Poseidon Maelstrom: God of the Sea, Rampaging Tidal Wave (海の神、荒れ狂う大海嘯
, Umi no Kami, Arekuruu Dai-tsunami
Poseidon Meirushutorōmu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Lancer.

Independent of whether they're on the ground or in the air, the target is crushed by super-massive ocean currents. It is a powerful offensive Noble Phantasm on its own, but if it is above the water or underwater, or in a situation in which there is a great amount of water nearby, the attack power is further increased.

It is a limited reproduction of a small portion of the Authority of the oceans possessed by the sea god Poseidon, and originally it's considered to have a superlarge area of effect, on the level of an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm or above.

Fundamentally not used in this work.


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