing his ideals over his humanity. The him in the past and the current him are different people. His fight with Hakuno has been meaningful and redemptive, though at times he is frustrated with Hakuno's inexperience. Nevertheless, Archer thought Hakuno to be a good Master.

He retained memories of the Fifth Holy Grail War that he once participated in, he makes several references to it. He remembers the real Shinji Matou and commented the young Shinji Matou to be more good natured. Saber makes a big impression on him. For example, he commented that he is experienced at fighting an invisible sword while fighting against Assassin and even able to project her Excalibur. He even lectured Gawain about King Arthur's rule while retaining her humanity. He certainly remembers Kiritsugu Emiya as he used his story as an example on how he destroyed a plane infected with a virus to save the majority.

His weakness is him being soft on women. He claims that he can't help but be soft on women.[3]

In his freetime, he cleans Hakuno's room. It seems Hakuno hasn't quite mastered the skill of picking up after themselves.[3] His room in Fate/EXTRA is fashion in stacks of chairs and tables together with red cloth covering them. In Fate/EXTRA CCC, his room has guns decorated on the wall.


In Fate/EXTELLA, Archer is the only member on Nero's team to be suspicious of Archimedes thanks to his perceptive nature and seeing through Archimedes's lies. The Archer of Fate/EXTELLA also came from the same alternate universe as Archimedes.
Cu Chulainn
Much like his Fate/stay night counterpart, Archer is familiar with Cu Chulainn. In contrast with other enemy Servants, Nameless knows everything about Cu Chulainn in both Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTELLA.
Hakuno Kishinami
Archer is a potential Servant for Hakuno in Fate/EXTRA. Archer is initially dismissive of Hakuno but warms up to them to the point that he becomes very protective of Hakuno. He is not above snarking or making fun of Hakuno. Archer is implied to develop a crush on female Hakuno.
Rin Tohsaka
Archer is unfamiliar with Rin Tohsaka but she bears a strong resemblance to another Rin Tohsaka he knew during his lifetime, which complicates his relationship with Rin's look-a-like. He often silently compares the two girls and finds the resemblance amusing. He admits to the female Hakuno that Rin is not his type. Archer prefers to rescue Rin so he doesn't have to fight and kill her.



Archer is one of the selectable Servants in Fate/EXTRA along with Saber and Caster. As Servants in Moon Cell are selected for their compatibility, Hakuno and Archer are compatible because they are both nameless existence and had been guided by a force beyond their control.

Last EncoreEdit

Archer appears during the preliminaries of the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore as a petrified, deteriorated and unrecognizable effigy of himself. He chases down the male Hakuno Kishinami and seemingly tries to kill him. He eventually faces Saber after she was summoned by Hakuno and is quickly defeated by her. For an unknown reason, he is seen smiling as he fades away.[10]

Last Encore Your Score reveals that Archer was forced to kill the remaining Masters of the preliminaries repeatedly, until the process began to erode his very self.


  • Archer's Secret Garden
  • Archer cooking for his Master
  • Archer's Male ending
  • Archer's Female ending

When Hakuno Kishinami loses their memories in the Far Side of the Moon, Archer helps Hakuno like a nagging instructor. It is noted that when he is the Servant of the female Hakuno, Meltryllis will fall in love with him in her own deranged manner.[7] She would mention his "Body of Steel" on occasion.

In Archer's ending, the original Hakuno wakes up from cryopreservation being cured of their disease now in 30 years in the future. The Middle East and Western countries are quarreling over the remaining earth resources. Hakuno taken in a refugee camp in the middle east after escaping from the western countries pursuers enrolls in combat school to know how to survive. Hakuno is resting under a tree taking a break from the training. Hakuno meets reborn Archer who is now a combat instructor offers to give them lessons holds out a hand. The two do not recognize each other, but instead feel a sense of deja vu.


The Archer present in Fate/EXTELLA is a different individual compared to his Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC counterpart. This Archer comes from a Parallel World with his divergent history.[11] In his timeline, he was the Servant of a Master in the Holy Grail War and was defeated mid-battle alongside them. Afterwards, he fought against Altera on the assumption she was wholly evil and was killed. Due to what he speculates is either his nature as a nameless hero or a glitch in the SE.RA.PH, he was transitioned to a parallel world instead of deleted.

In the world he landed in, he is recruited into Nero's Party along with Nero, Gawain, Cú Chulainn, and Li Shuwen. He intends only to support Hakuno Kishinami, a Master of "pure optimism" who didn't exist in his world, and has no sense of loyalty to Nero herself. "Well, if that's what I've gotta do, that's what I've gotta do," he thinks. "I suppose I'll fight with her."[11] When asked as to who he is, he merely responds that he was a weak Servant likely defeated in the first round.

Nameless assists Hakuno to make sure the horrible ending he witnessed never comes to pass, after which he will return to his own timeline. Truthfully, the ending he saw is far, far in the future from the events of this current incident. Even on SE.RA.PH, this Servant is an unfortunate stranger, tossed here from a "wrong future." [11]


Extella/Zero, Nasu's idea of a parallel version of Fate/EXTRA that would lead to Extella, specifies that in his divergent history of the Moon Holy Grail War, he was the female Hakuno's Servant. However his master had no Soul, so his summoning circumstances are also irregular and half of his body is crumbling and burned. He understood the female Hakuno's situation so he helps her fight to the bitter end. Every time the male Hakuno is alone and in a pinch, Archer saves him. As for why he does this, if Hakuno dies, so does the female Hakuno. Archer is trying to give his Master a conclusion where she doesn't lose until the very end, and accepts her end even though she couldn't survive. Also, the Nameless that appears in Fate/EXTELLA comes from a world where the Female Hakuno won.[12]

Archer was partially destroyed in the Moon Holy Grail War, so Nero and Tamamo-no-Mae don't recognize him in the world of Fate/EXTELLA.[12] The identity of his summoner remains unknown.

Flame PoemEdit

As Nero introduces her generals, she doesn't recall recruiting Nameless. He insists he was invited to join her, and says he'll follow her orders since she has the Regalia. Nero wonders if she has met him before, but he claims to have been a low-level Heroic Spirit who died in the first round of the Holy Grail War. He then requests Nero to given him a formal introduction since he's pledging his loyalty to her. He then leaves stating he needs to be alerted for any changes in SE.RA.PH. In the upcoming battles, Nameless acts mostly as a tactical adviser to guide Nero and the other generals through the battles.

When Hakuno and Nero prepare for their final battle against Altera, Nameless states they'll have a chance against Altera as long as Nero can continue turning the odds into victories. As long as she can continue creating that chance, he and the other generals will continue to follow her orders. He warns her though not to get carried away with her victory, and asks her not to take her generals for granted. He recognizes Velber as an enemy that must be destroyed, and states he and other generals also want to defeat Altera.

Orchid WordsEdit

Nameless joins Gawain and Li Shuwen in invading Mare Luxuria, but they're eventually repelled. Later, he advises Nero and Cú Chulainn's army in capturing the neutral sectors in Mare Mellum before Tamamo no Mae's army does. He is forced to fight when Tamamo's army succeed in conquering Mare Mellum, but Tamamo defeats him.


Nameless fights the Forces of the Destruction when they invade Mare Mellum, but he's soon defeated by Altera.

Golden PoemEdit

Nameless realizes Hakuno isn't surprised to see him, even though they never met in the Holy Grail War. He wonders if the Regalia has something do with it, but decides to leave that question for later. He points out now it isn't the time for introductions since the enemy is currently at the gate. When Nero reveals the true enemy is Velber and its servant Archimedes, Nameless is transfixed on the name Velber. As the others report Lu Bu and Karna are invading Mare Aurum, Nameless reports Medusa is also among them. After Nero repels the invasion, he reports Lu Bu's Spirit Core is too damaged to continue fighting. Like in the first timeline he acts mostly as a tactical adviser in the battles.

During the meeting between Nero's and Tamamo's generals, Nameless recognizes Cú Chulainn is talking about Top Servants when he reports his recon on Altera's forces. He reveals to a surprised Nero that he has his own sources. He continues his sources reported to him that they are two Top Servants with the group Cú Chulainn scouted. He reveals they're staging invasions of Nero's territories from a base in the Zero Dark, and reports they've already conquered 80% of Tamamo's territories. He further reports their next target is Nero's territories. He then reveals Altera's forces alter the shape the territories they conquered, which he calls Mare Origio. He further reveals Mare Origio also has a portal to Mare Carcer, and questions why the Umbral Forces need a base since Velber's goal is destruction. He states that the building of a base implies the Umbral Forces are protecting something.

After Nero defeats Iskandar and Elizabeth, Nameless reports the portal to the Zero Dark Elizabeth opened is stable. He says it will not close on its own, so he advises Hakuno and Nero to return home and rest. He then congratulates them on their victory, and again recommends them to get rest.

Later in Mare Aurum, as Tamamo observes the Umbral Forces disappearing from the Zero Dark, Nameless states Altera said the Umbral Forces would automatically disappear with the Ark of the Star's destruction. He explains to Tamamo that it means they're victorious, as without the Ark acting as a beacon, Velber will wander the blackness of space for now.

Side StoryEdit

In his side story The Foreigner Without a Name, Nameless is in Mare Mellum with Cú Chulainn awaiting to attack Tamamo's army on Nero's command. He is surprised to have been sent to the front lines. He's also surprised Cú Chulainn is his partner, and wonders if Nero even wants to win. Agreeing with him, Cú Chulainn tells Nameless that he'll be defense while Cú himself will be offense since their methods and tastes are polar opposites. Understanding this as well, Nameless says they should attack from different routes. He then insults Cú Chulainn's combat skills by asking if his spear hasn't rusted with a lack of real combat. Stating offense to the insult, Cú Chulainn asks Nameless if he's fine with his current situation since he has other things to take care of. Nameless tells him his duties as a Servant take priority for the time being. He says he has a connection to Hakuno, but even though they never met before, they're not exactly strangers. Thus, he understands Hakuno more than Cú Chulainn would think, but for now he wants to finish the task at hand. Cú Chulainn understands Nameless wants to keep what he just said secret from Hakuno. Nero then gives order to attack, so Nameless and Cú Chulainn split off toward the enemy.

After defeating the enemy general, Medusa, Nameless is relieved he got out Archimedes's sighting, understanding he isn't a true subordinate of Nero. He tells Medusa to return to Mare Luxuria, but she is confused by this since he's one of Nero's generals. He answers he only follows Hakuno, and has no true interest in Nero's ambitions. He asks Medusa if following Tamamo is turning her back to the monstrous ways. She asks him what he'd do if she truly desired to be a monster again. He answers he'd surprised if that were true, and he'd swear off trusting women ever again. Medusa reveals her previous answer was merely a joke, and she has own reasons for following Tamamo. She decides to take heed of Nameless's earlier suggestion for the sake of stabilizing the new SE.RA.PH. She says they have the same goal yet different motives. Nameless is pleased with her decision, and asks her to forget their battle. Medusa replies however she won't forget their battle, and she'll fight Nameless many times to repay him for her defeat.

Later in Mare Origio, Nameless contemplates the appearance of Altera's faction after Nero successfully defeated Tamamo's faction. He believes they're closer to the root of SE.RA.PH's turmoil. He is interrupted by Archimedes appearing and telling that the battle is about to start. Nameless tells him that he prefers being called Archer, which perplexes Archimedes since the Holy Grail War is over. Nameless responds that Archimedes wouldn't understand since he never fought in a Grail War. Archimedes tries to say he was in another Grail War in an unknown place, but Nameless catches him in his lie. He continues that Archimedes could've never fought in a Grail War since fighting requires a certain understanding of others which he doesn't have. He also rightfully accuses of Archimedes of not caring who he's fighting with or against. Nero then interrupts their conversation, and orders Nameless into battle. He follows her command, telling Archimedes that they'll continue their conversation on an other time.

After defeating the enemy general, Jeanne d'Arc, Nameless tells that her True Name discernment is nearly useless against him. He then asks her why she joined Altera, and by extension Velber, since she was summoned to protect Moon Cell as a Guardian. Jeanne is surprised by his knowledge of Velber, and demands to know his identity. Nameless answers he's no one, so Jeanne asks instead if SE.RA.PH summoned him as a hero as well. Nameless replies that it wouldn't have been easier if he was summoned on purpose, but states that his problem is not Jeanne's. He asks Jeanne if Altera forced her into joining her, to which she responds she joined willingly for the chance to save the Hero Altera. She explains defeating Altera would not solve SE.RA.PH's turmoil; something she felt through her own intuition. Nameless decides to leave Altera to her. He warns that while a Guardian's decisions may be wise, their bigger decisions can trigger a mass wipe of SE.RA.PH. Since that would result in destroying the new SE.RA.PH, Nameless decides to continue searching for other ways to save SE.RA.PH. He then leaves but not before Jeanne challenges him to another fight.

Continuing the battle with Altera's forces in Mare Origio, Nero orders Nameless, Cú Chulainn, and Li Shuwen to fight Altera's generals while she'll fight Altera herself. While agreeing with her strategy, Nameless asks Nero where Archimedes is. She answers Archimedes forget something, and believes he'll return shortly. She then asks why Nameless is restless now when he was calm the rest of the time, and begins to question his true identity. Nameless avoids answering her since their final battle with Altera is about to begin. During the course of the battle, Artoria Pendragon appears to serve her purpose as deterrent.

After Nameless forces Artoria to retreat, Archimedes congratulates him since she kept interfering with his plans until now. Nameless realizes he meant that Artoria would've unquestionably destroyed Altera along with the Velber's fragments until now. Archimedes recognizes Nameless as a drifter like himself. He then asks him why he refuses to kill Altera even when he knows she'll destroy SE.RA.PH, given he's from a timeline where that already occurred. Nameless responds he cannot travel between timelines as freely as Archimedes can. He reveals himself as a Servant who was killed by Altera. However instead of disappearing, he was transitioned into another timeline due his own namelessness, or by a glitch in SE.RA.PH. Archimedes asks Nameless why he wants to stop him since he should understand that Altera is pure evil. Nameless however refutes Archimedes' claim, as his timeline was destroyed because he fought Altera with the assumption that she was pure evil. He states the current timeline differs from his own culled timeline since Altera isn't pure evil yet. Archimedes then departs from Nameless, mockingly telling him to soak in his languid hope while he can. Nameless realizes Archimedes isn't wrong in his last statement, as the battles with the other two fragments of Velber are still ahead. Yet despite that he feels there's a chance with Hakuno, who won the Grail War, unlike the Hakuno from his timeline that died in battle during the Grail War. He then sees Hakuno has come alone to retrieve him, which he criticizes, and returns to Mare Aurum with them.

Other appearancesEdit

He appears in TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater (Type-Moon Ace おまけ劇場, Type-Moon Ace Omake Gekijō?):

  • Fight!! Ms.Blossom Cost Chapter (「たたかえ!!ブロッサム先生 コスト編, Tatakae!! Burossamu-sensei Kosuto-hen?) - Archer, Caster and Saber fights Sakura, in order to save Hakuno.
  • Let Me Hear!! Ms.Blossom Merry Chrismas Chapter (きかせて!!ブロッサム先生 メリクリ編, Kikasete!! Burassamu-sensei Merikuri-hen?) - The Servants and Sakura celebrate Christmas. Archer calls himself as Santom (サンタム?), his costume is a parody of Enoch in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.


The Hero of Wrought Iron (錬鉄の英雄, Rentetsu no Eiyū?) is the title given to the one who in his previous life was involved with many weapons, tempered them, and produced weapons for many swordsmen and soldiers. The proof that this Archer was a human suitable not for battle, but rather manufacture. The weapons that he uses are manufactured by a Magecraft called Projection. Both the swords in his hands and the swords he creates by means of a Skill are imitations analyzed and reproduced from the basic structure of the originals. Kanshou and Bakuya is a pair of married swords that Archer favors. Their performance as swords is high, but they also possess an aspect as a mystic armament for divination and ceremonial uses.[6]


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