The Priestess of the Alien God (異星の神の巫女, Isei no Kami no Miko?, lit. "Priestess of the God of Another Planet") is an unnamed woman who appears during the Cosmos in the Lostbelt scenario of Fate/Grand Order.



The identity of the woman is unknown. Before Chaldea is attacked, she is shown to be present in the Lost Room.[1]


This mysterious entity has a female humanoid figure and she has astral patterns covering parts of her body.


The woman remains silent and mostly emotionless. She is shown to react to seeing Ritsuka Fujimaru's destroyed room by gazing sadly at it,[2] and she reaches her hand out to Mash Kyrielight in the opening.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


She was silently watching Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Lost Room.[1]

Second PrologueEdit

When Anastasia and the army of Oprichnik attacks Chaldea's headquarters, the strange woman walks through Chaldea's ruins, lingering in Ritsuka Fujimaru's room.[2]

The strange woman was at the hangar to see Ritsuka, Mash and Da Vinci and still unnoticed by anyone. She was present when the group went to save Goldolf Musik.[3]

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

The Priest can see the unnamed woman and calls her the Shrine Maiden of Another Planet (異星の巫女, Isei no miko?).[4]

She later appears at the end of the Lostbelt, destroying the Fantasy Tree "Orochi", in front of Chaldea, disappearing directly afterward.[5]


The woman is shown to be present throughout Chaldea without anyone noticing her. She also completely froze and then shattered the Anastasia Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree with but a single touch.[6]

The instruments of the Shadow Border are unable to detect her presence, instead detecting simply [nothingness] where she stands. Holmes describes her as a void-like emptiness seeping out into the space around it.


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